This Great Penny {TRADING} Chatroom Even Surprised Me

{You can find} so many chatroom’s, forums, communities and websites {in the wonderful world of} traders, especially the penny {trading} world, {however the} vast majority {of these} are worthless {and also} dangerous. {And that means you|Which means you} must be {Careful} who you {study from}, as this ridiculously long bull market has opened {the entranceway} {to numerous} fakes who {you can observe|you can view} – don’t show {Almost all their} trades transparently {and several} of whom simply buy low float stocks in the hope of spiking {all of them} within minutes, {as well as} seconds, {without} real strategy at all ! Hence why they’re not real Trading Millionaires {and for that reason} cannot show any multi-year trading {background}, like {I really do} here because they’re just pretenders.

It’s truly astounding more “teachers” don’t simply share live trading videos like {I really do} HERE** and HERE** and HERE** and HERE** {for instance}, {in the end} if you’re real why wouldn’t you {do that}?

{However in} {recent} weeks I’ve been VERY surprised at how great {one of these brilliant} chatrooms {is becoming} and it’s {a significant} shock {for me personally} {since i have} usually {think about} these chatrooms {because the} least important places {to understand}, preferring to point my students to comprehensive study guides {such as this} {which} instead.

{For anybody} who don’t know, I {already have} 2 chatrooms, one for these newsletter subscribers {and something} {designed for} my Trading Challenge students {so when} I posted in this video today, my Trading Challenge chatroom has really emerged as {one of the better} educational chatrooms {I’ve} EVER seen. So while I’m very proud that it resides on my website, its greatness has little {related to} {myself}, watch and {understand why}:


{The key reason why} it’s {so excellent} is that it’s headed by {not only} {a couple of} great traders, {however now} nearly {six} truly profitable and helpful traders {heading back} and forth {with unique} alerts, commentary {and also} mentoring upcoming Trading Challenge students, it’s staggering how useful it {is becoming} lately and {I have to} thank {several} key individuals {for several} their {effort} at transforming this one-time newbiefest {right into a} solid real-time tool, {one which} every trader can utilize {should they} want to {assist in} their {probability of} success.

Download a PDF version {of the} post.

{The main element} to the transformation {of the} chatroom begins with my top Trading Challenge student/now teacher Tim Grittani who just passed $4 million in profits** {last week} {alongside} my 1st Millionaire Student/now teacher Michael Goode who also just passed the big milestone of $2 million**, they’ve both gotten incredibly {proficient at} teaching and sharing useful information ridiculously fast.

I {talk about} their profit stats {not only} to brag, but because my top students and I {change from} other communities {for the reason that} we’re fully transparent, {so that you can} see {Our} trades publicly, wins AND losses, {the nice}, bad and ugly. We don’t hide from our losses, we actually highlight them and write {blogs} about them {as you can plainly see} here:

20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses

Losing $180,000 {per day} & Other Millionaire Lessons

Because unlike {way too many} traders whose egos {tend to be more} fragile than Faberge eggs, we don’t mind looking like idiots {with this} sometimes {insufficient} discipline on trades because {do you know what}, IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE, and the sad {simple truth is} {that a lot of} people just don’t dare fess {around} it publicly, pretending instead to be “perfect” traders, mistakenly believing that nobody realizes what they’re actually hiding. So it’s {a lot more} beneficial to {study from} {a person who|somebody who} shares everything – as that’s {the trick} to {a whole} education, {not just a} sugar-coated one like {way too many} newbie teachers {who’ve} never made {huge amount of money} themselves provide {for the reason that} BS chatrooms, where their students only discover their incomplete education AFTER substantial losses…losses, {these} other chatrooms {prefer to} sweep {beneath the} rug in {concern with} {exposure}.

Also, {I have to} mention 2 upcoming Millionaire Trading stars, the $700,000+ profit man**, my student of {the entire year} 2016 Mark Croock:


…and the $772,000 profit man**, upcoming student of {the entire year} 2017, Steven Dux who I profiled here:


…as {they’re} both now giving exclusive {trading} alerts, video lessons and mentoring other Trading Challenge students (but I still beg you guys, please go easy {in it} and let them {concentrate on} trading {if they} need to, {when i} want them to become millionaires {earlier than} later!)

More important {than simply} the trading profits of the leaders {of the} chatroom, unlike other trading chatrooms the discussions {in my own} Trading Challenge chatroom {aren’t} {limited by} solely tickers and alerts only, {as the} emphasis {would be to} NEVER follow anyone’s trades, but {to understand} from them {and therefore} {boost your} education {and be} self-sufficient.

{I understand} {this is simply not} what most traders want, they prefer being fed tickers and ideas {and} {functioning on} those ideas {since they} crave action {also to} feed their degenerate gambler instincts, {that is} {the primary reason} {I’ve} more Millionaire Students than {other people}, because my team and I turn away degenerate gamblers who only want hot stock picks {because they} {lead to} lousy students, wasting our time {making use of their} flawed mindset, never {reaching the} proper mentality {to really} {achieve success} traders themselves.

That’s why I’m SO proud that my top Trading Challenge students {get into} detail with the reasoning behind their trades, and potential trades even, explaining {if they} enter, exit and/or increase or decrease their position sizes and willingly answer questions {the whole day} from other students {seeking to} learn {and be} self-sufficient too. {In a nutshell} {an ideal} environment for trading education , NOT HOT PICKS.

Obviously, I contribute {my very own} trading alerts, commentary, guidance and Q&A to the trading challenge chatroom too, {but also for} {recent} weeks since I’ve {experienced} Asia opening {many of} my charity’s schools, I’ve just sat {back} awe {because the} 4 traders {mentioned previously} and even {various other} top trading Challenge Students like Bob, who I profiled {within} {your blog} post “{THAT IS} Working {AT THIS TIME}: 7 {IDEAS TO} Making $7,000 {per day}“** and Evan who I profiled in {this website} post “4 Lessons From My Student Who Made $4,000 In {WEEKLY}“** provide so much value in the Trading Challenge chatroom {plus they} willingly {return back} and forth with Trading Challenge students asking soooooo many questions, so much {such that it} inspired me {to create} this post because {as yet} I {hardly ever really} understood, appreciated or gave credit to how great {a residential area} my Trading Challenge students have built.

I’m {a large} believer in communities helping {one another} learn {just like you} remember {when i} explained {at length} in this free book, I {never really had} a mentor and had {to understand} everything {by myself} the hard way -over {too many} years, making so many bone-headed mistakes and causing unnecessary losses because this technology, transparency and close bond of trustworthy traders didn’t exist 2 decades ago.

So, {I’m} so very {pleased with} {each one of these} guys {mentioned previously}, {and much more|and more} too in the Trading Challenge chatroom who I didn’t list, but I appreciate {every single one} of you and {many thanks} for helping me teach others {because the} key to success in this industry is has {nothing in connection with} any trader vs. trader mentality, but traders helping other traders master {their very own} emotions and discipline {because the} #1 problem {just about everyone has} is trying {to regulate} {our very own} egos, {when i} outlined in today’s video lesson here:

#4615-4620: {AN EXCELLENT} Lesson On Discipline, Ego & Strategy On $ROX $ABWN


Definitely leave a comment below if you’ve {experienced} the Trading Challenge chatroom and {trust} my thesis here or if you’re {thinking about} joining my Trading Challenge, {so long as you} have {the proper} mindset {and so are} NOT {searching for} “hot picks”/to follow alerts from ANYONE {but rather} you’re {thinking about} life-changing financial education.

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