How I Made $10,000 In A Day**

{1 day} {the other day} I made nearly $10,000 {reside in} front of my Tim Sykes’ Inner Circle Students as {once in a while} I teach in-person and we got lucky that my single best trading day of 2017 {been} {among those} days ({click here} to apply {to understand} in-person {when i} do small-group training {worldwide|around the globe|across the world})…watch and {observe how} {I did so} it:**

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{Listed below are} {the very best} 3 lessons from my trading that day how to Make $10,000 {PER DAY}:**

1. Don’t force trades, let them {arrived at} you …on {your day} I made nearly $10,000, {I MUST SAY I} was not {seeking to} trade {when i} had a midday appointment that I couldn’t {escape}, {therefore i} was trying {Never to} trade, {however the} stock kept giving me signal after signal of why I had to trade it so eventually I relented…it really began spiking right {in the center of} my appointment {that i} had to interrupt to take profits!**

2. Take singles, don’t {choose} home runs …even {although} stock finished high, I took profits conservatively {because} {it had been} a speculative idea and {I needed} to play it safe overnight…which {ended up being} the right {move to make} {because the} event {the very next day} disappointed and the stock tanked

3. {Concentrate on} volatile stocks …EXACTLY {when i} said in this video lesson:

ALL my top Trading Challenge students and I {concentrate on} big % gainers {which are} listed {with this} crucial website {each day} {because they} all demonstrate similar patterns so they’re {Better to|Simpler to} trade than choppy/non-volatile stocks

And because {I’ve} several valued deaf Trading Challenge students, we’ve transcribed the video above {so that you can} read everything I said as it’s SO {crucial for} {your own future} trading success!

Hey, Tim Sykes here with a video lesson. Very, very, very, {excellent} day of trading {for me personally} that I wanna review on ASTC. Profits of nearly $10,000 on {your day} for me, {that is} {among} my biggest days of 2017.** And {I believe} {the very best} lesson {here’s} that I wasn’t forcing the trade. I didn’t {need to} trade, I wasn’t {attempting to} trade, as you’ll hear in {a bit}. And that {sort of} retired trader mentality, {appearing out of} retirement only because {there is} {this type of} good play, {this is the} key to success. {It isn’t} {probably the most} fun kinda {solution to} think, it’s not {the simplest way} {to believe}, but {that’s} {what must be done} {to reach your goals} in trading. {Most of the} best lessons that I’ve learned are counterintuitive. So if by {the finish} {of the} video lesson {you realize} that, leave two words, saying, “Patience pays.” Actually, three words, “Patience {takes care of}.” Because {this is the} key to success {with this} stock.

{It is a} three-day chart of ASTC. I actually was teaching students in-person today. Before we {reach} this, {in the event that you} wanna learn in-person in Miami or {NY}, or we {take action} {in various} places {all over the world}, I’ll post {the hyperlink} to my Tim Syke’s Inner Circle Students area right under this video. {Nonetheless it} was actually awesome, {not only} {the amount of money} that I made, {nonetheless it} was awesome because I explained this whole trade {in advance} before {I did so} it. I answered {lots of|plenty of} questions. {Lots of|Plenty of} my students even saw this trade, did {much better than} me percent-wise {with this} trade. I’ve gotta give props to Stephanie. She did her first trade {with this} stock today, and she did better percent-wise than {I did so}. And, Stephanie, don’t get cocky. {Not absolutely all} trades will go this perfectly, but it’s {an excellent} first trade. And {I understand} you {wished to} {take action}, so props {for you}, Stephanie. And props {to all or any} my students who {found} learn in-person. {We’ve} a video of it. I’ll share {everything} soon.

{I really like} teaching in-person. {You understand}, teaching online helps, obviously, but {I must say i} {need to} give props to my students who {happen to be} {arrived at} learn in-person. {I believe} it adds {only a} whole another level to your education. And frankly, {lots of|plenty of} my top students have, {you understand}, traded live with me and learned in-person. And special props to Tim Bowen for him coming {completely}, to travel {from} his family, to trade in-person and teach in-person. Great guy.

Anyways, {i want to} {reach} this stock because I’ve gotta {progress}, but I wanna review this while it’s still fresh. My last few trades in the markets were on ASTC. One, two, three, {and also} a fourth and a fifth trade. My last five trades have all been on ASTC. And, {you understand}, normally I don’t {turn to} trade a stock that much, {however when} {Personally i think} like {I am aware} {a predicament}, I’m gonna {make the most of|benefit from} it. So, {this is} my first trade {last week} and I made {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} hundred dollars. I took {a little} position. I only got a partial position. {It had been} spiking on good Homeland Security explosive testing news. {Plus they} have this new product. {This is} the {news release}, “Astrotech Completes First Detect Demo with DHS and TSA.” {So that they} have, like, this little machine {that may} basically detect explosives. {On the planet|On earth} that we’re {surviving in}, {that is} important. {So that they} did a test with TSA and DHS, {that is} always good. Now the question is, will {they will have} any orders. We don’t know.

