Try This {EACH MORNING} {to boost} Your Mindset for Trading

If you’ve seen this video interview with {among} my top upcoming Trading Challenge students, {you then} know {you can find} {just a few} key patterns {which are} highly reliable {which} is {one of these}:

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{Irrespective of where} I am {on the planet|on earth}, here’s something I {search for} {every single} morning in the {currency markets} {since it} makes me money {just about any} time**…

If you’ve read my {post} “4 Live Penny Stock Trades On Video” {and also have} followed {why is} me and my top Trading Challenge students money consistent money {on the} years**, {you understand} {that people} LOVE short selling {the initial} down day on penny stock pumps, as that’s {usually the} sign that the pump {has ended} and the crash {will start} soon.

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

{If you would like} {even more} visuals {of the} awesome pattern for short sellers, {have a look at} my “The Seemingly Unchanging Million Dollar Profit {CURRENCY MARKETS} Pattern” {post}, which, despite being written nearly {about ten years ago}, still {is true}.

But, short-selling {very cheap stocks} isn’t as easy as buying, as {you’ll want} {the correct} broker {or even} {the very best} penny stock brokers like these don’t have shares {open to} short, so it’s {much better|greater} to look {to get} {very cheap stocks} … but {Only once} {it’s high time}.

Lately, we’ve seen {a fresh} penny stock pattern emerge, which {when i} said in yesterday’s video lesson is “The Single {MOST DEPENDABLE} Penny Stock Pattern {AT THIS TIME}” and {it is a} pattern {you need to} {search for} EVERY damn day … {each morning} only, though {when i} don’t {desire to} EVER dip {purchase a} penny stock pump that’s panicking in the afternoon on its first red day, as that often {results in} a morning panic {the very next day}, and/or a potential trading halt overnight
But, the morning panic on the potentially first red day – which isn’t even always {confirmed} red day as lately these stocks {have already been} coming {Completely} {back again to} finish green on {your day} – lessens your risk, {particularly if} you have {the correct} mentality of sniper-like trading, not holding these pumps {any more} than {you need to}, but collecting your 10-20% {as well as} 30-50% or 70-100% gains if you’re really aggressive all {inside a} few hours intraday.**

Watch these videos {to essentially} understand it and {observe how} eerily similar the pattern is {every time}:




So, {enter} the habit of {searching for} this pattern {Each and every} morning, ideally between 9:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Eastern time, only {following a} penny stock pump has spiked {for a number of|for many} days (or {even better}, even weeks), and {not at all} on any afternoon panics, {and you also} might have {the chance} {earn more income} than you’ll lose.

{EASILY} had to guess, I’m like 12 for 13 {recent} weeks** {with this} pattern alone and I’ve played it too safely {almost every} single time, locking {in mere} 1/4 or 1/3 of the potential profits** on {every day|every morning} panic, because {despite having} all my experience and knowledge, it’s still {a little} scary too, so don’t feel bad {in the event that you} miss it or mistime it or hesitate – {all that} is perfectly natural!

But {at the very least} {I could} prepare you with {blogs} {such as this}, and {those} videos above and {all of your} preparation {may be the} key to success. {I’d like} more Trading Challenge students, so {irrespective of where} you are {on the planet|on earth}, {no} matter what your background is, {you need to} start thinking properly and learning {how exactly to} trade {just like a|such as a} sniper, {when i} explained in this video:

{Given that} you’ve learned this coveted penny stock pattern {to greatly help} hone your trading prowess, you’re {prepared to} {uncover the} most lucrative, little-known trading niche that I’ve quietly profited from for over {twenty years} – and I’ll give it {for you} here {free of charge}.

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Whether you’re brand-new to the {currency markets} or {a skilled} trader, {you have to|you should} read this free book . {Appreciate it} … study it … and join me in the niche that handed me enough {to give up} my day job forever. {Obtain it} here now .

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