{Ways to get} {directly into} Stanford (Hint: {Utilize the} Failure Expectation)

College is {in no way} {a straightforward} feat. From the lengthy application process to entrance exams, {it could be} rough. Long story short, {I did so} it, {and you may|and you will|and you could} too. {I wish to|I would like to} share {the precise} method I used {to obtain} over $100,000 in scholarship funds. You’re {going to} {see how to} cultivate the winning mindset, {where to find} {the very best} paying scholarships and my {technique for} completing applications in as efficient {a way} {as you possibly can}.

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3 Steps to getting college scholarships

Other considerations for winning scholarships

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Instead of hoping {you obtain} one scholarship, {you have to|you should} reframe it to “{I am hoping} I {get yourself a} {Large amount of} scholarships.”

This {is really a} mindset of abundance – and it’s incredibly important {when you begin} {trying to get} different scholarships.

Which means {a couple of things}:

  1. Instead of hoping {you obtain} {an enormous} scholarship or full ride, {you have to|you should} apply to {as much as} possible. {In the end}, $500 here and $1,000 there {really can} add up.
  2. Don’t get discouraged {in the event that you} don’t get one you {make an application for}. Scholarships {certainly are a} numbers game, {and several} have {just a} {couple of} applicants.

Use every resource {available} – {connect with} {every} relevant scholarships {you could find|you will find|you will discover|you can get}. {As soon as you} cast {a broad} net, you {boost your} chances of {getting ultimately more} money for school IMMENSELY.

Step 2: How {to get} scholarships {that may|which will} pay thousands (and ones nobody applies for)

If you’re {a higher} school student, {you’ve got a} {large amount of} scholarship resources {accessible to you}. {They could be|They may be} {split up} into five areas:

  1. High school career centers
  2. Library and bookstore
  3. Scholarship search sites
  4. Ethnic organizations
  5. Friends and family

With these resources, you’ll {have the ability to} earn {thousands} in scholarship money. Here’s how:

High school career centers

First, {head to} your {senior high school} career center. If your {senior high school} doesn’t have {a lifetime career} center, your school’s counselor {will help you} {with this particular} too.

Most {senior high school} career centers keep an updated {set of} scholarships sorted by date. {Proceed through} this list and make note {of each} single scholarship that {pertains to} you. {You need to} literally be {recording} the information {for every} one – you’ll {require it} {once you} actually start {the application form} process.

Do this in a Google or Excel spreadsheet. When recording, {It is advisable to} {jot down} the scholarship name, {the total amount} it’s worth, a {deadline}, and {whether} you’ve applied yet.

When you put it together, here’s what {it could} {appear to be}:

Scholarship nameWhat it’s worthDue dateApplied
IWT Scholarship$2,50005/16Yes

Of course, {you could be|you may be|you will be} as detailed as {you need} {together with your} spreadsheet {you need to include} {things such as} GPA requirements and {whether} {you will need} an essay.

Once you’ve exhausted your school’s {set of} scholarships, {contact} other high schools {and have} them {when you can} go in and {speak to} them {in what} scholarships might {connect with} you.

That’s right. {I’d like} you to {contact} other high schools {in your area} to see what scholarships {they will have}. They’ll actually LOVE this because no high schooler ever {is out} of their {solution to} get scholarships.

If you show {slightly} {little bit of} initiative in your educational future, they’ll {become more} than {pleased to} {give you a hand}. Do {the very same|the same} thing you did {together with your} school’s scholarship resources and record {all of the} ones {highly relevant to} you.

When I was in {senior high school}, I {finished up} {trying to get} 60 scholarships from my high school’s career center – and earned thousands for college {along the way}.

Library and bookstore resources

Once you’re finished exhausting {all the} scholarships {from your own} high school, {check out} a bookstore or library and {grab} {the most recent} copy of an annual scholarship book.

These books are comprehensive catalogs of grants and scholarships {you can generate} as {a higher} school student. They’re FANTASTIC resources if you’re {seeking to} find cash for college.

Here’s {a listing of} {several} good scholarship books {to consider}:

  1. The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2020 by Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe ($19.71)
  2. Scholarship Handbook 2018 by {THE FACULTY} Board ($22.51)
  3. Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2019 by Peterson’s ($24.09)

I’ve included the Amazon links here {so that you can} check them out – but I highly suggest purchasing these at {your neighborhood} bookstore {to get} started ASAP!

Once {you obtain} the book, do {everything you} did {together with your} high school’s scholarship resources and make note {of all} scholarships you’d {prefer to} {make an application for}.

Scholarship search sites

Once you’ve {viewed} {all of the} scholarships {it is possible to} through {these} resources, {it is possible to} turn to different {se’s} and websites {that will help|which will help} {you discover} scholarships.

