The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home (36 Ideas)

Review-Stars-4-5 - LearnedGold.Com 4.6 (Rating) – Are you looking to start a work from home business but don’t have the slightest idea of where to begin? Not a problem at all, this is where we come in with our “Ultimate Guide To Working From Home”. With this guide, you can work from anywhere. If you are interested in working from home, then read on. This guide will start with very basic topics and then slowly build into the more advanced stuff.

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Qualifying Questions - make money from anywhere - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

First, let’s start with some qualifying questions. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home.

Question #1. How Determined Are You to Start Working From Home?

This question may sound silly to some, but we have to ask it. This is all stemming from my own experience in with working with others. When discussing work from home ideas; I have found that most people out there are perfectly happy with where they are, and are not willing to take extra steps to improve their situation.

To me, this type of behavior doesn’t make sense. If you are presented with an opportunity to better your life, why would you not take it?

You are different though, right? This is why you are here. Good*.

The fact that you are here, tells me that you are at least willing to dedicate some of your time to reading and learning some of the work from home methods that we’re about to discuss.

Question #2. I Already Have a Full Time Job & Have No Free time

If you have a full time job and want to begin working from home, you need to understand that this is a pretty large commitment and that you might end up having to work some extra hours every single night after you come home from work.

There isn’t a way around this; you just have to formulate a plan of attack and strategize on how you will accomplish this. Just dedicate yourself, and you will get to where you’re trying to go. One hour a night, maybe even two, but definitely try to spend as much of your free time as you can to start making money from home.

Substitute TV time and other fun times with things that will help you improve your life. Look at how to guides like this one, search the web for more information on this all, watch tutorial videos, read, read, read & even take a class on these subjects and expand your mind.

The more you know, the further you will go.

Question #3. Create a Plan to Become Successful At Working from Home - Make a Plan - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

This Ultimate Guide to Working from Home is laying out the steps on how to make money from home. Just keep in mind that it is all up to you to write down your own goals and figure out exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve. As they say; you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, or you can teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life.

Think deeply into where you’re trying to be in the next 1, 5 or even 10 years.

Then, write this down on a piece of paper. Once you have your ideas written down on a piece of paper, go ahead and break them down into some smaller steps (goals) to help you achieve these bigger tasks more easily. Basically, the idea is to break these bigger goals down into smaller ones.

Sign up below for our FREE “Complete Guide on How to Manage Your Time Properly”. There is a section there about additional information on goal setting. It really is a good read, check it out.

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Question #4. What Type of Online Money Making Idea Suits My Personality Best?

When it comes to working from home, there are a variety of jobs that you can do and many different paths that you can take to achieve success. You can become a freelance writer, a stock trader, a website owner, a blogger, YouTube video creator, remote data analyst, data entry professional, a customer service agent as well as hundreds of other things. You should definitely spend some time thinking about this all a bit.

The physical world as we know it has a ton of opportunities by itself, and the addition of internet has added even more things that we can do from home to make money.

Make Money Online With a Website

The first 10 ideas are all based on you owning a website. If you do not have one and need assistance with creating a website from scratch, we have a full guide for you here: How to Build a Website From Scratch

1. Create a Digital Course

It seems like digital video, audio or written courses are everywhere today! Well, if you have valuable knowledge that someone out there would pay for, then this should be a great opportunity.

In addition to having your own video, audio or written courses; learning more about digital course platforms such as BitDegree can be of great benefit. BitDegree presents you with a unique opportunity to pass your skills and experience to thousands of people that want to learn about new technologies. Make money online by becoming an instructor and by producing educational video, audio and/or written courses for people to purchase.

This type of digital media (video, audio or written courses), can be produced in a lot of different ways. All the way from simple PDF’s (eBooks), self-produced videos, audio and written courses allow you to create dozens of hours of content for your customers. These mediums can be very powerful when it comes to making money online. Since all of these items are under your control, there really is no limit to how much income you can make.

As with most of the other methods of making money on this guide; digital video, audio and written courses can be integrated into most styles of websites. This includes Blogs, eCommerce websites, informational websites as well as affiliate product and product review websites.

If you’re looking to create a digital course, but haven’t settled on your topic; it’s a good idea to create a poll to see what your audience is looking for. Often, they can tell you exactly what they’d like to learn about and they might even tell you that they would be willing to pay for it.

2. Start Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Showcasing a product and/or service, can be a great way of earning additional revenue streams. - Affiliate Marketing - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

An affiliate website is created for the sole purpose of recommending and reviewing other company products and/or services. When a visitor to your website buys a particular product or service through your affiliate link (this is the link to the other company’s product that you are recommending), you’ll receive a commission. Even though this idea might not seem like the biggest money maker, there are actually multi-million dollar websites out there that are completely dependent on making money by reviewing and showcasing affiliate products. For instance, see Pat Flynn’s “Smart Passive Income” website. This website is able to generate quite a large chunk of its monthly income through affiliate marketing and product review.

Another website that comes to mind is WireCutter. Essentially, this website is a large product and/or service review website. This particular business model can be very lucrative, as it was reported that the WireCutter website was recently purchased by the “New York Times” for a whopping $30 million.

When looking to create an affiliate marketing website, you will be basing your revenue streams on the recommendation and reviews of different products or services. The other thing that you can do is to integrate affiliate marketing into an existing Blog or website and to showcase resources that you find useful and can recommend to your readership.

For example, let’s say you have a website that’s dedicated to helping lose stubborn belly fat. You should create posts that review relevant product or service and supplements, and every time you mention the product and/or service, include an affiliate link. For example, our website ( that is behind this “Ultimate Guide to Working from Home” that you are currently reading; utilizes certain affiliate marketing schemes and strategies to promote great products and services.

3. Making a Living Online with an eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites have been exploding in popularity in recent years. With the prevalence of platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce, creating an eCommerce website shouldn’t be easier.

Make income on the internet with eCommerce websites. If you prefer dealing with physical product or service and packaging and selling something tangible, then opening up an eCommerce on the internet store should be a great fit.

