Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts)

Before we {enter} building your network, let’s recap {a few of the} work we’ve already done. We started {this season} by demolishing several invisible scripts:

Today, we’re {likely to} explore {among those} factors {that may} actually matter {A lot more than} {just how much} experience you have.

That factor {can be your} personal network.

Ordinary people shrug and treat their network as {yet another} word, {a thing that} “{other folks}” have {however they} {usually do not}. Witness any nerdy guy {discussing} jocks to {start to see the} {sort of} “I don’t have that” barriers I’m {discussing}:

Curious people say, “Hey, I keep hearing {in regards to a} personal network. {Is it feasible} I {already have} one but I don’t know it? How would somebody like me {connect to} VIPs? {Could it be} even possible? Ok, {i want to} {continue reading}.”

Top performers {understand that} {should they} lost their job on Friday, {they might} {create a} few {calls} and send {several} emails – usually, {less than} 10 – {and also have} {employment} offer by Monday. That’s {the energy} of networking. Compare this to the horror stories you see written up in newspapers about people unemployed for months or YEARS.

Top performers {might have} another job in days ({not just a} typo). {Actually}, {utilizing their} networks, top performers actually hear about unadvertised jobs that ordinary people {usually do not}.

I know because I’ve been on both sides of the table. {Now}, {I wish to|I would like to} pull back the veil {showing} you how natural networking {really works} – ethically, and at {the best} levels.

The world’s best networkers

If you’re wondering {that are} the world’s best networkers, {i want to} {make reference to} you {a recently available} trip I took to India. I was there for {a marriage}, {an enormous} 7-day affair with jewels, horses,  and 1,500+ people.

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

This {may be the} bride’s mehndi, a decorative ceremony for women {through the} wedding week.

Those events happen {during the night}. But {throughout the day}, things are calm as people {get over} the 4am party nights. ({No laughing matter}, I saw grandmas up at 3:30am parties.) {When} I walked {in to the} {family room} where I was staying, I saw {among} my cousins {supporting} x-rays to the window.

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

“What the hell?” I asked. “How did your hospital send x-rays here?” He’s an orthopedic surgeon at a hospital in Beverly Hills.

He {viewed} me and laughed. “No, these aren’t from my hospital. An aunty {outside} heard I was {a health care provider} and asked me {to check out} her x-rays.”

HAHA. Classic Indian move. Some random neighbor heard {we’d} a doctor {inside your home} and sent over her x-rays. I bet you {that they had} nothing {related to} orthopedics, but {just like a|such as a} dutiful Indian son, my cousin took {a glance at} them.

This {can be an} extreme {exemplory case of} your network being {bigger than} you imagine. {You might not} have the audacity of an Indian, {however the} fact remains: We ALL have a network.

Yes, even if…

  • You didn’t {head to} some fancy college
  • You {reside in} Podunkville, KS
  • You don’t have years of experience

You have {a low profile} network that you’re probably ignoring. {Imagine if} {you can} unearth it and {utilize it} strategically, feeding it and watching it grow? {Imagine if} your network {could help} leapfrog {others who} were {going right through} life {following a|following} same, tired 9-5 rules?

Case study: How your network {might help} you

Let me {demonstrate} specifically how this works.

One year in college, I {wanted} summer internships. After meeting {some individuals} and being uninspired by the jobs {on the market}, I {made a decision to} call {among} my friends, who worked at a startup, {and obtain} her advice. I said, “Hey, I’m {searching for} summer internships. What companies {have you any idea|are you aware} about?” I still {understand that} {it had been} a Friday afternoon, because she {explained} to send my resume to her, {that i} did {the moment} {I arrived home}.

By Monday, I had {employment} offer.

And here’s {probably the most} ridiculous part. I was told to negotiate my offer…WITH {MY PAL} FROM 7TH GRADE.

How did this happen? Yes, I spent the weekend doing {plenty of} research on {the business}. And yes, when I walked {directly into} interview on Monday, I used my Briefcase {Strategy to} absolutely crush in the interview.

But what REALLY matters is that {my pal} recommended me and put her reputation {at risk} {to obtain} me hired. Since she was so valued at {the business}, her recommendation carried {lots of|plenty of} weight. {There is} no job listing {on the site} or Monster.com. They created it {for me personally}, and the compensation was essentially “whatever.”

By {just how}, what did she {escape} it?

