Niche Skills: {How exactly to} turn your unusual skills {right into a} business

With niche skills {you can begin} a side business & triple your wage. Follow this {research study} & {learn to|figure out how to|discover ways to} use your niche skills {to start out} earning more.

Ramit Sethi

Today, {an incident} study {showing} you how even the weirdest niche skills {can be quite|can be extremely}, very profitable.

This is {among} {the best} case studies because you’ll {learn to} take your skills – {even though} they’re unusual or seemingly not {popular} – and turn them into significant income.

Cassie Phillipps realized that she was working {too much} for {inadequate} money .She was a theatre stage manager, {so when} you know, {I} make fun of weirdo drama/artsy types {since they} {enjoy} their poor financial skills and complain that {the planet} is against them.

But Cassie realized {how exactly to} carve out a {market} using her existing skills. Now, she produces exclusive events for the tech industry. She went from $17/hour to $75/hour and works fewer hours than her old job. {Imagine if} {you can} do {exactly the same}?

In this 35-minute interview you’ll learn:

  • How Cassie {were able to} turn {market} skills from her stage manager job {right into a} profitable and high-profile freelance business
  • Where she {thought we would} {spend money on} her business, and where she’s chosen {to save lots of} (if you’re {apprehensive about} spending money {to create} money, {pay attention to} this section)
  • Her {online marketing strategy}, where every engagement {is really a} secondary marketing channel
  • How she’s developed multiple pricing plans {to match} {a unique} niche
  • How she cultivates repeat business, {despite having} big-budget, infrequent conferences

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