There are two different techniques of running a successful internet store:

  • Creating, packaging and selling a niche physical product and/or service to a dedicated group of buyers.
  • Purchasing cheaper goods manufactured in foreign countries, repackaging them, and packaging and selling them at a markup.

The first approach can be very successful, but it does require a passion for the product and/or service and the willingness to do a ton of research, product and/or service development, and testing.

But, the huge success of on the internet on the internet stores like SkinnyMe Tea, BeardBrand, and Ratio Coffee show that you can reach the heights of success with your eCommerce on the internet store. If the first approach seems a little risky for your first on the internet business, then you might consider the second option of repackaging and selling popular overseas product or service. This technique involves sourcing a popular product and/or service from a platform like AliExpress, repacking the product and/or service, and packaging and selling it through your own on the internet storefront.

Beyond packaging and selling the right product or service you’ll also need to think about how you’re going to ship your product or service. You can personally handle shipping and order fulfillment yourself. Or, you can employ a popular technique called drop shipping, where the manufacturer handles it for you.

4. Create a Blog Site To Make Money Online

Most people out there begin their Blog as a way to express their views or as a creative outlet. Yet, there are many times of people not only earning a living from their Blog, but even turning them into huge companies, like the Huffington Post for example. This is one of the biggest blogs and news websites out there, and they are raking it in through affiliate offers, paid memberships, advertising and more. Make income on the internet by creating Blogs.

Not every Blog will be able to do what the Huffington Post is doing; but if you take the right approach, you will have a solid chance of earning income with your Blog. With this type of website, it’s of the utmost importance to have a long-term goal. You won’t make income right away. But, as your writing skill improves, your skills grow, and your website picks up more traffic, it’s definitely possible. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home - Blog - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home
If your goal is to start a Blog that makes you income, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Try to pick a classic topic like health, finance, relationships, hobbies, or personal growth. Everybody loves reading about these.
  • Always make sure to create the best content possible on any given topic;
  • Learn about SEO and ranking your website in the search engines
  • Connect with popular Blogs and other influencers in your space.

The above ideas will help you get going in the right direction.

Once you have an authoritative Blog that gets a large volume of traffic, you’ll have many ways to monetize your website like:

  • Paid advertising and marketing.
  • Packaging and selling your own video, audio or written courses and product or service.
  • Packaging, reviewing and selling affiliate products or services.
  • And much more.

Most of the techniques for making income from a website can apply to a popular Blog that you’ve created.

5. Turn Your Website into a Membership Site to Make Money Online

Membership websites have exploded in popularity recently. The idea is easy enough to implement; but, it does require having an existing audience of some sort. The ultimate guide to working from home.

For instance, there is a popular self-development blog out there called On that site, a membership style of money is utilized. This membership portion of the site gives traffic access to video, audio, written courses, as well as other forms of media for learning. That site’s traffic seem to appreciate that a lot.

Just think this way. People are already visiting your website because they like the topic that you are writing about as well as your style of writing. What you do then, is to create a membership portion of your website that gives traffic access to premium content. All of this premium content sits behind a paywall.

Keep in mind that not every single visitor that comes to your site will take you up on your offer; but if your content is good enough, quite a few will.

The type of membership site that you create will completely depend on the kind of site that you want to run as well as the level of depth that you will want to go with for your premium content.

6. Make a Living Online by Selling Advertising Space on Your Website - Advertising - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

We have all seen the websites out there that utilize advertising and marketing throughout their content. Sometimes the ads are annoying and intrusive, but generally speaking they can integrate pretty well with the content.

When looking to monetize your website via advertising and marketing, keep in mind that this works really well when your website is receiving a large volume of traffic. If your site gets high traffic numbers, you should explore this option (not to say that low traffic numbers are bad for this method, but higher traffic numbers work well). How much money you can make, depends on the advertising service. Usually, the amount is based on the number of impressions or clicks that your visitors provide.

There are many different ad providers out there to pick from. Google Adsense,, Taboola and more. Google Adsense is probably going to be the one that you are most familiar with. Google is the big dawg and they tend to have the best advertising tools on the web. All you need to do is to apply for the advertising service. Once approved, you can begin showing ads on your website.

What the payout for Adsense will be is dependent on the amount of traffic you have, the number of clicks as well as the types of ads that are being served on your site. As mentioned earlier, there are other ad service sites out there like Ezoic and Both of them also have an approval process and website evaluation that you will need to go through in order to show their ads on your site.

If you are absolutely determined that you don’t want to work with one of these ad companies, then you can also focus your attention on selling advertising space on your website. If your website gets lots of niche/micro-niche visitors, this can end up working really well. Let’s say that you have a website that is dedicated to stock broker reviews. Well, instead of using one of the big advertising services out there, you can sell your website’s ad space directly to large the stock broker companies that you are actually reviewing.

The last advertising method to bring up is what we call “sponsored content”. This type of advertising is where a company will place their own written content on your website somewhere and pay you a fee to do that.

7. Become an Email Marketing Guru & Make a Ton of Money Online

If you have read other make-money-from-home guides, I’m sure that you have come across this expression, “the money is in the list”. This is absolutely true.

The quicker you are able to start, the larger of an audience you will be able to reach! Just think about this for a moment, there are millions of emails that are being sent throughout the world every single day. Most of these emails that are circulating through people’s inboxes are probably from email newsletters that people have signed up for. Some of these emails we absolutely can’t wait to open, while others – well, you’d rather that you never see them again.

When it comes to email newsletters, they can be a great tool that allow you to reach a specific (high niche) target audience.

