My {A REACTION TO} My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions

My {bout of} Below Deck aired {yesterday evening} and predictably, they edited it {in ways} {to create} me look pretty terrible…no {unique of} the producers on my ‘Miss Advised’ and ‘Wall Street Warriors’ reality show appearances – I KNEW {they might} {moving in}.

{Start to see the} trailer here {watching} it repeat {again and again} and over this week on Bravo TV {all of this} week.

The reaction on {social media marketing} has been swift and harsh with common phrases used {such as for example} “douchebag” “arrogant” “egotistical” “asshole” yada yada yada mainly in {a reaction to} my {concentrate on} money, my younger girlfriend who doesn’t like gourmet food, my confidence which EVERY viewer {can easily see}, even blind TV viewers, {the truth that} I trade {very cheap stocks} with “crappy technology”, my teaching others my strategy (given {almost all} this industry is gurus promising riches {however, not} delivering), my {insufficient} big tip for the crew and the callous way I {made a decision to} {get back} $5,000 from {the initial} $22,000 tip.

I knew {this might} all be televised and edited in the worst possible way, heck remember where I called my mom a bitch in Wall Street Warriors ({which you are able to} watch HERE on Hulu and {just about|virtually} {around} Youtube if you’re not {in america} (I said it 100% sarcastically, we joke around {each day}, but 8 years later I still hear how {I will} treat her better!)

{Why} oh why would I open myself and my girlfriend and my trading challenge students to such criticism?


NONE of my antics or this show’s editing or my previous shows’ editing or videos {such as this} of my Lamborghini and Miami mansion matter {over time}:

{What counts} {over time} is articles {such as this} on CNN featuring my top student “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in {three years}” (he’s now over $2 million {even with} some recent losses this week shorting Ebola stocks {a touch too} aggressively…learn from his mistakes HERE) (oh yes we teach about our losses too…see my biggest loss HERE)

And videos like these:

{Since there is} SO much misinformation about {trading} and {very cheap stocks} and that’s why 90-95% of traders lose money…not because this game {is indeed} difficult but because good information {is indeed} rare.

That’s why I promote my 7 free video lessons and these 200+ free videos on Youtube and my trading challenge with all my DVDs and weekly webinars {not only} from me {but additionally} {many of} my millionaire students.

{The key reason why} I have {the largest} newsletter in the stock world {beyond} Jim Cramer {is basically because} {I’ll} do EVERYTHING {I could} to inspire people, and piss people off {and obtain} them {discussing} me and my story because I started with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand bucks {so when} anyone knows me can attest I ain’t that smart so {easily} {may become} a multi-millionaire, ANYONE can!

And that’s why I’m so {pleased with} students {such as this} guy {who was simply} my first millionaire student {which} international student {who’ll} {be considered a} millionaire soon and he just happened {to mention} his son after me as a thanks {for several} my lessons.

{THAT I} summed up nicely {in my own} recent speech at Harvard University

My critics will say out of {a large number of} students I only have {several} millionaires, but {even though you} bought ALL my educational products from these study guides to StocksToTrade to joining my trading challenge, {everything} costs {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} thousand bucks and {Everything} can change {your daily life} as it {did} {not only} for my millionaire students, but {most of these} subscribers too {who’ve} made back their investment {within their} education in 1-2-3 trades and {the training} I provide lasts {an eternity} {therefore i} think it’s the single best investment anyone could ever make.

Remember {this website} post when I tried warning the #wolfofweedstreet people about their flawed marijuana penny stock thesis – they thought they’d {rise} forever – most didn’t listen {and also have} lost everything…some did listen though {so when} my conference attendees have heard my warnings saved them $30,000, $50,000 even $100,000.

I GLADLY took {overall} {couple of} marijuana penny stock traders because I knew {these were} wrong, {in the same way} I know {what other} traders are wrong {each day} and I’m here {to greatly help}.

