Tim Grittani Shares 40 Lessons From Passing $4 Million in Profits!

Another great week of trading and another big milestone for my top Trading Challenge student, now teacher too, Tim Grittani, who {as you can plainly see} here just passed $4 million in trading profits in his 5th year of trading**:


Unlike {the countless} fakers in this industry who claim {to create} {huge amount of money} but don’t show {Almost all their} trades publicly. Tim Grittani is 100% fully transparent showing EVERY trade publicly here, including his losses, {not really a} questionable screenshot here or there, {exactly like} myself and my other top Trading Challenge students. {Such as this} great guy {who was simply} my 1st Millionaire Student** and my Student of {the entire year} in 2016, who just had {a lovely} baby {which} upcoming Millionaire Trader too.

{Not merely} is Tim {an excellent} trader, but he’s {turn into a} great teacher too, {as much} of my Trading Challenge students {have discovered} with over 4 dozen webinars exclusively for trading challenge students – already 4 live trading ones in 2017 alone – and he goes {as far as} to personally answer questions from students in the trading challenge chatroom, {therefore i} truly cannot thank him enough {for several} his {effort} and dedication {and today} his helpfulness {locally} too!

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Whenever he’s reached key milestones {previously|during the past}, I’ve written must read {blogs} like “30 Useful Tips {FROM THE} Trader Who Just Passed $3 Million In Profits” and “20 Lessons From My Top Student Passing $2 Million In Profits“, but {this time around} it’s {a lot more} important as we’re {starting to} {get right up} into truly life-changing money territory. And yes, I wrote this post entirely myself as Tim Grittani {spent some time working} hard enough {for you personally} guys and {I’d like} him {to take pleasure from} and savor this milestone {a little}.

({However when} he crosses $5 million in profits, whenever {that occurs} {in the foreseeable future} – no rush at all, {simply take} it one trade {at the same time} Tim – I’m {likely to} ask him {to create} a massive {post} with 50 lessons from that achievement in {their own} words!)

{To begin with}, {if you wish to} learn Tim Grittani’s strategy, {that i} must mention {is currently} 2.5x, what I {manufactured in} my first 5 years of trading, {you need to} watch his great DVD guide here {that is} the #1 {best} guide here with 100+ incredible reviews.

{And you also} Trading Challenge students MUST {proceed through} his archived webinars as {every single} single {one of these} is gold and it’s sad more of you aren’t {benefiting from} it!

Now onto 40 lessons {out of this} great achievement since Tim Grittani {began monitoring} {trading} with me nearly 5 {years back} (and he joined my Trading Challenge in August of 2012).

Tim Grittani’s 40 Lessons

1. Great success {does take time} , {despite the fact that} Tim Grittani has arguablyan astonishing {background} {within the last} 5 years, he wasn’t consistently profitable for {the initial} 9 months of his studies!

2. Don’t {hesitate} to bet big on perfect setups as Tim Grittani {will be a lot} more aggressive than me {whenever a} solid setup {arises}, {such as this} incredible trade he detailed where he made $200,000ish** {in a single} day, read {this website} post ASAP: “{STEPS TO MAKE} $200,000 {IN A SINGLE} Day With {VERY CHEAP STOCKS}: A 3,000 Word Detailed Lesson”

3. Don’t run and hide {from your own} losses, highlight them and {study from} them like Tim Grittani did HERE when he lost $300,000 and learned {some very nice} lessons {as a result}.

4. It’s okay {to start out} small like when Tim Grittani had just $1,500 to his name 5 {years back}, you won’t have big profits {initially} anyway, so it’s good {to check} different strategies and patterns {initially}. {Think about} yourself as a scientist and test, test, test, refine, refine, refine.

5. Keep detailed notes and spreadsheets {on your own} testing, Tim Grittani explained this well on his blog in the post “{A SIMPLE} {Exemplory case of} Spreadsheet Building”

6. {Remember} your roots and stay humble. ..I’ve had MANY issues {over time} {with this particular} lesson LOL, {nonetheless it} comes naturally to Tim Grittani and for that I’m extremely proud, as {he’s got} {top notch} character and principles.

7. Don’t {hesitate} {to improve} brokers , Tim Grittani and {I’ve} both used several brokers {over time} {and discover} shares to short on hard-to-borrow names, don’t {feel just like} {you must} {stick with} just 1 broker, try {most of them} and adapt if one becomes {much better than} {your present} broker.

8. Yes, {it is possible to} short sell {very cheap stocks} …it’s crazy I still get daily emails claiming that shorting these {reasonably priced|inexpensive} stocks is illegal, no it’s 100% legal and logical too, {you merely} {need to} find shares to short which isn’t always easy.

9. Tim Grittani has been {burning} in 2017 earning $407,000+ in {the initial} 2 months of {the entire year} **, but {this isn’t} a 9-5-type job and sometimes you’ll have months that aren’t very great and sometimes {you may} even lose as discussed in this video lesson


10. Be {focused on} {your targets}, Tim Grittani didn’t {reach} $4 million in trading profits in 5 years** {when you are} lazy, while yes, sometimes he {requires a} few days {as well as} weeks off {to visit}. When he’s on, he’s 100% on, {even though} we {visited} the Maldives together and {enough time} zone was tough for trading, he was 100% focused in the evenings {despite the fact that} I wasn’t., He’s {a lot more} disciplined than {I’m} and that’s {a large} key to his success.

