New Rules For My Chat Room

{Because of} this awesome bull market {and much more} Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I getting featured everywhere like here and here and here, my education business has exploded and my newsletter’s chat room {reaches} all-time highs {when it comes to|with regards to} members and activity so {here are a few} New Rules For My Chat Room {developed by} our valued chat moderators who {you need to} {pay attention to}!

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

New Rules For My Chat Room

1. Be polite. {Usually do not} harass or use demeaning or offensive language. {Usually do not} argue or insult. If someone violates this rule or posts incorrect info, please private message a moderator (don’t {react to} {see your face}).

2. Tickers {should be} {keyed in} CAPS. Stock chat abbreviations {are available} below ({and really should} never {maintain} CAPS). Don’t post {other things} in CAPS. {Gleam} {set of} general chat abbreviations below.

3. {The main topics} the chat room is momentum stock alerts, primarily for stocks priced under $15. {In case a} higher-priced stock has momentum ({like a} 10% move) then {it really is} on-topic. While people {could make} money from other {forms of} trading, scalping stocks {such as for example} AAPL or playing merger arbitrage or scalping ETFs is off-topic. Stocks {that} {not need} much volume are off-topic {aswell} … to day-trade {we are in need of} volume. Cryptocurrency price moves are off-topic, except {if they} {make a difference} stocks.

4. {We have been} not investors. The chat room {isn’t} the place {for the} in-depth {homework} on stocks {you’re} trading. {Should you choose} {something similar to} that, please discuss it {beyond} market hours.

5. {Stick to} topic by keeping to stock alerts and brief discussion (two sentences or less) of trades from 9:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST (the {half an hour} {before the} open and {the complete} trading day). {Precisely what} {isn’t} a stock alert {or perhaps a} brief discussion of {an ongoing} or potential stock trade is off-topic {during this time period}. {For instance}, saying “XYZ is perking up after consolidation” or “ABC just broke support” or “XYZ just filed a PR saying ‘New contract with GE’” {are of help} alerts. Trade discussion means giving {explanations why} {you imagine} a trade is good or bad – don’t just say “XYZ {is a great|is an excellent} buy here” or “{I believe} XYZ {rises},” {provide a} reason to justify why. Off-topic posts {can lead to} a gag, sometimes {unexpectedly} (a gag means you won’t {have the ability to} post in chat).

6. No pumping, cheering, or bashing stocks. {When there is} relevant news, then post it (and post {a web link}). But {usually do not} say {things such as} “{Seriously} SIRI!” or “XYZ {is really a} fraud” or “Go XYZ!” Always {provide a} {reason behind} why {you imagine} a stock will move.

7. No stocks under $0.01 unless specifically approved by the chat administrator (Michael Goode).

8. {In the event that you} give an alert, {provide a} reason; don’t just type the ticker. {For instance}, {rather than} typing “XYZ!”, type “XYZ dropping {just like a|such as a} rock!”

9. Please no questions {through the} trading day (i.e., “What brokerage {can you} use?”). Don’t ask questions {that want} knowing {the near future} (“will XYZ {rise}?”). Don’t ask {when there is} news {if you don’t} {have previously} checked chat history {no} {you have} posted news (see {useful tips} for using chat #8). Don’t ask if {other folks} are looking {to get} {a particular} stock. Don’t ask {should you} buy/sell a stock. {In the event that you} don’t know, stay out or {escape}. {It is possible to} private message Michael Goode or Tim Lento with such questions {through the} trading day. Or, {it is possible to} ask {following the} market close…or best yet ask questions during Tim Sykes’ weekly Q&A webinars for his Millionaire Trading Challenge students! {If you want to} discuss something {through the} trading day, {visit the} off-topic room by {simply clicking} “Chat Room > Off Topic”. {If you want} {to go over} something with {a specific} user, kindly {keep these things} join you in the off-topic room. {Usually do not} answer questions in TimAlerts chat.

