{The two} 2 Best {VERY CHEAP STOCKS} This Week [Video]

Today we’ll {review} the best {very cheap stocks} this week .

{Recent} days {have already been} VERY busy in penny stock land {and many} of my trading challenge students {have already been} making $1,000, $5,000 even $10,000, $25,000 {or more} to $50,000 {per day} ({this is actually the} great trader who just made $50k {per day} on CHEK, all alerted in real-time {in my own} awesome trading challenge chatroom!), {and although} I’ve {experienced} Asia celebrating my birthday {a couple of days} ago, I’ve been enjoying several $1,000-$2,000/day profit days too {therefore i} made this video explaining {the very best} {very cheap stocks} in play {at this time} and the mistakes several newbies are making {in it} {which are} causing unnecessary losses:**

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3. {That one} guide {specifically}, PennyStocking Framework Part Deux

4. This new book, {THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course

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Hey, Tim Sykes here. {It’s the} weekend. Getting {a great deal of} questions. I’m gonna be {performing a} {more descriptive} video for my subscribers on Sunday, but I can’t just leave people, {you understand}, clueless. {Personally i think} bad, {you understand}, for like FUSZ longs and LRGR longs, and they’re just wondering, like, what’s going on. {You understand}, obviously, there’s no negative news, {so that they} blamed like naked shorts and {all this} other BS. You guys {that are} stuck in these stocks and confused, {you have to|you should} study {days gone by}. {In the event that you} keep ignoring {days gone by} {rather than} study, {you may be|you will end up|you can be} crushed. {This is one way} {very cheap stocks} work. {This is one way} {very cheap stocks} have always worked. And it’s your fault for {being unsure of}. {The good thing is} {we are able to} fix that by studying. {THEREFORE I} want {one to} study.

Download a PDF version {of the} post as PDF.

{I wish to|I would like to} {assist you to}. It pains me, {in the event that you} look at {a few of} my Twitter conversations, {to cope with} such fucking idiots, who don’t understand the games being played. And they’re {attempting to}, like, rationalize everything, and they’re just {concentrating on} {the incorrect} data. So, frankly, {this is exactly what} inspired me {to instruct}, {since there is} so much misinformation {on the market} because these patterns {will be the} same {each and every} fucking time. It blows my mind that {a lot of people} still {set up} {exactly the same} fights, {exactly the same} resistance. But, {After all}, that’s {very cheap stocks}, and that’s why my education business is booming. So I’m gonna {offer you} seven {techniques} you can {understand how} penny stock pumps work and penny stock pumps end.

{To begin with}, we’re having this birthday sale. Happy birthday {if you ask me}, roughly {fourteen days} ago now. It’s {the ultimate} {couple of days} of the sale. {THEREFORE I} highly encourage {one to} join my newsletters. And guys, because I’ve been {achieving this} {for just two} decades, and {I understand} what the fuck I’m doing, it blows my mind, {it certainly} astounds me {just how many} people just fall prey to these pumps {again and again} and {once more}. But, {you understand}, {After all} that’s {the overall game}.

{Which means this} is link {number 1}. I’ll post {each one of these} links {just underneath} this video, and I’ll {execute a} whole video {or perhaps a} whole {post} {with this}. Understand, I’m not shorting these stocks. {Some individuals} are like, “Oh, you’re just talking bad because you’re shorting.” I’ve actually been dip buying LRGR and FUSZ, {you understand}. FUSZ, I actually had to cut losses {as the} pumper just didn’t {execute a} good job bouncing it. FUSZ pumpers, hello {on the market}. Stop blaming it on the naked shorts. That’s what {each and every} pump does. {Be considered a} little different. Why don’t you {released} a {news release}, {discuss} your, {the facts}, your Oracle relationship {as well as your} software, and {released} some rosy revenue projections? Let’s bounce this stock. Give me some dip buying that’s worth buying, {you understand}. I had to cut my losses {as you} guys aren’t {doing all your} job. Bad pumpers. Bad, bad, bad pumpers. Don’t do any cocaine this weekend. Don’t drink. Go, {you understand}, to your offices and {create} a new {news release}. {I’d like} a shiny new {news release} on Monday and Tuesday. Let’s {obtain the} {pr announcements} going.

