Stealth wealth: Why this millionaire hides his riches

Stealth wealth {may be the} practice of {maintaining your} true wealth hidden from others – even {family and friends} members.

And {although} name might {think of} mystery, espionage, and images of the Monopoly man dressed as a ninja, the practice is {not} that.

Stealth wealth is:

  • The rich techie who wears hoodies {rather than} suits and forgoes a Ford Mustang for a Ford Fiesta.
  • The millionaire CEO who’d rather drink {an inexpensive} beer with her friends {while you’re watching} a football game than Dom Perignon at a polo match.
  • The {scholar} who commiserates {along with his} buddy’s complaints about {student education loans} – while secretly {running a} trust fund himself.

So {if you need to|in order to} know exactly why someone practices stealth wealth, you’re {likely to} {need to} ask directly.

That’s hard, though, because by definition {those that} practice stealth wealth aren’t {available} of telling anyone {about any of it}.

But {that is} IWT – and we’re {available} of finding Top Performers and {learning} {why is} them tick. That’s why we found {a high} Performer who practices stealth wealth and got their insights on {why} they {take action} (on {the health of} anonymity, {needless to say}).

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  • That person {includes a} trust fund {so that they} {should be} spoiled.
  • …without even realizing it? That’s because {you can find} invisible scripts – the assumptions {which are} so deeply embedded {inside our} society {that people} don’t even realize they guide our attitudes and behaviors – surrounding wealth.

    “There’s an expectation {that a lot of} people spend {around} their income level,” Dr. Erikson says. “When I pull up {in my own} ’06 Chevy, {individuals who} {understand that} I’m a doctor probably think something’s {nearly} right. Personally, I don’t care much what I drive, but apparently, I’m {likely to}.”

    And {even though you} got wealthy unexpectedly (like lottery winners or {individuals who} inherited money), you’re still {confronted with} {exactly the same} societal pressures.

    “{Can you envisage} what it’s like for a lottery winner?” Dr. Erikson asks. “You’d feel bad not {picking right up} the tab and helping and supporting {friends and family}, {however when} and where does it stop? {How can you} know who your real friends are? {The amount of money} {will be} nice, but you’d {maintain} {an extremely} trying place socially.”

    People in {a location} of wealth {get the chance} to leverage these scripts, though. {When you are} {alert to} them {they are able to} mask their finances accordingly through stealth wealth like Dr. Erikson does.

    “The {better} social {good thing about|advantage of} stealth wealth {for me personally} is approachability,” he says. “I {reside in} a rural area. {EASILY} drove a Maserati and lived in a 6,000-square-foot estate, people might see me differently, {rather than} favorably. {I believe} {a lot of people} I {loaf around} respect {the truth that} I don’t flaunt my wealth – {should they} even realize {I’ve} any.”

    For Dr. Erikson, he doesn’t really care {should you choose} {desire to} flash your wealth – though he doesn’t {believe that|believe} necessarily means you’re {much better} off {for this}.

    “{I really do} my best {never to} be judgemental,” he says. “Still, it’s hard {never to} wonder if someone with {an identical} career who spends four times what {I really do} is four times happier.”

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    How do I {get started doing} stealth wealth?

    If {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} flaunt your wealth, flaunt the hell {from it}. But if {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} start living {a bit more} modestly {for just about any} reason (like you’re pursuing financial independence or {desire to} {steer clear of the} societal pressures), Dr. Erikson {includes a} few good {ideas for} you:

    “It’s best {never to} live a flashy lifestyle {to begin with}. {In the event that you} haven’t started displaying the trappings {of one’s} wealth, great! Keep doing what you’re doing, and upgrade slowly and prudently.

    If you’re living the high life and {desire to} hop off that rollercoaster, {you might need a} fresh start. {Once you} change jobs, and {particularly when} you {proceed to} {a fresh} location, it’s pretty {an easy task to} reinvent yourself.

    Decide why {you intend to} live {a far more} stealth wealth lifestyle – define some financial goals – {and begin} living like {town} accountant, school teacher, middle manager, or stealthy physician. Drive a Chevy {or perhaps a} Honda. Buy or rent in {a location} that’s nice {however, not} ostentatious. Belly up for a burger and a beer.

    The stealth part {is simple}. The wealth part takes more work.”

    And {the very best} {section of} stealth wealth? You’re not committing {you to ultimately} a damn thing.

    If you {visit a} nice {footwear} {you truly} want, {you can purchase} them. Maybe those first-class {flight tickets} to Paris are calling your name. {Imagine if} {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} buy an honest-to-god helicopter {and also have} enough money? {Do it now}!

    “It’s always OK to take the stealth {from your own} wealth,” Dr. Erikson says. “You don’t need my permission or anyone else’s – it’s {your daily life}.”

    He continues, “{You might find} that major upgrades that showcase your wealth can {expose you to} different social circles. {The effect} {could possibly be} quite positive, {especially if} {contact with} an upper crust clientele {will be} good for {your job} or business {for some reason}.”

    What {do you consider} about stealth wealth?

    Dr. Erikson’s case isn’t entirely unique. {Actually}, {you may} know {some individuals} practicing stealth wealth {is likely to} lives and just don’t {even understand} it.

    Or perhaps, you do stealth wealth yourself. {In any case}, leave a comment below.

    What {do you consider} of stealth wealth? {Could it be} {a bit} too deceptive {for the} liking? {Can you} feel betrayed {in the event that you} {discovered} someone {that you experienced} was secretly rich?

    If you do practice it, why? {Do you} find yourself {attempting to} {get back to} a flashier, wealth-forward lifestyle?

    I’d {want to} hear your answers.

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