{WAYS TO GET} Clients Online: 6 {Methods to} find new freelance work fast

A {short while} ago, I asked IWT readers two questions:

  1. Who was your first high-value client (>$10,000)?
  2. How’d you close {the offer}?

Ramit asking readers how they got their first {quality value} client

The answers {I acquired} back were amazing.

{Ways to get} clients reader response 1

{Ways to get} clients reader response 2

{Ways to get} clients reader response 3


If {you intend to} {have the ability to} land {exactly the same} {sort of} high-quality, high-paying clients, I’ll {demonstrate} the six {methods to} {see them} and {the very best} tactics and systems {you may use} that’ll {keep these things} watering at the mouths {for the} services.

And {the very best} part {concerning the} {individuals who} replied {if you ask me} on Twitter? None of the tactics they used were overly complex.

They didn’t {depend on} viral marketing campaigns or blogging or {the} other typical “advice” {you discover} when {finding out about} {ways to get} clients – they demonstrated their value and closed {the offer}.

How {to obtain} Clients Table of Contents:

Ready? Let’s go.

NOTE: I {discuss} {all of this} and {substantially more} {in my own} FREE Official Handbook to 6-Figure Freelancing with Zero Experience.

How {to obtain} beginner clients

When it {involves} finding clients, I’m frequently inundated with questions from new freelancers {such as}, “{How do you} {get yourself a} dozen clients {in my own} roster??”

My answer: Get one client.

Freelancers are so wrapped up in attaining {as much} clients {as you possibly can} that they {disregard the} {need for} attaining your first few clients {and} scaling from there.

Utilize the resources below {to get} those first few.

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#1. Craigslist

Craigslist gets {a negative} rap…for {justification}.

BUT {between your} live duck parties, the questionable items for purchase, and missed opportunities for love, {the website} is also {an excellent} place to {look for a} new gig.

And {that you can do|that can be done} it with the appropriately named Craigslist Penis Effect (CPE).

The CPE {may be the} scenario wherein {everybody else} {is indeed} terrible that, {when you are} {slightly} bit decent, you look 1,000 times {much better than} {your rivals}.

Consider the humble moron on Craigslist sending pictures of his mediocre manhood to women on the personals section {again and again} {without the} results. Instead, {should they} just wrote {several} semi-thoughtful messages, they’d {get yourself a} LOT better responses.

You can leverage that exact framework {to get} great clients on Craigslist. {In the event that you} took {enough time} to write {an excellent} email {calling} {these businesses}, you’ll immediately separate yourself from 99.9999% of others {on the webpage|on the website} {that are} just sending boring boilerplate emails that’ll {have them} nowhere.

So {continue} the Craigslist job board {for the} specific market. {Here are some|Below are a few} common freelance hustles {on the market}:

  • Writing and editing
  • Web design
  • Video production
  • IT support
  • Software engineer
  • Graphic design

If you’re {searching for a} fantastic script {to assist you} {get in touch with} these clients, {make sure to} {have a look at} my article on how {to create} {extra cash} on the side.


There {certainly are a} {large amount of} “freelance focused” job sites {on the market} {such as for example} Upwork or Fiverr. However, unless you’re completely inexperienced at {the type of} gigs {you should do} ({in which particular case}, these sites {can provide} you that experience), {It is advisable to} {stick to} Craigslist.

Don’t {misunderstand me}. {I really like} sites like Upwork and Fiverr…but only as a client. {I could} get some {of the greatest} people online {to accomplish} {work with} me at {an exceptionally} cheap rate on these sites. Sound unfair? Totally. But that’s {just how} {it really is}.

If you’re finding this helpful, don’t {lose out on} more great freelancing advice. {Have a look at} my FREE Official Handbook to 6-Figure Freelancing with Zero Experience.

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#2. Networking events

I {know very well what} you’re thinking: Networking events SUCK.

But that’s because people typically {head to} them looking for clients.

Don’t be that creeper at the networking event. Instead, {head to} networking events {to get} CONNECTORS. {They are} people who {might not} {grow to be} {litigant}, but {might help} {expose you to} {clients}.

Now {you know} that you’re not {likely to} be finding leads at a networking event or mixer, you’re not {likely to} go {within} and {make an effort to} constantly pitch {your organization}. Instead, you’re {likely to} be finding connectors.

Here’s {an excellent} script {you should use} {for connecting} with a connector:

“Hey, {once you learn} of anyone who’s {buying} video editor, {i want to} know. Here’s my card. {It is possible to} pass it along {in their mind}.”

Of course, {you need to} mold the script {to suit your} individual situation.

If {your home is} in {a large} city, networking events {certainly are a} dime {twelve}. {In the event that you} don’t, that’s okay. {There could be} a few {locally} happening occasionally.