LRGR, you guys are {just about|virtually} just fucked. I had some two {very good} dip buys actually. {The initial} dip buy was like dead on. {The next} one was just scary {since it} just kept going. {You understand}, they got {a complete} skull and crossbones from the exchange, which basically means {the finish} {of the} thing. So I’ll {execute a} {more descriptive} video, again, explaining what {I believe} is gonna happen on Monday and Tuesday for my subscribers. But {I simply} wanted {to provide you with} some links {to check out}. I’m not the enemy here, okay? {I’d like} these stocks to spike as high {as you possibly can}, you know. {EASILY} knew who the pumpers were, {I’d}, like, {have them} into rehab {so they} could do their jobs {instead of} just being all drugged out and letting these stocks crash.

{In the event you} didn’t understand, all my stuff is timestamped. So {some individuals} are like, “Oh, Tim, you’re just saying {given that}, {you understand}, you knew {that which was} gonna happen.” Actually, I’ve been saying here {for some time}, {this is} my watch list pre-market, and I said, “LRGR {may be the} most overextended and due for a fall, I thought, likely {in a few days}.” {THEREFORE I} was {just a little} off. I didn’t anticipate how quickly {it could} fall. But, yeah, LRGR was {the largest} loser, and I called it on my watch list. I’ve been {looking forward to} it. That’s frankly why I dip buying. That’s how I knew to dip buy.

I’ve posted this video, {which includes} riled {some individuals} {through to} Friday, exposing the ridiculousness of penny stock promoters. I encourage you guys all {to view} that. That’s on my YouTube channel. {And}, also, read this book, {you understand}, or not this book, {this short article} from “Men’s Journal,” “Buying High: {Ways to get} Rich on Pot Stocks.” I’ve been linking this. {Some individuals} are like, “Why {are you currently} linking something about weed stocks?” Because it’s {exactly the same} pattern. {Each one of these} marijuana investors got angry at me, {back} like, what, 2014, saying, “Oh, Tim, you’re just wrong. {You merely} hate, {you understand}, potheads or whatever.” And I was like, “Guys, it’s just the fucking pattern, {you understand}. I don’t care how high {you obtain}. Congratulations on, {you understand}, {the brand new} legality,” whatever. It’s the pattern. And {many of these} stocks crash 90%, 95%, 100%, and {each and every} person lost {the vast majority of} their money.

So I’m just {attempting to} warn you guys. That’s my job. I’m an educator. Because {a long time ago}, {in the event that you} read my book, “An American Hedge Fund,” {that is} free, {I’m} linking it {free of charge} underneath this video, {you will notice}, {a long time ago}, I also believed in {very cheap stocks}. I’m {just a little} older now. I’m {just a little} richer. I’m {just a little} wiser. {I acquired} burned once before, okay. I {committed to} {a cent} stock. The technology was, mwah, perfect, and the technology actually has panned out, {however the} company went bankrupt because all {very cheap stocks} are fundamentally screwed. {Plus some} people say, “Oh, Tim, {you have} burned once, {and today}, you’re just bitter.” Yeah, {I acquired} burned once, and I’ve also seen probably 700, maybe 800 pumps fail {previously|during the past} 2 decades. {Not just one}, {not just one} pump has {managed to get} that I’ve seen, okay. Before {I acquired} started, True Religion jeans was a Vancouver pump {that truly} {managed to get}. So one, {you have} 1 out of like 800. {In the event that you} wanna {make an effort to} bet on odds where it’s literally like 1 out of 800, you’re just gonna lose.

Also, read this new book by my student Jamil, “{THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course.” Learn patterns {which are} high odds, {which are} high predictability. This just {arrived} {a couple of days} ago. People already {think it’s great}. {In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} read it, I appreciate more reviews. {A few of the} promoters {make an effort to} leave nasty reviews {initially}, {prior to the} book had even gotten delivered. {In the event that you} read {a few of the} negative reviews, they’re like, “Tim Sykes just sucks,” because I exposed {the way the} penny stock game works. {Therefore} promoters don’t {like this}. {In the event that you} read some bad reviews about me {on the web}, {folks are}, “Oh, I’m {cautious with} you. You’re a scam,” it’s because I expose scams, and the scammers {make an effort to} discredit me. It’s not, like, {the great thing}, but {by the end}, it’s not the worst thing either, because their weed’s out, students who aren’t serious.

