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{I am hoping} you’re having {an excellent} weekend, {but additionally} remember {take the time} and {think about} recent trades/trends, as {this is the} key to becoming my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student!

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Friday was {among} {a hardcore} trade {for me personally} on CDXC {also it} {caused} SO many questions, {therefore i} {wished to} answer them in the videos below. {I take advantage of} this scanning tool for big % gainers over various time-frames {and its own} invaluable real-time Twitter scanner too:

And yes, we transcribed {the initial} video below too {when i} value my deaf Trading Challenge students too!

What’s up? Tim Sykes here. {It’s the} weekend, and {I’d like} you to {get accustomed to} {utilizing the} weekends properly. Study recent trades, study recent patterns, {continually be} {seeking to} adapt and see {what’s} working best in the markets. I’m {likely to} review my latest trade here on CDXC in {another}, but first, I’ve also {surely got to} give props to my student, John Papa.

{I really like} that his profile is me and him {within my} Orlando conference. {He could be} closing in on $12,000 in profits for the month,** {and when} you haven’t read his guest {blogs}, where he basically turned his losses into profits, I highly suggest you do. {You understand}, he has {an excellent} little… {an excellent} few tips here, and {he’s got} {an excellent} profit chart where he was just down-trending, {and}, by studying, everything really started clicking. It’s not random {he} was losing so much {and today} he’s making so much. {This is a} process.**

So, {lots of|plenty of} you guys, especially in {the initial} month, {8 weeks}, three months, {half a year}, if you’re not understanding everything, {do you know what}? That’s normal. {It requires} {time and energy to} put everything together. {And today}, Papa John, {I really like} that they’re advertising on his page. {You understand}, {he’s got} turned it around, {so when} he’s documenting, {you understand}, he doesn’t win {each day}, but it {accumulates}, {and today} he’s making $10,000-plus {monthly}.** So, props {for you}, John Papa. {I’ll} link his {post} underneath this video. But, {I’d like} you {getting back in} the habits of studying on weekends. That’s {a large} {section of} his success. {He’s got} been constantly studying and {understanding how to} cut losses quickly. {That’s} {a significant} tool, okay.

I was wrong about CDXC on Friday. {This is} the spike. {There is} news that Mark Zuckerberg, through {one of is own} investment funds, was {buying} CDXC. {Lots of|Plenty of} you guys are asking, how did I {think it is}? {You should employ} StocksToTrade, okay. {You need to be|You ought to be|You have to be} {by using this} software {each day}. {In the event that you} look {the following}, {i want to} just {demonstrate}, {you can find} news scans, {you can find} watchlists. {We’ve} big-percent scans. {After all}, {in the event that you} look at… Ugh, where am I going? {The following}. You know, {just about everyone has} these different scans {included in} StocksToTrade.

{Lots of|Plenty of} you guys are like, “What scans do {I take advantage of}?” Why {do you consider} we created this software? {They are} scans that {I have already been} using for {days gone by} {2 decades}. So, click this little half-moon thing, or full moon, this half-moon thing, {and you may|and you will|and you could} see, {you understand}, {the various} scans. Earnings winners {haven’t} really been working lately, {and that means you|which means you} {need to} adapt. But, {the largest} percent winners over three days, over five days, and inter-day, and, {you understand}, under $10 a share, under $5 a share, use these scans.

{Just how} that {I came across} CDXC, though, {had not been} due to {some of} those big-percent gains. {It had been} this spike, and the spike was {because of} news. So, {a number of different} people highlighted {the truth that} Mark Zuckerberg and his investment fund {experienced} CDXC. {I want to} pull up some tweets. {Hang on}. Let me {see them}, real quick.

