Why {THAT IS} {PROBABLY THE MOST} Important Rules I Follow

Important Rules

{Last week} in {this website} post, I announced I’d be {offering} 1 Bitcoin, which, {at that time} was worth $6,000.  But, {when i} write this new {post}, its value has {risen to} $7,200…I literally got {thousands of} people {deciding on} win, so its taken {a while|time} {to undergo} everyone’s comments…I’ll be announcing the winner {in just a few days}, {probably} on Tuesday, {alongside} my {applying for grants} Bitcoin and crypto-currencies so {keep tuned in}!

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

{For the time being}, the penny {currency markets} is {burning} as my Trading Challenge students and I made $500,000+ already {earlier this} week, {when i} posted {last week}:**

And, {I must} {provide a} special {raise your voice} {to the} greatly dedicated Trading Challenge student:**

…who I previously featured here  who has made $80,000+ {earlier this} week and is closing in on $400,000 in profits {THIS SEASON} after {you start with} just $4,000 (yes, that’s {not only} 10x his money, that’s {near} 100x his money and he’s just {starting out}, as he’s been enjoying multiple $20,000 profit days lately {because the} penny {currency markets} is {burning}!)**

{The main element} to making {probably the most} money and becoming my next successful student trader {and perhaps} even my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student is learning {and} following rules {that may|which will} separate you from the roughly {most} traders who consistently lose.

{I’ve} SEVERAL posts reviewing {the most crucial} rules, like:

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Print These 36 Commandments {THAT YOU NEED TO|THAT YOU OUGHT TO} Live By

…but in this new video lesson:**

…I {managed to get} {a spot} to emphasize the rule about {choosing} singles {instead of} home runs…and {in the event that you} {recognize that} point, please do leave a comment under {this website} post saying “$2,000 {each day} keeps {the true} job away.”

I’ve actually made several videos emphasizing this {a key point}, check them out:**

And yes, {I understand} {that should you} have {a little} account of {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand dollars, it’s impossible {that you should|so that you can|that you can} make $2,000 {each day}.  But, {in the event that you} watch those videos above, the $ I {discuss} is not {what counts} most, it’s {the complete} “{choosing} singles” {instead of} “{choosing} home runs” mentality that {way too many} wannabe traders have and {rather than} hitting those home runs, they strike out…and {they} give up {and prevent} studying, mistakenly believing that trading is harder than {it really is} all {since they} played by {the incorrect} rules and had flawed expectations.

So, I don’t want {one to} EVER make that mistake – nothing in the {currency markets}, or in life {for example}, is given and you’re {likely to} {need to} scratch and claw {the right path} up every step of {just how} {also it} won’t be easy, {and you may} sometime make mistakes and {lose cash}, and fail, {but} you must {study from} those losses and failures {and obtain} {back} up and use your distaste for failure to push {you to ultimately} get {far better} over time {and that means you|which means you} never have {to see} it again.

{If you prefer a} visual analogy {to raised} explain {why} then watch this great movie clip from the so-so movie “Invictus” {concerning the} true story of {the way the} lowly South African rugby team used {almost all their} bitterness of defeat {on the} prior years {to really} win the 1995 Rugby World Cup:

You see, I’ve been {stock trading} for nearly {twenty years} now and I’ve had so many defeats, large and small, that {I acquired} {fed up with} it and just {previously|during the past} 2-3 years have {I must say i} clamped down on my losses and risk management, because I’d rather trade {just like a|such as a} coward and sometimes take profits {too early}, than to trade {just like a|such as a} gunslinger who has higher highs {when compared to a} coward trader, {but additionally} {lower} lows…because it’s those lower lows {that may} {get rid of} your account {as well as your} confidence {as well as your} future.

{Health and safety first} isn’t {slightly} cliche {for me personally}, it’s {a means} of life when {discussing} trading volatile penny stocks…so the lesson {here’s} to {choose} singles, not home runs, {for me personally}, {which means} my goal {would be to} make roughly $2,000 per trade and I’ve been {carrying it out} consistently {for just two} 2 decades, one decade before {I acquired} started teaching, {and today} one decade as a teacher too.**

{So when} you see from my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students who also trade similarly, the volatility and opportunity in this niche {is indeed} great that it’s still possible {to cultivate} your account exponentially {even though} trading {just like a|such as a} coward!

Please do leave a comment below {this website} post {in the event that you} {obtain it} and promise {to accomplish} {exactly like} {I’d like} more millionaire, cowardly students!

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