The cool thing that {I’ve} {at this time}, it’s {an issue}, but it’s {an awesome} problem {to possess}, is that I’m overwhelmed by students, and I {reach} choose who I wanna teach. I {reach} choose whose lives I’m gonna change. I {reach} choose who I’m {likely to} {become a} millionaire next. That’s {the wonder} {to be} real {within an} industry {filled with} scams. So, {in case you have|for those who have|when you have|should you have} any doubts, don’t bother learning. {In the event that you} don’t {trust me} on FUSZ and LRGR, {After all}, {do you know what}, you’ll {view it}, {daily}, week by week, month by month. And in {a few months}, {six months}, 9 months, 12 months, {two years}, whenever {a few of} you stubborn fucking newbies {obtain it} {during your} head that I’m not the enemy, that I’m just {attempting to} {educate you on} patterns that work more times than not, {a lot more} times than not, then {perhaps you} can learn. But I can’t teach stubborn people. I can’t teach {individuals who} {desire to} pretend, {you understand}, something isn’t {just how} {that it’s}, okay? I wish that {the overall game} weren’t {in this manner}. I wish that {there is} more mourning when these {very cheap stocks} would crash.

{I will} {talk about} my student, Tim Lento. He doesn’t get enough credit. {Hang on}, I have {yet another} link. Oh, PennyStocking Framework. {That is} my newest guide, {which} will explain {comprehensive} how these penny stock pumps work in seven stages. I’ve just updated it, just finished it. It’s on presale still, check {the hyperlink} {just underneath}. But {i want to} pull up Tim Lento for {another}. I got {lots of|plenty of} students named Tim. {Which means this} is Tim Lento. {You may} know him {as you} of my chatroom moderators. He gets {lots of|plenty of} shitty, does {an excellent} job, but {he could be} actually banking. He just passed $200,000 in profits. {You can observe|You can view} his profit chart, {so how exactly does} he {take action}? Well, it’s because he bets against these pumps. He was actually betting against LRGR. {I believe} he was short 1,500 shares. So he made, like, 7,500 bucks on Friday. {This is actually the} profit chart of {a person who|someone who} {simply just} bets {contrary to the} biggest pumps. He uses interactive brokers, and he holds for days, sometimes weeks. But, {After all}, {he could be} killing it, and it’s all because he bets against these pumps.

So {a few of} you guys {that are} stuck in these pumps, {I must say i} do pray that FUSZ, {you understand}, their promoters {develop} {just like a|such as a} little bounce plan, {since it} {will be a} shame to waste such, like, a multi-month pump {without the} {sort of} bounce. {It certainly} reminds of JAMN, J-A-M-N, {in the event that you} wanna {return back} through my video lessons. I {will have} 5,500 plus video lessons. {All this} stuff is cataloged, and these patterns repeat. So JAMN actually had {just a little} bounce. So I’m begging FUSZ promoters, do {your task}. Clean yourselves up. I made jokes that they’re drug addicts, {however they} actually probably are. It’s actually kinda crazy {in the event that you} meet {a few of these} promoters, what fuck-ups {they’re}. But, {I assume}, like if you’re doing shady stuff, {After all}, {you need to} kinda {be considered a} fuck-up {a bit}.

But I’m just gonna keep teaching the realities of {the problem}, the patterns that work. And, {you understand}, I made nearly $3 grand on Friday, {despite the fact that} I didn’t time things perfectly. Again, I’ll have {a far more} detailed video lesson for subscribers on Sunday, but {that is} {slightly} intro, {because} I’m…it’s just so sad to see people lose. And, {you understand}, you now {have sufficient} resources, whether you read my blog posts…where was that {post}? {I’ve} a {post} {the following}. I’ll post {the hyperlink} to this {post} underneath here too. {Exactly what is a} penny stock pump, {how can you} spot them, and {just how do} they end? {It is a} great {post}. {And that means you|Which means you} got {blogs}, {you have} video lessons, you’ve got guides, you’ve got books. I’ve done my part {attempting to} {educate you on} guys how {very cheap stocks} and their pumps work. You’re {absolve to} ignore {all of this} stuff, but I’m just gonna keep teaching because {these things} works. So have {an excellent} weekend. Cheers.

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