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Who knows someone whose house {appears like} it {arrived} of some design blog? I’m {discussing} {individuals} who make DIY centerpieces from their great-grandmother’s 3rd grade lunch box.

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I have {a pal} with {a location} like that, {and finally} it hit me why her apartment always looked so {come up with}: She ALWAYS has fresh flowers all throughout her home.

I had to ask. {She’s} a busy full-time job, {just how} does she buy and water and {look after} the roughly 4,126 flowers throughout her apartment? That’s when she confessed: {She’s} fresh flowers {sent to} her house {weekly}. Amazing, beautiful, artisanal flowers from an NYC flower delivery service.

Keep {at heart}, this wasn’t a fancy office {or perhaps a} mansion, but her tiny NYC apartment. She spent money {on a monthly basis} {equal to} her {cable supply bill} to be surrounded by fresh flowers.

And they looked great.

I loved it.

This {is an excellent|is a good|is a superb} {exemplory case of} abundance: {If you value} {just how} flowers look {plus they} {cause you to} happy, you don’t “save” buying flowers for {a particular} occasion. You {be sure you} {keep these things} around you {AT ALL TIMES|CONSTANTLY|ON A REGULAR BASIS|CONTINUOUSLY}.

Man, {that one} really hit me because I {i did so} exactly that – “save” {the items} {I really like} for {a particular} occasion.

Abundance is {one particular} words thrown around by life coaches and woo-woo authors, but it’s taken me years {to begin with} to understand {exactly what it} means.

I thought I’d share {some of} my favorite {types of} abundance. {For me personally}, {the easiest method to|the simplest way to|the ultimate way to} internalize {this idea} was {to understand} from specific examples.

1. Ordering {whatever you} want at a restaurant

When I was growing up, we ate out once every 4-6 weeks – maybe. {Also it} was at a pizza place, with a coupon, where we’d share everything (including drinks). {In my own} early 20s, {probably the most} abundant things I ever did was order an appetizer. The $5 didn’t really matter – {however the} psychological step did.

Now, {I’ve} {a fresh} philosophy: Whenever I take {among} my coworkers out {for supper}, I {tell them} that my rule is {should they} see ANYTHING they like, {they need to} order it. {You imagine} the squid and the salmon sound good? Order them both.

That’s abundance.

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2. Helping someone without expectation of ROI

When I used {to visit} marketing conferences, {it had been} {an easy task to} instantly spot the leeches – {individuals} who {appear} {for you}, pretend {to create} small talk, then {reach} {the idea}: “{Just how} many people {on your own} email list?” This slimy feeling made me feel objectified, like I {had a need to} {have a} shower. Is this what it’s {prefer to} be {a stylish} woman?

The {ABSOLUTE BEST} people don’t {have to} “go {set for} the kill” {the very first time|the 1st time} they meet you. That’s {since they} know they’re {creating a} long-term relationship and – because they’re likable {and also have} something valuable {to provide} – they’ll earn {the proper} {to create} that relationship.

As {a particular} example, I take ~5 calls {weekly} where I don’t need anything. {A number of them|Many of them} are with beginning entrepreneurs who reached out {by way of a} warm {link with} get advice. {I really like} helping them. {A number of them|Many of them} are people {I wish to|I would like to} build relationships with. {In addition they} take the calls without {searching for} direct ROI, because top performers know relationships trump all.

Here’s a tip {on how best to} implement this: {Get in touch with} {a person who|somebody who} wrote something you loved – something recent, from {the final} month – and send them an email telling them why you appreciated it and how it changed {your daily life}. Don’t expect anything {as a result}. Now {do this} 3x/week for {per year}.

That’s abundance.

3. Setting boundaries

Americans suck at setting boundaries. {That is} {among the} reasons you see people complaining {about how exactly} “overwhelmed” {they’re} – yet {in the event that you} look where they’re actually spending their time, it’s {performing a} {couple of} stuff they don’t even {value}!