LearnedGold.Com - Email Marketing - Ultimate Guide To Working From Homework

Want to know what the best thing of email marketing it? To get started, an email newsletter can be very simple and to the point. With such tools like MailChimp, Aweber and Drip, it has never been easier to create your newsletters within minutes.
Here is a pretty good process that you can follow:

  • Choose an audience that you would like to serve. You will also need to choose the styling of your emails.
  • Choose a good email digital marketing provider (like MailChimp).
  • Make a simple (yet good looking) landing page on your site and start driving traffic to it.
  • Place a sign-up form on that page and provide some type of free item that would entice your visitors to sign up.
  • As you build your email list, start sending regular emails to that audience. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

The main purpose with the newsletter is to create trust with your audience. When they trust you, your audience will make sure to always open your emails when they arrive. Once you have established a good trust with your email list, you now have multiple different ways of monetizing.
Here are some of those methods:

  • Package and sell your own digital products and or services.
  • You can create and offer a good membership product or course.
  • There are countless affiliate products available out there, try promoting some of them with your audience.

8. Make a Subscription Job Board Website to Make Money Online

Job board websites tend to do pretty well when it comes to making money online. The setup creation of such websites is actually pretty simple. Companies that are looking to hire someone in a specific niche will post a job listing on your website. Once visitors come to your site, they can view and apply for these jobs.

When it comes to the money making of such sites, you can either charge the companies to post the jobs on your site; or, you can create a membership based site and charge the visitors when they come to see the different job postings. It is also very important that you have a decent amount of traffic coming to your site in order for this all to be successful. If you don’t have enough visitors to your site and zero quality clicks are being generated to the job links/postings, no company will want to pay you to post a job on your website. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Take a look at this site for instance, This website allows companies and individuals to posts jobs on their site for a small fee. Once the job is posted, anyone can access and apply for the jobs. Since is an actual authority in their niche, their customers (companies that post jobs) will get a ton of applications for their listings on the site.

When working on building up a successful job board business, make sure that you build your site up with a large audience that has something in common with the companies that are looking to post jobs on your website.

9. Make Money Online by Becoming a Freelance Writer - Writing - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

If writing is your thing, then making some extra money as a freelance writer can turn into an awesome way of making money online.

Even if you don’t have a ton of experience, you can still start making money writing online fairly quickly. The first step that you should take is to establish a particular niche that you would like to focus on. You also need to hone in your writing skills up a bit.
Here are a few examples:

  • Will you work on creating a niche blog for a website?
  • Or, will you will on creating web-copy for Musical Instrument websites?
  • How about writing newsletters for websites?

When it comes to writing, there is no shortage of content that needs to be written. The biggest question isn’t going to be “will there be enough for work form as a writer”; no, instead it will be something along the lines of “what type of a writer will I be”. Once you are able to discover the niche that you would like to focus on, you can move forward with the next task, creating samples. You will need to pitch these samples to your potential clients when applying for projects and writing jobs. One of the best current approaches to applying for projects is to use a freelancing service.
If you really are serious about becoming a premium content freelance writer, then check out the below freelancing sites for projects.


26 More ideas to List… Please Continue Reading Below.

10. Create, Build Up & Sell Your Website to Make Money Online

The last thing that we will discuss in terms of making money with your website is for you to go ahead and sell it! Depending on what type of website you have, this could actually be a pretty good option for making some quick cash. Most likely this transaction will not make you super wealthy, but it can still provide you with a good profit.

Here are some tips for you so that you can get a better idea of what you could expect to earn from the sale of your site. Typically, most websites out there will sell for an amount that is equal to 10-35 times your monthly income. How many times the monthly income will be dependent on a variety of different factors, here are some of these factors that you should be aware of.

Factors for determining the worth of a website:

  • How long your site has been up.
  • Your website’s current authority in its niche.
  • The number of daily/monthly visitors to the site.
  • The website’s monthly net profit.
  • How does your site make money? The more ways, the better.
  • Is the revenue stream steady?
  • Is there still room to grow the site?

If you would like to get a better understanding of how much sites generally sell for, then check out some of the current market places where you can buy and sell websites. Market places like “Empire Flipper” &

Before you make the plunge to sell your favorite website, make sure to weigh the pros/cons of this transaction. What makes more sense? Do you keep the site and its monthly revenue, or do you just sell it for some quick profits? Well, that is something that you will really have to think hard on.

How to Make Income on the internet Without a Website

Creating a financial profitable website is a great way to create a long-term income on the internet. But, there are still ways you can begin making income on the internet without having to create a website.

Keep reading to see 20+ more ways in how you can begin earning income without a website.

11. Making Money Online by Publishing Books

These days, it is one of the easiest things to become an author. If you have been thinking about taking up book writing for some extra money, then you are in luck. The modern day publishing platforms have made it possible for just about anyone with a computer or mobile device to make a comfortable living by creating and publishing books for the masses.

Just keep in mind however, that since it is so easy nowadays to enter the publishing market, this also makes it easy for more and more people are doing the same. What this means, is that there is quite a bit more competition. But, if you hone in your writing skills and write the best possible piece of work, you will satisfy your readership and therefor flourish in this new publishing market. Quality my friend, this is where the PRO’s set themselves apart from the masses.

LearnedGold.Com - Publish Kindle Books - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

When you are looking to publish your very own Kindle book, every single aspect of the process (from the writing of the book, all they to the publishing end) is under your complete and utter control. What this means, is that you are 100% responsible for the quality of the writing, the book’s editing, its formatting, putting together medial (such as cover images), getting it uploaded to the Amazon Kindle’s servers, putting together a killer book description and ultimately to help market it.

Yes, that does sound like a ton of work; however, because you are having to do most of the work, you will be able to collect a bigger percent of the book’s profit. You will be able to generate quite a large income from this if your books gain traction in the market. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Check out these ideas and tips to help you become a successful author:

  • Do your due diligence when researching the market for your particular niche. Always research it well to make sure that there are a good number of people that want to read what you are writing about.
  • Try not to target a niche that is too competitive.
  • Do not cut corners, ever. Hire a good editor to proofread your work once it is completed. Make this the best written work that you have ever created.
  • When it comes to the book’s media and description, invest either money or lots of your own time in researching the best possible cover images as well as an eye catching description. These two elements are some of the most important parts in helping to sell your Kindle books.
  • Don’t just stop at a single book. Instead, try to create a series of books in a particular niche. Your goal is to dominate the niche market that you are targeting.

