{Ways to get} unstuck (new 1-hour mini-course with BJ Fogg)

Wondering {ways to get} unstuck from whatever situation or loop you’re trapped in? Need motivation? Insight? {This one} {one hour} mini-course {might help}.

Ramit Sethi

{ways to get} unstuck

You know {when you attend} {the fitness center} for {a few months} straight, then miss {each day} (“I’ll go tomorrow…”) …then {you wind up} skipping {another} 3 weeks?

Why do we stop doing things we {really need to} do? {Why is} us “stuck” and {just how do} we get unstuck?

Jerry Seinfeld knew why – and he knew {the trick} of momentum:

He {explained} {to obtain a} big wall calendar {which has a} whole year {using one} page and hang it on a prominent wall. {The next phase} was {to obtain a} big red magic marker.

He said {for every} day that {I really do} my task of writing, I {reach} put {a large} red X over that day. “{Following a} {couple of days} you’ll have a chain. Just {stay with it} and the chain will grow longer {each day}. You’ll like {since} chain, {particularly when} you get {a couple weeks} under your belt. Your only job next {would be to} not break the chain.”

“Don’t break the chain,” he said again for emphasis.

One {of the very most} valuable things I ever learned was {how exactly to} keep building MOMENTUM – {running a business}, in relationships, and {inside our} personal areas like {health insurance and} learning.

This {originated from} {among} my mentors, BJ Fogg, who runs the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford.

He taught me to always run two projects in parallel. “{This way}, if one gets stalled, {it is possible to} always switch to {another} one.”

But {this is} {one among} {the countless} things he taught me. And recently, I invited BJ {back again to} interview him about his best advice.

In particular, we {discussed} human behavior – {how it operates}, how to {change it out}, and {ways to get} un-stuck. {Consider it}: {In the event that you} master {your personal} behavior, {would you} {enjoy better paychecks}? {Become more} productive? {Have significantly more} energy {each morning}?

Answer: Yes.

How {to obtain} Unstuck

We go deep {in to the} tactics, {like the} actual words {to utilize} in emails…the phrases we use to persuade ourselves {to accomplish} something ({even though} we don’t {desire to})…and more.

In this interview, BJ Fogg and I dig deep into behavior change strategies we’ve never covered before.

You’ll learn:

  • The “pre-persuasion” elements {it is possible to} embed in your environment to persuade {you to ultimately} stay focused
  • Why we’re lazy – and {how exactly to} work around our inherent laziness
  • Your “self-persuasion toolbox”: When {to utilize} baby steps vs. systems vs. willpower
  • Why saying “It can’t hurt” {is in fact} wrong – and how failures have {a low profile} cost
  • How to break apart the successes of {other folks} {and discover} winning tactics {you may use} {is likely to} life

{Need to know|Wish to know} what {each and every} top performer I’ve interviewed in Brain Trust (including CEOs, athletes, and best-selling authors) ALL {have as a common factor}? Simple. It’s habits. Successful people don’t just catch a lucky break and coast – they systematically identify and integrate winning habits {to their} lives, day in and {day trip}, for years.

Ramit’s Brain Trust {is currently} closed indefinitely. {However before we} closed {this program}, we extracted {all of the} juiciest success habits from our guests and packaged them {right into a} 7-part Ultimate Guide to Habits {that you could} read anytime, anywhere – {for free}.

image of PDFs from {the best} Guide to Habits

image of PDFs from {the best} Guide to Habits

Includes HD videos, action plans, and lessons from the world’s leading experts on behavioral change.

Imagine {1 month} from today, jumping out of bed early with {a great deal of} energy. {You truly} {Anticipate} {your day} – {forget about} feeling frazzled – {due to the} new “peak performance” tools you’re using now.

Maybe {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} start eating healthier, or cook {meals} {once weekly}. Maybe you {desire to} {take up a} business, {as well as} just read one book {per month}.

No problem. Start small. Pick {one or two} 2 {what to} use these powerful techniques on, {watching} {what goes on}.

Just {subscribe} below and I’ll send you {a free of charge} copy of {the best} Guide to Habits {immediately}.

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