How To {PLAN} The {CURRENCY MARKETS} Open Tomorrow

{Despite the fact that} it’s Sunday {I’d like} {one to} start {considering} and {finding your way through} the {currency markets} open tomorrow as I’ve found {a large} {reason} most traders fail {is because of} {insufficient} preparation…don’t wait until 9:20am EST tomorrow {to get ready} your watchlist, {take action} TODAY/TONIGHT {and become} 100% ready {for all your} opportunities tomorrow morning!

Download {the main element} points {of the} post as PDF.

That’s {one of the primary} keys to becoming my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student {such as this} great trader.

So definitely {review} your big % gainer scans here {and in addition} {take the time} and {think about} what patterns have (speculative blockchain/crypto-news morning breakouts) {and also have} not been working (earnings winners on day 2) lately…

{The final} market days I taught {twelve} students in-person, {click here} to join {another} {work out} and {I REALLY LIKE} teaching {in this manner} {since it} really helps students {concentrate on} good habits like patience. Please congratulate my student “Huddie” here who made $5,000 in 2 days {and much more} importantly stuck to his watchlist and plans to a T and was rewarded for his solid discipline…this {is currently} his 3rd year and he’s studied hard so he REALLY gets it so he actually traded {the two} 2 stocks he profited on {much better than} {I did so}.  {I really like} it {once the} student becomes the teacher!**

So, watch and {study from} this video recap of {days gone by} 2 {currency markets} days that I’ve also had transcribed below for my valued deaf Trading Challenge students:

Hey, what’s up? Tim Sykes here. {It’s the} weekend. I’m not feeling {so excellent}, but {you can find} no days off. And {I’d like} you to {utilize the} weekend {to review}, to {think about} your recent trades, to {think about} recent patterns. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick or not. {You understand}, the {currency markets} is open {each and every} week day, and {each and every} weekend, {you’ve kept} the opportunity {to understand} {from your own} successes and mistakes.

{Days gone by} two days, I’ve been {performing a} Tim Sykes’ Inner Circle training, teaching {several} students {personally}. {I really like} doing these, {you understand}. I mean, {that is} frankly why I’m sick {because}, usually, my schedule is crazy. This makes my schedule even crazier. {But it surely} helps students {to understand} in-person and {practical}. I’ll {add a} link {where one can} {connect with} {arrived at} my next one. It’s gonna {maintain} March {and} {I believe} we’ll do one {in-may}. It’s like {on a monthly basis} or two. But just apply here {and when} you wanna learn {personally}, we {take action} either in Miami, {NY}, sometimes LA. We’re gonna do one in Europe {come early july}. I’m gonna {make an effort to} {take action} everywhere {since it} really, really {can help you} guys {merely to} fine tune {the procedure}, it helps {you realize}, {pardon me}, which patterns are best. {You understand}, I took {just a little} video, I posted it on Facebook, {take a look} for a sec. {How do you} {do that}?

{Fine}, made roughly three grand today. And former students, how did you guys do today?

Man: F IT! I missed the execution.

Tim: Don’t swear on video. {Folks are} watching, kids are watching. How did you guys do? {Just how much} did you make today?

Michael: Three grand.

Tim: You made three grand today too?

Michael: Yeah.

Tim: Give him a round of applause. He’s freaking amazing. {And you also} were in the stock that {I purchased} before me. How did you {take action}? How did you spot it?

Michael: OTC, multi-day breakout.

Tim: {I want to} zoom in. {Hang on}. All right, {the facts}?

{Fine}, {which means this} is Michael. Huddie is his username on He actually {found} my last mastery in LA {a couple weeks} ago too and he {didn’t} have one red day in {fourteen days} after coming here. And I’m not saying that like it’s {as promised} or anything, {nonetheless it} does help {you obtain} more disciplined. {And when} you look at his overall winning percentage, it’s roughly 50%. He’s made 60 grand. He made three grand {the initial} day {of the} mastery and two grand {the next} day. Traded {much better than} {I did so} on both days. I made like 3,500 {the initial} day, {i quickly} lost 500.** {THEREFORE I} made like three grand over two days, he made five grand. {I really like} it when students do {much better than} me.** {Moreover}, {you understand}, he’s blogging, he’s doing his watchlist, he’s {sticking with} his watchlist and his plans.

