How To {DECREASE YOUR} {CELLULAR PHONE} Bill (save $100s in 3 {simple actions})

Many {folks} (including me) {select a} cellphone plan, then never {determine} if it’s {the correct one} for us {predicated on} our usage {rather than} think about {ways to} lower your {cellular phone} bill. {As the} average cellphone bill {is approximately} $80, that’s almost $1,000 {each year} of money {it is possible to} optimize. Perfect.

Today, I’m {likely to} show you {the precise} scripts I used {to save lots of} $100s and cut my cellphone bill: {One particular}, one hard.

Best {of most}, {these pointers} don’t just {connect with} cellphones: {It is possible to} optimize your {shelling out for} nearly {any} subscription you’ve got.

If you’re {concerned about} {your individual} finances, {it is possible to} improve them without even leaving your couch. {Have a look at} my {in accordance with} a survey by J.D. Power and Associates, “{individuals who} {text}, e-mail, and download files on {cell phones} spend $14 {per month} more than {individuals who} don’t.”

Do {you truly} need all that stuff? {Would you} try going {two months} without it?

It pays {to check out} your actual usage and switch to {an idea} that better fits {your preferences}. If you’re only using 150 {texts}, {it is possible to} probably downgrade to the “200 text messages/month” plan.

As {you obtain} used to {the brand new} limit, {put in a} calendar reminder {to check on} in on the 15th {of every} month and {make certain} you’re not wildly over for {the initial} {couple of months}.

If you’re {concerned about} {your individual} finances, {it is possible to} improve them without even leaving your couch. {Have a look at} my AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
T-Mobile: 1-800-T-MOBILE
Sprint: 1-888-211-4727

3. First, be nice. {Inquire further} what better plans {they need to} {give you}.

You: “Hi, I was {considering} my plan and it’s getting pretty expensive. {Would you} tell me {how many other} plans you have {that could} save me money?”
Them: Blah blah same plans as {on the site} blah blah
You: “{Think about} any plans not listed {on the site}?”
Them: No, what {we’ve} is listed {on the site}. Plus, you’re on a contract {and also have} {an early on} cancellation fee of $XXX
You: “Well, {I am aware} that, but I’d be saving $XXX {despite having} that cancellation fee. Look, {you understand} times are tough so I’m {thinking about} switching to [COMPETITOR COMPANY]. Unless {you can find} {any} plans you have…? No? Ok, {is it possible to} switch me to your cancellation department, please?”

Note: {Everything you} really want {is usually to be} switched {with their} “customer retention” department, {that is} the group {which has} {the opportunity to} retain you {giving} you {a lot of} free deals.

You can either ask to be switched {right to} {the client} retention department, or play {a casino game} and hope that by {requesting} “cancellation,” you’re actually {used in} retention.

Play around with {several} {calls} and see {what realy works} best.

If you’re {concerned about} {your individual} finances, {it is possible to} improve them without even leaving your couch. {Have a look at} my Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance for tips {it is possible to} implement TODAY.

Talking to customer retention

When {you can} {the client} retention department, {require} {a similar thing}. This is {once you} {grab} your competitive intel on {another} services {on offer}. If Verizon {offers} something for $10 less, {inform them} that.

That’s $120 savings / year {there}. But you {can perform} more.

You: “Listen, {you understand} times are tough and {I have to} {get yourself a} better deal to {stick to} you guys. {You understand} and {I understand} {your} customer acquisition cost is {a huge selection of} dollars. It just {is practical} {to help keep} me as {a person}, so what {is it possible to} do {to provide} me {this course of action} for {less overall}?”

Notice that you didn’t say, “{Is it possible to} give me a cheaper plan?” because yes/no questions always {get yourself a} “no” answer when {talking with} wireless customer-service reps. Ask leading questions.

You also invoked the customer-acquisition cost, {that is} meaningful to retention reps.

Finally, {it certainly} helps if you’re a valued customer who’s stuck around {for a long period} and actually {has a right to be} treated well. {In the event that you} jump around from carrier to carrier, you’re {not just a} worthwhile customer to carriers.

One final thing: People get scared {that when} {each goes} to the cancellation department and {make an effort to} negotiate, they’ll {obtain} account canceled without really {attempting to} {do this}.

There are {a couple of things} {to keep in mind} about negotiating your wireless bill: (1) {You’ve got a} {Stronger} position if you’re actually {ready to} {leave} and switch {to some other} plan, and (2) your account {won’t} get canceled {and soon you} say {the ultimate} word.

You can negotiate for 3 hours and {leave} {if you would like}.

Use {this system} on {just about any} subscription you’re paying. Businesses {desire to} keep customers {and so are} {ready to} negotiate – but since {a lot of people} don’t, they’re leaving money {up for grabs}.

Total savings: $20-$600


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