How successful you are, is entirely up to you. You control every aspect of the book creation and publishing process. Invest the time in to write the best book ever and work on creating an email list in your niche that you can market to. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better at this you will become.

12. Selling Services Through Your Website

Ok, I guess we spoke too soon. There still are a few more tactics that you can employ to make money with your website. Selling your services from a website is one of them. This can often be a very lucrative way of making money online.

Here are a couple of ways in how you can make money with your website by selling your services:

  • Work on creating an information or education website that focuses on teaching and learning. Once established, you can start selling your services. Remember, not everyone has the time (or they just don’t want to invest it) to do things themselves and to get ahead. This is where you come in.
  • You could also create a micro-niche site that zeroes in on a particular topic. For example; Bob has a site about replacing drum heads on an electrical drum machine. Wow, talk about micro-niche. Not only does it focus on replacing the drum heads (instead of just focusing on drums in general), but the niche actually digs even deeper and targets electrical drums at that. Did anyone say “small to no competition” niche? Once the website is established, Bob can now focus his time on creating an email list and getting traffic to the site. Once traffic starts to grow, he can now work on providing a service in “Replacing Heads on Electrical Drum Machines”. Let the good times ($$$) roll.

Once your website is fully established and functional, you can work on adding a good looking services page. Whatever your niche is, you can provide a service fairly easily (whether digital or physical – where some shipping might be involved).

Let’s explore another example. One day you were thinking to yourself, what should I do to make money online? Well, let’s say that you have decided to become a freelance writer. What you do is you go ahead and research and pick your perfect niche, you create you awesome website and start pumping out content. You work on making some basic pages on who you are, what services you can provide for your visitors and provide samples of some of your past work.

Once all of that is in place, you can then start working on generating leads for your new business. Some of the easiest ways in generating those leads is to get into guest blogging, start doing video interviews, getting featured on other website Podcasts or just doing the old-fashioned cold-calls.

One way of getting ahead of the competition is to actually go ahead and combine these two different techniques.

13. Become a Freelancer to Make Money Online - Freelancing - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

There are quite a lot of freelance websites out there that are absolutely packed with clients in need of someone with your particular skill set. At this point in time, there is more need for freelancers than ever before. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

We mentioned some of the most popular freelancing sites in the previous sections, here are some more:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Guru

In order for one to have good success on these platforms, you should establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche. One of the worst things that a freelancer can do is to advertise oneself as a general freelancer. Due to the fact that the competition level is super high, you will want to set yourself apart by providing a niche freelancing service. For instance, are you a technical WordPress plugin developer, or are you a stock & investment writer, or perhaps a social media marketing expert?

Once you have established your targeted niche, you will want to spend some time in creating a profile, as well as some relevant samples that show off your skills. Once you have a profile and samples in place, it is time to start pitching your sales pitch.

14. Purchasing and Selling Websites (Flipping for Profit)

The process of buying, packaging and selling websites is almost identical to the process of flipping real estate homes. Here is how it goes; you buy a home (or website) that has potential for you to make money from it, you go and fix it up a bit, then turn around and sell the property for a profit.

The whole website buying/selling process is fairly simple. Do however know that whenever you are dealing with buying and selling of products, there is always some risk involved. Just like with stocks, never invest money that you are not 100% prepared to lose.

Here’s are some tips to keep in mind when buying and selling websites:

  • Step #1 is to go ahead and locate a cheap website that you know you will be able to improve and make money from. Check out the previously mentioned website marketplaces like; Flippa, Empire Flippers as well as “We Sell Your Website” to search the different websites available for sale.
  • Make sure to do your own due diligence on the potential website that you are looking to buy. You should find out how much the site generates monthly, what the back-link profile looks like and how much traffic the site gets per every month.
  • If after your research, everything checks out and you are ready to pull the lever, go ahead and buy the site. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home
  • Once you have purchased the website, look at it thoroughly and make any immediately visible improvements/repairs to help maximize the website’s traffic as well as to improve the revenue stream.
  • You can either continue working on the site, making it better; or you can just go ahead and sell it to make a profit.

15. Become an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert to Make Money Online

When it comes to search engine optimization of websites, this is a very profitable skill to possess. You don’t see the internet going away any time soon, do you? We definitely don’t. And as long as there is internet, there will be search engines that everyday people like you and I utilize to search for stuff. A really effective way to get really good at Search Engine Optimizing, is to go ahead and read some of the authority blogs/websites out there on SEO. The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

After some time of learning all about SEO and Internet Marketing, you will want to put your skills to the test. One thing that can be very helpful in becoming expert at SEO, is to go ahead and build your own website and start practicing Search Engine Optimizing. Although it is helpful to own your own site, it is not 100 percent necessary. - Search Engine Optimization - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

Once you are ready, you can start trying to land SEO clients immediately. The easiest way to start would be to utilize websites such as Upwork and On these sites, individuals and companies will place jobs, and you can bid on them. Another easy way to get hired as an SEO expert, is to contact local businesses in your area. Most local businesses out there do not do their Own Website upkeep and internet Marketing, this is where you come in with your SEO services.

16. Make Money Online by Selling Stock Photos and Video

If you are passionate about taking images or recording video, then you can make money. There are countless websites out there where you can upload your brand new stock photos and video footage. The sites in question have a ton of visitors, and when somebody buys or licenses your image/video, you get paid.

Here are some of the bigger sites for everything:

  • Shutterstock is one of the biggest
  • This is also a pretty popular one, iStockPhoto

Sites Focused on video footage:

  • If you like taking video, then check out VideoHive
  • Pond5 is a pretty good one too
  • This one is also worth checking out, VideoBlocks

When working on your image and video portfolio, make sure to spend some time browsing the existing marketplaces above to get some ideas in what the most popular themes are. Once you have done that, go ahead and make your own unique niche that you want to focus on. Be sure to create a schedule of when you will be uploading and stick to it. The bigger that your portfolio gets, the greater of a chance of success you will have. In addition to making money with your media on the above websites, you will also be able to establish a fan base for your work.

