{How to pick|Choosing} between two passions: Passion vs. practical

How {to select} between two passions. {In case you have|For those who have|When you have|Should you have} {a lot of} ideas and you’re {uncertain} {how exactly to} narrow them down, you’ll {desire to} watch this.

Ramit Sethi

How {to select} between two passions. {Among} our generation’s defining problems is {WAY TOO MANY} OPTIONS.

Our parents don’t {understand this}. They’re like, “Go {get yourself a} good job! {They will have} {excellent} benefits!” I once went home during college and {a family group} friend was visiting. He worked at {an extremely} large consumer-packaged goods company and believed I was a lost soul who needed advice. Imagine my face when he gave me {these suggestions}:

“Ramit, {you need to} join {the corporation}. You work here 30 years, you’ll have a MILLION DOLLARS {once you} retire!”

I {viewed} him in disbelief. A million? That’s it? 30 years from now? {Just like a|Such as a} good Indian son, I sat there quietly, spooning myself more keema and baingan bharta (white people, look it up).

See, we don’t {Desire to} work at {exactly the same} company for 30 years. But {simultaneously}, we’re stuck choosing among 2, 3, sometimes 10 different ideas. {Imagine if} we {pick the} wrong one and close {the rest of the} doors?

I got {an extremely} good question from IWT reader Sean B. and suggested how {I’d} {treat it}:

“{I’m} stuck between two conflicting career paths. I {curently have} an undergrad degree in film production, but I’m stuck {beyond} {NY} and LA in the Midwest {without} film jobs. I’m getting disillusioned with {having less} career progress. I’m conflicted about pursuing {a significant} passion of mine {for some} of {my entire life}: science. I keep {thinking about} {heading back} to school for another degree in science, but can’t be specific beyond that. {How do i} choose which {to check out}?”

PREVIEW OF RAMIT’S {ASTONISHING ANSWER}: {I’ll} not {tell you firmly to} light a candle, {placed on} a cashmere robe, and quietly chant affirmations.

Instead, {I’LL} tell you {the way the} classic myth {we’ve} of “thinking our {solution to} clarity” – and how {I’d} tackle this. {I understand}, because {I did so} exactly this when I graduated.

If {you’ve got a} {couple of} ideas, {and so are} wondering {how to pick|choosing} between two passions, you’ll {desire to} watch this new video, released today.

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Btw, {perhaps you have|maybe you have} been stuck between two paths? How did {you select} {that was} right? Leave a comment below.

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