Ask yourself this: {EASILY} was a loser {without} skills who wouldn’t {arrive} {promptly} and did sub-standard work, would she have referred me?

OF COURSE NOT! Instead, she knew {I’d} do {an incredible} job…so when she referred me, she actually got social value from introducing me and fighting {for me personally} to get {the work}.

Read that last line, as it’s critical. If {you’re} {a high} performer, VIPs WANT {one to} succeed, {and can} actually send you job opportunities and recommendations…because it’s {within their} interest {to take action}.

This flies {when confronted with} what {a lot of people} think (“Why would a VIP {desire to} help ME?? Waa…). Your network {could be} incredibly powerful. {In this instance|In cases like this}, I never {could have} received this opportunity – {aside from} the compensation {I did so} – {easily} {had opted} through traditional channels, {just like the} typical resume Black Hole of Doom like {everybody else}.

The takeaway: Our networks {can in fact} {become more} important {compared to the} years of experience {we’ve}.

“Waa! But Ramit…”

Right now, {a lot of us} {are planning}, “Well that’s great Ramit, you jackass, but I don’t have friends {who is able to} {create a} call {and obtain} me {employment}. I didn’t {visit the} same college. I don’t {reside in} NYC or the Bay Area. I don’t have {exactly the same} eyebrows you do.”

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

These invisible scripts and reactions are normal. {Needless to say} we feel betrayed and skeptical when someone tells us we’ve been sitting on a potential goldmine and we haven’t done anything with it. {Did it} really be {that simple|so easy}? Why wouldn’t everyone {do this}?

I {wish to be|desire to be} {superior} about {a couple of things}.

1. {Creating a} powerful network {isn’t} easy. {If you would like} something easy, go find some stupid blog that posts {Top} 10 Career {Strategies for} Success!

My students work harder than ordinary people, {however they} also get massively disproportionate rewards. {For instance}, if {the average indivdual} spends {one hour} {weekly} sending their resumes out, my students will spend 3…but they’ll get 10x the response rate. That’s what I call disproportionate results.

2. Building your network {isn’t} about sending a fake email to someone, pretending to {be thinking about} them, then {requesting} a job. If {that’s} your goal, leave. Building real relationships {is approximately} {buying} them first, {determining} what {they need} and love, {and} helping them {obtain it} – NOT instantly expecting a magical job offer. {Actually}, {the majority of the} “networking” you do {only will} be helping people and getting nothing {back} return. If this {enables you to} uncomfortable {and you also} want a 1-for-1 ROI {on your own} work, leave.

When you change your mentality about networking, {knowing that} it’s about adding value {rather than} extracting it, {you will notice} massive changes {that you experienced}. I won’t just {let you know} this – I’ll {demonstrate}.

I recently asked my students what they’ve {learned all about} their network – and {the outcomes} they’ve gotten from using my material on natural networking.

“He replied {in under} {three minutes}”
Hey Ramit, I’ve been {making use of your} networking scripts {since} you posted them {on your own} blog {a couple weeks} ago.  After 4 rejections {and several} non-replies (at {others}), {I’ve} scheduled an informational interview with a finance manager at [MASSIVE SOFTWARE COMPANY].  I used my alumni connections through my university {to attain} him – I wrote {a contact} {utilizing the} basic {components of} your scripts and he literally replied {in under} {three minutes}! -Anand P.

“{I’ve} learned years worth of material in {a couple of hours} using the…scripts”
The Natural Networking module {will probably be worth} {the price of|the expense of} {the complete} Dream Job course {alone}. {I’ve} learned years worth of material in {a couple of hours} just by {utilizing the} Natural Networking scripts to {speak to} experts {in my own} industry. {I’ve} emailed 10 experts {and also have} talked to 9. {Each individual} gave me great advice to step career to {a fresh} level. -Gopi M.

“…Completely natural and honest”
Ramit, I used your networking email script {also it} worked! {The initial} email got me an informational interview with the president of {a robust} local marketing agency. I also scored an informational interview with a high-level executive {from the} popular TV and print media empire. {Everything} felt completely natural and honest.  People seem relieved that {I’m} up front, {haven’t any} angles, and {recognize that} {they’re} busy.  {Plus they} {appear to} enjoy being useful, so {most of us} benefit! – Andrea P.