Be sure {to look at} event boards {just like the} following for great opportunities for networking events.

  • Meetup.com. {One of the primary} sites for friendly meet-ups and networking events.
  • Eventbrite.com. {This web site} aggregates {many types} of events happening {in your area}. It also {includes a} “networking” events filter in its search function.
  • Facebook. No matter what your industry, there’s {several} like-minded freelancers on Facebook {for you personally}. {Often}, these groups will notify you of upcoming events {it is possible to} hit up.

Afraid of introducing yourself or {being unsure of} {what things to} say? {Here are some} great resources on IWT {to obtain} started building amazing social skills {in order to} dominate any networking event.

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#3. Where {clients} live

No, this doesn’t mean stalk {clients} and {head to} {their current address} ({if you don’t} want a restraining order).

Instead, you’re {likely to} {go surfing} to the places where {clients} might frequent.

It’s what Luisa Zhou, entrepreneur and writer for GrowthLab, did {to greatly help} her earn $1.1mm in eleven months.

From Luisa:

I started spending all my {leisure time} {going out} where my {clients} were online (free Facebook groups) and directly engaging {using them} by sharing valuable content and answering any questions {I possibly could} about advertising.

That’s how {I acquired} my first client. {A female} I’d been helping {free of charge} – answering her questions {about how exactly} {to create} a basic {marketing campaign} – asked me how she {can work} with me, {so when} I {informed her} {the purchase price} – $5,000 for {half a year} – she said, without missing a beat, “I’m in.”

You {may use} {the very same|the same} framework {for the} {clients}.

  • Are you a graphic designer? {Look for a} Facebook or subreddit group for {small enterprises} who need your services.
  • Are you a writer for {a distinct segment} industry? Start answering questions on Quora {relating to your} niche.
  • Maybe you’re a video editor. Find online groups for bloggers {seeking to} expand their content media.

No matter {everything you} choose, {you will need} {to be sure} you stay engaging {and offer} high-quality answers to your potential client. {Using this method} you build your brand and make connections {you’ll} {do not have} otherwise.

It all {dates back} to the 80/20 rule. {The tiny} {little bit of} effort you {devote} now {can pay} off in spades {in the foreseeable future}.

Building {another} income freelancing or expanding your {regular} freelancing business is more important now {than ever before}. {Have a look at} my FREE Official Handbook to 6-Figure Freelancing with Zero Experience.

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How {to obtain} higher value clients

So {you imagine} you’re {prepared to} scale {and begin} targeting {more impressive range} clients? It’s actually incredibly simple once you’ve attained your initial 3 – 5 clients.

All {you will need} to remember {would be to} keep delivering incredible, white-glove service to your clients. {From then on}, it’s all {a piece of cake}.

#4. Referrals

Referrals from existing clients are {among the} best {methods to} not only {have more} clients {but additionally} earn more {for the} services {aswell}.

I have {a pal} who {i did so} {the casual} freelance project management gig {privately} for {a little} consulting firm. {The work} paid $25/hour – but {after a few years}, she {wished to} {earn much more} because:

  1. The firm’s owner was very disorganized and non-responsive.
  2. $25/hour didn’t {soon add up to} {around} she {wished to} earn.

So I suggested that she do {a couple of things}: Ask her current clients for referrals and raise her price for them.

As it {proved}, {among} her favorite clients was {a lot more than} {pleased to} refer her to someone he knew at {another} organization.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” she {explained} {1 day}. “I quoted him $50 {one hour} and he didn’t even blink. Shit! {I will} have asked for more.”

YES! That’s what I’m {discussing}.

Here’s why referrals work so well:

  1. Always {increase your} price {once you} get referred. {Plenty of} freelancers {belong to} the trap of keeping their rates {exactly the same} {if they} get referred {convinced that} their old client told the potential client your rate (they didn’t). DON’T {DO THAT}!! Your old client added more value to {your projects} by recommending you. Reflect that in {an increased} rate.
  2. More incentive {to accomplish} good work. {That is} yet another {exemplory case of} why {you intend to} treat every client that comes {the right path} with respect while going {far beyond} {to supply} them world-class service. {You can find} always areas {where you are able to} add value, and it’ll only help your client and yourself.
  3. You get higher-quality clients. {In the event that you} charge more, {which means} you’ll {begin to} weed out the high-quality clients {who is able to} afford you from {the low} quality ones. Also, by paying you more, they’re {less inclined to} waste {your time and effort} and money. It’s a win-win.
  4. Blow up {your earnings}. {My pal} went from $25 {one hour} {regular} ($52,000 {each year} before taxes) to $50 {one hour} ($104,000 {each year} before taxes). {This can be a} MASSIVE WIN.

