Penny Stock Strategy That Actually Works / Secret Money Making Strategy

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Welcome to this “penny stock strategy that actually works” page. The Penny Stock Trading Strategy that I am about to share with you is a Secret Money Making Strategy that only some penny stock traders out there know and utilize. It is not a well known strategy, but has a great chance of success if applied correctly.

Penny Stock Strategy That Actually Works / Secret Money Making Strategy

Alright, let’s take a look at this strategy.

Tools Needed:

EquityFeed.Com Account (more on this later)

L2 Quotes (Explained Below)

Stock Broker Account (TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab etc..).

Description of Tools and The Reasoning as to Why They Are Required

EquityFeed.Com Account – First of all, what is equity feed and why is it required? EquityFeed is the world’s #1 rated platform for stock scanning and alerts packed with a lot of great features. It is considered to be one of the best penny stock scanners for traders who follow the OTC Stock Market.

This platform has been designed and built to give retail day and penny stock traders the ultimate advantage over the competition. This penny stock scanner is an absolute must for this strategy to work as it is currently the fastest & most advanced News Streamer in existence for active traders.  I will provide more information below as to how this tool will be utilized for this Secret Penny Stock Money Making Strategy.

Secret Money Making Strategy / Penny Stock Strategy That Actually Works - EquityFeed Trial Period

L2 Quotes – If you are a serious penny stock trader (or want to become one), you will most likely have heard of L2 quotes.  If you haven’t, I will go ahead and provide a bit of a definition for you here so that you can better understand how L2 Quotes will be utilized for this Penny Stock Strategy.

L2 Quotes definition.. Most trading platforms out there provide traders with basic stock quotes. The basic quotes are called Level 1 quotes (L1), and they typically tell traders the real-time bid and ask price of the stock, as well as the last traded price and trading volume for the day. Level 2 quotes on the other hand take things a step further, revealing a sorted list of the different open buy and sell orders from different market makers.

Ok, now; what are market makers? Market makers are the broker-dealers that hold large quantities of stocks and are charged with maintaining market liquidity by filling third-party buy and sell orders using their own inventory. In other words, L2 quotes are not just a ledger of all the completed trades. L2s provide a behind-the-scenes look at all the real-time trading action in the market and where it’s coming from.Make sure to get acquainted (if not already) with the market makers as this “penny stock strategy that actually works / secret money making strategy” definitely utilizes L2 quotes.

With L2 quotes, you can also get an idea of the bid support, resistance levels or if any wall might be present that could stop the run of the penny stock. also provides L2 quotes, although you can probably find the L2 quotes cheaper elsewhere.

Stock Broker Account – I won’t really go into too much detail here, as I am sure that you know what a stock broker account is.  Stock brokers basically allow for you to deposit money into your account, then go ahead and purchase stock with this money through your stock broker.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff.  Penny stock strategy revealed below.

Penny Stock Strategy That Actually Works / Secret Money Making Strategy

Step #1. Go to EquityFeed.Com and open an account.  As mentioned earlier, Equityfeed is currently the fastest news scanner currently available on the market. Some even say that it gets its news faster than the rest of the leading news scanners.  This is very important as we will need to setup a new alert to let us know that a particular event has happened.  Having you get your news alert quicker than the rest of the traders out there gives you an edge and allows for you to get in before the rest of the penny stock market world. Click here to setup an Equity Feed account (This is a must have tool).

Step #2. Once you open an EquityFeed.Com account (There is a 14 Day Trial available for you to try it out), you will need to setup that news alert.  Here is what we are looking for.  The alert should be triggered for the following keywords in EquityFeed.  The keywords are “Received FDA Approval” or “Receives FDA Approval”. What this will allow for you to do, is to see the news for a company that has just released news that their product has been approved by the FDA.

Click Here To learn how to setup that alert:  How To Setup a Keyword News Alert In Equity Feed!

Step #3. Now that you have setup the alert on EquityFeed, you just have to wait to receive the news alert. Basically, as soon as you receive this alert, here is where crunch time happens.  You have to be able to quickly pull up this stock on your charts and L2 quotes to check it and make sure that this is something that you would actually want to buy. Now again, you only usually have seconds to do your research, so getting your news alert quicker than anybody else is super important. This secret money making strategy is almost full proof, so definitely take it for a spin.

Step #4. When it comes to these types of penny stock plays (FDA approval), there is a good chance that the stock can run for 100’s if not thousands of percent in gains in just a matter of minutes. You will have to decide on your own as far as how long you would like to stay in this particular stock.  Completely up to you.

Typically, these types of alerts happen once or twice a month on EquityFeed.  So when they do, you better have your alerts ready and set to go so that you can act quickly on it.  It might even be worth for you to monitor this strategy for a month or two to see how these penny stocks behave when the FDA approval news comes out.  Only then, once you are ready to pull the trigger on it, should you buy one such stock.

Step #5. Alright, so now that you have a pretty good idea in what to do; go ahead and give it a shot (maybe even paper trade test it first), and please do let us know what your results are like.

If you are ready to get started, please go ahead and click on the EquityFeed link below to try it out.

EquityFeed Trial Period

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Penny Stock Strategy That Actually Works / Secret Money Making Strategy


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