The 20 {MOST EFFECTIVE} Publicists In Hollywood

As I’ve had {a great time} explaining {throughout a} {handful of} my weekly trading challenge webinars, I’ve met my fair share of {celebrities} throughout {my entire life}, even teaching {a number of them|many of them} {trading}! From Paris Hilton to Magic Johnson, my extravagant trips and {the fantastic} parties that {I’m} invited {to obtain} me {usage of} {a few of} Hollywood’s elite.

Tucci at the Hunger Games Premier!
Tucci at the Hunger Games Premier!
Woody at the Hunger Games Premier
Woody at the Hunger Games Premier
Magic Johnson!
Magic Johnson!
My buddy Spike Lee.
My buddy Spike Lee.
Showed Paris my Lambo!
Showed Paris my Lambo!
Hot-tubbing with Usher.
Hot-tubbing with Usher.
Working out with Beiber
{Training} with Beiber
Tebow Time
Tebow Time
Lena Del Ray has some great music!
Lena Del Ray has {some very nice} music!
Can’t forget this hockey star with the Stanley Cup playoffs happening!
Can’t forget this hockey star with the Stanley Cup playoffs happening!

That made me wonder, {that are} the powerful {individuals who} represent them? Well, Business Insider did {an excellent} article ( with {among the better}. So {meet up with the} 20 {most effective} publicists in Hollywood {along with the|and also the} people they represent!

Whether they’re crafting an actor’s image, babysitting a hard-partying starlet, fielding {calls} from press, or helming a multi-million dollar movie campaign, publicists are {an intrinsic} {section of the|area of the|portion of the} showbiz machine.

And they’re getting paid {a lot of money} {to take action}. “{The standard} services start at $4,500 {per month} and escalate toward what she calls ‘the high six figures’ annually for corporate clients,” reports one top Hollywood publicist in a 2011 {NY} Times profile. That’s actually {a fairly} good salary, {however they} have {a lot more} stressful jobs than {a lot of} my students and don’t have the freedom to work from anywhere (thanks wifi)!

20.) John Wentworth, Executive Vice President at CBS Television Distribution

Clients: “Dr. Phil,” “The Doctors,” “Rachel Ray,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Insider,” “Inside Edition,” “Excused,” “Judge Judy,” “Judge Joe Brown,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Jeopardy!” and “Swift Justice With Nancy Grace.”

Why he makes the list: He oversees the publicity of 12 syndicated shows. Before his current position at CBS, Wentworth was EVP of Marketing and Communications for 11 years at Paramount Network Television.

19.) Nicole Perna, BWR

Clients: Jessica Chastain, Chloe Moretz, Sharon Osbourne, Jenna Dewan, Lucy Hale, Johnny Galecki, Ryan Phillippe, Diane Kruger, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz.

Why she makes the list: Perna, who has been at BWR since 2002, was promoted in June {to greatly help} develop new {ways of} support talent in a changing digital landscape.

18.) Jill Fritzo, Publicist at PMK*BNC

Clients: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Brooke Shields, Shannen Doherty, Denise Richards, Kristin Chenoweth, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Strahan.

Why she makes the list: She reps all three of the Kardashian sisters. Nothing else really {must be} said. {This past year} alone, the Kardashian empire {taken in} roughly $65 million.

17.) Joy Fehily, Partner at Prime {PR} and Communications

Clients: Aaron Sorkin, Olivia Wilde, McG, Seth McFarlane and Graham King.

Why she makes the list: Joy {may be the} founding partner of PRIME {PR}, {that is a} Los Angeles-based firm providing communications, brand management, marketing, strategic planning and {social media marketing} services to the entertainment industry.

16.) Howard Bragman, Founder, {QUARTER-HOUR|15 MINUTES} PR

Clients: Stevie Wonder, Camille Grammer, Chaz Bono, Petra Ecclestone, Adrienne Maloof.

