The math of a million-dollar {web business}

I never thought my blog {will be a} million dollar {web business}. In fact, {the very first time|the 1st time} {it just happened}, I didn’t {even understand}. {Among} my {associates} emailed me {in the center of} {the night time} and attached this image:


I had no idea.

When I was writing today’s post, my co-workers were like, “{Just what exactly} did you do?? Did you throw {a celebration}? {Purchase a} car? What happened??”

I was like, nothing, I said that’s cool, {back again to} work. They rolled their eyes. CLASSIC INDIAN MOVE

It didn’t hit me until later. The milestone {that basically} meant {too much to} me was making my first $100. That meant {I possibly could} make $1,000, which meant {I possibly could} make $10,000 and later $1 million {and much more}.

When I say hitting a million dollars wasn’t {concerning the} money, {this is exactly what} {After all}. I don’t worship my {bank-account}. What really matters is never {needing to} {be worried about} travel, or rent, or {looking after} {my children}. And {the amount of money} simply allowed me {to call home} a life of MORE. More success, {more pleasurable}, more family, {and much more} giving back.

I want {exactly the same} for you, {which explains why} I want {one to} make MORE {important}. And I {described} how it’s {an easy task to} want more – {however when} it {boils down} to actually {Setting it up}, nobody wants {one to} actually change.

The world wants {one to} stay vanilla.

Just look what happened {on the} weekend! Some guy saved {around} eat at a high-end NYC restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, and posted {a lot of} pictures from his meal.

The comments are hilarious. {Over fifty percent} {of these} call the meal “ridiculous” and {discuss} how {they might} NEVER eat there (insert snooty eye roll).

Do you see what’s going on here? {To the} guy, dining {as of this} restaurant is his dream. He carefully saved his money {in order to} afford this superlative experience. He went {from the} DREAMER to a DO-ER.

The {remaining} commenters just shit on his dreams. “{Just what a} waste! {I possibly could} eat at Dairy Queen 87 times with that!”

The world wants {one to} stay vanilla.

But {I’d like} you to {have more}, whatever {which means} {for you}. It doesn’t matter {if you need to|in order to} eat at a $225-a-person restaurant, or take your nieces and nephews to {an incredible} {trip to} the zoo, or {pay back} your parents’ debt. You define what MORE {methods to} you.

So now the question is, {how can you} {obtain it}?

BAD: Setting delusional goals


GOOD: {A straightforward}, systematic {group of} steps that build on {one another}.

Yes, {you need to be|you ought to be|you have to be} investing. I’ve been {authoring} this {for a long time}. {In the event that you} haven’t started yet, {just click here} and catch up.

Yes, {you need to} find your Dream Job {and obtain} paid what you’re worth. I’ve {been} showing you {just how} {to get} your dream job, bypass online job sites, and master your interview and negotiations {for a long time}.

Shit, I {have even} {an incredible} tip {on which} {related to} low gas prices!

But now, we’re {discussing} starting {an internet business}.

This is something special because it’s {more complex}, {more difficult}, but {offers you} MORE rewards {and much more} options…without {needing to} wait 30 years.

Your successful {web business} {enables you to} afford {just about any} luxury {this season} – {and it’ll} continue generating income {when you} sleep.

Just like {my very own} {web business}:


YOU DECIDE: {The very best} part? {You select} how big {you need} {your website} to be. {It is simple to} {develop a} small, simple, automated business that {earns} a $100 {per month}. That’s fun money.


Or {it is possible to} {create a} sales machine that scales {around} $1,000,000 {per year} ({or even more}).


Let me {demonstrate} how:

The math of a million-dollar online business

If {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} {create a} million dollars online, {you’ve got a} {large amount of} choices:

  • $50 product x 20,000 sales
  • $100 product x 10,000 sales
  • $200 product x 5,000 sales
  • $500 product x 2,000 sales
  • $1,000 product x 1,000 sales

ATTENTION PEOPLE SHRIEKING {THAT} IS OVERLY SIMPLISTIC: Yeah, {I understand}. It’s a model. {The main point is} {showing} you that generating $1 million {isn’t} some mythical, unattainable goal {that you could} never get. {You utilize} models to {start to see the} possibilities, {you then} go deeper {to create} it happen.

For {lots of|plenty of} you, just seeing the numbers is eye-opening.

For {a few of} you, you’ll {need to know|wish to know} {just how} to go from the math to building {an internet business} machine – {locating the} idea, the traffic, packaging and productizing and pricing.

But don’t {be worried about} that right yet. {For the present time}, {I wish to|I would like to} {concentrate on} the math.

For now, {what you ought to} know is: $1,000,000 {isn’t} magic. It’s math.


The key {would be to} stop thinking {when it comes to|with regards to} trading {your time and effort} for money {and begin} {thinking about} systems. That’s what {an internet business} is – a sales machine that does {the task} {for you personally}. You front-load {the task} and keep profiting {as a result} {every year}.

(That’s why my business grows {even though} I’m {on holiday}.)

So, {go through the} math above, {when you have} a $1,000 product and make just 1 sale {each day}, you’ll hit $1,000,000 {in under} {3 years}.

Remember, {even though you} {elect to} do 1/10th {of this}, that’s $100,000 – life-changing, quit-your-job money, especially since it’s {a secured asset} that grows {as time passes}.

The real magic comes {once you} {put in a} second product. {And} a third. {Have a look at} this video {which ultimately shows} {ways to} start with {a straightforward} $50 ebook and scale {your organization} {around} $1,000,000.

By {just how}, I don’t care {if you opt to} make $5,000 or $1,000,000 – {it creates} no difference {if you ask me}. {The main point is} {to get} started. {YOU SELECT} what more is, {and you also} {determine how} much {you intend to} make. {I could} {assist you to} at each level.

Do you {observe how} this is {this type of} different approach from {everything you} hear in the media? {It might be} {possible for} me {to create} some post about {charge card} {interest levels} or {the most recent} savings account. {Or even to} tell you {how lousy} the economy is.

I think you demand more of me than that. And I demand more of you {than simply} reading {another|just one more} post and feeling motivated {for just two} 2 hours.

I want more {for you personally} {this season}. But it’s {insufficient} to {want to buy}. {We must} do {the task} {to obtain} it.

This distinction between dreaming and doing {is the reason why|is excatly why} 95% {of individuals} will not {have more} – {but you’ll}.

Do {you understand} your earning potential?

Take my earning potential quiz {and obtain} a custom report {predicated on} {your specific} strengths, {and find out} {how to begin} making {extra cash} – in {less than} {one hour}.

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