11. He’s had a hell of a run {and you also} have to {simply take} a second {to understand} this {and obtain} inspired by his journey:


12. You don’t {require a} big fancy office to trade stocks, {observe how} Tim Grittani has traded from some {suprisingly low} key places {once you} read “You’ll Never Look At Starbucks {EXACTLY THE SAME} Again [CRAZY PHOTO]”

13. You don’t need fancy clothes {and become} {an elegant} snob {to be always a} great trader, Tim Grittani takes great pride in drinking his favorite beers and wearing t-shirts and gym/cargo shorts EVERYWHERE:

Millionaire Media, LLC

14. {Concentrate on} trading {as well as your} goals {first of all}, {disregard the} hype as {despite the fact that} CNN blew up Tim Grittani’s story in the classic post “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in {three years}”

15. {Disregard the} financial media {because they} don’t {know very well what} it takes {to be always a} successful trader AT ALL- {as you can plainly see} from Tim Grittani and my appearances on FOX:



16. Tim Grittani believes in “cutting losses intelligently” {rather than} my “cutting losses quickly” and there’s {nobody|no-one} right way, {you must} figure out {what realy works} for you…there’s {grounds} why Tim Grittani has been {a lot more} successful than me and it’s {because of} his aggressiveness, {particularly when} the trade setup fits his favorite patterns.

17. Don’t {concentrate on} your profits/losses on {anybody} play, {concentrate on} trading the setup and pattern well is another Tim Grittani lesson that I completely fail at, as I’m {enthusiastic about} my profit/loss on every trade while he actually prefers {never to} even look and just {make an effort to} give his patterns {time and energy to} play out…maybe it’s because I’m Jewish and {I really like} money, and because I trade {just like a|such as a} complete coward, but his method {is certainly} worth considering {when you can} {figure out how to} be that disciplined (eventually).

18. Milestones don’t matter – Tim Grittani {hasn’t} been {worked up about} {some of} his profit milestones. Whether {it had been} $1 million, $2 million, $3 million or now $4 million** – because trading {is really a} lifelong pursuit and {the amount of money} you make shouldn’t change you, it’s {only a} way of {monitoring} how well you’re adapting to {the marketplace} and {taking advantage of} the plays that appear {for all of us}.

19. {I understand} {a few of these} rules/lessons seem very counterintuitive, but that’s {what must be done} {to be always a} successful trader and “thinking {beyond your} box” {is paramount to} your success and that’s {exactly the same} {reason} so few {folks are} consistently profitable.

20. Don’t {make an effort to} mimic Tim Grittani’s success or my success or anyone else’s success, definitely get inspired {with what} we’ve achieved, and {utilize it} to push {you to ultimately} study more, {nevertheless, you} have {your personal} journey {to undergo} and {it’s likely that} you won’t be turning $1,500 into $4 million in 5 years as out of {a large number of} students, Tim Grittani {can be an} outlier so {be sure you} have {the correct} perspective {moving in}.

21. {Understand that} most traders lose {and you also} don’t {need to} trade {each day}., {I understand} {those} with small accounts {are planning} that {to make} {huge amount of money} it’s {likely to} take {A great deal of} $20, $50 and $100 gains, but that’s wrong – {the largest} trades {that may|which will} grow your account exponentially {happens} only {frequently}, every day {you ought to be} {concentrating on} refining your strategy and {determining} what patterns work best {for you personally}, your schedule {as well as your} personality {in order to} be FULLY PREPARED for {once the} best plays appear.

22. {To obtain a} better sense of {why is} Tim Grittani so successful, watch this great webinar {I did so} with him:


23. Tim Grittani {is a} role model {not only} in trading, {but additionally} {inside our} community so please comment below this post and congratulate him on his great achievements and show him how grateful {most of us} are for his transparency and helpfulness. {Despite the fact that} he doesn’t {want to do} {The} things he does {and may} easily {you need to be} a selfish multi-millionaire trader, as {there are many} {of these} types who keep {almost all their} great lessons to themselves!

24. Tim Grittani’s DVD guide here has over 3 dozen live trades and {I believe} {they’re} HUGELY {ideal for} your education, but here’s one he {placed on} Youtube {to get} a taste of his style…study, study, study {days gone by} {and become} better prepared {for future years}:


25. {Recognize that} patterns repeat themselves, {for instance} this classic penny stock pattern that Tim Grittani made $200,000** on keeps happening every {couple of months} on FNMA {therefore the} only question is {are you currently} {ready to} capitalize {onto it}?

26. {Study from} Tim Grittani’s monthly recaps and {figure out how to} make {your personal} too:



27. {A few of} you have complained that Tim Grittani stopped doing his monthly recaps, but understand he works his butt off trading {and today} mentoring other Trading Challenge students, he’s not beholden to ANYONE FOR ANYTHING, so {be thankful for} {Some of} his time spent sharing his lessons and being transparent…let {the person} live his life too…you forget {that certain} of {the largest} reasons {to become} successful trader is for FREEDOM, not work slavery and Tim Grittani just moved to the Caribbean so let him enjoy his hikes and swims with {the ocean} turtles (seriously, I’m {a little} jealous!)