{Here are a few} tweets. {WHEN I} filmed this video lesson on a Saturday, {it had been} less than {a day} ago. {Each one of these} different promoter accounts started tweeting about CDXC. It’s on volume watch. {You understand}, {it is possible to} sort, {read through}, and {look for} like hot stocks with big volume, but there’s {lots of|plenty of} stocks with big volume. What interested me more was {if they} started saying this: “Mark Zuckerberg, through his investment fund, Iconiq, has {committed to} Chromatix.” So, that interests me, {if you have} {the quantity} watch {and you also} have {the news headlines}, {and} everyone starts {discussing} it, because {if you have}, {you understand}, basically, {an extremely} well-known billionaire {buying} this small piece-of-crap company, that’s interesting. {And}, you know, {increasing numbers of people} start buying it, and the Zuckerberg effect {really can} spike the stock, and that’s {just what} happened.

{I came across} this through {utilizing the} Twitter scan. {Understand this}. StocksToTrade doesn’t just {read through} big-percent winners, {in addition, it} searches through Twitters. {And you may|And you will|And you could} create {your personal} Twitter scan. {That is}, {at this time}, like it’s just searching through {most of} Twitter, {and you may|and you will|and you could} filter it. Ugh, sorry. Ugh, {way too many} buttons! Filter results.

So, {I love} putting stocks under $6 a share, really under $10 a share. {Therefore}, you filter different tweets. I’m not on great Wi-Fi {at this time}. Normally, it’s faster. Load. {Hang on}. {I want to} fix my Internet. Ugh.

{Here are a few} tweets, okay. You’re {simply} searching through Twitter for low-priced stocks that {strat to get} talked about, {so when} it came up yesterday, on Friday, as I’m filming this on a Saturday, {I understand}, by {enough time} I publish it on Sunday, it’s {likely to} be confusing. But, {when i} am {searching for} these stocks {which are} getting hyped up, I start noticing Mark Zuckerberg and CDXC, okay, {in order that} alerts me. Anytime a famous billionaire starts {discussing} {a little} CAP company, {I’m} interested, {and you also} know, {particularly when} {it appears} to be new news. So, everyone thinks {that it’s} new news, and that’s why it starts spiking.

{On the other hand}, what {as it happens} is that it’s not new news, {which is} what {managed to get} so tough. I didn’t {understand that} it wasn’t new news {once the} thing was breaking. I was just {looking to get} in on the run-at {since when} {the news headlines}, seemingly, is new, {do you know what}? This thing can sky-rocket {extremely fast}. So, {I’m} kind of {he} where {I’m} like, “Oh my God, {this is actually the} {sort of} perfect catalyst. ” This stock is nicely {from} its highs, so it’s {nothing like} I’m {purchasing the} stock right near its highs. ” {After all}, {this is exactly what} it’s been doing, {which means this} stock is actually… {I want to} {eliminate} these. This stock {is in fact} nearing its lows recently. {So when} it turned out… Where was the tweet? Somebody tweeted {within}, my Challenge chatroom, that it wasn’t new news. {Hang on}. Let me {discover that}.

So, here was {the specific} news tweeted from November, so roughly two {. 5} months ago, where CDXC did {obtain the} backing from Zuckerberg and Iconiq Capital. {The thing is}, is {that it’s} old news. So, this entire spike {is because of} old news. {The good thing}, though, {you understand}, is that sometimes old news can still move stocks. {It is a} very inexact science. So, it’s actually pretty amazing {you know}, that happened in November, okay, {so that it} had {a good} run, up from four to seven, and {the quantity} {hardly ever really} got above a million shares. Now, for {the very first time}, volume {gets} to 3 million, and the stock {is actually} around 5.**

So, {that is} all happening {rapidly}. I know {that} video is {sort of} scatterbrained, but that’s {sort of} what {the problem} is. {The good thing is}, Zuckerberg’s investment fund did {spend money on} {the corporation}. The bad news is that its old news. {Fortunately} that the stock is way off its highs. The bad news is that, frankly, {it had been} tough to play. I thought that {it could} keep spiking. {To begin with}, {I purchased} it when I thought that {it had been} new news. I thought {that} spike would {continue}. So, perhaps, I probably could have… I don’t know. {You understand} {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} say, “Okay, {I possibly could} have waited.” But, {easily} had waited, {imagine if} {it turned out} breaking news, {and} the stock is in the sevens or eights by {enough time} I say, “Oh!” {And}, {the next time}, I say, “Oh, I shouldn’t have waited, {I will} have just bought.”

