I Will {EDUCATE YOU ON} To Be Rich turns {a decade} old!

Exactly {a decade} ago today, I launched IWT.

When I started, {it had been} {an individual} blog that nobody read. But I was {sick and tired of} hearing so-called experts {reveal} what we COULDN’T do {with this} money: No vacations…no lattes…no buying anything. In 60 years, {you merely} {may have} something in savings.

I didn’t believe it. And I bet you and {I’d} rather live a Rich Life than one where we’re constantly {attempting to} {scale back on} everything. As I’ve said, there’s a limit to {just how much} {it is possible to} cut back…but no limit to {just how much} {you can generate}.

This {notion of} “expanding the pie” – and using psychology {to greatly help} us live the lives {we wish} – helped us grow this IWT community of {thousands} of people {that are} unapologetic about {attempting to} live a Rich Life.

YES! {We wish} more. {You want to} {day} our friends. {You want to} take amazing vacations. {You want to} buy gifts {for the} family, {contribute to} charity, and {reside in} {a good} place.

What {an incredible} world {that people} can meet {others who} feel the {same manner}.

Back then, in 2004, things were different. I was a frustrated {scholar}.

See, I’d {learned all about} investing and money after taking my first scholarship check, investing it in the {currency markets}, and losing half my money. {This is} {a large} turning point {for me personally}: I realized {easily} didn’t {understand how} money worked, I’d {find yourself} {exactly like} {everybody else} around me.

So {when i} spent years reading every book {I possibly could} find, watching every {Television show}, etc. I developed {my very own} philosophy on money. {I needed} {to talk about} it with {other folks} and {suggest to them} that they {might use} money and psychology {to greatly help} them lead a Rich Life. {The issue} was, everyone said, “Wow! I definitely {desire to} {find out about} money!” {They} never {arrived}.


After {per year} {. 5} of {attempting to} convince {visitors to} {arrived at} my free class (especially haunting {for me personally} {since i have} hate doing anything alone, including {eating dinner out} alone, seeing movies alone, etc.), I realized I had {to use} {different things}.

So I {made a decision to} {take up a} blog, hoping that my lazy college friends {would prefer to} {find out about} money from the comforts {of these} dorm room then {arrived at} {a meeting} about money. Yes, I was sober when I {find the} name.

Today {is really a} special day {for me personally}, so I’d {prefer to} look back on the journey that made the IWT {you understand} today.


Last year, I shared {several} lessons I learned from 9 years of writing IWT. Today, {I wish to|I would like to} share 6 lessons I’ve learned {within the last} {a decade}.

LESSON #1: Be brutally honest with yourself

I had {a remarkable} email exchange with {among} my readers. I had asked readers, “What {can you} claim {is essential}, {nevertheless, you} haven’t done it?”

She wrote back, telling me she {wished to} run 3x/week, but just couldn’t {appear to} {take action}. I said, “{You will want to} just run once/week?”

Her response: “I don’t really {start to see the} point of running once/week.”

Think {about this}. She would {dream of} running {3 x} a week…instead of ACTUALLY running once/week.

She {would prefer to} lie to herself than be brutally honest! {An easy task to} laugh, but {most of us} do this. {Actually}, {a lot of us} begin lying to ourselves from {the} minute we {awaken}: “Ugh, {I wish to|I would like to} sleep 20 minutes more…I’ll {visit the} gym after work today” (knowing we won’t go {once we} say it).

What else {can you} claim {is essential}, {nevertheless, you} haven’t done it? {Make an effort to} identify 3 areas. {That is} {very difficult}. Our mind creates {all sorts of} defense mechanisms {in order to avoid} answering this tough question.

The most successful {folks are} BRUTALLY HONEST about their shortcomings and about systematically prioritizing them {to boost}. Go read James Altucher {to get the best|to find the best} example.

I believe {that is} so important, {I wish to|I would like to} share a video {in one} of my premium courses {on how best to} be brutally honest with yourself:

Video from my program on mastering your psychology: Success Triggers.

