Trading {WHILST TRAVELLING}. What Does Your Dream Life {APPEAR TO BE}?

Trading {WHILST TRAVELLING} – that’s my dream life; and {I’m} living it.

What does your dream life {appear to be}? Does it involve {big money}, a beach house, {a large} mansion {plus a} fleet of private jets, fancy cars and yachts? Or {would you like to} live simply {and present} most {as well as} {all your} money away to charity and help {the indegent}, homeless and hungry {all around the globe}? Or {could it be} {a variety of} most {as well as} {just some of} {the aforementioned}?

There’s {nobody|no-one} right {response to} this question, as we’re {various different} and {all those} things I listed {are simply} {types of} different dreams. But, {I’d} venture to {reckon that} nobody’s dream life involves spending {nearly all} {your daily life} studying subjects in school that you’re {not necessarily} {thinking about} or {doing work for} a boss you hate at {an organization} you don’t {value}.

I’m here {to assist you} build {your personal} dreams, not someone else’s, as {too many} people {on the planet} do {to be able to} pay their bills and put food {up for grabs} {to deal with} themselves and {themselves}. They give {through to} {their very own} big dreams and wallow in a miserable reality {filled up with} debts, responsibilities and dreariness.  

Imagine {a global} where you don’t {need to} {be worried about} your daily expenses, {as you} are self-sufficient {and also have} financial freedom {and therefore} the world {generally is} yours {to accomplish} {anything you} want with it {once you} want. {You can} {stay static in} one place or {concentrate on} trading {whilst travelling}, or anything {among} {alongside} buying whatever luxuries {you select} for you {as well as your} {family members} all while giving {back again to} charity {to greatly help} the less fortunate too.  

{I understand} it sounds impossible, or {at least|at the minimum} improbable, {the type of} {items that} only happens to {someone else}, but I’m here {to inform} you that life {Can be done} {in the event that you} dream big, work and study hard and utilize {technique to} {reach your} vision {as time passes}. {And also have} the patience and persistence to see your vision {to} {the} end…and yes {obtaining a} mentor whose done {everything} helps {increase} your learning curve dramatically.

{No}, this grand vision won’t happen overnight, it’s {likely to} take years, {or even} decades, {to seriously} build out your dream life, and {you will see} {a great deal of} low points, mistakes, {and also} failures {on the way}, {however the} sooner {you obtain} started and {attempt} your journey, {the earlier} your potential dream life {may become} {possible} so there’s literally {virtually no time} to waste.

Sure, sure, I’ve made {huge amount of money} and done {everything},** so it’s {possible for} me {to state} that the dream life {can be done}, but am I a math genius or some whiz kid and that’s why I’ve {had the opportunity} {to call home} out my fantasies? Perhaps {I simply} got lucky {using one} investment or two and my success isn’t replicable?  

Well, actually, I’ve been teaching students now in over 90 countries for 10+ years and {curently have} several millionaire Trading Challenge students and {a large number of} students {who’ve} made six-figures, {the type of} money {had a need to} escape the {corporate jungle} that traps {more and more people}.** {I’ve} it {so excellent} that {I could} just {concentrate on} trading {whilst travelling}.** And, {most of} my top students {have discovered} {independently}, tailoring my lessons {with their} own lives, {their very own} strengths and weaknesses {even though} {there is absolutely no} one {secret} {so you can get} rich, {you can find} rules and lessons I’ve learned the hard way {within the last} {twenty years} in the {currency markets} {which have} allowed me {not only} to make {huge amount of money} and experience {all the|every one of the} world’s luxuries, {alongside} my creating {my very own} multi-million dollar charity foundation, {but additionally} {to create} my money while visiting 100+ countries.** So, my goal {now could be} to {function as} mentor to others that I {never really had}.

Tim Sykes Foundation
Millionaire Media, LLC

And yes, {some individuals} on Wall Street have made similar {as well as} greater dollar amounts {when i} have, but they’ve done it while being chained {with their} desks, working 16-18 hours/day nonstop, while I’ve made my millions while out exploring our big, beautiful world, having daily adventures, tasting exotic cuisines and mingling with locals from all corners of {the planet earth} and I wouldn’t {own it} {any} way as {that is} my dream…and now I give my excess millions to charity {every year} and I’m very proud {to take action}.

So, which life {can you} {decide for} yourself? I choose trading {whilst travelling}!  I’m curious {to listen to} so definitely tell me in the comments {portion of} {this website} post! {Perchance you} like spending {your daily life} in an {work place}, clocking in and out {each day} and {getting the} steady paychecks {for all you} work, paid {in line with the} {amount of} hours you’ve {devote} with {the chance} of some small bonuses for {more time} or extra effort {as well as} business success.

