When To Dip Buy vs. Not Dip Buy

It’s fitting that my last {post} of 2017 be about when to dip buy {because it} has been {by far} my most {successful plan} …watch 400+ video lesson on dip buys here {and in addition} read this MUST READ {post} “{TRY OUT THIS} {EACH MORNING} And You’ll {EARN MONEY}” {to understand} {how exactly to} best dip buy panics {so that you can} be FULLY prepared for {if they} {happen}.

My hottest Trading Challenge student {this season} was Roland Wolf, who I profiled here when he was just passing $100,000 in profits and in this video below:**

…and he LOVES dip buys too, his last trade of 2017 was {a vintage} dip buy into an OTC panic which netted him roughly $5,000 in profits, bringing his year-to-date profits over $500,000 after starting {the entire year} with just $4,000:**

That’s right, he made over 100x his {profit} 2017 alone , not with anyone big win, just taking it one trade {at the same time} like {I usually} preach and now he is one of my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students in terms of profits and he’s been one of my most dedicated/hardest studying millionaire trading challenge students even before he began growing his account exponentially.**

There’s {no chance} {I could} guarantee you profits, but there’s {a primary} correlation {in the middle of your} {probability of} success and likely profits and {just how much} you prepare/study {before} time…

So watch my latest video here on dip buying (and {start to see the} transcription below for my valued deaf Millionaire Trading Challenge students) and use tomorrow’s {currency markets} holiday {to review} up too!

The Video Transcript

Hey, Tim Sykes here. {It’s the} weekend. {I understand} {you intend to} be lazy, {I understand} you don’t {desire to} study, but just {i want to} {offer you} one little tip, just taking it {super easy} this weekend {just because a} {large amount of} you guys are asking me about my {undertake} bitcoin.

And {at this time} bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fitting {an extremely} well-known pattern that I {cope with} penny stocks {at all times|constantly|on a regular basis|continuously}. {THEREFORE I} wanna {create a} quick little video.

{I will} also mention {we’ve} this holiday sale going on Profit.ly. Roughly 36 {more time} from {enough time} I publish this video, {each one of these} guides, {each one of these} newsletters. {Should anyone ever} have any questions {concerning the} patterns that I trade, the patterns that my top students trade, we share {everything}.

It’s {not only} about our profits, it’s about studying {days gone by} and adapting. If you’ve ever seen my “{Steps to make} Millions” guide, {that is} 35 hours, {that is} required watching, {everything} {would go to} charity or “Trading Tickers,” {that is} my top students, Tim Grittani’s trades. He {really just} uploaded his December trades. He made another roughly {half of a} million.**

So {he’s got} made $1 million {previously|during the past} 2 months.** Now he’s at $5.8 million, {you start with} just $1,500 6 or 7 {years back}, I forget {which}.** But {merely to} {demonstrate} the potential {of the} patterns and the potential of studying. He {also offers} nearly what? Thirty-five, 40 live trades in this DVD.

And I’m {focusing on} {both of these} new guides, “Trader Checklist Part Deux” and “PennyStocking Framework Part Deux.” {They’ll be} out {within the next} 10 days. January 10th is my goal.

Very excited because I’m gonna be {discussing} {most of the} patterns {which are} working {at this time} with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. And it’s getting insane past {couple of months}. This is {most likely the} best 2 months that {I’ve} ever seen, {heading back} {completely} to when I {were only available in} ’98, ’99, 2000.

{You understand}, {whenever a} company announces {they are} {entering} bitcoin or cryptocurrency, {it is extremely} similar/exact like when in 1999 companies used {to include} a “.com” {with their} name and the stocks would double, triple, quadruple {in just a few days}. We’re seeing {the very same|the same} stuff.

And {I simply} made…what did I make yesterday? Oh, yesterday I actually didn’t even trade.

{Your day} before, I made $5 grand, {your day} before that, I made $2 grand.** Some days I don’t trade, but {I’m} overwhelmed by {the amount of} plays {at this time}. {And when} you ever {wish to be|desire to be} prepared, especially…and you wanna {benefit from} this holiday, long holiday weekend {as the} market is closed on Monday, please, please, please get these guides {watching} them and study up.

{Utilize the} weekends. “Trading Tickers,” “{Steps to make} Millions,” “Pennystocking,” “Pennystocking Part Deux,” and “Pennystocking Framework,” {they are} all required watching. And Spikeability, too.

