{A couple of days} I exposed this hot topic that {a lot of people} misunderstand {now} {I wish to|I would like to} expose {even more} misinformation about who {the very best} stock trader {on the planet|on earth} is.

{Could it be} the trader profiled in {your blog} post “Best Guest Post Ever {FROM THE} Trader Who Makes $1 Million/Year“?**

Download this cheat sheet {to discover} who {the very best} stock trader {on the planet|on earth} is.

{In the end}, {as you can plainly see} here, he’s now made over $10 million** and {the person} also gives fascinating presentations as {those} {who’ve} this guide know {so when} {you can observe|you can view} {just a little} here:

{Could it be} the trader featured HERE and HERE as while he’s “only” closing in on $3 million in profits**, {he previously} just $1,500 to his name {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} {years back}:

Or {can it be} this veteran trader who also just created his first millionaire student** in young Mattie Owens who just passed $1.3 million in profits in 2 years**:

Or {could it be} my 1st millionaire trading challenge student** who I wrote about HERE…hmmmmm, I don’t know but he definitely wins the award of best hair of any trader {on the planet|on earth}!

{Some individuals} would say Tim, you’re being too humble, you’re {the very best} trader {on the planet|on earth}!

But am {I must say i} with my now $4.4 million in trading profits**, every trade detailed publicly here?

{Plus some} audits, brokerage statements and {taxes} posted HERE…I somehow doubt it as evidenced by bone-headed losses {such as this} {which}

So, who out {of most} of us {is the greatest} stock trader {on the planet|on earth}?

Well, {he} {is certainly} out because he trades {too many} non-stock related financial instruments like futures and commodities, sorry Mattie!

This great trader {has gone out} because he’s running hedge funds now so he can’t post his trades transparently anymore so we don’t {understand how} he’s doing (although given his {lacking} HMNY n the $13s, {that is} now in the $9s, I’d guesstimate pretty damn well) and I’m certainly out because I prioritize teaching over trading profits {when i} posted HERE, explaining why {rather than} {attempting to} manage {additional money} and charge ridiculous “management fees” like {everybody else} on Wall Street, I {returned} to trading with just $12,415 {this season} ({which includes} now grown to roughly $50,000 in 5 months).**

And, {arrived at} {think about} it, we’re {All the} running for “world’s best out since we’ve each “only” made $3, $4, $5-10 million** and in the grand scheme of Wall Street, that’s peanuts, {the very best} traders {doing work for} billion dollar hedge funds LITERALLY make that {per day} or two!

That’ right I said it…while {lots of people} {worldwide|around the globe|across the world} {research} to/worship these millionaires I mentioned, and I’m not saying I’m not grateful {for each} penny I’ve earned, it’s {vital that you} {recognize that} we’re ALL niche traders who, while we’ve had much success, make 1/100th {as well as} 1/1000th of {the amount of money} the world’s top traders make.

{Needless to say}, the world’s top traders also utilize {a great deal of} leverage {along with} having {vast sums} or {vast amounts of} dollars to play with so their % gains are {significantly less} than ours, and remember, it’s {not} {their very own} money that they’re trading with, it’s usually {a large} bank’s money or hedge fund investors’ money, {therefore the} traders only {reach} keep {a little} {part of} any profits they make, but {obviously}, EVERY trader on Profitly, and {any} {social media marketing} network {for example}, {is really a} mere guppie {when compared to} real top traders on Wall Street.

Now, before {you imagine} I’m ripping on myself or {other people} that I’ve mentioned, I’m not. I couldn’t be prouder of my top millionaire trading challenge students and {almost every other} self-made millionaire trader {on the market}, and {at the very least} {because of} Profitly, there’s a platform {which allows} for full transparency, unlike the {Too many} traders who claim {to reach your goals} and experts, but don’t post their ENTIRE {background} publicly {and that means you|which means you} literally {do not know} if they’re up or down {several} million dollars (it’s {super easy} to sound convincing in the {currency markets}, look at {all of the} schmucks who {take action} daily in Manhattan, on CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal and on Twitter, {making use of their} expensive suits, ties, shoes and secretive cocaine addictions, second families and mistresses galore ({ok last one}, I loved in NYC {for quite some time}, you wouldn’t believe half the shit I’ve seen…Billions on Showtime is non-fiction) and the {social media marketing} liars who only post a screenshot of {a large} win here or there or who rationalize “I don’t {have to} post a {background}, I show trades live in webinars”)

ANYONE can look {best for} {each day}, week, month {or perhaps a} {couple of years}, but {to become a} truly successful trader {you need to} {figure out how to} profit in both bull AND bear markets and {the truth is} that most {social media marketing} traders haven’t seen {what goes on} in bear markets (I pray {each day} {for you to} come soon and {get rid of} {each one of these} over-confident newbies!)

But I write this post to remind you of {the fantastic} big financial world {on the market} {to help keep} everything in perspective. Truthfully, being {the very best} trader means little when you’re {learning}.

{The very best} earning traders strategies’ REQUIRE vast {levels of} capital, mathematical skills, leverage, brokerage connections, informational connections, blah blah blah, {items that} average {folks have} NO chance at getting {no} business even {engaging in}!

{Actually}, {most of the} best traders {I understand} {will be the} weirdest {& most} annoying people you’ve ever met, myself included, and I wouldn’t {desire to} {study from} them {even though you} paid me…especially {because the} {kind of} knowledge that {earns} the truly {a lot of money} hurts my head when I {make an effort to} think about {those} algorithms and high-frequency trading where 1/3 of {another} {can be an} eternity in determining whether {you’ve got a} big {loss or profit}.

{Rather than} focusing on {attempting to} be “{the very best} stock trader {on the planet|on earth}”, or {attempting to} {study from} “{the very best} traders {on the planet|on earth}”, {concentrate on} doing {a thing that} 90%+ of traders cannot and don’t do: being consistently profitable.

It doesn’t happen overnight, even my top trading challenge Tim G. said it took him roughly {a few months} of study and {six months} of {trying out} trading strategies before he {started to|begun to} profit consistently** so {show patience} and don’t expect {an excessive amount of} {too early}.

And it’s {not necessarily} about who makes {probably the most} money, {the number of} billionaires that {I understand} {and also have} hung out with are hardly even human anymore {given that they} have {Excess amount} and {which has} screwed them up for life…seriously.

Everyone think {they would like to} {be considered a} billionaire {yet} as I’ve proven, {it is possible to} live {an unbelievable} life with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} million dollars…so set your sights lower, that’s why I call my teaching for my most dedicated students the millionaire trading challenge, not billionaire challenge!

{Even though} I’ve definitely {been through} times {to be} too cocky/egotistical {because of} all my success, I’ve simmered down now {in my own} 30s and, like my {trading} strategy, {I’d like} {one to} take the “meat of the move” {with regards to} trading…not {concentrating on} arcane strategies {that may|which will} take you {an eternity} {to attempt to} understand and execute (unless you’re a rocket scientist or Ivy League PhD, then {you should} {choose} it…but {on the other hand}, why {are you currently} reading my blog if you’re {a genuine} brainiac, my strategy is for average people so leave us plebs alone you geniuses {on the market}!)…focus on the low-hanging fruit, easier stock trades, even “gimmies” like these {that may} {bring about} small gains over time…and {accumulate} trades as {you keep up} {to cultivate}.

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