How I save {1 hour} {each day}

Wondering {how exactly to} save {1 hour} {each day}? Here’s a productivity tip {I take advantage of} myself.

Years ago, I was invited to speak on some panel about technology and entrepreneurship, and the panelist sitting {close to} me was a senior executive at Google. This dude walked in, {exposed} his briefcase, and pulled out a neatly organized packet with colored Post-Its and hand-written notes. I glanced over it and nearly vomited in admiration.

You see, his assistant had prepared {a whole} DOSSIER (who even uses that word {any longer}) on {the function}, the organizers, and {this issue}. {It had been} obvious {he} had never even {considered} this event until seconds before it began. He was skilled enough {he} could {do that} – {and obtain} away with it. He was {an incredible} panelist.

I started wondering…Why did {I must} spend my days on the minutiae of {determining} {where in fact the} event was? Or what I was {likely to} talk about? {Imagine if} {I possibly could} batch all that stuff up, and leave my days {available to} be creative? {Imagine if} {the knowledge} I needed appeared EXACTLY when I needed it – {not just a} minute before?

(Note: {This is simply not} {nearly} speaking at a conference. {Consider} {at all times|constantly|on a regular basis|continuously} {you may spend} planning LOGISTICS {rather than} being creative and doing what you’re best at.)

For 10 seconds, {I did so} not {know very well what} emotion to feel.

Then, I settled {using one}: envy.

Again, I wondered, {imagine if} {I possibly could} keep my mind free – letting me be creative {the majority of the} day – {so when} it came {right down to} nuts and bolts of preparation, {I possibly could} walk in somewhere, confidently {realizing that|understanding that} I had every {little bit of} relevant information {within my} fingertips?

And {therefore i} built {an activity} {to accomplish} exactly this, {that i} want to {tell} {among} you.

* When I travel, my appointments in NYC are automatically rescheduled (e.g., gym, lunches, etc).
* When {I’ve} {a gathering}, I {get yourself a} {text}, and {I understand} to start {planning}. As I’m walking down the hall {to seize} the elevator, I {start} my calendar, where I {start to see the} exact location (not stated as “123 7th Ave,” {but instead} “16th and 7th” so it’s {better to|simpler to} relay to the cab driver). I also {start to see the} agenda, any prep items I’ve prepared, and bios of {individuals} at the meeting. {I could} review this all in {enough time} {it requires} me {to access} the meeting, aka my “Taxi time.”

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