{I DID SO} It Again: How I’ve Made 110% In 110 Days In 2016

{IN-MAY} of 2015 I wrote a {post} called “117 {TRADING} Rules That Made Me 117% In 117 Days”

Download this cheat sheet {to understand} how I’ve made 110% In 110 days in 2016.

Today {may be the} 110th day of the 2016 and {I must} say, oops, {I did so} it again as this small account I’m trading in 2016 {is currently} up 110% {to start out} the year {following a} VERY solid trade I made today outlined in this video lesson:

My $12,000 account {is currently} $25,383 (it’s actually {an increase} of 111.5%, but I’ll round down {merely to} {ensure it is} simple sounding that I’m up 110% in 110 days)

Here’s the trade I absolutely nailed from {begin to} finish (it doesn’t always happen this perfectly, but sometimes {it can} {that is a} great feeling!)

{A lot of} my students nailed it too**, {plus some} even did {much better than} me, profiting nicely on 2 similar plays too:

Now {I understand} what you {should be} thinking: {it is a} crazy coincidence or luck or fraud…right?

It’s none of {the aforementioned}, it’s just {the consequence of} {an effective} trading strategy implemented {over and over} and again and again…year after {every year} after year after year…

It doesn’t matter if my account grew 117% in 117 days or 110% in 110 days, {even though} I was up 50% in 100 days or heck even 10-20%, I’d {be} crushing every major {currency markets} index and 99.9% of hedge funds and mutual funds.

{I understand} it sounds impossible, but it’s {much less} {a lot of} my top millionaire trading challenge students are proving {along with} {my very own} success**; what I teach {is really a} strategy that {can help you} understand that {a little} account {isn’t} a disadvantage, it’s actually {an excellent} advantage {as you} {may take} on {high} odds trades and exit {rapidly}.

{For example}, {whenever a} penny stock spikes for {the incorrect} reasons {when i} tweeted earlier today:

Now, {regardless of} your small account, you’re not guaranteed {to produce a} profit {each and every time|each time}, I’ve NEVER met {the best} trader who wins {a lot more than} 65-75% {of that time period}, {those} 90-95-100% {of that time period} winning traders are {filled with} BS, hence why {they’ll} make endless excuses {as to the reasons} they can’t simply show {Almost all their} trades publicly like my top millionaire trading challenge students do HERE and HERE and HERE and {I really do} HERE too**.

Look at our winning % {and you may} NEVER see absolute perfection, it doesn’t exist in trading, especially in penny stock trading…but {as you can plainly see} from sooooooooooooooo many wild days already in 2016, {you can find} soooooooooooooooooo many opportunities, both long and short, {once you learn} {how exactly to} piggyback a spike already {happening} like {I did so} with GRNH ({and several} other students successfully did {Much better than} me riding the momentum in plays like TRTC, EBIO, SEED {and today} UNXL too) or short sell a pump {that’s} collapsing, as MRJT proved nicely today (and {that i} totally missed {because of} {way too many} other plays)

{In the event that you} don’t {trust me}, or think my education is {very costly} or {a variety of} other excuses I hear people make {as to the reasons} they don’t study and profit, {well} that’s your loss…truly…I don’t {are having issues} finding hot stocks to trade, the toughest challenge {in my own} business is finding dedicated trading challenge students because while everyone {really wants to} be rich, {hardly any} people are {ready to} actually {devote} {enough time} & effort that {it requires} {to obtain} there.

Remember, I {will have} 500+ FREE video lessons HERE {which} FREE webinar I gave {last week} {is crucial} watch…below are some recent {exemplory case of} the crazy days we’ve had and {just how many} successful students {I’ve} {which have been} learning {a couple of hundred} dollars {or perhaps a} few thousand dollars/day in profits keeps {the true} job away :)**

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