Many {of these} even include features that {enable you to} {seek out} specific criteria like:

  • School-specific scholarships
  • Amount of money earned
  • GPA requirements
  • Essay requirements

You can {setup|create} email alerts {so you} are automatically notified {once the} sites find scholarships that fit {your unique} needs too.

Here {certainly are a} few {ideas for} great sites {to assist you} {search for} scholarships:

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When you {get in touch with} your teacher for a letter of recommendation, you’ll {desire to} give them {a number of things}:

  • A broad view of {what you need|what you would like} them to highlight
  • 2-3 {tips} {they ought to} touch on (maybe it’s something specific to the scholarship?)
  • Your resume {so that they} have a {mention of} your accomplishments

If you provide them practically everything {they want}, they’ll {become more} than {pleased to} give you {an incredible} letter of recommendation. {Actually}, many teachers will just {request you to} write a draft {they can} edit and sign.

Bonus: Getting scholarships {is fantastic|is excellent}, but mastering {your individual} finances {may be the} gift that keeps on giving. I’ll {demonstrate} how {in my own} proofread it for you. {It might seem} your first draft {is ideal} – but {it’s likely that} it’s not. {Intend to} go through {several} drafts before you land on {the main one} you’ll be submitting.

  • Barely anyone {pertains to} {nearly all} these scholarships – so you’ll {curently have} {an enormous} advantage {through the use of} at all. The Craigslist Penis Effect is strong with scholarship applications. Leverage that knowledge.
  • Some scholarships {need you to} interview – {and that means you|which means you} {have to} prepare. {Be sure you} prep {for this} by practicing interviews {a whole lot}. {Which means} doing them {before} a mirror, having your friend {tell you} questions with you, and reading {through to} interview strategies. {Here are some|Below are a few} great resources from IWT that’ll {assist you to}:
  • Check out my video {on what} {it is possible to} crush your interview below:

    3 notes about {deciding on} expensive schools

    1. If you’re {sufficient} {to obtain} in, top-tier universities {will need} care of you. Yes, “if you’re {sufficient}” includes incredibly complex socio-economic connotations, but we can’t address {all of them} here. {I just} {desire to} highlight the mistaken belief that money is holding students back from attending top-tier colleges {due to} tuition costs. No. It’s not. If you’re {sufficient} {to obtain} in, top-tier universities {will need} care of you, financially.
    2. Your college {isn’t} a technical school. It’s {not merely} {about how exactly} much money you’ll make {as soon as you} graduate, like {a lot of people} {make an effort to} claim. {You can find} ineffable qualities to being surrounded by {an exceptionally} high caliber of peers. I’m {not} saying, “{Visit a} top-tier university” (although {I believe} {you need to}). Just {connect with} them.
    3. Tuition {ought to be} {among the} last decisions you make. Stop {taking into consideration the} money {in advance}. First, {concentrate on} getting into {the very best} schools possible, whatever {which means} for you. {As soon as you} secure admission, {be worried about} the finances. Remember, if you’re {sufficient}, the universities want you there, {plus they} have hefty treasure chests {to make sure that} you matriculate.

    What {to accomplish} AFTER I {obtain the} scholarships?

    Once {you obtain} your first scholarship, CONGRATS!!!

    You’re now {before} a vast {most} your peers {with regards to} {spending money on} your education – {nonetheless it} shouldn’t end there.

    One of {the best} {great things about} college {may be the} networking opportunities {it offers}. You’ll literally never {maintain} an environment {such as this} again {as soon as you} graduate, so it’s {vital that you} develop this skill now.

    That’s why I {come up with} my best networking tips {which you can use} {to create} connections with amazing people and easily have doors opened {for you personally} (including with to be {the most obvious} scholarship winner).

    When it {involves} scholarships {as well as} school {generally}, you don’t {need to be} the smartest person in {the area} – {you merely} {want to do} {the task}.

    If you’ve read {all of this}, try doing {just one single} step today. Not tomorrow, not {once you} finish that physics quiz, but TODAY.

    Take someone out to lunch. Send {a contact} {compared to that} professor you admire. Ask someone a question. It doesn’t {need to be} perfect, it just {needs to be} today.

    It’s {an easy task to} take the “safe” route. It’s much tougher {to create} {your personal} confidence {to accomplish} things differently – {aside from} at all.

    But if you’re {ready to} take that {first rung on the ladder}, {I wish to|I would like to} {assist you to}.

    Join my free email list {to understand} my {tips for} earning more, learning, and {getting a} passion that’ll {get you} money forever.

    Yes, show me the secrets of Master Networkers

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