{Insufficient} {for you personally} guys who’re watching this. {And} I have {both of these} new guides. {And} also, {you understand}, {just about everyone has} these different newsletters with literally {a large number of} video lessons cataloging {each and every} chart. So bear that {at heart} when I {review} {that one} chart pattern.

{That is} Bitcoin. {It really is} down nearly 20% today. {Lots of|Plenty of} you guys are freaking out {since it} dropped from roughly $20,000 {right down to} like $12,000, {and} it bounced to $16,000, now it’s {back off} to $12,000.

My inbox is flooded with people saying, “What do {I really do} now?” {That is} consolidation, okay?

You can’t expect bitcoin {to move up} to $100,000 {without} consolidation. {I understand} some bitcoin bulls are like, “{That is} {only a} dip, buy now.” Well, {hang on} for {another}.

Because {I simply} saw this tweet {in one} of my students,

Miah, {only a} random tweet. And, {you understand}, he doesn’t {have even} {that lots of} followers. {I simply} saw this {since it} {is indeed} applicable to Bitcoin {at this time}. This is {in one} of my guides. I don’t {even understand} {which}.

{You understand}, {in the event that you} watch “Pennystocking Framework,” {this type of} chart pattern is outlined {again and again} and {once more}.

Where you have {this type of|this sort of} ridiculous run-up, {and} a crash, {and} {a small amount of} a bounce. {That is} {sort of} what Bitcoin {is being conducted} {at this time}.

{Sufficient reason for} penny stocks, {you obtain} the ridiculous run-ups. {After all}, they’ve manipulated run-ups.

{That is} {just like a|such as a} boiler room pump, {and} {you can} crash {once the} boiler room stops promoting it, {and} you get {a small amount of} a bounce, but usually, {the tiny} {tiny} bounce fails {also it} comes {back} to its lows.

{That is} {just one single} example. {I’ve} {a large number of} examples, {nonetheless it} was funny {that} guy tweeted it {if you ask me}, so I’m gonna {utilize this}. {This type of|This sort of} morning panic pattern {I must say i}, really love, {nevertheless, you} have to {recognize that} {usually|quite often|more often than not} the bounces fail. And obviously with {very cheap stocks}, {you understand}, they’re being pumped by boiler rooms, it’s {not just a}, {you understand}, apples to apple comparison with bitcoin because Bitcoin {isn’t} necessarily being pumped by boiler rooms.

It’s being pumped by {a large number of} newbies who don’t understand, {you understand}, consolidation or crashes or {how exactly to} play it safe. But {simultaneously}, Bitcoin, {you may make} the case that maybe {that is} {only a} dip {and perhaps} {it really is} gonna {increase}.

{Exactly what will} I tell {everyone} newbies and {everyone} Bitcoin bulls {is usually to be} careful, okay?

{Nearly the same as} {a cent} stock pump, when it has {this type of|this sort of} ridiculous run-up and {an instant} crash {and} a failed bounce, you {will often have} another crash. And, {you understand}, today,

{After all}, this thing trades {on the} weekend {which means this} thing is live trading {at this time} as I’m {achieving this}, is down 16%. {I understand} {many people} {that are} dip-buying {convinced that} this thing is gonna {get back to} $20,000. {I’d like} {a more impressive} crash.

Now, understand, {I possibly could} be wrong. I only trade Bitcoin-related stocks. I haven’t actually even traded Bitcoin itself, but {I’ve} made {a substantial amount of} money, {you understand}, roughly 6 figures {from} Bitcoin-related stocks in 2017, {therefore i} know the patterns. {And many} of my top students also trade bitcoin specifically.

{And something} of my former students, who I’ll {execute a} profile on in 2018, has made {huge amount of money} trading Bitcoin. And {he’s got} told me {a whole lot}, that basically, it’s {exactly the same} {forms of} patterns as {very cheap stocks}.

{Just what exactly} I would {tell} you permabulls {and folks} who {believe that|believe} Bitcoin {is merely} gonna {head to} $100,000 or $1 million, {you need to be} careful, okay? You’ve had {an enormous}, massive, massive increase.

{Also to} {those} guys who missed {from} that massive increase {and today} you’re {considering}, “Oh, {I have to} {enter},” you don’t necessarily {have to} chase. You don’t {have to have} FOMO, {concern with} missing out. {For me personally}, {I’ll} dip-buy this. I don’t mind buying Bitcoin itself or {attempting to} in 2018. {I favor} stocks, but I don’t mind trying new strategies. And what {I’ll} say is that {I’m} not buying {at this time} because this {is an extremely} similar pattern with {very cheap stocks}, where you have the big drop {and} it just keeps going.