(Note: {All of the} scripts they’re {discussing} {come in} my Dream Job course, which opens in late January to people on my free email list. {You won’t} be made {on} {this website} or {somewhere else}.)

Notice how {they are} win-win {for everybody}. You’re not {benefiting from} anyone. You’re  not scamming people ({a standard} invisible script {with regards to} building your network). {What you are really doing} is adding value first…even {in the event that you} don’t have money or valuable connections. {Actually}, later I cover {just how} a no-name 20-something {can truly add} specific value to a VIP.)

But {for the present time}, I’m {likely to} give you {among the} crucial {methods for you to} continue adding value that almost nobody does. For {the very first time} publicly, I’ll {demonstrate} {the precise} word-for-word script {to utilize} {to utilize} your network {within an} ethical, non-sleazy way – straight from my Find Your Dream Job course.

Introducing the “Closing the Loop” Technique

First, if you’re {interested in} {how exactly to} actually {obtain the} attention of VIPs, you DON’T have {to get this done}:

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

Ramit’s definitive guide to building your network (with scripts) | iwillteachyoutoberich.com

I sent this to {the individual} he {discusses} {within the last} paragraph. She asked {easily} {would} meet him. I said I was afraid he {would} wear my skin as a jacket.

You {don’t need to} be creepy!! For {the very first time}, {I am aware} what it {feels as though} {to become a} woman above {age} 13.

Notice that in {the next} paragraph, he actually acknowledges {he} should {concentrate on} ME (the busy person)…and {he then} does {the} opposite!

No, no, no. {EASILY} ever {learn} {among} you sends {a contact} like this, {I’ll} find you, fly out {to meet up} you ({I’ve} {plenty of} {leisure time}), and kill you myself. Jackasses.

You {can begin} by {concentrating on} simply sending a “Hey, I noticed you’re doing really interesting stuff” note. I started {achieving this} in {senior high school}. {I’d} be reading a magazine and see {a fascinating} piece about somebody doing something cool. {I’d} just send them {a contact} saying, “Hey I {find out about} you in Wired. {That’s} {awesome}, and I’ll be following {your projects}.” {As it happens} that {even with} being covered in national press, {a lot of people} don’t get nice emails {like this} where {the individual} emailing doesn’t want something {from their website}.

Later, in college, {I’d} find interesting professors and email them to {inquire further} more about their work. Usually, {they might} tell me {to go to} them at office hours, and that’s how {I acquired} {plenty of} mentors and advisors. (One key thing {it is possible to} ask in meetings with VIPs is: “Who else {must i} be {speaking with}?” If you’ve impressed them, they won’t just suggest people – they’ll often introduce you themselves.)

Let’s say you’re {thinking about} {the style} world. {You would like to|You need to|You wish to} {turn into a} designer. Where {in the event you} start?

Would you email Calvin Klein? No, a top-tier designer gets {a huge selection of} emails {each day} from people wanting things {from their website}.

Start with someone more approachable – perhaps a fashion blogger, {or perhaps a} freelance writer. They know {the area}, have connections, {and may|and will} {assist you to} understand the lay of the land. {Observe that} {this is actually the} {effort} I {discussed}. If it were simply as easy as emailing Calvin Klein (or whoever) {to obtain a} meeting, everyone would {take action}.

I’ve covered {the precise} word-for-word script {for connecting} with VIPs.

But once you’ve {linked to} someone you admire – whether it’s via email, phone, or {on top of that}, a coffee meeting – what’s {the trick} to turning that one-time meeting into {a continuing} relationship?

The “secret” is following up – {correctly}.

See, {the largest} mistake people make when networking {is merely} not {carrying it out}.

But the second-biggest mistake {isn’t} FOLLOWING UP. {Have you any idea|Are you aware} how many {folks have} asked me out to coffee, taken {half an hour} of {time and energy to} “pick my brain”…then I never hear {from their website} again? I didn’t want a one-night stand! {I needed} commitment!! Again {Personally i think} {just like a|such as a} woman.

Shit, {these folks} could {make use of the} Craigslist Penis Effect and {go above} {all of the} unwashed masses with {just one single} email.

What does a VIP want from {a person who|somebody who} {requests} his advice? He doesn’t need {your cash} or introductions. He already has those.

A VIP {really wants to} {understand that} you {paid attention to} his advice {and also} followed through.