28. Get inspired by Tim Grittani’s biggest and best trades, {you can view} he bets BIG {once the} setup {is fantastic|is excellent}, long or short:




29. {Study from} Tim Grittani’s biggest losses too and understand they’re {an integral part of} the game {in assisting} you {become} the trader you’ll eventually become:

30. {I understand} {some of these} losses would absolutely destroy {a few of} my students, {not only} your account, {but additionally} your confidence and {quest for} this profession. {Regardless of the} setbacks, Tim Grittani {hasn’t} {abadndoned} himself, {he’s got} sometimes taken {a while|time} off, gathered his thoughts, reviewed his strategy and regrouped…the worst mistake {you may make} has {nothing in connection with} big losses, and everything {regarding} giving up {on your own} education/future.

31. To his credit, Tim Grittani has really controlled his losses better lately. I’ve done {exactly the same} {as time passes} as swinging for the fences just isn’t {worthwhile} {as soon as you} see enough in this game {as time passes}, as {it is possible to} never be 100% sure about ANY stock! So it’s {easier to} be safe {rather than} risk gigantic losses.

32. While we’re {discussing} losses, {even though you} have {a huge} unrealized loss {and you also} {continue steadily to} hold and you’re eventually right {concerning the} stock {and you also} might even {end up getting} a profit, {in my own} mind it’s not worth the stress/mental anguish to ever put yourself {for the reason that} situation…I {Enjoy} cutting losses quickly {rather than} putting myself {ready} of potential disaster EVER.

33. Tim Grittani {in addition has} {attempted} posting his watchlists {before}, read {this website} post to {observe how} {to learn} it whenever he does share {this specific} information…I gotta get him {to utilize} this new all-in-one research tool, {when i} think it’ll really help him/you too!

34. {Attempting to} detail 40 solid lessons {is actually} tough, but anything truly worth doing in life isn’t {likely to} be easy- {and that means you|which means you} must give it 110%…I’m writing this post at roughly 2am my local time and I {won’t} {fall asleep} until it’s finished! {You ought to have} that same {sort of} work ethic {if you wish to} {be considered a} successful trader.

35. To {those that} say I made all my money {through the} tech bubble and was lucky, my best trading year was in 2014 where I made nearly $1 million** and {there is} no bubble then…similarly, Tim Grittani’s success {isn’t} {because of} luck, it’s {because of} {effort}, preparation and execution day in {day trip}, but {in the event that you} {actually want to} say we got lucky, fine, {it appears that} the harder we work, the luckier we get ?

36. {Unlike} what many assume, Tim Grittani and {I’ve} NEVER made our money using {almost any} leverage {with this} accounts , the {very cheap stocks} we trade are plenty volatile enough {to create} life-changing gains, leverage, meaning borrowing {additional money} than you have in your account, scares me {also it} should scare you too.

37. Tim Grittani only trades {probably the most} liquid {very cheap stocks} and I agree…I can’t {let you know} {just how many} daily emails I get from people saying “{I understand} this stock doesn’t fit your trading volume criteria, but….”….NO BUTS ALLOWED, every penny stock {includes a} “revolutionary product” and they’ll hype it up {the whole day}. {If the} price action and trading volume aren’t there, don’t trade it – as it’s not worth the risk…if you remember I had {my own} biggest {lack of} $500,000+ on an illiquid penny stock before I utilized this rule.

38. Trade {very cheap stocks} {close to the} market open and market close, {the initial} and last hour of the trading day is where {a lot of the} volatility happens and that’s where it’s easiest {to create} large gains. {There is no need} to sit {watching} the markets 24-7, that’s not sustainable {over time} and even {when you can} do it, {which makes} you a slave to {the marketplace} and that’s not how {it ought to be}.

39. Dream big, but {show patience}, Tim Grittani didn’t make $4 million** easily or {extremely fast}, its taken {A huge amount of} {effort} and time, {however now} {he} has his process locked and loaded, if he sticks to his rules and adapts to {the marketplace}, he’s set {forever} {with this particular} skill he’s learned.

40. Notice {just how many} times I used {what} “Tim Grittani” {in this article}, {to begin with} it’s to differentiate him from me {and something} of my other top Trading Challenge students Tim Bohen, but no you don’t {need to be} named Tim {to possess} great success in the stock market…despite both of my first 2 millionaire students** being young males from the midwestern {USA}, ANYONE {can perform} this from {All over the world}, {so long as you} have an {web connection}, dedication and {the correct} perspective.

Read this free penny stock guide {in the event that you} haven’t already, or read it again {when you have}, {it is possible to} never study {an excessive amount of}! Also watch these great free videos, {a few of} which feature Tim Grittani’s fantastic presentations {within my} annual conferences

{Be sure you} please leave a comment below congratulating Tim Grittani and thanking him for sharing so much knowledge with {most of us}!

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