Why he makes the list: With over 30 years of PR experience, Bragman now serves {being an} ABC News Consultant for “{HELLO} America,” {may be the} resident {PR} Expert for “Entertainment Tonight,” resident Spin Doctor for HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight” and was a frequent contributor to “The Joy Behar Show.” {He could be} {the writer} of the book “Where’s My {QUARTER-HOUR|15 MINUTES}?,” has over 118,000 followers on Twitter and a {cope with} E! for a scripted series about PR – inspired by his real-life experiences. He’s {a problem|an issue}.

15.) Danica Smith, Publicist at PMK*BNC

Clients: Colin Farrell, Olivia Munn, Wanda Sykes, Mike Epps, Zach Braff, Matthew Fox, Michael Pena, Carmelo Anthony, Kim Cattrall.

Why she makes the list: Longtime publicist and PMK executive, Smith {is really a} masterful talent publicist representing actors, actresses, comedians, sports stars, and personalities.

14.) Nicole Perez-Krueger, Publicist, PMK*BNC

Clients: Matthew McConaughey, Christina Aguilera, Lauren Conrad, Jewel, Whitney Port, Marisa Miller, Stacy Keibler and Jeff Lewis.

Why she makes the list: A veteran entertainment industry publicist, Perez-Krueger joined PMK*BNC in June of 2011 from Rogers & Cowan. Perez-Krueger {comes with an} innate sense of media and {can be an} expert at managing the images of her high-profile clientele.

13.) Amanda Lundberg, co-head of 42West’s Entertainment Marketing Division

Clients: Tom Cruise, Kelly Ripa, Bobby & Peter Farrelly, “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig.

Why she makes the list: {Because the} co-head of 42West’s Entertainment Marketing Division, Lundberg oversees film release campaigns, awards campaigns, and publicity initiatives for filmmakers.

12.) Jill Hudson, VP of Publicity at FOX

Clients: Jill {may be the} lead publicist on two of Fox’s biggest shows, “American Idol” and “The X Factor.” She also used {to perform} publicity for the network’s longstanding hit, “The Simpsons.”

Why she makes the list: According to Gaude Paez, Vice President of Corporate Communications at FOX, “Jill {is among the} most well-liked and respected network publicists {I understand}, and I don’t think any {set of} top Hollywood publicists {will be} complete without her. Her {capability to} manage huge brands like ‘American Idol’ and ‘The X Factor’ and {use} high-profile talent like Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Britney Spears makes her {an enormous} asset for the FOX network.”

11.) Adam Keen, EVP, Worldwide Publicity & Corporate Communications at Relativity Media

Clients: Keen recently led the worldwide theatrical publicity campaigns for Relativity’s box office hits “Act of Valor” and “Immortals,” {along with the} successful launches of “Mirror Mirror,”” Limitless,” Steven Soderbergh’s “Haywire” and “Shark Night 3D

Why he makes the list: He’s worked everywhere! Before joining Relativity, Keen was senior vice president of Worldwide Publicity & Corporate Communications at Overture Films, head of Entertainment and Brand Strategies Division at I/D {PR}, and spent five years {because the} senior vice president of special projects at MGM & United Artists where he oversaw specialized publicity efforts for {both} domestic and international divisions.

10.) Cindi Berger, Chairman and CEO of PMK*BNC

Clients: Robert Redford, Mariah Carey, Billy Crystal, Barbara Walters, Simon Cowell, Rosie O’Donnell, John Legend and Harry Connick Jr.

Why she makes the list: Berger got her start at publicity firm PMK {because the} receptionist and worked her way up the ranks to become chairman and CEO of PMK*BNC. {She’s} led countless film campaigns and consults for The Weinstein Company. She also helped launch and continues to {focus on} the award-winning talk show “The View” and “The Barbara Walters Specials.”

9.) Lewis Kay, COO/EVP, Entertainment at PMK*BNC

Clients: Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Zooey Deschanel, Louis CK, Tracy Morgan, Chris D’Elia, Joel McHale, Sarah Silverman and Paul Scheer.

Why he makes the list: He reps the kings and queens of comedy. Kay also oversaw efforts {to cultivate} the agency’s overall {social media marketing} presence {by way of a} whopping 4,300 percent {in only} {2 yrs} and {can be an} expert in {how exactly to} effectively utilize {social media marketing} tools {to improve} any communications strategy.

