So You Are Wondering – What Are Penny Stocks?

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So What Are Penny Stocks Really? - What are Penny StocksThe best way to answer this what are penny stocks question, is to go right ahead and just jump right in. Penny Stocks are low-priced stocks. Contrary to popular belief, penny stocks do not typically cost just a penny. In fact, you will actually find that most penny stocks cost between $.0001 and $5 per share. Now, there is one other thing to consider when looking at the penny stock trading world. There are also cheap and affordable stocks that trade on bigger exchanges (like, NYSE and NASDAQ) costing under $5. For most investors and traders out there, the stocks that trade on the NYSE or the NASDAQ are not considered to be penny stocks. When it comes to Penny Stocks, most traders and investors out there look at the OTC markets as a an untamed animal (a wild horse). This wild world of trading and investing isn’t a part of the normal CNN, CNBC type media channels, and is completely detached from public view that comes with the big exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE. Even traders that have made quite a successful living for themselves trading micro caps, and penny stock tickers that have had amazing gains / loses, are typically not discussed or heard of on the normal TV News channels.

TIP* Here is one important thing to remember about Penny Stocks, just because you don’t hear about them daily on the big news channels, does not mean that penny stocks are not worth trading and investing into. In fact, in my opinion; once you learn the different games that are played on the OTC markets by the various scammers, pumpers, bashers, marketers etc.. you can dominate this market. It is a large market, yet small enough; that you can definitely figure out some of the patterns and profit from it all.

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