{I believe} that {I did so}, probably, {the great thing}, which {got it}, {you understand}, alert it, saying like, “Look, this thing {really can} spike,” {and} simply exit {once the} price action wasn’t going my way. {You understand}, {section of the|area of the|portion of the} {reason} I {raised} John Papa making $12 grand in {per month} is {he} had losses {initially}, and he still {includes a} few losses {occasionally}, {nevertheless, you} basically {need to} just control your losses when you’re wrong.

And I’m replaying {the complete} trade, {you understand}, {in my own} head again. I don’t think {I’d} {did} anything differently, {you understand}. I would {not need} waited because {i quickly} {may have} missed {from} this perfect play. {I’d} {not need} not cut my losses because {once again} {and much more} people started {determining} that {it had been} old news, {you understand}, the stock could just {continue} down. {You understand}, maybe, I… I don’t know. Like, {must i} have sold half? But, I don’t… {You understand}, if the stock {is certainly going} right, {i quickly} {desire to} sell half, maybe take profits and {allow} {spouse} go, {if the} stock isn’t going right, I don’t {desire to} just sell half, hold, and hope. {You understand}, hope {isn’t} {a technique}.

So, I’m perfectly fine {with this particular}. I’m protecting my account. I’m protecting my profits overall, on the week, on the month, on {the entire year}, forever. {Which} is the {sort of} speculative trade that, frankly, just didn’t go my way because it’s {much less} simple {once we} {want}. If {the news headlines} was brand-new, like I thought {it had been} initially when I first got in, {you understand}, this would {be considered a} huge profit, {which} lesson {wouldn’t normally} be questioning how I traded or anything, {it could} just be {about how exactly} {to identify} it, and {that might be} using, {you understand}, StocksToTrade Twitter scans. I wish {that has been} the lesson, but sometimes stuff doesn’t go {the right path} and you {need to} learn {to cope with} it.

So, {this may} still spike on day two. {You understand}, {it had been} up-trending {around} the close. It’s up-trending after hours to the 5.50. So, I didn’t {need to} cut my losses, but {I love} {getting away from} trades {if they} don’t go my way. {I love} {getting away from} trades when my initial thesis is busted. {You understand}, if you {understand why} video, watch it {perhaps a} few times, {due to} it {sort of}, you know… I don’t {have sufficient} {time and energy to} plan this. Like, I’m just, I’m {letting you know} {the} sequence of events, where I saw it spiking, I saw the tweets, why {I purchased} it, why I cut my losses. {I’d like} {one to} see everything.

But, long story short, when in doubt, {escape}. So, {in the event that you} {understand why} lesson, leave that comment underneath this video, saying, “When in doubt, {escape}.” {You understand}, there’ll be other plays {once the} news is brand-new, and {the news headlines} {could keep} spiking the stock. Could this {keep coming back} and get {back again to} its highs of 5.75? Yes. {AM I GOING TO} regret {escaping .}? No, because my thesis was busted. I don’t care {easily} win or lose 5, or 10, or 15 cents a share on a $5 stock. I specifically {experienced} this {convinced that} this thing, {you understand}, was a rocket ship {which} thing could really spike. {So when} {that has been} not {that which was} happening, who cares? Who cares {easily} make 5 or 10 cents a share? Who cares {easily} lose 5 or 10 cents a share? My thesis is busted. {I’ve} doubts.**