Think {about any of it}: {EASILY} {talk with} someone, {plus they} write back saying, “Hey Ramit, thanks for {enough time}, and thanks {specifically for} pointing out that [GENIUS POINT I MADE]. I took {everything you} said and reached out to Beth Jones and Mike Smith and {discovered} [AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT]. That helped me {get yourself a} $3,000 raise {and in addition} get Fridays off”…

THAT {will probably be worth} {a lot more than} any {sum of money} he could give me. And it’s {the initial step} to {creating a} relationship.

If you’re {likely to} meet a VIP, whether it’s {on the} phone, via email, or {personally}, why {head to} all that trouble…and then drop the ball by not following up?

I’ll {let you know} why: {Since when} we {speak to} a VIP, {in the rear of} our heads, {we’ve} a voice whispering, “There’s {no chance} {I could} help {he}. He has {additional money} than I do…a bigger email list…he knows {a lot more} about (whatever) than I do…I should just get his advice {and} not bug him again.”

This {is strictly} the WRONG {method of} take.

And yet {this is exactly what} everyone does. {If you were to think} you’re {being truly a} nuisance to {the individual}, you {is a} nuisance. {The simple truth is}, busy {folks are} desperate to mentor and help {others who} {are likely to} {do something}. Unfortunately, {almost all} people {won’t} follow up {on which} busy people say.

Why am I {providing you} this script?

Even though I’ve helped {a large number of} students find their Dream Jobs, and {I possibly could} keep my {absolute best} material {in my own} premium courses, {I needed} {to provide you with} this powerful nugget. {I understand} {that whenever} I {spend money on} you, {you can observe|you can view} surprising benefits and dramatic changes – often within hours. Just {consider the} 2,000+ comments {within the last} {couple of days}. Or {a few of the} dramatic results my Dream Job students {have obtained} – {within their} own words.

Sometimes, {we are in need of} {just a little} nudge.

Note: {It is a} video excerpt from the 40+ gigabytes of videos in the Dream Job course – which opens later this month, {and then} subscribers on my email list – {to provide you with} a taste of {the various tools}, strategies, tactics that DJ students {get access to}.

The Closing The Loop script

The Closing The Loop script {can help you} {stay static in} touch with people you’ve met once and turn a one-time meeting {right into a} long-term relationship. {By using} this, you won’t come off as sleazy, slimy, or scammy – because you’re truly putting their needs {before} {your personal}.

Notice {a} simple “{many thanks}” message isn’t enough. Everyone sends that! It’s {end up being the} price of admission. {How can you} {exceed} that {to really} make the VIP {desire to} {assist you to}?

Here’s how.

Enter the Closing The Loop Technique:

1. {MANY THANKS} (same day)

Hi Steve,

 Just {wished to} {many thanks} again for {ending up in} me earlier. I’m {bound} to get {touching} Susan {as if you} recommended. I’ll keep you {informed}, {not to mention}, please {i want to} know if there’s anything {I could} do {to settle} the favor!


[RAMIT’S ANALYSIS: {Spot the} simple {many thanks}, {but additionally} a {mention of} {a particular} action item you’re {likely to} {follow-up} on (showing {you’re} paying attention {through the} meeting/call). This email ends with {an agreeable} offer {to greatly help} and asks nothing of the VIP.]

2. Add Value (1-2 weeks later)

Hey Steve,

Saw {this short article} in the Wall Street Journal {also it} reminded me of {everything you} said about productivity tests! No response needed, just thought {you will probably find} it interesting.


[RAMIT’S ANALYSIS: This email is where things {begin to} get surprising. The VIP likely didn’t {be prepared to} hear back from you, since almost nobody follows up beyond one email. In this email, you’re sending {a very important} {little bit of} material – {articles}, {post}, photo, whatever – of something {you understand} {he’ll} find interesting.

How {have you any idea|are you aware} what he’ll find interesting? Because {throughout your} meeting, you listened and took careful notes.

Finally, {absorb} the phrase {found in} {the final} sentence: “No response needed.” {That is} music to a busy person’s ears. {Consider it}: I get 600+ emails/day, and {have you any idea} what {many of them|a lot of them} want? {They need} something from me. {When you’re able to} say “No response needed,” and send me something I find fascinating, you’re adding value to {my entire life}.]

