New Book Review: {THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course

{I REALLY LIKE} {currency markets} books and there’s {a fresh} one out today called “{THE ENTIRE} Penny Stock Course” by my trading challenge student Jamil (the guy who designed this must use research tool) {that you need to} read {since it} organizes ALL my lessons into one comprehensive book.

It’s already greatly outselling my book here Jamil made {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} copies {to check} the waters so first come first serve {which} will sell out soon so grab your copy ASAP…I {Recommend} it as {an excellent} supplement to your trading education!

And it’s funny that several {folks have} already asked me if I’m angry that {many of} my millionaire students are doing {much better than} me in {trading} and now {one of these} has written {an extremely} technical/useful book on {trading} whereas {my very own} book isn’t very technical, but {I REALLY LIKE} seeing what my students can do/achieve with my lessons and Jamil has organized all my lessons {utilizing an} academic/programmer-minded approach {therefore i} think you’ll GREATLY {love this particular} new {method of} learning penny {trading}.**

Download a PDF version {of the} post as PDF.

Here’s {the hyperlink} {to the} new MUST READ book, it’s {a significant} value and good supplement to my book/DVD guides {if you need to|in order to} learn penny stock trading…I’m so {pleased with} it I even wrote the foreword {and in addition} just made this video review {onto it}, which {we’ve} also transcribed for my valued deaf trading challenge students:

Hey, what’s up? Tim Sykes here. {I’ve} something very exciting {that you should|so that you can|that you can} star this week. {Among} my students just wrote a book. His name is Jamil. He’s also the programmer behind StocksToTrade and {he could be} frankly dissatisfied with {just how many} lessons {I’ve} and how disorganized everything was, so he actually wrote this book. He’s like, “Tim, {I really like} your teachings but {we have to} organize it.” And he’s more of an academic programmer type {sort of} guy. And I’ll admit it, {you understand}, {I’ve} so many lessons. It’s been tough to {sort of} organize everything. {You understand}, I wish that the {currency markets} would just close for {per year} and then {I possibly could} get everything organized.

I didn’t {anticipate} {some of} this, at the speed {which} I’m creating new millionaire students.** It has {sort of} gotten {beyond control} so I’m always playing catch up. So I’m very thankful. I actually wrote the foreword {to the} new book. So I’ll post {the hyperlink} {to the} book {just underneath} this video {nonetheless it} just got listed on Amazon. I don’t think it’s on Kindle yet {nevertheless, you} {will get} the paperback {at under} 30 bucks. I highly, highly, {recommend} this. {It has} been a work {happening} for roughly {days gone by} two years. {You understand}, I’m {sort of} a perfectionist {with regards to} getting out {information regarding} my strategy, whether it’s a formal guide or {in this instance|in cases like this}, a book. So, Jamil, {congrats}. {Everyone else}, go {understand this} book. This organizes {all of the} lessons. {You understand}, you’re really gonna {begin to} understand the patterns.

And Jamil {did} {an excellent} job just {sort of} condensing everything into {that one} book. And everyone who has read {it’s been} like, “Wow. I wish this had {turn out} sooner.” And I wish {it has} {turn out} sooner too. My apologies for my {insufficient} organization. I’m {attempting to} trade; I’m {attempting to} teach; I’m {attempting to} make video lessons; I’m {attempting to} make guides; I’m {attempting to} write {blogs}, and tweets, and watchlists, and alerts, and commentary, and webinars, and software, and websites, {and} I’ve got my charity and my travel. So I’ve got {a bit} going on. {THEREFORE I} {think it’s great} when students do {much better than} me like Steven Dux {you understand}, made nearly {half of a} million dollars {previously|during the past} month.** Tim Grittani made {half of a} million in December and {I believe} {half of a} million dollars in January.** {THEREFORE I} have several students {that are} doing {much better than} me, several students now {that are} taking the strategies {they} learned from me {and today} creating guides that {I believe} are better {and much more} useful.**

I still encourage {one to} watch all my guides. It’s {nothing like} my guides are useless. {On the other hand}, I think {they might need} viewing. But {I believe} {it is a} {excellent} intro and {a good} comprehensive book. {You understand} {a few of} you guys {prefer to} learn better through books, some like video lessons, some like DVDs, some like webinars. {That is} {yet another} tool in your arsenal. And I make the comparison that the {currency markets} {is similar to} a battlefield. {And you also} don’t {desire to} {visit a} battlefield armed with {just a} knife. {You understand}, {you need to} choose your weapon wisely. {As well as your} weapon in the {currency markets} {can be your} knowledge {as well as your} preparation.

{Which means this} {can help you} join the battlefield with {a bit more} preparation. And it’s very basic, whether {you understand} nothing {concerning the} {currency markets}, whether {you understand} nothing about {very cheap stocks} or even {should you choose} know {a whole lot} about {very cheap stocks}, I highly encourage {one to} read this {also to} {benefit from} this new guide. {You understand}, the more preparation, the more reviews, the more strategy, the more knowledge, the more experience {you have|which you have}, {the higher} your {probability of} success on {each and every} trade. {Which} is not {an ideal} science. This book {isn’t} {as an} end all be all, like, just {browse the} book and {disregard the} guides. It’s a supplementary research guide, {I believe}, and it’s {only a} new {method of} learning my strategy, {particularly if} you {result from} the academic or programmer world. It’s {a lot more} structured {for the reason that} {sort of} sense {in comparison to} my other guides.

{And you also} know, {I believe} {that you need to|that you ought to} learn {various different} ways. Obviously, {you understand}, video lessons and DVDs and webinars {have become} visual. {That is} more academic. So I’m curious to see {everything you} guys think. {When} you do {understand this} book, leave {an assessment} on Amazon. Be honest, {you understand}. I think {that is} gonna be really useful. And again, my {because of} Jamil and {because of} my whole team {so you can get} this thing out. And again, I’ll post {a web link} {to the} book. It’s on Amazon. {It may be} on Barnes & Noble, I’m {uncertain}. {I take advantage of} Amazon.

{Nonetheless it} starts shipping, {I really believe}, in like two days. So you’re {obtaining a} head start. {This can} sell out {incidentally}. We only made {several} copies {merely to} {sort of} test the waters. {Therefore} {if you would like} it, {It is advisable to} order it ASAP. But {it is a} cool little guide. Thanks again, Jamil. Great work to my team. Great work. {Everyone else}, get excited. {You’ve got a} new guide {that’s} very, {very helpful} and comprehensive. Let’s have {an excellent} week. Cheers. I’ll post {a web link} {just underneath} this video. Remember, click it, {take a look}, read it, learn it, live it, {think it’s great}.

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