LESSON #2: {Spend money on} yourself

When I was launching Zero to Launch {some time ago}, I started getting {texts} from friends. “{Do you consider} {I will} join ZTL? {It appears} {just a little} basic…”

I shook my head and smiled. {This is actually the} same material I used {to create} my business to serve 15,000+ paying students over {a decade} in {a large number of} industries, generating {huge amount of money} and {thousands of} documented results.

ORDINARY PEOPLE: “How will this help me? {How do you} know {this can} {work with} my exact situation? {Imagine if} I’m an Alaskan cobbler who {comes with an} orange-juice addiction? Can this help ME???”

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: “I’m {likely to} {spend money on} this course/book/coach because {I understand} {easily} learn even one insight – {just one single} – I’ll {have the ability to} apply it for {the others} of {my entire life}.”

It’s weird. Nobody wakes up and says “I’m {likely to} be arrogant today.” {Nonetheless it} {may be the} height of arrogance to assume you cannot {study from} {other folks}, especially people who’ve {experienced} the gauntlet of {what you need|what you would like} {to perform}.

This {is the reason why|is excatly why} I invest over $50,000 {per year} in self-development, even buying books and courses from {individuals who have|those who have} smaller businesses than I do. {EASILY} can learn even {a very important factor}, the investment {is really a} triviality. (The $50K amount isn’t {the idea}. {You may also|You can also} {focus on} $20.) {Incidentally}, {I really like} that I {reach} lecture people on not being arrogant {despite the fact that} I’ve never, ever been accused {to be} modest.

LESSON #3: Total integrity means saying “no”

I was inspired {by way of a} sushi restaurant in {SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA} where {you must} stand in line for over {one hour} – no reservations accepted. {And when} you don’t {make it happen} by 7:30pm, you won’t be eating there. {Needless to say}, when I finally got a table, I sat down {just like a|such as a} huge weirdo and started analyzing their business: “Wow, {they might} {easily fit into} 4 more tables, adding 25% revenue, {and when} they added a reservation system, they could…”

My friend {explained} to shut up {and revel in} the food. {The truth is}, the owners don’t {value} revenue maximization. {They would like to} run their business {the direction they} want to, {plus they} put {the knowledge} before money. {As soon as you} taste the sushi, {you realize}.

But this takes incredible courage {to state} “no” to {the planet}, which pushes {one to} be vanilla.

These are {a number of the} NO decisions I made:

  • NO to people in {personal credit card debt}: I prohibit {people who have} {personal credit card debt} from joining my flagship programs, {a choice} that costs IWT over $2 million {each year}. {It might be|It will be|It could be} {an easy task to} collect that money and {relax}, happy. But it’s not {the proper} {move to make}. Because {I understand} I’ll be here {for a long time} and years, I {hand out} my best {suggestions about} {paying down} debt {free of charge}. {As soon as} they do, then they’re {prepared to} {spend money on} growth. That’s why I {hand out} 98% of my material free and charge premium {charges for} the 2%. {I understand} of no other company that turns down {huge amount of money} {such as this}.
  • NO to {individuals who} demand I write shorter posts. I don’t write for skimmers or {individuals who} treat my material as intellectual entertainment. I also love when people tell me {to avoid} using profanity, {as though} being offended holds power. Ironically, {should you choose} what {these folks} {request you to} do, they’ll {weary} in you. {The planet} wants {one to} be vanilla. Ignore {these folks}.
  • NO to skeptics and doubters: {Take into account the} last time you tried something new. How did {individuals} around you react? {I recall} when I first started {attempting to} dress better. I heard {things such as}, “{What exactly are} you, gay?” “{That are} you {attempting to} impress?” (Same for {when you begin} to manage {your cash} – “Ugh, {who would like to} think {like this}? {I wish to|I would like to} live for today” or fitness – “You don’t {have to} {workout} more. {You take in} {just like a|such as a} bird!”) {I believe} about these pivotal moments, when you’re nervous and insecure about trying something new.  At these moments, {you select} if you’ll revert {back again to} vanilla…or push {to} {another} level.
  • NO to releasing {whatever} doesn’t meet our standards. I once {turn off} a program {that has been} generating {thousands} {per month} in profit because I wasn’t {content with} my students’ results. {We’ve} fully completed courses {that could} generate {huge amount of money}. Yet they don’t meet our IWT standard. {Consequently|Because of this}, they sit {inside our} private vault {and can} never be released. But {when i} tell my team, we’re one email {from} someone unsubscribing from us. {Which means} {each and every} communication {needs to be} our {absolute best}. {Or even}, we don’t send it. {Exactly the same} is true {for you personally}. {Think about} the emails you send {at the job}? {Think about} the reports you deliver? What would happen {in the event that you} took {a supplementary} week {to create} them world-class?

