The 4 Hour Work Week: how it changed {my entire life} in 2 hrs (+ review)

4 Hour Work Week Book Cover

Reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” {is similar to} having Tim Ferriss grab you by the hair, shake you, and say {WHAT’S} WRONG WITH YOU!?! {YOU SHOULD EMPLOY} {THESE POINTERS} TO {BECOME MORE} EFFICIENT!!

Also, the tips work. GTD fans, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone who reads will learn tons from The 4-Hour Workweek.

I absolutely loved this book. {Actually}, within 2 hours of reading it, I had completely changed {just how} I handle email – and I already thought I was efficient.

Three days later, I had changed {just how} I handle followups and meetings. The book {is approximately} creating an infrastructure {so that you can} work only 4 hours {weekly} (a colorful metaphor) and use {your time and effort} to {last}, {rather than the} other way around.

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Tim describes that for his entire working style, including something fascinating I had {hardly ever really} considered: virtual admins.

He uses multiple virtual admins from {all over the world}. As he writes, “Indian and Chinese VAs…will run $4-$15 {each hour}, {the low} end being {limited by} simple tasks and {the bigger} end {like the} {exact carbon copy of} Harvard or Stanford M.B.A.s and Ph.D.s.”

Then he {continues on} {to spell it out} exactly {how exactly to} {use} virtual admins, including {how exactly to} give instruction, {how exactly to} {select the} best ones, and – this goes {the excess} mile – {the very best} URLs for finding virtual admins.

Why {can you} {require a} virtual admin? {Consider} {all of the} mindless things you do {on a monthly basis}: Booking reservations, calling up Wells Fargo to question some account activity, researching some minor point, writing a complaint letter, proofreading, scheduling, reminders, {and much more}.

Frankly, when I first {considered} it, it sounded ridiculous. {But} I {considered} {things such as} scheduling things and {coping with} {a great deal of} tiny requests {on a monthly basis} (“Fix that typo on that site!”), I realized how great {it might be|it will be|it could be} {in order to} just send {an instant} email to a virtual admin {to take care of} it – {particularly if} {these were} good. {These suggestions} (and the links provided to {the very best} admin sites) are worth {the cost of} the book alone.

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  • And {an excellent} lesson he illustrates:
  • “{For several} four years of school, I had {an insurance plan}. {EASILY} received anything {significantly less than} an A on {the initial} paper or non-multiple-choice in {confirmed} class, {I’d} bring 2-3 hours of questions to the grader’s office hours {rather than} leave {before} other had answered {all of them} or stopped out of exhaustion.

    This served two important purposes:

    1. I learned {just how} the grader evaluated work, including {his / her|their} prejudices and pet peeves

    2. The grader would think long and hard about ever giving me {significantly less than} an A.

    He or {she’d} never consider giving me {a negative} grade without exceptional {known reasons for} {doing this}, as {she or he} knew I’d come a’knocking for another three-hour visit. {Figure out how to} be difficult when it counts.

    In school as in life, having a reputation {to be} assertive {can help you} receive preferential treatment {without needing to} beg or fight {for this} {each and every time|each time}.

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    He embraces entrepreneurship and uses the book {to talk about} street-smart {strategies for} simplifying {your daily life}, automating {your projects}, being {far better} {together with your} email/communications, {reducing} interruptions, and {making use of your} {time and energy to} actually achieve something meaningful.

    I can’t recommend this book enough. {Actually}, if {the best} praise {it is possible to} {provide a} book is that you changed {how you} do things {due to} it, then this book gets {an excellent} review.

    Ready {to generate} {your personal} 4 hour work week?

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