{If you are using} Big Banks, you deserve to be treated like crap

Sorry guys, {forget about} sympathy from me.

If {you keep up} {to employ a} Big Bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, you deserve to be treated like shit.

I hate them, but it’s not their fault. It’s your fault.

After I’ve warned you {for a long time} how duplicitous and scammy these banks are, {you keep up} {to utilize} them because you’re too lazy {to change} away (which {takes approx} 1 week {you will ever have}). {There are many} other options {offering} better service, higher {interest levels}, {no} fees. But no. Your indolence rules {your day}.

This article {teaches you} precisely what {After all}: For banks, being terrible to YOU…is {ideal for} their business.

“First came the unhelpful bank tellers. {Then your} unexplained monthly fees. {Then your} fumbled mortgage application.

When Richard X. Bove encountered this string of bad experiences at his Wells Fargo branch in suburban Tampa, he didn’t sit quietly and fume like other Americans {who’ve} grown frustrated {making use of their} banks. He began by moving his business to a bank {outside} – {he then} used his platform {among the} nation’s most outspoken bank analysts {to inform} his story to {a large number of} clients.

But {rather than} trashing {the lender} {and its own} stock, Mr. Bove in his Tuesday note shared his latest epiphany: catering to customers {could possibly} distract from the {quest for} {earning money} in {the brand new} world of finance. What really matters, he now believes, is pushing products and managing risk.

“I’m struck by {the truth that} the service {is indeed} bad, {yet} the company {is indeed} good,” said Mr. Bove, an analyst with Rochdale Securities.”

Amazing. {This is really} {on the net} in {the brand new} York Times.

Do you guys {obtain it}? Banks {aren’t} governed by {exactly the same} laws of {customer support}, supply, and demand that {others} are. It has {related to} the multi-billion-dollar lobby they employ…andthe extraordinary capital {necessary to} {turn into a} nationally known bank (I’m {considering} you, horribly marketed credit unions)…and the complicated regulatory environment.

It doesn’t matter!

You can {make an effort to} change the {bank operating system}. {And you may} fail.

Or {it is possible to} change your BANK…and {you’ll} live a life knowing they’re not {attempting to} screw you at every turn.

By {just how}, {in the event that you} look deeper, {you understand} {that} odd paradox of treating customers horribly – {but still} growing – is common in other industries, too.

For historical reference, let’s look at airlines, {among} our famed industries featuring legendary technology and safety. Yet as {a small business}, airlines are truly dysfunctional. As Warren Buffett famously said, “…if a farsighted capitalist {have been} present at Kitty Hawk, {he’d} {did} his successors {an enormous} favor by shooting Orville down.”

In the 90s, airlines began surveying customers {to discover} their biggest pain points. The response {returned} loud and clear: Customers were {sick and tired of} being cramped into too-small seats. They wanted more legroom, damnit!

Like any rational business, airlines responded. In 2000, American Airlines rolled out {a fresh} initiative called “More Room Throughout Coach.” They heavily advertised their roomier planes and patted themselves on {the trunk} for {hearing} customers. {They} waited for {the clients} {ahead}.

The result?

Revenue dropped {just like a|such as a} rock. Customers claimed {these were} willing to {purchase} more legroom…but they weren’t.

Think {about any of it}: {Whenever we} {look for} an airline, what do we do? We shop almost exclusively on price: We {head to} Orbitz and scan down the left side of the page…for {the least expensive} fare.

Airlines have responded accordingly. {Forget about} frills. {Forget about} friendly attractive flight attendants. {Forget about} upgraded planes.

We deserve it.

Yes, {you can find} regulatory issues and scammy lobbying at play here too…but at {a simple} level, if companies {will get} away with offering poor service and consumers don’t bolt, {they’ll}.

Like airlines, banks continue treating us like shit. We let them {escape} with it. They {continue} {carrying it out} and making {vast amounts of} dollars.

By {just how}, these Big Banks know I hate them. {I’ve} {a pal} who works at one Big Bank. She {explained} she saw {a written report} outlining “Digital Influencers,” and I was {onto it}. Pretty cool, I said. Then she {explained} I was considered a “Negative Influencer.” PERHAPS IT’S BECAUSE I CALL THEIR FAT ASSES OUT BY NAME FOR SCAMMING AMERICANS IN {A FRESH} YORK TIMES BESTSELLING BOOK AND A BLOG WITH 350,000+ MONTHLY READERS.

Oops. {Appears like} I won’t be doing any partnerships {with one of these} companies {anytime soon}.

You have {a selection}.

You can sit around, bemoaning {hawaii} of banks and complaining about your airline. Or {it is possible to} {bother making a choice}. Not to {create a} political statement. {But merely} {to truly have a} better life.

When you {begin using} {the proper} companies – companies you trust, companies that treat you with respect, and companies where it just works – there’s {nothing beats} it.

It’s {not only} {the amount of money} and time saved, although that’s reason enough {to change}. It’s also the {satisfaction|reassurance} knowing they’re {not only} waiting for {a chance to} screw you. They’re actually {investing in} {looking after} you {as well as your} financial needs.

It’s rare having {a good} few trusted companies on our side. {For instance}, when I order from Amazon, {I understand} it’ll {seriously} time or earlier. {And when} something’s wrong, {I understand} I can {obtain it} fixed instantly.

I’ve found {several} companies that {I really do} business with for my banking and {bank cards}.

Here today are my recommended companies. After an exhaustive search, {they are} {the specific} accounts I {made a decision to} personally use. They {i want to} spend {significantly less than} 1 hour/month on my finances.

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