Where {can you} set your boundaries? {Quite simply|Put simply|Basically}, what {can you} say NO to?

When you’re clear {in what} you {are a symbol of}, {you may also|you can even} say YES to {things that} matter.

YES to building systems that {i want to} live a Rich Life.

YES to reading {each of the} 1,500 emails I {get yourself a} day – and {giving an answer to} {a huge selection of} them, free – {each day}.

YES to testing my material {for a long time} before releasing it, because {I’d like} {one to} have confidence {that should you} use my material, {you understand} {it’ll} work.

What {can you} say NO to? And what {do you wish to} say YES to?

LESSON #4: Tough love is incredibly rare

I was {in the center of} a brutal workout with my trainer: 10 pull-ups, 10 push ups, 10 squats – 10 times. {Following the} 5th set, I wasn’t sure {I possibly could} {continue}. I {viewed}, sweating, and saw him adding {More excess weight} to the barbell.

When I finally finished, I looked back, dripping in sweat, and realized how {I’d} have just {abandoned} if it were me. But he pushed me {to accomplish} {a lot more than} what I thought {I possibly could}. That {sort of} push is incredibly rare – it sticks with you {forever}, because {the next time} {I believe} I can’t {take action}, I’ll {understand that} moment. When was {the final} time someone said, “You did OK…but {I understand} {you might have} done better”? When was {the final} time someone was honest enough to challenge {one to} do more?

For {a lot of us}, we haven’t had someone really push us {to your} full potential in years.

That’s why I push {so difficult}. {Understand this} email {Not long ago i} got:

“Its unlikely {you’ll} read this, but…I do respect your material, but {easily} may say, their {is really a} danger that {as time passes} {you’ll} lose {a few of} your more intelligent customers by treating them as marketing objects {instead of} people. {I’d} {want to} watch {among the} presentations, but {I really do} {not need} an {web connection} at home, {and it’ll} be at 2am GMT in London. {I am aware} that {you will see} no recording, {to be able to} increase social value.

Please {understand that} {you’ll be able to} choose service over self-interest. And, {when i} have observed {often} with many teachers, {as time passes} {they are able to} cross that line. And the question is are people more important than manipulation.”

In his mind, all his reasons are valid. It’s 2am! He doesn’t have an {web connection}! {He’s got} work {the very next day}.

I have {another} take: If it were {vital that you} him, {he’d} {discover a way}. {NEEDLESS TO SAY} it’s hard. {NEEDLESS TO SAY} it sucks {to remain} awake at 2am for something. But I also {understand that} {a large number of} people {in the united kingdom}, Spain, and {all around the globe} {discover a way} {to accomplish} it {on a monthly basis}. They sacrifice sleep. {Each goes} to a {restaurant} {to obtain} internet. THEY DO {WHATEVER NEEDS DOING}.

You {need to get} {an effective} person {to talk about} their secrets with you? {Inquire further} what they sacrificed {to create} it there.

Successful people do what what others {won’t}. If {this means} you lose {a couple of hours} of sleep for a night, so be it. It’s {challenging}. Sometimes, it’s not fun. But as Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live {the others} {you will ever have} as a champion.’”

LESSON #5: Following through {is really a} skill

In our research {to generate} Finisher’s Formula, {a training course} on following through, we found these haunting comments:

“{I could} do anything {I wish to|I would like to} do, but I don’t want {to accomplish} anything”



“I coasted through {senior high school} and university and am {fighting} {true to life} work.”



“I don’t {have even} the self discipline to cut back…”



I hear {a lot of people} say {things such as}, “Why am I so damn lazy?”or “I start things but can’t {continue}.” The assumption is that they’re just bad at following through.

