The 5 Best Time Management Tips (for ultra busy people)

In this post we’re {likely to} talk time management tips. But first, let’s {focus on} a gut check. {Can you} agree with {these} statements?

  • “I’m busier than {a lot of people}”
  • “Whenever I {make an effort to} manage my time, something {arises} to ruin {the complete} system”
  • “I’ve tried time management software and apps, {however they} never work”

We {prefer to} think we’re special snowflakes {with regards to} time management, {nevertheless, you}, {everyone} can {relate with} {the majority of the} quotes above.

So how {could it be} that {some individuals} seem to {get yourself a} gargantuan {level of|quantity of} things accomplished… {as the} rest {folks} struggle {merely to} get through {your day}?

TRUTH #1: {Most of us} have {exactly the same} {timeframe}. Some just manage their time better.

TRUTH #2: Time management isn’t about super-secret tactics or fancy apps. It’s about your mindset and simple – but powerful – shifts in {the method that you|the way you} approach your to-dos.

Time Management Tips {IT IS POSSIBLE TO} Implement Today

I {desire to} {offer you} 5 time management tips {it is possible to} implement today to {manage} {your time and effort}.

Set these up once, and you’ll reap {the huge benefits} forever. {The very best} part is, {do not require} {need a} special app or software.

Hundreds of my students {purchased} these exact systems. Doing {among the} 5 {can help you save} hours {every week}. All 5 {can save you} {at the very least} 10 hours {weekly}.

Think {about this}. That’s over 40 hours {every single} month ({a whole} workweek of time!).

I recommend you {focus on} {one that} {you discover} most impactful and work {the right path} through the list {on the} coming weeks. Then watch the overwhelm disappear.

Tip 1: {Ensure it is} stupid {an easy task to} say “No”

How {often} this month have {friends and family} ({as well as} you!) said something like…

  • “Sorry, something came up. I’ll catch you {the next time}”
  • “I don’t know {easily} {can perform} that. I’m just so swamped {at the job}, {you understand}?”
  • “I’m too busy {to achieve that} {at this time}. I’ll {reach} it later”

All {folks} – CEOs, politicians, Ph.D candidates, mothers of 2 – have {exactly the same} 24 hours {per day}. It’s OK {to identify} when “{virtually no time}” {is truly a} blanket excuse for not doing something you don’t {wish to accomplish}.

When {you’re} saying {the} phrases above, stop and evaluate why.

Maybe it’s {not just a} priority {for you personally} right now. {Perhaps you} just really don’t {wish to accomplish} it. {Both these} thoughts are perfectly fine. We’ll save everyone {lots of time|considerable time} and effort by recognizing (and {functioning on}) what’s really going on.

ACTION STEP: {Next time} someone {gives you} an invitation, {rather than} saying “I don’t have time,” be honest {using them} and yourself. {You may also|You can also} {utilize this} exact script: “That sounds really interesting, but I’m {likely to} pass {therefore i} can {concentrate on} a couple {other activities} I really {wish to accomplish}.”

This will:

  1. Make others value {your time and effort} and commitments
  2. Force {one to} be honest with yourself about what’s important
  3. Free up your mental energy to {be worried about} things {you truly} care about

Tip 2: Purge the tiny time-sucks

We all face daily annoyances {inside our} lives {which are} so tiny, they’re almost embarrassing {to speak about}.

  • Oh god, {I must} wrap my hair dryer up and put it in the medicine cabinet??
  • I don’t {have sufficient} hangers for my coat, {therefore i} {need to} store them in two separate closets. Waahh….
  • My garbage can is {sort of} ugly. Also, I hate {needing to} bend over, shove it {back}, and fiddle around with it to close the cabinet

But these minor annoyances {accumulate}. It’s like {likely to} the beach and walking {right into a} swarm of mosquitoes. One isn’t {so very bad}, but if you’re getting bitten {by way of a} hundred {of these}, {you’ve got a} serious problem.