{For me personally} and my millionaire students, we don’t have any job security whatsoever ({for example}, those in {the standard} 9-5 workforce don’t have much either {nowadays}!), we don’t {receives a commission} hourly or weekly or monthly and yes, sometimes I {devote} 5-10 hours into researching an investment and I still {lose cash} {onto it}, because my investment thesis {ended up being} wrong…that’s right, my pay isn’t proportional to my hours spent working. {Actually}, sometimes I only {devote} 5-10 minutes of research and make $10,000+ {rapidly} when my thesis {actually is} dead on, because {I’ve} decades of experience so now my job {is becoming} easier {as time passes}.  **

{In the event that you} {turn into a} stock trader {you then} must {get accustomed to} this eat-what-you-kill mentality and I choose {that each} {day} of the week because it’s {not merely} exciting, it forces {one to} develop {all sorts of} skills 9-5ers simply don’t have. {Sufficient reason for} these new skills, I probably {might even} join the 9-5 {corporate jungle} and dominate that field too, but I don’t have the {need to} {when i} love {having the ability to} {earn money from} literally {all over the world}. And there’s a trend of faster Internet {becoming a lot more} {obtainable in} places you’d least expect as {our world} becomes increasingly digital.

Sounds nice, but what’s {my entire life} {enjoy}? I still work hard {each day}, {nevertheless, you} wanna hear {a good example of} my travel schedule? Sure; {a couple weeks} ago I was in LA with some friends, then onto NYC {for a few} meetings with {an instant} {stay in} Miami {to hold} with {my children} {for a couple} days before {going to} Italy {to be able to} have a pizza tasting competition, while also teaching {many of} my European students.** And yes, I was trading {whilst travelling}.  {Since that time}, I’ve {experienced} Greece {stock trading} with a view and {focusing on} my tan, eating fresh fish and local lobsters while also taking some {more time} to relax {through the} slower summer months…except, {needless to say}, that {there’s been} no slowdown these past {24 months}, so I’ve been screwed!  

And, {in the event} I wasn’t busy enough, I flew to Australia {to provide} a TED talk (it’ll be posted soon, don’t worry and please stop asking {by} course I’ll tell everyone {the next} it goes live), then {it had been} onto Bali to the monkey forest and visiting 2 of my charity’s schools {which are} opening, {this time around}, they’re not {in my own} name {when i} got {sick and tired of} naming everything after myself, so I’m naming these 2 schools after my first 2 millionaire students…as I write this post I’m in Ubud, Bali with my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani and his wife, just chilling and relaxing, {planning} for {the marketplace} open.**

Next, {I would} {drop by} Cambodia {to check on} in {on what} my charity’s new soccer stadium project is progressing, then head {to} New Zealand with some friends to {decorate} {just like a|such as a} hobbit and film some spoof videos where I’ll pretend to be Frodo’s {prodigal} Jewish cousin, Jewdo. Seriously.

Why do {I really do} {all this}? Because {I could} and because it’s fun and interesting and {due to the fact} {I’ve} the financial freedom {which allows} me {to accomplish} this…and did I mention that I took nearly 2 dozen {relatives and buddies} to Italy and Greece too, all on my dime, because I’ve earned {a whole lot} from {trading} and teaching and I save {a whole lot} too, {to be able to} spoil {individuals} {near} me.

{I’d like} {one to} have vision of what {your daily life} {could be} like {in the event that you} study hard, {not only} for {a couple of hours} {as well as} 10 or 100 hours, but {hundreds of hours} of study in whatever subject {you like}, whether it’s the {currency markets} or {another thing} entirely, it doesn’t matter {if you ask me} {so long as} {I could} reach you {and obtain} you to {concentrate on} your passion, no t your parents passion or what society {orders you to} focus on {to be able to} earn {a lot of money}, but whatever truly moves and motivates you as it’s that subject {that may|which will} {cause you to} {probably the most} success {and finally} the dream life too {in the event that you} work hard enough.

{And} not only {do you want to} {benefit from the} freedom you’ve earned {on your own}, you’ll cherish the journey you {try} {make it happen} too {since when} you {concentrate on} {everything you} love, it’s not “work”, it’s like being on a permanent vacation. Whether you’re a travel addict like me or someone whose afraid to go outdoors, or anything {among}, {focusing on}, mastering {and finally} {taking advantage of} your passion {as well as} passions in life {can make} you happier than you ever thought possible.

Money can’t buy happiness, but self-sufficiency, accomplishment and freedom can…and then you’ll {observe how} beautiful {the planet} {could be}!

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