17. Become a Cryptocurrency Investor – Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

We cover quite a few different ways of making money on our website. Investing it stocks is covered as well. Here on this guide, we won’t go too deep into investing strategies. One thing we will however talk about, is Cryptocurrency. This particular market has absolutely been exploding in the last 3-5 years or so.

I’m sure that by now, you have probably heard or cryptocurrency? However, even if you did not invest any of your hard earned cash into Bitcoin and the many other cryptocurrencies out there, I most likely still isn’t too late. Just think of it this way. Look how fast credit and debit cards have started to replace the standard coin and paper money? Cryptocurrency will most likely take things even further. Just wait until Cryptocurrency crosses over to the physical world; as in, you might end up holding a Crypto-Card here sometime soon.

One good resource where you can learn more about cryptocurrency, is at BitDegree. They provide a large range of newcomer-friendly tutorials and how to media on cryptocurrency. By investing some of that hard earned cash today, you most definitely can still take advantage of being an early investor in Cryptocurrency and its technology. Just keep in mind that, just like trading stocks carries certain risks with it, so does cryptocurrency. However, if you take your sweet time and work on educating yourself on this new currency, you should be able to make a sound judgement if this is something that you want to invest in.

If you are interested in getting into Cryptocurrency, the first step should always be to learn everything under the sun regarding cryptocurrency. As mentioned earlier, Bitdegree can be a wonderful resource in aiding you on your cryptocurrency journey.

Here are some ways to get started with cryptocurrency:

  • Become an investor in the coins before they go the IPO route (once they go IP, they will most likely grow in value in a huge way).
  • You could also learn how to become a computer programmer so that you can work with blockchain
  • Want to become a writer? Why not a cryptocurrency writer.
  • Another way is to start working for a cryptocurrency start-up company

Since we are still are the very beginning of this revolution, it is an absolute perfect time to learn all about Cryptocurrency. As they say, do it before the masses.

18. Make an Online Living by Selling Items on Etsy - etsy - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

Are you somewhat of a crafty individual? If you are one of those people that is awesome with their hands and can handcraft trinkets and cool things in a short period of time, then you might want to consider getting into online sales and marketing of your creations.

One of the biggest marketplaces for such items is a little known website called Etsy. This place allows you to sell just about anything. Think; mobile device cases, hand brackets, rings for both fingers and toes, and countless other things. The cool thing about Etsy, is that you can typically start without having an established website or a huge presence on the internet. Etsy already has a huge following and audience that you can sell to directly. Plus, if you start selling things like crazy on Etsy, you could always consider starting up your own eCommerce website in order to cut out the middle man.

To help you succeed with Etsy, check out these tips:

  • Make sure to do plenty of research so that you can make sure that; whatever your niche is, there is a market for it.
  • Another thing to think about is the amount of time that it takes you to create each one of the items for sale. Are you really utilizing your time, resources and materials in the best possible way? Are you charging enough for your items?
  • Spend some time on pondering this idea “what is it that actually makes your products stand out in the sea of other products on Etsy”. As you spent many hours on figuring out what niche to focus on in this space, you should also spend equal (if not more) time to make sure that your products are absolutely 100% unique and always beating the buyer’s expectations.

19. Make Money Online by Selling Amazon Products and Services

Just as we did with Etsy, lets go ahead and introduce another giant of a market place. Except, this giant is literally one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. We are of course talking about Amazon. Not only is Amazon a giant on the web, they actually have physical businesses and locations that they do business out of now as well (think Whole-Foods). As with the above post, we discussed getting into an eCommerce niche. This particular process is very similar, but the main difference will be to utilize Amazon’s awesome platform and focus on growth.

One way of starting to make money online with Amazon, is to find the find products that are currently selling really well on Amazon, and to then try to source these same products yourself, except you figure out ways to make them better and/or cheaper to manufacture and then re-brand them and sell as your own.

You can either sell these products yourself. Or, better yet; you can find a good manufacturer that will customize and directly ship their products out to your buyers. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

20. Make Money Online by Starting a YouTube Channel - youtube - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

When it comes to making money online, one place that has created lots of wealthy people through online money making strategies is YouTube. The YouTube website is literally one of the world’s largest search engines. What they do differently however, is that you search for videos instead of websites. Youtube visitors are looking for entertainment, DIY videos, how to do something videos, educational videos, informative videos and many more types.

One of the best ways of monetizing YouTube videos is to utilize Google’s advertising and marketing service. The second way, is to place links in the description of the video (or embed links directly into the vide) and send viewers back to your website. When thinking about YouTube, you need to view YouTube as its own little system of channels. Each channel is about a particular niche (sort of like each website is about a particular niche).

What you do, is you go ahead and create your channel (whatever it may be about), then you start posting videos. Yeah, it really is that simple. Once you start getting enough visitors to your videos, YouTube will start allowing you to monetize your videos by placing advertisements on them. A few different ways you can go about creating YouTube videos. One thing that you can do, is to make a video by taking actual video of either yourself or something else. The other way, is to create a video with digital media.

There are typically two types of channels that you can find all over YouTube:

  • The first one focuses solely on entertainment. These particular channels typically have their main focus on things like: web series, stand-up comedy, videos about pranks and mischief, product and service reviews, movie videos, Hollywood movie trailers, video game walkthroughs and in-game footage, and many, many more.
  • The second type focuses on teaching you things. These channels typically focus on showing you how to do stuff. For instance; how to paint a car, how to fix a broken website, how to grow a tomato, etc. If you are equipped with some useful knowledge and have information that you would like to share with the world, then informational and how to videos are what you are looking for.

As soon as you decide on the type of YouTube channel you’re going to create, it’s time to work on making the videos. For your channel, think of a catchy / flashy name. You want to have a channel name that will stand out.