{You understand}, this is…it had {to be able to} bounce {previously|during the past} few days, {and you also} see it {sort of} did.

{You understand}, it dropped {right down to} like $12,000, bounced {back again to} like $16,000, {and} came down again. {And today} we’re cracking {the reduced}. So this {is an extremely}, very bad case short-term for Bitcoin.

I’m {discussing} the next {couple of days}. I don’t know if it breaches below $11,000 or $10,000 or $8,000.

{The low} it goes {I believe} {the higher} because it’s healthy for {market} to go, {you understand}, up {a whole lot} {and} down {a whole lot} and experience that volatility. Now, {I’ve} no bias whatsoever.

{I possibly could} care less if Bitcoin {would go to} $50,000, {I possibly could} care less if it {would go to} $1,000. {I love} volatility. {And when} you’re studying volatility, {you understand} that {this type of|this sort of} failed bounce usually {results in} lower prices.

If I’m wrong I {lose out on} {perhaps a} 20%, {30 percent}30 % bounce, but if I’m right then {that provides} me {the chance} {to possess} patience and {await} {an improved} play.

I’ll {offer you} {a good example of} a stock {last week} that {I must say i} {sort of} nailed. It’s got a weird… {the facts}? FMR…these weird tickers. Yeah, {this is} it. {Which means this} had {a brilliant} spike too.

{This is exactly what} I call a supernova. And {for me personally}, I missed {from} the run-up, {nearly the same as} Bitcoin. {And you may|And you will|And you could} see here, {After all}, {that is} penny stock volatility. Like, {every one of these} represents {1 day}. {Which means this} is {1 day}, two days, three days, four days. On the fifth day, you’ve got {a large} morning panic, from $1.75 {right down to} $1. And I actually caught this nice little dip {at} around 95 cents, selling it for {a good} little 25%, 30% gain on the bounce.

But here again, you see this crash {and you also} {visit a} bounce {and} you {view it} {sort of} lower. This stock {probably} will {return back} under $1 in the coming days, {virtually identical} where you have {these types of} failed bounces. {Which} is straight at out of “Pennystocking Framework,” {this type of} pattern.

{And}, {you understand}, here’s {a different one}, WNDW, same {sort of} ridiculous volatility. I’m sorry that my internet is slow. I’m in Mexico. And here, {you understand}, you have this ridiculous run-up {and} {you’ve got a} big panic {and} {accompanied by} the bounce. {Which means this} is very {much like} what Bitcoin {does} {at this time}, where you have this crash {and you also} had the bounce {and today} we’re at the lows.

Usually, this {results in} lower prices {within the next} one, two, three, four, five days. We’ll see if that {works together with} Bitcoin. {I’d} love to {visit a} greater crash. {However the} cool thing is that {I could} {await} a trade {to come quickly to} me. I miss tons and {a great deal of} trades. WNDW I was actually {a touch too} early, but this thing did bounce $2 a share, {therefore i} was {on the right course}.

{Even though} I miss a trade, {I’m} not angry because {I’m} specifically {looking forward to} prices {to come quickly to} me. I’m {looking forward to} the opportunity {to come quickly to} me that increases my {probability of} success.

{I believe} of myself as a retired trader. I only {emerge from} retirement and I only will trade {easily} {visit a} play {that’s} {so excellent} that {I’ll} feel guilty missing it. And {I understand} that {sounds very complicated}. I know {folks are} like, “Tim, just give me {an excellent} pick {or perhaps a} good pattern.”

{You need to} think backwards. {That’s} {why is} trading so tough. Ninety percent of traders lose {since they} just go {predicated on} gut instinct. {Each goes} based on {an idea}. {For me personally},

{I’d like} the trade {to come quickly to} me. I don’t {need to} trade, I don’t wanna trade, I don’t {anticipate} trading, {if the} pattern {is indeed} good, again, {it is because|the reason being} {I understand} the patterns and I back-test it and {I’ve} experience, {i quickly} will trade it because sometimes it’s just easy money WNDW, I cut losses quickly.

I had {a little} gain, small loss, doesn’t matter. FFRMF, {you understand}, making 30% on my money {as the} stock had {an ideal} panic {such as this}.

{Therefore}, that’s what I tell everybody asking me about Bitcoin. {Usually do not} fear {passing up on} a bounce.