10. Don’t post information {which has} {recently been} posted (we don’t need 10 people announcing {a} stock has been halted).

11. Questions and alerts on whether a stock is shortable are off-topic during market hours. {To discover} {how exactly to} check whether your broker has shares, {observe how} to Borrow Shares to Short on Michael Goode‘s blog.

12. {In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} nothing {to increase} the discussion of a stock/trade then don’t {enquire about} it (“What {can you} people {consider} XYZ?”). Instead, when someone does mention {an impression} or thought on XYZ {it is possible to} {keep these things} elaborate {on the} {known reasons for} thinking the stock will go {a particular} way.

13. Anyone violating chat room rules {or simply} being annoying {will undoubtedly be} gagged (anything they type {will never be} seen by others). Significant abuses {can result in} completely banning a subscriber from the chatroom. Significant abuses {that may|which will} {result in} banning from chat include but {aren’t} {limited by}: spamming, harassment of other users, {usage of} demeaning or racist language, and encouraging {visitors to} violate {regulations}.

{Useful tips} for using chat

1. To send {an exclusive} message to a chat moderator, right-click their name {and choose} “private message”. Users cannot send private messages to other users.
2. To send a public message ({a brief} message {to some other} user that others {can easily see}), right-click on that person’s name {and choose} “Send Public Message.” Please use these sparingly and {limited to} on-topic comments.
3. Chat history {are available} here.
4. {To improve} sound settings, {visit the} {the surface of the} page and {select} “Settings” {and} “Sounds.”
5. If someone posts {a thing that} {is quite} helpful, {go through the} little heart icon that appears {once you} put your cursor over their message. {That provides} {see your face} “Karma” and the post then {turns up} in the “Favorites” tab.
6. {To visit} the off-topic room, {select} “Chat Room” > “Off Topic.”
7. To see comments from before you entered the chat, {select} “Click to load history” {left} of the smiley button. Note: this {can not work} in the “All {in a single}” chatroom view.
8. {To find} prior posts {in regards to a} specific stock, enter the ticker in the “Ticker Chat History” search box in {the very best} right of the chat window. {You’ll then} {visit a} new column on {the proper} side of the window with the stock chart {at the very top} and below that any comments on the stock {backwards} chronological order. {Utilize this} to see if someone {has recently} posted {the news headlines} on a stock.
Stock chat abbreviations
a/n – afternoon
b/o – breakout
o/n – overnight
pre or p/m – premarket trading
a/h – after-hours trading
eod – end of day
e/r – earnings release
r/r – risk vs. reward
l/f – low float stock ({hardly any} shares outstanding, generally under 10 million, so these stocks can move {a whole lot} on low volume)
ss – short sell
l2 – level 2 stock quotes
hod – {most of} {your day} ({excluding} pre-market data)
nhod – new {most of} {your day} (used {whenever a} stock has broken above a previous high)
52s – 52-week highs
lod – Low of {your day} ({excluding} pre-market data)
nlod – new low of {your day} (used {whenever a} stock has broken below a previous low)
sup – support
res – resistance
red – a stock {that’s} below its previous day’s close
green – a stock {that’s} above its previous day’s close
r/g – a stock going from red to green
g/r – a stock going from green to red
perking up – stock is {beginning to|needs to} move up {just a little} {from} consolidation
ph – power hour, {the final} hour of trading (3pm to 4pm Eastern)
mm – market maker
cp – Centerpoint Securities
ib – Interactive Brokers
tda – TDAmeritrade (They own the Thinkorswim trading platform)

stt – stockstotrade
tos – thinkorswim

das – DAS Trading Software

Common chat abbreviations

afk – {From} keyboard
idk – I don’t know
iirc – {EASILY} remember correctly
imho / imo – {In my own} (humble) opinion
ttyl – {Speak to} you later
bbl – Be back later
lol – Laughing {aloud}
pm – Private message
tia – Thanks {beforehand}
ty – {Many thanks}
yw – You’re welcome

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