{Steps to make} $8,000 fast using Craigslist’s classified ads

picture of claire, who used Ramit's teachings {to create} $8,000 on craigslist

picture of claire, who used Ramit's teachings {to create} $8,000 on craigslist

You’ll notice some classic things {in this instance|in cases like this} study of Claire, {among} my students who earned over $8,000 {privately}:

  • She already had a $50K-a-year job, but with the terrible economy and layoffs, she {wished to} add another {way to obtain} income
  • She didn’t {desire to} spend 40 hours {weekly} on {another} job – it {needed to be} part-time, and scale with her time
  • She {have been} charging {near} nothing, and wasn’t sure {how exactly to} go from $10/hr to {a genuine} hourly rate

Yet {as time passes}, she {could} raise her rate to $50/hour. She’s built {something} for finding {new customers} (note: she’s not committing the cardinal sin of {based on} willpower or “trying harder”). And she’s earned over $8,000.

Let’s {learn how} she {achieved it}.

“{I wish to|I would like to} {maintain} control of my future.”

While Claire made $50,000 {per year} as a graphic designer for a {medical health insurance} company, she knew {it had been} risky putting all her eggs {in a single} basket.

“{I love} my day job,” Claire said, “but with the economy being {just how} it is {sufficient reason for} {medical health insurance} being so volatile, there’s {not just a} ton of job security. That why {I needed} {another} income stream. {I wish to|I would like to} {maintain} control of my future.”

Claire also wanted another outlet {on her behalf} creativity. She had done small, pet projects for {relatives and buddies} {previously|during the past}, {however they} were infrequent. “And I only charged $10 {one hour}. Or nothing. I didn’t {understand how to|learn how to} make that leap from helping out friends to making {real cash} {privately}.”

That’s why she {enrolled in} my flagship course on {making profits} {privately}. “There’s {lots of|plenty of} bad and generic and cliche advice {on the market}. {Everything you} said just felt more true. {You realize} psychology and cut through the crap.”

Claire set {an objective} {of getting} $1,000 in {half a year} and started working through the lessons.

“That’s how {I acquired} my first $1,000.”

When she started Claire was {just a little} nervous. While she {wished to} earn {some cash} {privately}, she didn’t {desire to} work {night and day} or {get yourself a} long {set of} clients. Her shyness also kept her from doing informational interviews. {The effect}? She didn’t pursue any clients {through the} first two-and-a-half modules of the course.

That’s when she {surely got to} the 23-minute video {on how best to} {have more} leads using classified ads. {Contained in} that lesson {is really a} 10-minute video showing you step-by-step {how exactly to} dominate Craigslist {in only} minutes {each day}.

Before she took the course, Claire had tried using Craigslist {to get} clients. “I randomly {taken care of immediately} Craigslist ads {rather than} got {a reply}. I’d try but was {hardly ever really} committed.”

After the Craigslist lesson, Claire quickly signed her first client. “That’s how {I acquired} my first $1,000. I made that in {per month} {. 5} from that lesson. I made $2,000 {within the next} month. And I probably made $6,000 total off that first client.”

That’s {the energy} of {a highly effective} system over willpower.

“The Craigslist lesson gave me a concrete {solution to} generate leads. {This is} {a lot more} systematic. And I was hesitant {to attain} out and call people cold. {However the} Craigslist prospects {already are} looking. {It had been} good {to learn} {these were} already looking and already liked something about me from my response.”

How Claire found her first client on Craigslist {on her behalf} {solution to} make $8,000

The {very first thing} Claire learned from the classified ad lesson is that she was going about her search all wrong. Before she {might even} {utilize the} Craigslist Penis Effect, she had {to get} relevant and timely ads.

Claire completely rebuilt her approach:

“Before, I’d find postings {fourteen days} old, write them {a contact} and never {get yourself a} response. My emails were {very good}, but my search was random and too slow.”

Now Claire uses Google Reader to quickly {discover the} needles in the Craigslist haystacks.

“{Everything you} helped me understand is that Craiglist will deliver {a great deal of} crap,” Claire said. “{I really do} it through Google Reader {similar to the} lesson. {I could} scan through {a huge selection of} postings {very quickly}. {At this time}, I haven’t signed in in five days. {I’ve} 119 potential leads {in my own} Reader. {That could} take me {ten minutes} to scan, and {I possibly could} probably find 1-2 qualified leads {within}.”

image from google reader {that may} scan craigslist postings for potential leads

image from google reader {that may} scan craigslist postings for potential leads

From there, Claire emails the qualified leads.

“I used a template. It says I saw your ad. {This is exactly what} {I really do}. I specialize in…then {complete} what they’re doing. And I added in a no-risk teaser offer. I’d be {pleased to} {do that} small thing {for you personally}. Then I’d put {a web link} to my website {and perhaps} attach some samples. {The whole lot} doesn’t take long to {distribute}.

“And, {easily} don’t {get yourself a} response, that’s okay. I didn’t invest that {enough time}. {You will see|You will have} more leads {the next time}.”

A week after {establishing} her system, Claire {delivered} 50 emails. {A lot of those} emails were sent {exactly the same} day, even {exactly the same} hour that the ad posted..

“From that first batch, {I acquired} two clients. My third client was a referral. I’ve actually had {to start out} turning down projects {using them} because there’s just so much work!”

“I {will have} the confidence that {I could} {have more} clients.”

With {a highly effective} and efficient system {set up} for finding leads, Claire is feeling good {concerning the} future.

“I still have my day job as a graphic designer. And I’m doing some {focus on} {the medial side}. About 5-20 hours {weekly} at $50 {one hour}. I’ve {slowed up} for awhile because I’m {going to} get married, but {I really like} that {I could} scale {this technique} up or down {when i} need. I {will have} the confidence that {I could} {have more} clients.”

Total earned: $8,000

Average Monthly Income: $2,000

Hourly rate: Old freelance rate ($0-$10/hour); New freelance rate ($50/hour)

What {you’d be} doing without IWT: “Probably nothing. {Your blog} {is actually} helpful. It attests to how knowledgeable {you’re}. But {investing in a} course really made me accountable. Made me {continue}.”

What {you’ll} tell others considering joining the course: “Take the lessons seriously. Follow them to a T. Don’t just read it and {abide by it} half-way. {You need to} just {take action}.”

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