{Usually do not} fear {really missing out} if it {dates back} to its highs. {Allow} patterns play out. {And when} you don’t {know very well what} the patterns are {you then} {should} study, because these patterns work not 100% {of that time period}, understand this {isn’t} {a precise} science, {however they} work more times than not. {Which is} {section of the|area of the|portion of the} key to my success, {looking forward to} trades {to come quickly to} me. I don’t {need to} trade 20, 50, 100 times {per day} where I make like $20, $50 here or there. I {await} {the very best} plays.

{I want to} just {demonstrate} my trade. Out {of most} my recent trades, it’s {not} just about {the amount of money}, it’s {concerning the} patience. QIWI, {After all}, I nailed that in the 14s, it {visited} the 17s. I was way, way, {much too} early, sold {too early}. This play {is most likely} my best play in recent memory.

{You understand}, nailed it. And I actually highlighted this {in my own} chat room before {I purchased}. I said, “Watch this panic playing out potential dip buy.” I {associated with} this whole pattern. {You understand}, I have {a complete} blog post {with this}, and {I’ve} 400 video lessons on dip buys and morning panics. {Which means this} was a morning panic on ZPAS, {and} I feature, {you understand}, tons and {a great deal of} panics. Here was CATQ, here was CNAB, here was EMMD. {THEREFORE I} love {these types of} panics, and {I really like} these bounces. {After all}, {they are} 50% bounces. {Which means this} was {an excellent} bounce on FFRMF, but notice {the way the} bounce failed. {Therefore} far it’s just been {1 day} {following the} failed bounce. {This is actually the} {identical} thing {that’s} happening with Bitcoin {at this time}. So {you need to be} careful.

And {for me personally}, I missed {from} the dip-buy opportunity {I assume}, on Bitcoin, {you understand}, when it dropped from $20,000 to $12,000 {and} it bounced to $16,000, {however now} here {we have been} {again} on $12,000. And {I simply} wouldn’t…I wouldn’t do anything {since it} had its {possiblity to} bounce {also it} failed. {And today} {leading} me {to trust}, given the ridiculous run-up, that {it will} see lower prices. And {do you know what}? If I’m wrong, so be it. {I’d} {want to} be wrong. I don’t fear being wrong, that’s {why is} me {completely different} from {a lot of people} in finance, {in which a} lot of {folks are} like, “Oh, you said this, {you’re} wrong. You said this, {you’re} wrong.” {Just what exactly}? I’m wrong {at all times|constantly|on a regular basis|continuously}. It’s okay to be wrong. It doesn’t {set you back} anything {in the event that you} don’t take the trade. {And also} {in case you are} wrong, {should you choose} take the trade, {it is possible to} cut losses quickly, like {I did so} on WNDW where I was {prematurily .} {looking to get} the bounce and I lost {just a little}. It’s okay {to reduce} {just a little}, it’s okay to be wrong, {however the} key to success is {looking forward to} the plays {to come quickly to} you, {looking forward to} the patterns to play out.

{Therefore} while we’re waiting {you skill} is study. {You skill} is prepare {and become} ready. {Way too many} of you guys, {in the event that you} had {an ideal} play tomorrow, you’re not ready {as you} haven’t studied {days gone by}. {For this reason|That is why} I’m so {worked up about} this sale. It’s only gonna last another {couple of days}. {You can find} no extensions. You either wanna learn or you don’t. {However the} {reason} I’ve had success, {the key reason why} my top students {experienced} success {is because of} studying.

{I want to} just {demonstrate} {yet another} guy. Roland Wolf, my top Trading Challenge student {at this time} in 2017, turned $4,000 into $500,000-plus.** He loves this too. {This is} his last trade of 2017, same exact {sort of} crash. {Which} was a bounce on PHOT, okay? He started with $4,000 {this season} {and today} he’s over $500,000.** He waits for these panics. {And when} you look it’s {tiny}. He made roughly $5,000 on the dip-buy on PHOT.** {Understand this}. He was buying it {the following}, {the tiny} green arrows, and selling {everything} in here. {That’s} fantastic. That’s what {I’d like} {for you personally} guys. So study up, {make use of the} holiday sale and {await} the plays {to come quickly to} you.

{And when} {you realize} this lesson, please do leave a comment underneath saying, “{I’ll} {show patience}.” Four words, okay? {That is} gonna change {your daily life}. If you {await} these panics, {in the event that you} {await} these opportunities {rather than} forcing it, {you’ll} change {your daily life} over time. {Start to see the} link {just underneath} this video. I’ll {connect to} {the vacation} sale, I’ll {connect to} {your blog} post about {most of these} dip buys, and I’ll {connect to} my 400-plus video lessons on these panics. {Await} them. {Many thanks}. Happy holidays.

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