Here are some ideas to utilize when creating a YouTube business:

  • Always make sure to utilize the highest quality video in your videos.
  • Put in additional time to perfect your style of video editing, formatting and theme.
  • Make sure to always abide by SEO rules when optimizing your YouTube videos. Things like the video title, the video’s description, add your links in the description, use proper keywords and tags, etc.
  • Make sure to create a schedule of video publishing. The goal is to stay consistent with your video content.

21. Make Money by Providing Virtual Assistant Services

If you are one of those people that have amazing organizational and planning skills, then you might want to consider getting into virtual assistant type of work. A virtual assistant is typically tasked with a large amount of different things to complete. For instance, you can get into general book keeping, some data entry work, you can manage a company’s email campaign, perform various research tasks, and many, many more tasks.

Not only can you make good income by working as a virtual assistant, but you can actually connect with a variety of different levels of important people, think networking. As of right now, the virtual assistant industry is exploding. Most business owners are starting to see the benefit of having an assistant to help with daily tasks and are hiring virtual assistants. One of the biggest benefits in hiring a virtual assistant is that it doesn’t cost as much when compared to hiring a full time employee.

Websites like Upwork, and Fiverr are good resources for locating virtual assistants.

22. Become a High Paid Programmer or Coder - Programming - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

If you have a pretty good understanding on how to program or code, you are automatically placed in a high-worth space. These days, due to the influx of new technological advancements; coding and programming skills have become extremely important to many organizations and businesses.

If you know how to code/program, you can apply yourself either in the freelance world, or you can create applications for different businesses via projects. You can make things like web-apps, mobile apps, consumer apps, games, etc. There are so many business uses for these skills nowadays its unbelievable.

Quite a bit of modern-day applications are created by the larger players. However, if you just take a quick look at Google’s or Apple iStore platforms, you will see that most of the really good and popular apps there were created by individuals and small teams.

Here are some tips on creating your own apps and then making money from them:

  • Research the current market trends and see what people are doing, what they are asking for, is there a need that you can solve, etc.
  • Once you decide on an application, I’m sure there will be competitors, that’s okay. The goal is to make the best app possible that will beat out the competition just by the quality of it.
  • Always showcase your app with friends, beta users and testers. Its good to get that early feedback before going live with a finished product.
  • Once you receive feedback, make the necessary edits and launch the first official version of your new mobile app.
  • Alright, now comes the fun part. Time to start the marketing campaigns to get your app purchased/downloaded. In the marketing process, focus your attention and highlight the key features of the app.

If making and selling your own apps from scratch sounds too time consuming, then you could just apply for different free-lancing gigs on places like Upwork and Freelancer. There are a ton of projects out there with companies and small businesses looking to create an app of some type. Take a look at those platforms and see what projects are currently available, you will see that there is an endless supply of app creation projects.

The other approach can be to actually apply for a remote programming/coding position. Check out to see what positions might be available to apply for.

23. Make Money Online by Tutoring Kids with Your Computer

One easy way of making money online, is to get into Teaching and tutoring kids from around the world. If you are from a country where they predominantly speak English, then you are already equipped with the skills required to have success with this way of making money online.

One document that can assist in getting hired for tutoring work is to get an ESL certification. This is a certification that is preferred in the schooling systems as it shows that you have been certified to teach English. With this type of work, you can usually make up to $30-$35/hour (depending on your skill level, marketability and experience). Tutoring kids can be done remotely via platforms like Skype, Whatsapp and others.

If this is something that you would like to try, then take a look at the below websites:

  • VerbalPlanet
  • Learn4Good
  • Chegg Tutors

24. Become a Websites Tester & Provide Feedback

Another easy way of making money online is to do what is called website testing. For instance, you can visit sites and provide feedback on the design of a website. You could also do the same for both web and mobile apps. You would be looking for and testing things like; the look of the site/app, looking for errors, user experience, broken links, design flaws, etc.

If you have quite a bit of your time online, then you are probably well equipped to figure out what works and what doesn’t for a site. For instance, is the content on the website unclear? Is the web/mobile app’s layout not clean and easy to navigate? How about the menu, are the navigation links and items too numerous? These are just a few things to consider.

There are many resources out there that have a list of websites that willl actually pay you good money to get this type of feedback from you. You can provide feedback in a few different ways; written, screen captured, verbally, etc. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Here are some good website feedback sites to consider:

  • Userfeel
  • Testbirds
  • Userlytics
  • TryMyUI
  • Ubertesters
  • UserTesting

25. Make a Good Living Online as a Website Developer

Are you aware that you can actually make money from making websites for people and businesses?

LearnedGold.Com - Website Developer - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

If you are not sure how to develop site, then the first thing that you should do is learn some development and coding. This day and age, there are platforms out there like WordPress that allow you to use a very user friendly interface. In fact, it is so easy that you almost don’t even have to know how to code in html, php, etc. Go ahead and read up a bit on website creation via WordPress, it just so happens that we have a guide on that too here. Alright, now that you have somewhat of an idea of how to begin, here are some sites where you can actually find website design work. Once again, we will be utilizing the help from the two trusty websites Freelancer and Upwork.

In order to increase your chances of landing good gigs, you should try to focus on a specific Niche. This pie (of website creation business) is so large, that you can place your focus on just a small piece of it and still be pretty successful. For instance, you could start targeting website creation for dental office companies. You can also become an authority with a focus on sites that utilize WooCommerce and eCommerce for their business model.

As we have mentioned in previous sections, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that there is a need within a specific niche. Meaning, make sure that there is a good amount of work available for the specific niche that you want to target. Once you have done that, start working on a game plan for your website creation business and begin applying for gigs on Freelancer and Upwork.

26. Become an Audiobook Narrator

There is one form of media that has really taken off over the last 5 years or so. I am of course talking about audiobooks. It just seems like more and more people are starting to read their books through audio. Gone are the days where everyone has a huge library of books in their home. Instead, everything is slowly going digital. People have built up virtual libraries of eBooks and audiobooks.