Referrals {certainly are a} simple yet powerful {solution to} start {charging much more}. {Not merely} does it {enable you to} {boost your} rates, but you’re also {in a position to} gain more clients.

And {the ultimate way to} {require} a referral is {immediately after} you’ve delivered a high-value product to your client.

Did you…

  • Just finish a {squeeze page|website landing page} that generated {a huge amount of} qualified leads?
  • Create {a contact} campaign with a record-high open rate?
  • Have a {post} go viral and increase traffic by 200%?

Once you’ve delivered great service, {it is possible to} {require} referrals and rest easy in {the data} {your} client will want {to inform} others about {your projects}.

You {may use} {an identical} script to {the main one} {you utilize} at networking events:


I’m so {pleased to} hear that you enjoyed {might work}. {Once you learn} of {other people} who’s {searching for} my services {aswell}, I’d be grateful {in the event that you} passed my contact information along {in their mind}.

Thank you,


It’s simple, direct, and gets results.

Building {another} income freelancing or expanding your {regular} freelancing business is more important now {than ever before}. {Have a look at} my FREE Official Handbook to 6-Figure Freelancing with Zero Experience.

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#5. Cold email potential clients

Cold emails don’t {need to be} scary. {Actually}, {they could be} shockingly effective {if you are using} {the proper} techniques.

For example, {have a look at} {this phenomenal} email {I acquired} {from the} reader {some time} back.

{A good example of} {an excellent} cold emal


This email {may be the} perfect {exemplory case of} everything that {you will need} to snag {litigant} for three reasons:

  1. He showed that he actually knows me. {There is nothing} going to {create a} potential client trash your email faster {when compared to a} boilerplate message. Instead, do what the guy who sent me this message did and showcase {the method that you|the way you} know me and how I’ve helped you (don’t forget to lay the compliments on thick).
  2. He made me care. Let’s face it: I’m a busy guy. And, {probably}, so {may be the} person you’re {attempting to} email. That’s {for you to} make me {provide a} damn. {In the event that you} and {the individual} you’re emailing have a warm connection, drop that in the message. {You can even} do what {he} did and touch on {a topic} that matters {if you ask me} ({in cases like this}, the sender knew that I’m always {searching for} talented developers).
  3. He {managed to get} {an easy task to} say yes. The reader who sent me {the e-mail} {managed to get} clear that, though he {wanted} paid work, {he’d} be {ready to} work “to network and {get a} little advice” while acknowledging that {I did so} have {several} projects that I didn’t have time for.

By {enough time} I finished {the e-mail}, I was clamoring for {the telephone} to call him.

You {may use} {the very same|the same} framework {to be able to} {get in touch with} VIPs or {clients} that you don’t know. {Here are some} great resources that’ll {assist you to} {do this}:

Don’t {lose out on} more great freelancing advice. {Have a look at} my FREE Official Handbook to 6-Figure Freelancing with Zero Experience.

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#6. Industry-specific job boards

A great {spot to} find clients who know {just what} {they need} (and, therefore, {are prepared to} pay {a lot of money} {for this}) are industry-specific job boards.

These are job boards specific to certain industries {that will help} you generate great leads. If your hustle is niched down enough, you’ll {have the ability to} {grab} clients from {a variety of} job boards.

Here {certainly are a} few good industry-specific sites {you can examine} out {for the} leads:

“{Think about} my marketing strategy/Facebook campaign/hashtag optimization??”

It’s {super easy} to get {worked up about} {all of the} sexy tactics like marketing campaigns and {developing a} blog – {nevertheless, you}, none {of this} really matters.

Do {you imagine} that doing high-level tactics like SEO, blogging, or viral marketing {is simple}? {Definitely not}.

Do {you imagine} {it can help} you when you’re just {getting started}? Same answer.

What DOES matter is {that you will get} your first few clients. {Once you’ve} {a trusted} base {of individuals} who’ll {purchase} your services, {You’ll be able to} start the complex marketing strategies like Facebook or blogging.

The {most significant} thing {gets} your first few clients though.

To {help you to get} started, {I wish to} {offer you a} FREE 15-page guide {to locating} your first client: Hustle {THE RIGHT PATH} to {the very best}.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How {to obtain} {within your} potential clients’ heads
  • How to overcome the automatic “no” and score big wins by deeply understanding your prospects
  • How {to utilize} psychology {to recognize} {probably the most} likely customers {and obtain} them {to state} yes

I’ll also {demonstrate} {the main one} huge mistake freelancers make {in order to} avoid it and separate yourself from {the others}.

Just enter your info below {and obtain} the bonus lesson today.

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