I {discussed} our inability {to create} boundaries in a live presentation {I did so} {to at least one} 1,000+ people.

In the dating world, I {visit a} {couple of} men/women getting led on because they’re not {ready to} put their foot down and say, “No, that’s not cool.”

And I {visit a} {couple of} entrepreneurs wasting time chasing random Twitter/Pinterest accounts because they’re not {ready to} set boundaries with themselves/their teams and say NO. No, that’s not {likely to} move the needle. No, we can’t {keep on saying} “It can’t hurt” ({it certainly} can, because it’s {an enormous} distraction). No, I’m not {likely to} do a {couple of} random things because some internet blog {explained} to.

Setting boundaries is, by definition, abundant {since it} means you have options. {In the event that you} set clear boundaries around what you’re {searching for} and what you’re not, that startles people – {as you} {should be} really high-value to be that clear {about any of it}.

For example, when I {let you know} we’re not {thinking about} playing in the $50 sandbox – we’d rather give our material away {free of charge}, or create {a thing that} people love paying $2,000+ for – that’s setting boundaries.

When you {visit a} meeting and they’re late, {and you also} leave after {quarter-hour|a quarter-hour}, you don’t {have to} meet them {the next time}. Boundaries mean you value {your time and effort} more highly than {just about anything} else.

Boundaries also {enable you to} be fully present when you’re {getting together with} friends or family or {at the job}. “Discipline is freedom,” it’s been said. {This is just what} boundaries provide. But they’re extraordinarily hard {to determine}, {since they} mean turning down certain options.

That’s abundance.

4. {Buying} yourself when you’re unsure of the outcome

Whenever I hear someone ask, “But {how do you} KNOW {this can} {work with} me?” I {know} they’re doomed.

Loser psychology: “{How do you} know {this can} {work with} me? I’m a left-handed half-Chinese dude who’s gluten-free and {I really like} kickball…do {you’ve got a} {research study} of someone {like this}???”

Winner psychology: “I’ve done my homework {which} looks good. I’m {worthwhile} and I’m smart enough {to determine} {how exactly to} apply this to {my entire life}.”

In short, they see learning as {an activity} – a journey – {not at all something} they “reach.”

This {is the reason why|is excatly why} I took a class on managerial accounting at Columbia – {despite the fact that} I have {individuals who} run my finance team!

Screen Shot 2017 06 16 at 3.04.25 PM
Screen Shot 2017 06 16 at 3.04.25 PM

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It’s why I continue {to invest} $50,000+/year on trainers, teachers, and more.

It’s why I read {a lot more than} 2 books {weekly}.

Screen Shot 2017 06 16 at 3.05.01 PM
Screen Shot 2017 06 16 at 3.05.01 PM

It doesn’t {have to be} a 50k investment. It’s more {concerning the} mindset. {I did so} {these exact things} when I had nothing and I’ll {continue steadily to} do them {even while} I grow my business.

The best always {search for} ways {they are able to} learn, {instead of} worrying about {all of the} snowflake-y reasons they can’t.

That’s abundance.

5. Get pedicures before your nails {escape} hand

It {may be} {obtaining a} haircut, {obtaining a} pedicure, or {obtaining a} new {couple of} socks. Whatever. Abundance {gets} one before you {need} it – before your nails {appear to be} the crypt keeper or your socks are threadbare.

You might say wasteful, but if it’s something you truly value, {discover a way} to regularly incorporate it {that you experienced}.

You don’t {need to} wait {and soon you} {need} it – until your back is {contrary to the} wall. {So long as you} {are able} it {and you also} value it, it’s OK {to obtain} something {when you wish} it – {not merely} {when it’s needed}.

That’s abundance.

*  *  *  *  *

I hope this helped. {Among} my goals {would be to} take these random phrases {that folks} throw around – “{concern with} success,” “giving value,” and “abundance” – and {demonstrate} real examples {to create} them {alive}.

You won’t find these {somewhere else}. They are {a large} thank-you for reading and {helpful information} to living your definition of a Rich Life.

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