When I was {beginning to|needs to} do pull-ups, I asked my trainer, “{What exactly are} other exercises {to obtain} {proficient at} pull-ups?”

He just {viewed} me and said, “{If you need to|In order to} get {proficient at} pull-ups, do more pull-ups.”

Following through {is really a} skill. {If you need to|In order to} be the {sort of} {one who} follows through, start following through. {It may be} on small things – BJ Fogg’s great example is {investing in} floss {just one single} tooth. I used to joke {about how exactly} lazy I was, until I realized that I was {developing a} self-fulfilling prophecy.

I stopped describing myself as lazy. I started practicing following through on little things, like {turning up} when I said I {would} {arrive}, and sending people articles I told them {I’d} send. Years later, I became {the type of} {one who} follows through.

LESSON #6: {Most probably} to change

My worst nightmare {is always to} {be considered a} personal-finance pundit, going on TV and {discussing} budgets, writing post after post {concerning the} {checking account} with {the very best} {interest}, and adding links to {the most recent} {charge card}.

groundhog day again

groundhog day again

Who {really wants to} talk about {a similar thing} for {twenty years}?

However, change is weird and uncomfortable. We’re testing {a fresh} course {that may|which will} launch next year, and {the other day}, I ran some user testing. {Among} my readers sent me an angry note saying she was offended by {the brand new} course. “{You need to} stick to {everything you} know,” she said.

The world {really wants to} put you in a bucket {to allow them to} comfortably assign {one to} a role. {Once you} {make an effort to} change, {it creates} {other folks} uncomfortable. That’s why it’s {vital that you} decide whose advice {you need to} take.

I always {wished to} hold myself (and my readers) to {an increased} standard {when compared to a} stuff {on the market}. {Which means} constantly challenging ourselves and growing.

Along {just how}, you’ll notice my business {is continuing to grow} and changed.

  • I don’t {take action} alone {any longer} – {during the last} {a decade}, we’ve built {the very best} team {on the planet|on earth} {assisting to} create amazing material {to call home} a rich life.
  • I’ve expanded beyond personal finance into entrepreneurship, careers, psychology – and soon, {a lot more} {regions of} living a Rich Life.
  • And I’ve also {began to} talk about {a lot more than} just tactics. {In the end}, what’s {the idea} of a word-for-word script if {we’ve} psychological barriers holding us back?

The {most significant} lesson of all

Looking back at everything, {the best} accomplishment at IWT is YOU.

Read {the} comments {with this} blog, or {inside our} Brain Trust group, and you’ll meet {several} {probably the most} extraordinary people anywhere. This isn’t normal!

YOU {will be the} ones that took action and got results like these, and these. Imagine what would happen if we exposed {a few of} this material to other readers {round the} internet. Guess how {they might} react?

We don’t {need to} guess! {Consider the} commenters here and here to see {what goes on} {once you} share IWT material with {folks who are|individuals who are} used to reading about frugality and complaining about politics. This shows us how special our community is.

So to celebrate IWT’s 10-year anniversary, I’m celebrating you.

For me, {an enormous} {section of} living a Rich Life is {having the ability to} thank {individuals} {which have been} there {for me personally}. Over {another} {fourteen days}, we’re {likely to} celebrate.

To kick things off, {I wish to|I would like to} give you {a thing that} has been instrumental {in my own} business and personal growth – my bookshelf.

These 5 books have helped me build {my very own} Rich Life {during the last} decade {plus they} can do {exactly the same} {for you personally}. They cover {from} business to psychology and persuasion to health.


  • Mindless Eating: Why {WE CONSUME} {A LOT MORE THAN} We Think – Brian Wansink
  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business – Charles Duhigg
  • The Checklist Manifesto: {Ways to get} Things Right – Atul Gawande
  • Iacocca – Lee Iacocca and William Novak
  • Arnold: Education of a Bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do {you understand} your earning potential?

Take my earning potential quiz {and obtain} a custom report {predicated on} {your specific} strengths, {and find out} {how to begin} making {extra cash} – in {less than} {one hour}.

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