Even with this being the case though, the majority of all books out there still cannot be found in an audiobook format. Which to me doesn’t really make sense. Audiobooks can have a huge effect on the author’s bottom line, so it really should be in their best interest to include a audio version of their work when they publish their books. Not only are authors able to make additional money with audiobooks, they can also tremendously grow their business and presence throughout the market.

If you have been blessed with the possession of a great narrator type of a voice, and are absolutely gong-ho for reading, then you should be a natural into turning books into an audio format. One of the best and easiest ways of getting started in the audiobook world is to sign up for a service called ACX. This is a marketplace where authors place their written work online as a project, and producers (people that want to narrate the books) bid on the projects/gigs.

Aside from you signing up for the ACX service mentioned above, you will have to invest some of your cash to purchase a high quality microphone as well as a good recording application to get started in this niche. Once you have the hardware and software, you are ready to begin. The first step (after creating a profile on ACX), is to create some really good and high quality audio samples showcasing your vocal skills. Then it is time to apply for the actual projects. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

27. Making Money Online by Becoming a Graphic Designer

If you enjoy creating stuff within Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator, there is a really good chance that you can start utilizing these skills to make additional money online. The Freelancer and Upwork platforms are really good places where you can find graphic design projects to apply for. You can also try your luck at the 99Creations platform. Here is where you can also bid for projects revolving around graphic design. If you acquire the project that you just placed a bid on, you can start making money immediately. Yep, it’s that easy to start making money online.

A different route that you can take with Graphic Design, is to start acquiring some local work. Take a walk around in your city, look online for local businesses, check the local ad listings for graphic design needs. There is a really good chance that you will see a ton of companies and businesses out there who are in need of some graphic design work (think fliers, brochures, website work, advertising, social media graphics etc.). The last thing that you could try is to go to your local co-op. Co-ops are usually packed with start-ups and other companies that are looking for graphic design skills that you can provide.

28. Grow Your Instagram Audience & Make Money Online - Instagram Influencer - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

There is still little social media platform out there by the name of Instagram. Well, not so little actually. Did you know that Instagram is one of the biggest (and fastest growing) social media services out there? Yes, all the celebrities use it, most businesses use it, and lots of people like you and I use it.

Ok, so now that we have an idea of the size of Instagram, how can you actually make money from it? Here is the kicker; all it takes is for you to create a large enough following and the cash will start flowing in. Yep, it is that simple.

As you gain supporters and followers on Instagram, the chances of you making money on that platform go up. It is actually a pretty easy way of making money. Most of the large brands and other (both big and small) companies will pay you a handsome amount of money for you to do a post about them, or to show off their company’s service or product. Yep, it is that easy. Now, when it comes to the amount of money that you will make by posting about these companies and brands, is all dependent on the size of your following, your post engagement, the actual company product that you are promoting as well as some other factors. However, once you really start getting into this and your followership takes off, you can expect to earn from a hundred bucks all the way into the thousands (per post). Yeah, it can become a pretty lucrative platform for making money.

Just as in any other type of business and or work, things take time. There is the whole startup thing where you have to decide on your niche, create an account, then a page. Once you have your page setup, you can start fixing it up a bit. Write up a good description of what your page is about, then start posting. The followers will slowly start coming and in no time you could have created yourself a successful online money making platform.

29. Make Money Online Through Purchase & Sale of Domain Names

One of our previous sections discussed flipping website (buying/selling). Well, you can actually do the same for domain names.

What you do is that you go out there and purchase a domain name that you think would sell, and then you try to sell this domain name for a higher price. This concept is called domain flipping.

Here are some tips in getting started:

  • Use tools like GoDaddy to purchase that awesome new domain name
  • Then re-purpose that domain for sale at a higher price
  • Then it becomes a waiting game.
  • Once a buyer shows up, you sell the domain name and reap the financial rewards.

People have been able to turn this money making strategy into a successful business. They are able to pull in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by employing this strategy. The best part of all, you can start right now, right this second. Just visit GoDaddy and search for a cool domain now; buy it, put it up for sale and wait to make money to come in from it.

30. Become a Social Media Account Manager

Every single person on this planet very likely has a social medial presence of some kind. We are all active online on these platforms in one way or another. However, did you know you that you can actually make quite a bit of money by managing other people’s and other company social media accounts? Yeah, it is very possible to make a full time living doing just that. Most of us are so well versed with social media platforms these days that it really wouldn’t take a whole lot to get started with this business idea.

If you do need to brush up on how to do certain things on social media, there are a ton resources out there that would help you on your journey. Check out the Hootsuite Academy. This website will show you on the ins and outs of the different social media platforms out there. Once you are ready, the Freelancer and Upwork platforms are waiting for you. There are a ton of projects up there for “Social Media Manager Needed” tasks.

If you are serious about this and you really put your energy into it, you can easily grow your brand and scale your business in this Social Media Management space.

31. Make Money by Running a Podcast – Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

If you like to speak, conduct interviews, and share opinions, then you might want to try your hand at Podcasting. Podcasting has quickly become the go to platform for speaking and interviewing purposes. Think of Podcasting like radio talk show. Podcasting seems to be the medium that is slowly replacing the traditional ways of radio talk show. The new platform has become so popular due to the fact people in general love the ease with this they can tune into their favorite talk show. Podcasting’s platform is super easy to tune into, just think - Podcast - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

In order for one to succeed with this form of media today, you will need to come up with a high quality production. And when we say production, we are not only talking about the quality of the audio and video, but the Podcast’s content itself. To start Podcasting, you can start by investing in some good hardware, like a high quality microphone and a high quality camera. If you prefer to do your Podcasts in an interview-style of a setting, then you need to start reaching out to potential prospects for your show. I would recommend that you first start off with some interviews with friends and family to get the hang of things. Mock interviews can help you hone in your interviewing style without making mistakes on live air.