3. Close the Loop (2-3 weeks later)

Hi Steve,

Wanted {to provide you with} an update: {I did so} end up {speaking with} Susan, {and you also} were right – Acme {happens to be a} fit {for me personally}. I’m {calling} {a pal} there {to understand} all {I could} about Acme before I apply. If there’s {other people} you think {I will} {talk with}, please {i want to} know.

Thanks again! I’ll {inform you} how it goes.


[RAMIT’S ANALYSIS: Here, you show the VIP that {you truly} took action {on which} he suggested. {This can} instantly differentiate you from 99% {of individuals}. Notice you name specific names, {tell him} if he was right ({as well as} {in the event that you} chose {different things} than his recommendation).

In {the final} 3 sentences, {additionally, there are} 2 non-obvious things going on. {Is it possible to} spot them?]

The simplicity of the Closing the Loop technique belies its effectiveness. {Exactly like} my Briefcase Technique, {it appears} simple and obvious – {and soon you} {utilize it}. Then its true power is revealed.

For example…

Hey Ramit,

One more testimonial to the Closing The Loop technique that you taught {yesterday evening}. I reached out to a prior boss I haven’t {observed in} 4 to 5 years {in regards to a} position I {found out about} at that company. All I had asked for was {easily} could still use him as a reference and his up-to-date contact info. He responded {in under} a half hour. By following up and offering {to help keep} him {informed}, {then} responded {having an} offer for a letter of recommendation and an offer to send {an individual} email to the {potential employer} on my behalf. Holy Crap! {It certainly} works…

-Greg H.

How {you may use} the Closing The Loop {Way of} building your network

You {may use} this today with powerful results.

If you haven’t already found {you to definitely} {get in touch with} – someone you admire, someone {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} {require} advice from, someone you’d {prefer to} {create a} relationship with – start here.

Once you have someone you’ve {linked to} once, it’s {vital that you} build {the partnership} by constantly adding value.

Who {do you want to} reconnect to? {Who is able to} YOU help and what {will be} {best} and {beneficial to} them? Send them that. Put them first – not you. {Once you} do, repeatedly showing that you’re {buying} them first, you’ll separate yourself from the {everybody else} who (1) rarely reaches out to anyone for advice or help, and (2) only reaches out {if they} need something.

Stand out, {and you may} instantly {have significantly more} credibility and higher-level connections with VIPs, who {would want to} {assist you to}.

How else {is it possible to} apply this? Imagine {likely to} an informational interview at your dream company. You finally got {a gathering}, yet {you understand} you’re not {likely to} ask for {employment}. So what {can you} do? {How can you} turn this meeting where you’re {requesting} advice…into an invitation {to use} for {employment}?

Enter the Closing the Loop technique.

By carefully deploying this script (tweaking it {to your requirements}), {it is possible to} turn yourself {from the} frustrated job-seeker, going from meeting to meeting…into {a high} performer who easily demonstrates why you’re {unique of} {the rest of the} people the VIP has met with. {Ultimately}, when properly implemented, the Closing the Loop technique actually makes VIPs {desire to} recommend, help, {as well as} hire you. And it’s totally ethical and transparent.

Building your network: {actions you can take} today

Let’s get specific and go from practicing social skills to applying them to {your job} – and ultimately, living a rich life.

Pick ONE item {to accomplish}:

1. BUILD YOUR NETWORK – After today’s post, {you understand} the power {of experiencing} a powerful {group} {who wish to|who would like to} {assist you to}. {With regards to} building your network, I’m {likely to} link {one to} two posts (here and here) that {demonstrate} how to {connect to} VIPs using word-for-word scripts.

Your challenge: Identify 3-5 people {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} get advice from and email them, {requesting} {the solution} to {a particular} question ({or perhaps a} coffee meeting). {I would recommend} testing your approach. Below, in the comments, post how it felt to send these emails.

2. CLOSE THE LOOP – If you’ve recently met with someone, {you understand} how important {it really is} {to include} value beyond {an initial} meeting.

Your challenge: {Utilize the} CTL scripts and timing in this email to follow-up with 1-3 people. In the comments below, share what {the next} email {will undoubtedly be} in your CTL series.

*     *     *

By {just how}, {yet another thing}.

Do {you understand} your earning potential?

Take my earning potential quiz {and obtain} a custom report {predicated on} {your specific} strengths, {and find out} {how to begin} making {extra cash} – in {less than} {one hour}.

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