{In the event that you} follow me on Instagram, {that you} should, {it is possible to} go {have a look at} my story. I highlighted him and {I simply} love it. {I really like} seeing this. {You understand}, he’s {experienced} my challenge {for quite some time} now. And like I say, {you understand}, {in the event that you} don’t {understand why} stuff after two, three, four years, like you’re {not} gonna {obtain it}. But {he could be} getting it {and appearance} at his profit chart. {After all}, {it really is} just awesome. {I believe} he took {a while|time} off, {however now}, {you understand}, when it’s clicking, it’s really clicking. {You understand}, he nailed the dip buy on KSHB. I dip bought KSHB too. {I simply} {didn’t} hold that much and I was like second guessing myself. He actually {explained}, he’s like, “Sykes, {you need to be|you ought to be|you have to be} more patient.” I’m {not just a} patient person. You guys {could be} more patient. {You could be|You may be|You will be} better than {I could} and that’s cool.

POTN, he nailed the dip at 30 cents a share. {Hang on}, let me {allow you to get} a chart of POTN because {that is} {most likely the} best trade of the week. {This is} POTN’s breakout. {It is possible to} clearly {start to see the} multi-week breakout {heading back} {weeks} to {the start of} 2018. The high here was 29. It broke 29, {visited} 31, {and} held 29 {all day long}. {I purchased} it at 30 {following this}, {you understand}, chart was taken. {Many thanks}, George, for saving this chart. {You can observe|You can view} he labeled it, “POTN Sykes {explained} {to save lots of} it.” That’s what he labeled it. {And you ought to} see charts {such as this}. {You need to} take screenshots of absolutely perfect breakouts. POTN had {an ideal} breakout. {You’d} an opportunity…

Actually, the morning spike {ended up being} not much. {You’d} {a chance to} {choose the} afternoon breakout at 30 like {I did so}. It {continued} to like, {I believe}, 33, {returned} {right down to} 30, {and} it went {around} 37, and {the very next day} it {visited} 40. So {a good} little 30% plus gainer. {Nevertheless, you} had multiple opportunities to either {choose the} breakout or {choose the} dip {once the} breakout was confirmed, when it held 29 in the afternoon here, {and} {the very next day}, it held 30. So Huddie nailed it both times. {You understand}, he actually held {everything} day, which… {You understand}, he’s very patient. Tim Grittani {is quite} patient, Steven Dux, they’re all very patient. That’s their strategy and that’s cool. That works for them.

POTN, {I did so} not have {a posture} {all day long} on Thursday. I was watching it {out from the|from the} corner of my eye. I was actually doing, {you understand}, one-on-one interviews with some students, and I had one guy, and I was like, “I’m sorry. I gotta stop this. POTN is breaking.” Because I saw that it held 29 {all day long} and in the afternoon, it opted {just a little} to 30. And that’s {if you have} to just put {the rest} aside, {once you} see those {forms of} key breakouts or breakdowns if you’re shortie. So Huddie held {everything} day and he was rewarded.** {I just} waited for, {you understand}, {just a little} better catalyst, where {there is} {an obvious} breakout, because {I understand} that I’m impatient. {You should know} your faults. It’s not about being perfect {at all times|constantly|on a regular basis|continuously}. It’s okay if you’re impatient. It’s okay if you’re patient. {You merely} have to, {you understand}, utilize what you’ve got, and recognize what you’ve got, and recognize {everything you} don’t have.

{EASILY} was in POTN {all day long}, I guarantee you that {I’d} {have already been} faked out {at some time} and either made a {half of a} penny or lost a {half of a} penny, but {I’d} be {out from the|from the} trade {since it} just wasn’t doing anything. And Huddie {gets the} patience. He was fine. {I believe} he actually sold half his position {and} {I believe} he re-bought. {And} {the very next day}, POTN, when it opened at 37 or 38, it {returned} {right down to} 30. And he re-bought the dip and he sold it {a touch too} soon around 34, {also it} went {completely} {back again to} 40. So amazing, amazing breakout over two days. But I’m just so {pleased with} Huddie and {everyone else}. {You understand}, like, obviously, Michael Huddie made five grand in two days.** That’s pretty sweet. But every student {who was simply} there, {if they} were trading, paper trading, or learning, practice makes perfect {as time passes}.

{I’ve} {that one} doctor, who’s, {you understand}, not really {a good} real doctor. He’s a chiropractor and I give him shit for that. It’s actually {sort of} funny. But, {you understand}, {he could be} so dedicated. He’s been {active} his {working arrangements} {to be able to} trade. And before, he was trading with {real cash}. Now he realizes, “Hey, I gotta practice,” and {he could be} perfectly {ready to} paper trade and learn {the procedure}. And before, {you understand}, when he first started, he {wished to} make all his money {immediately}, and he was telling the group, he was like, “Look, {you understand}, I took {many years}, like nearly {ten years}, {to understand} all my skills as a chiropractor.” {And} {even while} he was {an authorized} chiropractor, it still took him {many years} {to understand} that. And I’m not saying {that is} gonna take you {ten years} {to understand} this. {You understand}, {that is} not…there’s no doctorate in training. {Nonetheless it} {will need} you {a couple of years} {to obtain} used to it.

