Meet My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months**

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[Important 2020 Update]

In June 2020, Roland Wolf passed $1 million in trading profits.* Read more about his incredible accomplishment here. Use Roland’s story to {motivate you}. Do better, be better, gain your freedom.

Now read this post {to check out} where Roland was {back} 2017. Here’s what’s possible when you’re {ready to} dedicate {you to ultimately} {the procedure}.


Roland Wolf Passes $170,000 in Profits

My Trading Challenge student Roland just passed $170,000* in profits. I featured him in this must-read {post} when he passed $100,000* in trading profits. {You can view} all Roland’s trades HERE and his profit chart HERE.

After {you start with} just $4,000 {significantly less than} {this past year}, he’s {the most recent} to experience {most of these} exponential gains. {Everything} {boils down} to preparation.

Roland says Tim Grittani’s “Trading Tickers” DVD and my “{Steps to make} Millions” guide shaped his knowledge. He also spent time studying my “Read SEC Filings” DVD. Study up – {I’d like} more dedicated students {such as this}!

(*These {email address details are} not typical. Individual results {will change}. Most traders {lose cash}. My top students have {the advantage of} {a long time} of {effort} and dedication. Trading is inherently risky. Always do your {homework} {rather than} risk {a lot more than} {it is possible to} afford {to reduce}.)

Must-Watch Video Interview With Roland Wolf

{Love this particular} awesome video. In the video, Roland talks about…

  • Important rules people should utilize in trading. (I trade {with one of these} rules.)
  • How buckling down on his studies changed his {method of} trading. “{It had been} night and day…”
  • His {day to day routine}: when he runs scans, when he plans trades, {and just why} {waking up} early {is indeed} important. (He also discusses that in this interview with Tim Bohen.)
  • The trade that taught him to take profits. (He even admits I alerted it, but he was thinking, “F*** you, Tim! You don’t {know very well what} you’re {discussing}.”)
  • His {undertake} why {more and more people} hate {very cheap stocks}.
  • {The benefit of} {understanding how to} read SEC filings. (Yes, boring {can provide} you an edge…)
  • PLUS: the weird way an athlete mindset {can provide} you {an advantage} as a trader.
  • And more…

Watch the video NOW and bookmark this post {in order to} come back {watching} it again.

My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 in 7 Months

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Also, please congratulate Roland in the comments {portion of} this post. {I understand} he appreciates our community so much. I’m SO {pleased with} this hard-working, stay-at-home dad’s success. He’s PROOF that {effort} and studying {takes care of}.

{RAISE YOUR VOICE} to Trading Challenge Students

On {an individual} note, let this {be considered a} lesson {for anybody} who rips on {very cheap stocks} or me. {There is nothing} stopping more Trading Challenge students from achieving six-and-seven-figure success. {Everything} {boils down} to dedication and persistence.

{The main element} is to {go on it} one trade {at the same time} and recognize you won’t win {each and every time|each time}. {Shoot for} singles {rather than} home runs. Those singles {really can} {accumulate} as you see from students like this…

Reviewing How My Top Trading Challenge Student Grew $1,500 To $4+ Million

What else is new in 2020? There’s also my latest young super students Jack Kellogg, Kyle Williams, and Matt Monaco.*

$150K in {per month}? the Crazy Journey of 3 Extraordinary Students

Transparent Trading and Teaching {to get ready} You for Battle

There’s SO much BS {on the market} {nowadays} after {this type of} long bull market. So {be cautious} who {you think} and {study from}.

I’ll continue trading and teaching transparently. {In the event that you} {pay attention to} me {and also} study {days gone by}, {it is possible to} come better prepared day in and {day trip}. Better preparation means {an improved} {potential for} success.

No Profit Guarantees in the {CURRENCY MARKETS}

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be my next millionaire Trading Challenge student. {You can find} no possible profit guarantees in the {currency markets}. (Anyone who says otherwise is straight-up lying.)

But {I really do} guarantee {I’ll} teach you {each and every} thing I learned the hard way {within the last} two decades. {In the event that you} {give consideration} like Tim Grittani, Roland, {therefore} many others, {I could} help {increase} your learning curve.

{When you have} ANY doubts about me or my trading rules, it’s totally fine. I {obtain it} {each day}, especially from lazy people. So please, there’s NO pressure whatsoever {to get this done}.

{I’ve} ZERO patience for lazies {nowadays}. {The good thing} about being real is that I’m overwhelmed with {folks who are|individuals who are} serious {and so are} {ready to} be dedicated. So it’s only {those individuals} who my team and I bust our asses for.

{Desire to be} a Trading Challenge Student?

ONLY {make an application for} my Trading Challenge if you’re {prepared to} study {the sofa} off. {USUALLY DO NOT} waste my time {attempting to} correct my grammar. Or whatever other BS excuses lazy people {produce}.

I’m not here to be your friend. I’m {likely to} {function as} toughest teacher {you’ll} ever have. But if you’re serious and {ready to} follow instructions, what I teach {can transform} {your daily life}.

As a Trading Challenge student, you’ll {access} my knowledge, experience, and rules. I learned ‘em the hard way … {as time passes}. {Which explains why} {I wish to} {function as} mentor {for you} that I {never really had}.

No Mood for Negativity or Doubters

Sorry, but I’m in no mood {to cope with} any negativity or doubters whatsoever {at this time}. The market {is indeed} hot with {way too many} plays.

We’re doing big things {each day} lately because It’s good to be real and self-sufficient. {I’d like} YOU to {reach} {this aspect}, too!

Please do leave a comment and congratulate Roland below. We’re all SO {pleased with} his success. {We wish} him {to keep} staying humble, for if he doesn’t {the marketplace} will humble him {Rapidly}. And {we wish} him {to keep} working hard {the night time} {prior to the} market opens and on weekends.

Why Roland {Is really a} Successful, Self-Sufficient Trader

Preparation is key…

Roland’s trading success {is really a} testament to his work ethic, dedication, and preparation. {Each day} he {turns up} {all set}. When he {were only available in} the Trading Challenge he studied 17 hours {each day}. It has paid off…

{Make sure to} congratulate Roland below. {Simply tell him} {just how much} his story inspires {one to} study {each day}!

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