{THEREFORE I} accept the criticism all for tweets {such as this}:

Because {when i} also tweeted {yesterday evening} when I first began receiving criticism:

I treated {All of} those trading challenge students to the 100% free trip for them aboard the $12 million yacht {also it} was {an excellent} {couple of days} of {getting together with} them, trading {using them} and {discussing} the {currency markets}, life {not to mention} reality TV.

I wish the show had shown more {of this}, but {I am aware} I opened {the entranceway} {to put} me {in an exceedingly} specific way {rather than} dare show my full character.

I left the crew a $17,000 tip, {that is} nearly 25%…and {as the} chef didn’t {pay attention to} my VERY specific instructions {concerning the} food – {not forgetting} {almost every} group meal was delayed {much too} long ({that they} didn’t show) – and {the web} didn’t work (I specifically requested they bump it up {in advance} with extra routers, devices etc. {that they} assured me would {ensure it is} {extremely fast}) {plus some} of the staff was {significantly less than} cordial, they didn’t deserve {a complete} tip from me and I {ensured} to {tell them} that.

Hey critics did ya {eventually} catch this tweet?

Yup, on the stock trade done on crappy wifi the ‘Below Deck’ episode didn’t show I made $70,000 a friggin homerun {for several} my students and me and {an excellent} lesson {showing} {that you could} trade stocks and bank from {All over the world} {regardless of} the conditions. Remember {I’m} 100% self-made and DAMN {pleased with} it:

And the hot stocks my students and I trade daily HAVE {THE PRECISE} PATTERNS AS OUTLINED {IN MY OWN} DVD STUDY GUIDES MADE {IN THE PAST}

{Due to} that my top trading challenge students are BANKING

Sometimes $200,000 in profits {in only} one day {when i} outlined here:

And lately {he} has been making $100,000 {per day} {several times} (big props {to the} chatroom for extra education {which has} taken Eric’s game {a complete} new level)


elkwood 103k copy

Long story short {I am aware} what grabs people’s attention and gets them {Attempting to} study hard {to get} rich.

Money {isn’t} {the finish} all at all, but its acquisition is what I teach and I took {several} thousand and turned it {right into a} few million bucks, see EVERY trade HERE {and today} {increasingly more|a lot more|a growing number of} of my top trading challenge students are {carrying it out} too.

{Bring about} the haters, {when i} create more millionaires the hate {are certain to get} {a whole lot worse} until {at some time} there’ll {be considered a} tipping point once everyone realizes what I teach is real and useful {also it} works…and my drill sergeant-like teaching style isn’t always pleasant, {nonetheless it} works.

{If you believe|If you feel} I only {value} making $ off trading and teaching you’re wrong, money {is a} byproduct of my {effort} and I {discuss} it and show it off since it’s {just what a} batting average {would be to} a baseball player…I truly don’t understand the traders and investors who dedicate their lives to building their portfolios/accounts {and} {keep carefully the} #s secret and worse their strategies secret too {therefore the} dark ages in financial education has continued unabated…until me.

{Within the next} {couple of weeks} I’ll be launching {my very own} non-profit foundation {that i} {be prepared to} raise over $2 million in 2015 (that’s {the target} anyway) {as soon as} I {let you know} {everything}, you’ll understand my priorities {Far better}.

Until then, feel {absolve to} hate on me, {I could} take it…leave my girlfriend alone though, she’s incredible and doesn’t deserve {some of} this, she’s unlucky enough {to possess} fallen {deeply in love with} me and didn’t realize how committed {I’m} to teaching and creating millionaires and changing this whole screwed up industry. {I really like} her to death {and you also} guys owe her since she keeps me sane enough {in order that} I might {you need to be} {in a position to} pull this whole thing off.

Captain, #belowdeck crew, I’ll see you again, hopefully for season 3 and I’ll bring {a lot more} trading challenge students and we’ll see {in the event that you} perform {easier to} earn {a more impressive} tip ?

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