So it’s {vital that you} have {the proper} perspective. Huddie, {you understand}, {that is} year three for him and {he could be} nailing it. {He could be} {setting it up}. Before, his winning percentage, I don’t know, {may have} been 30%, 40%. Now it’s 50%, {nonetheless it} keeps rising and his profits keep rising. And {I really like} the fact, {you understand}, {after each} mastery, he does {just like a|such as a} {post}. And {I am hoping} {on the} next {fourteen days} {he’s got} no red trades. Again, {in case you have|for those who have|when you have|should you have} a red trade, {isn’t} {the finish} of {the planet}.

{There is} another student {within my} mastery that did a fat finger trade, where he {designed to} exit {the positioning}, and instead, he doubled up, {and} he froze.** And, {you understand}, I only {heard bout} it like two hours later and he didn’t wanna sell because he was down like 500 {also it} was an unnecessary 500. But {most of us} make fat finger mistakes. Okay? {Most of us} sometimes {click on the} wrong number. Like we’re pecking at these little digits, these little keyboards on our phones and laptops.

Mistakes are bound {to occur}. {Nevertheless, you} cannot let {a little} mistake {become a} potential big disaster. And he recognized the mistake {immediately}, but he held on because he didn’t wanna take {losing}. {It had been} still a stupid loss. {You understand}, maybe {it had been} {just like a|such as a} blessing in disguise, {it might} {keep coming back}, and he held, and he turned what probably {must have} been {just like a|such as a} $50 loss {right into a} $500 loss.** And, {you understand}, I was like, “Dude, you can’t let this happen again. {You understand}, {nobody|no-one} trade is gonna {cause you to} rich.”

{If you} think {like this}, “Okay, {nobody|no-one} trade is gonna make me rich. If the stock doesn’t do what {I’d like}, I’m out. {EASILY} {create a} mistake {and today} I’m like {similar to} psychologically impaired or like I’m emotional {about any of it}, I’m out.” It doesn’t matter if the stock {comes home}, okay? Because it’s not {in what} you make or lose on {anybody} trade, especially {initially}, {particularly when} you’re trading with {a little} account. {You would like to|You need to|You wish to} practice good habits. {If you} {create a} fat finger mistake, yeah, you’re probably gonna lose {just a little} money, but it’s also {a chance to} practice good habits.

So {each and every} time, {in case you are} gonna {do that} over {many years}, over several decades, {each and every} time you {create a} fat finger mistake, {that is clearly a} blessing in disguise. It {enables you to} practice {exactly what will} you do and how well {is it possible to} minimize your losses? Obviously, you’re not {looking towards} it, {however when} mistakes happen, when losses happen, you have {a chance}, and really, a duty and responsibility, {to take care of} them {the very best} {they can} be handled. {Don’t simply} sit there {just like a|such as a} deer in headlights. {Usually do not} double up and triple up and hope that {it could} come back, {and} if {it can} {keep coming back}, say, “Ha. I told you, Sykes, I don’t {need to} cut losses.”

I don’t care {and you also} shouldn’t care {in the event that you} make or lose $50 on a trade that didn’t go {how you} expected. {The most amazing} thing about Huddie’s trades {here’s} not {the gains}. {The gains} are nice. {However the} fact that {most of these} trades… Look at this… {After all}, {it is a} beautiful grid of profitable trades. {The very best} part of {that is} {that} of his trades now, {he could be} formulating {an idea}, he’s {investing in} his watchlist, and he’s {sticking with} that plan. And {if the} trade goes well or doesn’t, whether you sell {prematurily .} or you don’t, you’re practicing good habits. {That’s} what gets you good {on the} long run. {That’s} what turns you {right into a} millionaire {over time}.**

{Lots of|Plenty of} my top students {are experiencing} record profits these past {couple of weeks} and past {couple of months}, {even though} they’ve had, {you understand}, downside. Like, {that which was} that guy’s name? Papa John. Is {that’s} username? Papa John just keeps going {incidentally}. I {designed to} {execute a} longer {follow-up} on him. Freaking awesome. {And appearance} {as of this}, he was… Where {could it be}? He was down 16 grand {and today} he’s up 10 grand, and it’s like, “{How can you} change this?”**  {After all}, {there have been} no signs whatsoever {he} was {on the right course} here. But he was learning and he was practicing and he was cutting his losses.