We keep {enduring} these distractions {every single day}, not recognizing the invisible cost {of every} individual annoyance. We never make {the bond} between these 50 tiny inconveniences… and the BIG {items that} we always seem too tired {to accomplish}.

But those little annoyances are like motivation mosquitoes. They suck you dry one bite {at the same time}.

We say, “{I want} motivation,” but we {curently have} enough. {The thing is} we’re spending it, one ounce {at the same time}, on tiny BS problems.

ACTION STEP: {Create a} {set of} every tiny annoyance in {your entire day} (here’s mine).

  • Maybe {you merely} have 2 coffee mugs, {and that means you|which means you} {need to} wash one every morning
  • Maybe {you will need a} new shower curtain, but last time you {visited} Target, {these were} all sold out
  • Maybe half your pants {come in} your closet and half {come in} your drawer, {and that means you|which means you} have to {return back} and forth every morning

It’s not shallow to want {to possess a|to get a} smooth day. {Actually}, top performers go out {of these} way {to identify} these motivation mosquitoes – those tiny annoyances that drain your mental reservoir – and purge with prejudice.

Now, {the best} part!

One-by-one, schedule {with time} to fix {all of them}. Put {a genuine} appointment {on your own} calendar to order {a fresh} curtain, organize your dresser, or {look for} cool new mugs.

Then put a recurring item {on your own} calendar {to recognize} {your brand-new} time-sucking annoyances {and obtain} {gone} them every quarter. You’ll be amazed at how {your entire day} changes when small problems vanish.

Tip 3: If it’s not {on your own} calendar, it doesn’t exist

My friend asked me how I manage my to-dos. I pulled up my calendar and showed him {just how} I run {my entire life}: If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist.

Look {as of this} one item:

This {is really a} random to-do that {I’d} normally {devote} {the trunk} of my head… {also it} would never {have finished}. Instead, I added it to my calendar {so that it} always gets done.

ACTION STEP: Stop putting things {on your own} “to-do” list. Instead, schedule actual time for them. Here’s {several} real items from my calendar:

  • Call cable company
  • Clean stupid box of papers
  • Mail letter to friend

Advanced tip: {It is possible to} {setup|create} weekly, monthly, and quarterly “to-dos” for {things such as} reviewing your systems, planning an annual negotiation, {as well as} checking in {on your own} relationship.

Tip 4: Get information {from your} brain and into action

Now {I wish to|I would like to} show you {a straightforward} system {I take advantage of} that helps me stay extremely productive. I call it the Iceberg Method.

I {made a decision to} share the Iceberg Method once {I acquired} this question from an IWT reader:

“I read {lots of|plenty of} influential things {each day} from people {as if you}, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, etc. {All the} topics you discuss {and folks} you link are insightful and {will often have} {significant amounts of} value and takeaways. However, {even though} distilling it {right down to} bullet points on {bits of} paper, {it could} all {be} {too much to} {ingest} (that’s {just how much} value {there’s}!), {and frequently} it’s {an easy task to} forget some or {everything}. What is {the procedure} {you utilize} to internalize information {such as this} and {ensure it is} {part of} your everyday thinking, {instead of} {yet another} sheet of notepaper?”

You’re probably like Rick {and in addition} read {all of this} stuff {each day}. So how {can you} apply what you’ve learned?

Use the Iceberg Method. {This can} {assist you to} actually USE {everything you} learn {without needing to} search and reread before {putting it on}. {The very best} part is, you don’t {need to} waste critical mental resources {attempting to} retain or remember everything you’ve read.

Even better, you’ll be 30% of {just how} done on any project – before you even start it.

I recorded this video {to talk about} how {I take advantage of} this:

ACTION STEP: {Begin by} {considering} your email inbox.

Most {folks} have months-old emails sitting stagnant because “someday” we’ll {have to} reference them. Tag these emails and file them away {so that they} are {from your} brain {and you also} don’t waste mental energy {every day} reviewing them.