One way to get some ideas on topics and to see how to do Podcasting right, is to research some of the existing Podcasts out there that have a pretty big followership. You can do this by checking out iTunes for the current most popular Podcasts. Check out as many of these existing and established Podcasts to see their quality and style of Podcasting that they are utilizing.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Do these Podcasts tell some amazing stories?
  • What type of human emotion do they bring out, is it humor, fear or love?
  • What is the interviewer’s stance and belief from the person that they are interviewing? Do they agree with the interviewee, or do they offer up different perspectives of the subject being discussed?
  • How unique are the interviews on the Podcasts?

What you are effectively doing by researching the existing well established Podcasts, is to figure out the best methods and topics to cover, and to not employ some of the more annoying methods of Podcast execution. You are able to learn off the mistakes of others instead of making them live on your own episodes. When it comes to income generation with Podcasting, the amount that you will earn is completely dependent on the amount of work that you will put in as well as the size and the type of audience that you can attract. The bigger the size of your audience, the more downloads you will be able to have. And the more downloads that you have, the more income you can earn.

Check out these tips to aid you on your Podcasting adventure:

  • Once you establish an audience, start promoting your own services or products on your show. Try to keep the products/services consistent with the topic that is being discussed.
  • I would recommend that you make a website to go alongside your Podcast. This membership can give you additional visitors through the search engines as well as a platform where you can add a membership only portion for your business.
  • Whenever you can, try to get sponsors to showcase their products on your show. This can be done either via actual products that you can showcase, or just by you promoting the sponsor’s brand.

It also doesn’t hurt that you provide your listeners with the opportunity to donate money to your Podcast operation. Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

32. Create an Internet Directory & Make Money Online - Directory - Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

While internet directories aren’t as popular as they used to be, they can still be financially profitable. They work in a similar fashion to the job board above. But, instead of people paying to post works, or get access to the job board, they’ll pay you a monthly fee for a directory listing.

If you have an authoritative website or get a lot of traffic, then these listings are pretty valuable. Let’s say you run a website that’s dedicated to web development and creative. You produce super high quality content and have a solid amount of authority. You should create a directory portion of your website where web developers and agencies can purchase a listing. This will not only provide them with a solid authoritative backlink, but it should be a nice source of traffic for their business.

Usually, directories work by charging a monthly subscription fee to be listed. You should even charge a premium fee to let businesses list themselves at the top of the directory, getting even more eyeballs on their listing.

33. Showcase, Market & Sell Your Art Work

Are you skilled in arts and crafts in are form or fashion? If so, there is a very good chance that you can make online income by marketing and selling you works. There are sites out there (like Society6), that make it super easy to showcase your artwork and sell it on the internet. Things like wall art, home décor, furniture, bed & bath stuff, table-top art, office art, apparel & bags and lots more. A website like Society6, gives you an opportunity to sell your creations online, without having to put any investment up front to market your products.

This is all you have to do to get started (once you have your art):

  1. You create your account and profile on the website.
  2. Upload your work of art.
  3. Categorize your items according to the different categories that Society6 offers.
  4. Start marketing your stuff.
  5. Wait for the money to start rolling in.

If you make art that people love and enjoy, you are surely to do well with this form of making money online.

34. Get Paid to Perform Micro Work Tasks – Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Alright, so what exactly are micro-tasks and why are they on this list? Well, in simple terms; the micro tasks that we are talking about small tasks that require a bit of human intelligence in order for them to be completed. These tasks are the ones that are unable to be complete say by a computer, an application or an automated system. Human touch is a requirement in order for these tasks to be completed. For instance, a micro-task person may be tasked with a job where they have to review the search results for a particular keyword report, or they might have to translate a paragraph into a whole other language (the translation needs to be fluid and comprehendible (by another human), or to explain and describe a feeling that is felt after reading a particular article or post.

Micro tasking can be a fun and fulfilling type of work that doesn’t require a whole lot of resources to get started. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection to connect to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is a marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to outsource their day to day processes and jobs to a workforce that can perform these micro-tasks virtually from anywhere.

All you need to do is to sign up on Amazon Mechanical Turk, create an account there, select micro-tasks that need to be completed and start getting paid.

35. Make Money Online by Taking Surveys

Even though this is an older way of making money online, it is still very much possible to make some extra cash on the side. If you are absolutely bored and have nothing to do with your time, then you can make some income online or win prizes by filling out surveys for companies that want your information and opinion. This isn’t really technically challenging in the least, so you won’t have to learn a new skill, you don’t need to be tech savvy in the least bit.

Making money online by taking surveys is exactly that. All you do is you take surveys online; and for your time, you are compensated by either cash prizes, gift cards, coupons or other forms of digital gifts.

The one thing that I don’t really care for when it comes to this form of making money online, is that you will need to give them certain personal information that the surveying service will in turn sell to the company offering up the survey. Typically, you will need to include things like; your demographic, your background, your income level, your interests, etc.

Here are some popular survey sites out there:

  • SendEarnings
  • Pinecone Research
  • i-Say
  • Pro Opinion

36. Share Your Knowledge on Clarity.FM

Lastly, we have come down to #36. Just like one would making money as a freelancer by offering up services to help create content, build websites, write papers, create images and more; you can also sell your experience and knowledge. If you are an expert in a particular discipline, you can start making money from this. One big plus with this method, is that you do not have to go through the pains and extra efforts to create websites, YouTube channels and other time consuming platforms of making money.

There are websites out there like Clarity.FM, that provide you with an opportunity for you to make money online by providing advice and expertise to companies and businesses (both big and small).

Here are a few of those sites:


They all provide you with a platform that allows you to connect with various clients who need your assistance and expertise.

When it comes to the amount of money that you can make, this particular method pays by the hour. Due to this, the amount that you could earn can be somewhat limited as you have to perform the work by the hour. Even though the amounts might now be that big, this is indeed a way one can make some quick cash relatively fast. All that is needed is for you to create an account on any of the mentioned sites and to start sharing your expertise and knowledge with others.

As you can see, there are tons of different work-from-home opportunities for you to explore…

Thank you for reading through this long “The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home” page.

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