8.) Nanci Ryder, Co-Founder of BWR

Clients: Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis, Ewan McGregor, Viggo Mortensen, Blake Lively, Johnny Galecki, Renée Zellweger, Amber Valletta, Matt LeBlanc, Eric Dane, Rose McGowan, Terrence Howard.

Why she makes the list: The “R” in BWR stands for Ryder.

7.) Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Publicist and co-president, BWR

Clients: Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Diane Kruger, Michael J. Fox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emmy Rossum, Lucy Hale, Gretchen Mol, Melissa McCarthy, Chris Rock, Jason Biggs, Penn Badgley, Edgar Ramirez, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Chris O’Donnell, Mariska Hargitay, keke Palmer, Katharine McPhee, Lauren Graham.

Why she makes the list: Despite saying “God I hate {things like} that” when contacted {concerning this} list, Cindy Guagenti – the managing director at BWR {PR} – then recommended Leslie Sloane {as you} of her top picks {to obtain a} {i’m all over this} our list.

6.) Shawn Sachs and Ken Sunshine, Co-CEOs, Sunshine Sachs

Clients: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Darren Criss, Demi Lovato, Guy Fieri, Harry Belafonte, Jessica Lu, Jon Bon Jovi, Karlie Kloss, Kathy Griffin, Katie Lee , Leonard Cohen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Malin Akerman, Naomi Campbell, Nick Lachey, Novak Djokovic, Ryan Lochte, The Band Perry, The Jonas Brothers (Joe, Nick, Kevin), Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, Tyler Perry, Andre Benjamin.

Why they makes the list: A quiet yet super powerful PR firm, their clients {range between} celebs and corporations to non-profits and politicos.

5.) Ina Treciokas, Publicist & Partner at Slate PR

Clients: Harrison Ford, Woody Harrelson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Leslie Mann, Anna Paquin, Owen Wilson, Liev Schreiber, Jon Favreau, David Schwimmer, George Lopez, Justin Theroux, Anjelica Huston, John Leguizamo, Eddie Izzard.

Why she makes the list: After working at ID PR, Ina co-founded Slate PR. {At that time}, ID founder Kelly Bush called the departing senior EVP {among} her {close friends}. {In accordance with} Deadline, “{It looks like} {she actually is} leaving {at the same time} when Kelly is expanding {the business} into other {more profitable} revenue streams, like brand representation and management, while Ina enjoys actual client representation.”

4.) Kelly Bush, Founder & CEO, ID PR

Clients: Ben Stiller, Tobey Maguire, Ellen Page, Drake, Christopher Nolan, Javier Bardem, Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Alicia Keys.

Why she makes the list: This NYT profile of Bush discusses how she persuaded Sony to cast Tobey Maguire {because the} lead in “Spider-Man” by lining up {an attractive} magazine shoot, {will get} nasty headlines {taken off} Google, and jokingly says her goal for ID PR is “world domination.”

3.) Robin Baum, Publicist & Partner at Slate PR

Clients: Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Dakota Fanning, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Alexander Skarsgard, Kate Bosworth, Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Benicio Del Toro, Jared Leto.

Why she makes the list: Her client list speaks for itself.

2.) Meredith O’Sullivan, Head of West Coast Talent Department at 42 West

Clients: Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, David Spade, Scott Caan.

Why she makes the list: {Furthermore} to repping A-list talent, O’Sullivan {may be the} head of the West Coast talent team at 42West – overseeing all staff.

1.) Stephen Huvane & Simon Halls, Founders of Slate PR

Clients: Jennifer Aniston, Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Kirsten Dunst, Anne Hathaway, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Ryan Murphy, Ridley Scott, Jude Law, Matthew Broderick, Annette Bening, Frances McDormand, Sam Mendes, Nathan Lane, Ang Lee, Brett Ratner, Gore Verbinski and Tom Ford.

Why they make the list: {Following a} long career {in public areas} relations {sufficient reason for} {several} brothers in the ‘biz, including CAA powerhouse agent Kevin Huvane, Stephen Huvane is deeply entrenched in Hollywood.

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