So, I follow that rule: when in doubt, {escape}. And {in cases like this}, {up to now}, I didn’t {need to}, {however in} many cases and {generally}, {you will need to} {escape} {to safeguard} yourself {from the} bigger loss. {The forex market} {is quite} forgiving. {The forex market} is {sort of} crazy. Like, it spoils {lots of|plenty of} newbies, where you don’t {need to be} so conservative in loss cutting. You don’t {need to be} so quick {to obtain} out. {After all}, POTN {is a great|is an excellent} example. When I alerted this thing and {I purchased} it, {you understand}, in the 30s, {it had been} {an ideal} breakout. {This is exactly what} POTN {did}. I mean, {the following}, when it broke 30, {that is} when {I purchased} it several days ago, {and today} the thing, {you understand}, has tripled to 90 cents. And {do you know what}? {I purchased} it at 30, and I sold it, like, {you understand}, at 33. I made my 10%.**

{Since it} turned out, {it had been} a triple over {fourteen days}, so {many people} were like, “Oh, Tim, you so underestimated it.” I still made $1,500.** I was teaching {several} students {personally} there. But, also, {you need to} understand, {After all}, {this is actually the} single hottest stock in {the complete} market. {I acquired} {just a little} lucky being in {the proper} place at {the proper} time, {however the} chart was perfect, the breakout was perfect, {also it} was a hot sector, {so that it} wasn’t totally random.

But, {what you should|what you ought to} understand {concerning this} market is that it’s okay {to obtain} out {a touch too} early, or very early {regarding} POTN. With CDXC, with my {sort of} play, it’s okay to play it overly safe. {I understand} you don’t {view it}, but {the forex market} {includes a} habit of spoiling {lots of|plenty of} you newbies, and the lessons that I teach won’t necessarily matter {at this time}, but in {another} market, {you will need to} protect yourselves. So, I’m {likely to} {educate you on} good habits. I’m {likely to} {educate you on} overly safe habits. {I’d} greatly prefer you guys to be overly safe. {I’d} greatly prefer you guys to {secure} 10%, to cut in {increases in size} on POTN, on speculative stocks {such as this}, and so {a touch too} soon, or {soon}, {much too} soon, and {you need to be} safe. {In the event that you} learn bad habits and trade overly aggressively, {at this time} {you may be|you could be} getting rewarded, {however in} {another} market, {you’ll get} crushed.

So, {for me personally}, I’ll {get yourself a} {bit more} aggressive {once in a while}, but deep down, {the key reason why} I’ve {prevailed} {in the last} two decades, {the key reason why} I’m in this game, {the key reason why} I’ve made millions, {the key reason why} my big losses have really been compacted down, {the key reason why} {I’ve} {probably the most} millionaire students is, {I favor} safety over gun-slinging. So, if your {number 1} complaint with me is that I take profits {prematurely}, I cut losses {prematurely}, I play overly safe, {I’ll} take that complaint as a compliment because, again, in {another} market, {you’ll get} destroyed {if you don’t} follow my {forms of} safety rules. But, it’s {your decision}. All {I could} do is {make an effort to} {demonstrate}, and I’ll {demonstrate} exactly how {to control} losses. I’ll {demonstrate} {just how} to take {the chance} and reduce it in {very cheap stocks}. {You understand}, we’re trading {probably the most} volatile stocks {on the planet|on earth}.

So, anyway, I’m {pleased with} it. {You understand}, I’m {pleased with} this month, roughly $1,000 {each day} in profits.** And {I must say i} encourage you guys {to utilize} StocksToTrade, {utilize the} scans, {you understand}, use these big-percent gain scans and big-dollar gains scans. Earnings win, {not really much}, right now {at the very least}. Use these custom news scans and custom Twitter scans. {You understand}, I’ll include some video lessons underneath this video, too, {on how best to} filter news scans and Twitter scans. {We’ve} the videos. {We’ve} the software. {Way too many} of you guys just aren’t {deploying it}.

But, long story short, {the very best} lesson {out of this} video: when in doubt, {escape}. If you {recognize that}, leave a comment underneath this video. I’ll see you in the chatroom tomorrow. We’ve got another busy week or Monday. Here’s {to locating} {another} hot stocks!

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