The Buzz On Cannabis Stocks [Infographic]

Marijuana stocks {certainly are a} crazy sector. Traders either love ‘em or hate ‘em… 

Personally, I don’t have favorite sectors or stocks. I’m {about} {the latest} opportunities.

And marijuana stocks {can provide} great opportunities – with {the proper} catalyst. {Despite the fact that} they’re quiet {at this time}, any news about legalization, tweets, or legislation changes can move these stocks FAST.

This list {would be to} help you {plan} when – or if – {that occurs}. So make your trading plans now {and become} {prepared to} strike {once the} time’s right.

Here’s what I’m watching and why…

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{IN THE EVENT YOU} Trade Marijuana Stocks?

First, {you must never} blindly trade someone else’s picks. {Not} mine.

{I’d like} you to {learn how to} choose stocks to trade and create smart trading plans. That’s {ways to} really {make the most of|benefit from} hot sectors and trading opportunities.

You’ve gotta {consider what} makes stocks move, how they move, and {everything you} can {study from} these movements for future trades.

I’m watching marijuana stocks because they’re volatile. {Most are} former runners, {plus they} can {move ahead} news and hype.

Any new development {is actually a} potential catalyst for a spike.

But before {you obtain} too excited thinking you’ll {discover the} Tesla of marijuana stocks … Do yourself a favor and {return back} and study history.

I’ve seen {this type of|this sort of} crazy action before … In 2018, marijuana stocks went nuts on news that Canada legalized recreational {usage of} weed on a federal level. What happened almost {soon after} legalization day came and went? {All of the} weed stocks crashed.

Some even tanked to new all-time lows.

So {figure out how to} trade these stocks. Don’t {spend money on} them {longterm}. {Anticipate to} strike {whenever a} stock fits your pattern and strategy. Always {adhere to} your trading plan and rules {rather than} believe the hype.

Now, let’s {reach} {the very best} marijuana stocks I’m watching…

{Top} 10 Marijuana Stocks {to view}

Remember, {it is a} watchlist . There’s no guarantee {these} stocks will fit your trading pattern or style. {And when} you blindly {get them} hoping for {the very best}, you’re {by yourself}. That’s not what this watchlist is for…

If that’s your plan, {It is advisable to} {save your valuable} money and paper trade {and soon you} figure out {a technique} that works {for you personally}.

Use my stock picks {to comprehend} {the idea} process behind how I {create a} watchlist {so that you can} work {to create} {your personal}.

Here’s my {set of} marijuana stocks {to view} in March 2021…

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #1: GW Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: GWPH)

GWPH reported earnings on February 16. Last month {the business} announced it’s being acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: JAZZ). The transaction {is defined} to close in {the next} quarter {of the} year.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #2: Greenrose Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: GNRS)

GNRS isn’t technically a marijuana stock – yet. It’s {a particular} acquisition company (SPAC) that’s {seeking to} merge with {a small business} in the cannabis sector.

SPACs {have already been} hot {this season}. {Watch out for} news of an acquisition or merger.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #3: Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON)

CRON {is really a} manufacturer and distributor of hemp supplements and cosmetics.

{The business} recently reported fourth-quarter earnings.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #4: HEXO Corp. (NYSE: HEXO)

HEXO {is because of} release fourth-quarter earnings in premarket on March 18.

{Learn to|Figure out how to|Discover ways to} read earnings reports here.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #5: Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC)

CGC {is among the} largest Canadian marijuana stocks. On March 2, {the business} announced the release of its CBD-infused sparkling water in the U.S. {The merchandise} has been {obtainable in} Canada since {this past year}.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #6: Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ: APHA)

APHA is another Canadian marijuana stock. It’s {because of} complete its merger with Tilray, Inc. sometime in {the next} quarter {this season}.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #7: Akerna Corp. (NASDAQ: KERN)

KERN {is really a} tech company that operates a software platform serving the cannabis industry. {In addition, it} operates a tracking system {created for} government agencies. Its tech recently {discovered that} {the buyer} demographic for cannabis is shifting toward women.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #8: Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. (OTCQB: GLDFF)

Golden Leaf {is really a} low-priced OTC marijuana stock. On February 26, {the business} announced it entered a non-binding letter of intent {to get} a chain of {shops}.

Golden Leaf executive chairman John Varghese said, “{We shall} announce further {information regarding} this transaction upon the signing of a definitive purchase agreement.”

{Browse the} full {news release} here.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #9: The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (OTCQX: TGODF)

TGODF {is because of} announce fourth-quarter earnings after-hours on March 9.

Never {make an effort to} predict earnings. {Await} {the marketplace} to react before {planning for a} potential trade.

Marijuana Stocks {to view} #10: Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTCPK: MJNA)

On March 3, MJNA announced that its subsidiary’s Japanese division had record sales in February.

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Conclusion: {IN THE EVENT YOU} Trade Marijuana Stocks?

{With regards to} trading {very cheap stocks}, volatility {will probably be your} friend. Marijuana stocks have {a lot of} volatility and hype {at this time}, so they’re {developing a} ton of opportunities.

But that doesn’t mean {you need to} trade just any stock in the sector. You’ve {surely got to} be diligent about {your quest} and studying. Only {pick the} setups and patterns that {do the job}.

{If you need to|In order to} {take full advantage of} weed stock opportunities, you’ve {surely got to} {spend money on} your education account first.

I share my 20+ years of experience trading {very cheap stocks} with new traders {in my own} Trading Challenge. {I’d like} anyone who’s {focused on} {make the most of|benefit from} what I’ve learned – both {bad and the good}.

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If you’re accepted ({you need to} apply and I only accept dedicated traders), you’ll {access} {a great deal of} video lessons, live trading, and Q&A webinars. Plus, {you may get|you will get|you can find|you can obtain} trading commentary from me and {the very best} traders and moderators {in my own} Challenge chat room.

I purposefully trade with {a little} account {therefore i} can be {on a single} level as new traders. I also show {each and every} trade publicly {therefore i} {may use} every trade as a lesson.

But don’t apply if you’re {seeking to get} rich quick. That’s not what I teach. Trading isn’t easy. {You need to} study, work hard, and {devote} {enough time} and dedication.

{Prepared to} {begin}? Apply today.

What {do you consider} about these marijuana stocks {to view}? Are {these} tickers {on your own} watchlist? {I want to} know in the comments, {I enjoy} hear from you!

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