{The best} checking, savings and {charge card} accounts

Here we {review} what {the best} {charge card} account is. I’ll also {offer you} reasons {as to the reasons} {to choose} this account.

Ramit Sethi

I’ll {get this to} quick. {That is} about {the best} {charge card} account.

I was watching Oprah {1 day}, because {I’m} basically a middle-aged woman, and realized that she does something fascinating.

She recommends SPECIFIC {Answers to} her audience’s problems.

Compare this {to many} “experts,” who hate naming specific products because they’re afraid {to be} {viewed as} biased. (Or, worse, they won’t use their platform {to market} products unless {they will have} {some type of} revenue-share deal secured.)

Total BS. Maybe 3% of my readers {really need to} wade through page after page of credit-card offers {to choose} {the very best} one. {A lot of people} just want someone knowledgeable {to inform} them {the very best} account.  And my readers {understand that} {easily} use {a merchant account}, I probably spent months researching it because I’m {an enormous} weirdo.

This {is among the} {explanations why} you see me naming names {in my own} book, or on TV/radio. I’m totally comfortable {letting you know} which accounts {will be the} best – and worst – {so that you can} just {opt for} my recommendation {and obtain} on {together with your} life.

In {the final} month, I’ve gotten more emails {than ever before} asking which accounts {I take advantage of}. When I respond, “{Perhaps you have} read my book?” {most of them} ask if I’ve updated my recommendations {because the} 2009 pub date.

And actually, {I’ve} updated {the best} accounts {since that time}. {For instance}, I stopped {utilizing a} certain account {since it} started sucking, and I replaced it with {a different one}.

So, I wrote {several} {blogs} of {the best} accounts.

These {are essential} because you {will get} immense rewards {from your own} checking account, {checking account}, and (especially) {charge card}.

I tested these with about 50,000 members of my Insiders’ List {plus they} told me {they were|we were holding} {the best|among the best} emails I’ve sent all year.

Best Credit Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
The Chase Sapphire Preferred {is an excellent|is a good|is a superb} first step {in to the} world of rewards {bank cards}.

Also {browse the} Best Checking Accounts and Best Savings Accounts

What Insider Members said

“Awesome Awesome Newsletter!  {I acquired} {swept up} in the XXX bullshit {aswell}.  Loved that card and racked up {a huge amount of} miles!  {Will undoubtedly be} grabbing the XXX {once you} shoot me your link.”
– Adam B.

This week’s blogs are saving me {lots of time}.  I {had a need to} change my accounts {and you also} did {all of the} research {for me personally}!  {Many thanks}!
– Steve

“Just {wished to} tell you {just how much} {I love} your insightful – and witty – e-mails. You’re {certainly} {the best} personal finance guru ({to the stage} where I force {my children} and friends to {sit back} and {pay attention to} passages {from your own} book/e-mails).”
– Kristen M.

“This week’s emails are saving me {lots of time}.  I {had a need to} change my accounts {and you also} did {all of the} research {for me personally}!  I opened a XXX {bank checking account} yesterday {now} I will {obtain a} {charge card}.”
– Steve S.

Thanks Ramit! {I simply} got {the application form} form from XXX. ({I simply} graduated college, {therefore i} was {thinking about} switching banks and checking accounts anyway – {I simply} didn’t know {from what}.)”
– Michael C.

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