Tip 5: {Decide}. And move on

Recently, {among} my students {in my own} Brain Trust group asked me which book she should read first – X or Y.

Look {within my} response:

Stop wasting time deliberating minor decisions. Stop agonizing over optimizing small decisions {that may|which will} {haven’t any} meaningful {effect on} {your daily life}. Pick something – and {move ahead}.

In other words, BE DECISIVE!

It’s {an easy task to} {be considered a} control freak. (I say that as {a person who|somebody who} {was previously} one… {but still} is {using} {regions of} life.)

But {you then} create massive to-do lists, {end up being the} bottleneck to your co-workers and family, and set yourself {around} {function as} martyr because “nobody else {can perform} it like {I really do}.”

It’s actually harder to {have a} hard look at yourself and admit: “I’m a cognitive miser – {I’ve} limited attention and willpower. So I’m {likely to} spend my limited time {concentrating on} {items that} really matter. And I’m {likely to} {decide} – ANY decision {with regards to} {things that} don’t matter.”

This took me {a long time} {to essentially} “get.” And beneath {everything} {may be the} very real {issue of} perfectionism. I realized {I possibly could} spend {at all times|constantly|on a regular basis|continuously} {on the planet|on earth} {to create} “perfect” decisions… or {I possibly could} actually have {a direct effect} on {the planet} by {concentrating on} {items that} matter.

This is liberating. {This means} {the majority of the} decisions I used to {be worried about} don’t matter. {THEREFORE I} pick something and {move ahead} – {therefore i} can {concentrate on} the decisions {that} matter.

ACTION STEP: {Decide} you can {adhere to} {with regards to} something you shouldn’t be wasting time deliberating. {For instance}:

  • President Obama wears {exactly the same} suit every day
  • I made {a listing of} restaurants and coffee shops {I love}, {and when} I’m having {a small business} meeting, {I usually} meet at {hands down the} same 3

I’m {ready to} bet you deliberate over decisions {that truly} make no difference at all. {Can you} {spending some time} researching airline fares {to save lots of} $50? {Can you} open 15 {track of} the different {forms of} underwear {to get}?

What’s {a location} of life where you’ve deliberated way, {a significant amount of}? {Enabling you to} just pick something – ANYTHING! – and {move ahead} with life?

Advanced Systems: Create habits {it is possible to} stick to

As {you might have} noticed, our struggles {as time passes} management {are actually} struggles with creating habits – {which explains why} I {come up with} {the most effective} material on setting goals, creating habits that stick, riding motivational waves, and getting back {on the right track} {should anyone ever} fall off.

If you’re {prepared to} stop making excuses, {use} {of this} rut, and {create a} major change {that you experienced}, this free guide is {for you personally}.

Take {a glance at} what’s inside:

  • How to {awaken} productive {and obtain} more done by noon than {a lot of people} do {all day long} (covered {partly} 2)
  • “{EASILY} wasn’t so lazy, I’d ____.” I’ll {educate you on} {how exactly to} keep accomplishing goals {even though} you “don’t {feel just like} it.” (covered {partly} 3)
  • Ever spent a busy day {filled up with} distractions – answering emails and putting out fires – and walked away feeling {as if you} finished nothing? I’ll {demonstrate} {how exactly to} stay laser-focused on tasks and eliminate distractions (covered {partly} 6)

This guide includes HD videos, downloadable worksheets, lessons from the world’s leading experts on behavioral change, {and far}, {a lot more}.

So {take a look}. {Try} the techniques. {And revel in} the results {you obtain} for {the others} {you will ever have}.

Remember – building even one new habit around your fitness, {your organization}, or your relationships could change everything. This guide {demonstrates how} {to create} those habits {plus much more}.

YES, give me “{Obtain the} Ultimate Guide to Habits {Proven} {approaches for} making habits stick” — for life

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