{Steps to make} $2,000 {per month} ({as well as} faster, like 3 weeks)

Here’s the {research study} {of 1} of my students who overcame analysis paralysis {to locate a} profitable idea and learned {steps to make} $2000 {per month} {in mere} 3 weeks.

After working as a financial professional for seven years, Megha had an epiphany – she didn’t {desire to} work 16 hour days forever. So she quit her $80,000 {each year} job, {enrolled in} a nine-month yoga retreat, and methodically mastered the one-legged king pigeon pose.

Now 29, married {sufficient reason for} a baby {along the way}, Megha wanted the intellectual stimulation of work and the freedom {to call home} life {on her behalf} terms.

Read carefully and {observe how} she applied the course {ways to} land her first $12,000 contract.

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“{This is} exactly the {sort of} thing {I needed} {to begin with} with. I didn’t have {a complete} time job, but {I did so} {need to get} started with 12-15 hours {weekly}.”

How Megha made $2000 a month

Megha {wished to} {earn much more} income and expected {a whole lot}, but didn’t know {the place to start}. {A lot of} my readers have {this issue}.

“Those first few foundational lessons made {all of the} difference,” said Megha, “like {recording} {your targets} and getting clear {in your mind} what your expectations are {on your own}. From there I learned writing it down {is indeed} powerful.”

Megha decided her first goal was to earn $1000 {monthly}, and from there {she’d} grow to $4000 {monthly} by {the finish} of {the entire year}.

The next lesson helped refine her ideas. “The lessons on distinguishing between strength and skill were insightful {once we} often mistake them and limit our horizon. {I’d} have considered business modeling and investment process {to become a} strength, {however now} I recognize it as {an art}.”

By getting clear {on her behalf} {expertise}, Megha could identify {means of} providing value that clients would pay for. “It allowed me {to believe} more broadly about potential work streams for generating income.”

Megha then asked others {to recognize} her strengths. “I {disseminate} the survey across peers, friends, clients {and also} {my hubby}!”, said Megha, “it provided really useful feedback from {individuals who} were {focused on} my improvement, I had never done {a fitness} like that {also it} gave me {a lift}.”

That confidence boost carried Megha {to} the lesson on email scripts. With clear {knowledge of} her skills and strengths, she sent her contact {a remedy} focused email, followed up, and {immediately after} had her first $1000 {monthly} retainer.

A {couple of weeks} after stating Megha had reached her goal of $1000 {monthly}. {Plus a} second perpetual contract, she’s hit $24,000 {each year}. Well {on the path to} realizing her dream lifestyle.

The {best benefit}?

She’s using her skills creatively and giving {back again to} her community. One contract is designing a curriculum for {an inexpensive} MBA alternative in India, and {another} is {employed in} microfinance for Africa.

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