{And}, {the stunning} thing is that {everything} comes back {rapidly}. {You may be|You will end up|You can be} surprised at how quickly things {get together}, if you {believe me} if you {concentrate on} {the procedure}. And {I understand}, trust me, {I understand} it’s not fun {to reduce}. {I understand} it’s not fun {to set up} all this {effort and time} and have {your friends and relations} say, “It’s not {worthwhile}. {It is a} scam.” I’ve heard {all of the} negativity. But {in the event that you} just {believe me} {and when} you {await} {these types of} perfect plays, it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, it doesn’t matter if you’re healthy.

Look, there’s another Papa John’s ad. {I really like} that Papa John is advertising on John Papa’s page. But {if you’re} prepared mentally {and when} {you’re} prepared with experience, {you may be|you will end up|you can be} shocked at {just how much} {you may make}. {It isn’t} {nearly} winning percentage. Papa John, his winning percentage {continues to be} 44%,** but {in the event that you} look at {a few of} his trades, his winners are {larger than} his losers. {Understand this}. He lost 500 here, made triple that, made quadruple that, lost 400 here, lost 900 here, lost 800 here, lost 800 here, made 1,500, made 740, made 1,340. So his gains are {larger than} his losses.**

{I understand} some students where they lose 80% to 90% {of that time period}, but they’re losing 20 bucks here, 50 bucks here, 30 bucks here, 50 bucks here. {And} they win once out of, let’s say, 10 times {plus they} win $1,500 or $2,000 {since they} practice cutting their losses and letting their winners run. So it’s {not only} about winning percentage. {You have to|You should} think about {how will you} grow your account exponentially? {How will you} get your profit chart {such as this}? And that’s what {I’d like}.**

I also gotta give props to Ed Bogey. He’s a third-year man too. {I want to} see. {Could it be} Ebogey? {After all}, he didn’t have losses, but he didn’t have {that lots of} gains and he stuck with it, {and today} his profit chart {is certainly going} supernova. {You may be|You will end up|You can be} amazed at {you skill} {as soon as you} get comfortable. {And you also} cannot get comfortable {initially} because this shit is weird. We’re trading weird stocks, {the guidelines} are weird, they’re very counterintuitive. {However the} more that you practice, year two, year three, year four, year five, it becomes {easier}. And {at this time}, we’re in a hot market.

So {lots of|plenty of} you guys {believe that|believe} you need {each one of these} amazing plays {to cultivate} your account. {You will need} experience. {You will need} practice {to cultivate} your accounts. And {the nice} plays {which are} happening, it’s {a very important thing} that they’re there, {however, not} {in the manner} that {you imagine}, {not only} to enrich you {immediately}. {The amount of money} that you make in month one, month three, month six, year {among} your journey is irrelevant. {However when} every good play happens, you {get the chance} to practice {which is} {what you ought to} be {getting excited about}.**

And {I understand} this sounds weird, {I understand} you’re {exactly like}, “Oh, I’ll just {concentrate on} {the amount of money},” but {believe me}, if you {concentrate on} the habits and {the procedure} first, the {a lot of money} comes later. It’s amazing and I’m seeing it {increasingly more|a lot more|a growing number of} with more {and much more} students. Students who don’t know {one another}, they’re trading {completely different} strategies, different patterns, {they will have} different personalities, but they’re all {getting the} {identical} success after {many years}.

So, again, sorry for my voice. I’m not feeling that well. I’m gonna go {rest}. But I’m so {pleased with} so {a lot of} you. {I really like} teaching. {You understand}, {I really like} teaching you guys in-person. Again, go {follow the link} {just underneath} this video {in the event that you} wanna learn in-person. We’ll {allow you to get} into one {and maybe even} more {of the} little sessions. We only have {just like a|such as a} dozen people {every time}. But {talk to} my team and {I’d} love to {educate you on} in-person. Congrats to Huddie, congrats to Papa John, congrats to Ed Bogey. {Because of} Tim Bowen for also helping me out. He’s {an excellent} guy. I don’t know. I gotta {fall asleep}.

Also, {in the event that you} understand the lessons in this video, leave a comment saying, “No days off.” I don’t care if you’re sick, {it is possible to} still, {you understand}, study, {it is possible to} still learn, {it is possible to} still reflect. You don’t necessarily {need to} {create a} video {such as this}. But just say, “No days off,” in the comments below and {I am hoping} {you’ve got a} good weekend. Let’s prepare {and obtain} mentally prepared for {in a few days}. {Plenty of} plays. I’ll send a watchlist later this weekend. Thanks!

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