The 36 Best Lessons I’ve Learned In Life

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Here’s an hourlong video I made today that {I’d like} {one to} watch from {starting to} end {when i} {desire to} share {all of the} {most significant} lessons I’ve learned {over time}.  Hopefully, {they are able to} help you {on your own} path {and obtain} you to {realize why} I’m so {enthusiastic about} creating more millionaire trading challenge students:

I’ll {understand this} important video transcribed shortly, but here’s my {set of} the 36 top lessons I’ve learned {over time}, leave a comment below this post with which #s speak {probably the most} {for you}!

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

36 Life Lessons

1. Cut Losses Quickly

2. Life is too short {to cope with} negative people/those with bad attitudes, {ensure it is} fun and exciting and only {cope with} {folks who are|individuals who are} positive and worth being around.

3. Money can’t buy happiness, {nonetheless it} {can purchase} freedom {that allows} {one to} find happiness {also to} get money {you will need} {to review} hard {and be} {a specialist} in {at the very least} 1 subject

4. Travel EVERYWHERE and {find out about} our amazing world and meet amazing people everywhere!

5. Luxuries are nice, {however the} happiest people I meet {may also be} the poorest {because they are} grateful {for} life itself so never lose sight of what really matters in life

6. We’re {in an exceedingly} unique {amount of time in} history with {the web} being {the main} invention in centuries {because the} printing press…don’t waste this opportunity, try multiple strategies and see what fits your personality best

7. People think billionaires are cool, they’re not…the few I’ve met and hung out with are weird as shit and mostly miserable, imprisoned by their $/fame, I only have {several} million in {the lender}, whenever it starts {addressing} 8 figures I donate more to charity and always will {to help keep} everything balanced (somewhat)

8. Dream big and study hard, there’s NOTHING you cannot accomplish {in the event that you} put {your brain} to it {regardless of} your background or {your geographical area}

9. Don’t let ANYONE {let you know} your limits, you’re {with the capacity of} {a lot more} than you or {other people} believes {and you also} might surprise yourself if you’re patient enough with any goal

10. {Show patience} and don’t expect success right away…don’t {quit} at {the initial} sign of an obstacle, {once you} do get successful, you’ll appreciate those obstacles that helped mold you

11. {Concentrate on} your health, {not only} physical health, {but additionally} mental health too, it matters…I wish I had realized this sooner.

12. Don’t be so strict and uptight {each day} {you will ever have}, let loose {and also have} a cheat day {once in a while}, {you merely} live once (that’s {not saying} live {each day} like it’s your last, that’s a recipe for disaster)

13. I’ve {heard about} {something} called work/life balance, but {each and every} successful person {I understand} doesn’t have it…how badly {would you like} success?

14. {A standard} life is boring…most millionaires have multiple streams of income, don’t just {depend on} {one technique} for everything, have multiple businesses and projects and {figure out how to} multi-task

15. Reward yourself {once you} {prosper} and accomplish {your targets} and don’t berate yourself too badly when things don’t go well, {utilize the} bad experiences as lessons {to accomplish} better.

16. Making millions isn’t as easy {because so many} {on the net} claims, {nonetheless it} is possible {to accomplish} within a {couple of years} as proven {right now} {Many of} my students…and {I’ve} {a lot more} six-figure students

17. {Can get on} {social media marketing} and {utilize it} to amplify your voice/show off your expertise, it’s good to be real in {this point in time}, so many fakers afraid {showing} their real names, ENTIRE {background}

18. Become {a specialist} in {anything you} love, it doesn’t matter how weird {a distinct segment} {it really is}, there’s $ everywhere {nowadays}

19. {In the event that you} focus on {everything you} love and fail you’re still happy, but {in the event that you} succeed at something you don’t love you’re {unhappy}, hence why it’s okay to fail

20. Failure {is really a} {section of} EVERY journey, don’t {be frightened} of it, embrace it and {study from} it

21. You don’t {need to} fail spectacularly {to understand} spectacularly, aim small, miss small {and} adapt in the {quest for} success

22. You don’t {need to} {remove} loans or steal or use leverage, if you’re diligent, hard-working, competent and patient enough, $ and success {should come} to you {over time} {even though} you’re conservative {together with your} $

23. {A very important thing} {you are able to do|you can certainly do} is be happy and self-sufficient, THEN {be worried about} helping others

24. It took me {some time} {to get} my passion in teaching/charity work, {however now} that I’ve found it, I’m going hardcore with both…what {can you} love {and so are} you {concentrating on} it enough?

25. {A lot of people} never {uncover what} makes them truly happy and that’s truly sad, don’t make that mistake

26. {Focus on} building {your personal} dreams, not someone else’s

27. {Folks are} {concerned about} who they {go out} with and who they get influenced by, don’t {go out} with anyone {once in a while} and {concentrate on} yourself {and obtain} influenced by your heroes

28. {The planet} {could be} ending soon and there’s nothing {you are able to do|you can certainly do} {about any of it} so just maximize {each day} {and become} grateful for what time we do have

29. Don’t {be worried about} things you can’t control, don’t play CNBC-type guessing games, {concentrate on} {items that} are predictable {and} try {your very best}, like short selling pump and dumps or dip buying them for morning bounces on {the initial} big crack!

30. Be honest, helpful, hard-working and trustworthy…why {that is} {so difficult} for {more and more people} {I simply} don’t know? {Function as} change {you intend to} see {on the planet}.

31. {Get yourself a} mentor ASAP {since it} helps {increase} your learning curve…I {never really had} one so now {each day} I {play the role of} the mentor {for you} that I only dreamed of…one of my top students Steven Dux has turned $27k into $900k+ by learning from multiple mentors {in my own} Trading Challenge {which includes} {increased} his learning BIGTIME!

32. {Allow} world hate on {very cheap stocks} and weird niche strategies, the mainstream are mostly idiots and don’t get angry {concerning the} idiocy, be thankful {for this} {because it} opens up opportunities
33. {Seek out} {why is} you happy and embrace it, {even though} others {that you experienced} don’t, {You’re} {in charge of} YOU, nobody else is.

34. {Surrender} to {those that} {require a} little extra help, whether it’s {your cash} or time {or perhaps a} little TLC, it’s all helpful and appreciated and you’ll {feel great} about yourself too

35. Value friends, family, {individuals who} you are {near}, don’t shit on any relationship as life is long and {the very best} things {remember to} develop…I’m in year 10 of my teaching career and only {before} {12 months} has my Trading Challenge chatroom really become extraordinary with several millionaire traders alerting/mentoring in realtime…it took {plenty of} hard work/time {to access} this spot

36. {You need to be} real, you don’t {have to} pretend {so when} you do pretend {never to} make mistakes or be human, people know you’re faking it so cut that shit out {and folks} will respect you more {for} being human…no matter what some may say, we’re all human {and incredibly} alike so have {a bit more} faith in humanity!

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