But, the interesting thing here, and I actually missed this {the very first time|the 1st time}, because they {sort of} combined two {bits of} news. {The initial} {little bit of} news was {they} had {the initial} successful demo, {then your} second {little bit of} news was {that there surely is} {likely to} be another demonstration at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on December 7th at 9 a.m. Central, {that is} 10 a.m. Eastern. {This is} on December 4th. They announced that the demo went well with TSA, and theoretically, if, {you understand}, the demo goes well with TSA it’s gonna {match}, {you understand}, shareholders on December 7th. So it’s actually two events. And I missed {scanning this} {the very first time|the 1st time}. {However the} cool thing is you guys alerted me in the Chatroom. {For this reason|That is why} it’s so, so key {to stay} the Chatroom. And {we’ve} this great community of over 1,000 traders. I’m so thankful {for you} guys. I don’t even remember who {it had been}, but somebody said {they have} this upcoming event on December 7th.

But anyways, {the initial} trade, {I purchased} this thing at roughly $4 a share, on a dip. It had already hit, like, the $4.20s {therefore i} was buying on a dip, and I thought {it might} {make contact with} the $4.20s, it did, $4.30s I’m out, roughly 7%. I underestimated it. {There is} a follow-up spike. Even {the very first time} it {visited} $4.60, {therefore i} underestimated that. But {there is} a follow-up spike {completely} to {the reduced} fives. {THEREFORE I} was like, “Wow, this news {happens to be} really meaningful.” {There is} {not only} one but two big spikes, {also it} even finished {saturated in} the $4.70, $4.80 area. And I actually {considered} holding it overnight, but I didn’t {take action} because…this is what I said. {Which means this} was my second trade, where I said, “I’m out with small gains {when i} don’t {just like the} way it’s closing with {a large} wall of sellers in the $4.60s. Potential re-buy later if {it could} break that,” okay? {THEREFORE I} was predicting my next trade, {that is} kinda cool.

And I said, “But I don’t {feel just like} stressing on my flight.” I was flying, and said, “When in doubt, rule {number 1} about cutting losses, {whenever your} thesis proves incorrect {will not} just {connect with} losses {but additionally} breakeven or small gains.” You don’t {need to} wait for {a little} loss to exit your trade. {It is possible to} exit your trade {once you} want. That’s {sort of} {the wonder} of trading. {You’re} in control. {THEREFORE I} didn’t wanna hold it overnight, and that {ended up being} {advisable}. Because {despite the fact that} after hours it got {around} the $4.80s, by {another} morning it tanked, {also it} went {completely} {right down to} $3.70s. {I’d} have cut losses in {within} {just like the} $4.30s. {THEREFORE I} {could have} lost like 20 cents a share. But, {do you know what}? It got very bunchy in here and crowded in the $4.60s, $4.70s. {THEREFORE I} played it safe, and I basically broke even on my afternoon trade.

{Plus some} {individuals were} like, “Oh, you said {you’re} gonna hold overnight.” Shut the fuck up. {I could} do what {I’d like} {in case a} stock {isn’t} doing what {I’d like}. That’s {the wonder} of trading. It’s amazing {if you ask me} that so {a lot of} you guys {aren’t} nimble enough {to improve} if {the purchase price} action goes against your thesis. If this thing had closed strongly in the $4.80s, $4.90s, {I’d} have loved it. {I’d} have held overnight, because then there {will be} good {probability of} it {likely to} $5, $5.10, $5.20, maybe retesting the highs {within} the $5.30s. It {didn’t} do that. {THEREFORE I} simply played it safe, and I was rewarded with a gap-down. {And} frankly, I was {considering} dip-buying here, {nonetheless it} showed {zero} bounce whatsoever in here. And I was {sort of} surprised because I was like, “Wow, {you understand}, {the news headlines} is good.” {Nonetheless it} did {devote} {a small amount of} a double bottom in {within} the $3.70, $3.80 range.

{And}, what really got me re-interested {inside it} was, {understand this}, {in a single} minute, {close to the} market open, it spiked up from $3.80 to nearly $4.80. {When} a stock that I’m {considering} dip-buying now can {return back} {in a single} minute $1 a share. Now, granted, it didn’t {store} it, {nonetheless it} still was up. So, {this is exactly what} gets me interested, re-spikes, {particularly when} there’s no news. {Particularly when} I saw this and I saw {the study}, I was like, “Wow, wait {one minute}, {exactly why is it} re-spiking? {It had been} {this type of} bad dip-buy {last week}.” It’s because they’re {revealing} their new product on December 7th at the annual shareholder meeting. {So that they} {may have} another {news release}, {they could} have another announcement. {Individuals who} see this new product might buy it. It’s {the next} catalyst. It’s {the next} news play.

{And although} it {didn’t} hold {the majority of} its gains, it still did {store} {a few of} its gains. And in here, {it had been} basing {at} $4.05, $4.10. {And the ones} of you {who have been} learning in-person with me {understand that} I was like, “Urgh, it’s midday. I had a press interview midday. I’m {attempting to} teach. I don’t wanna watch this stock. {You understand}, there’s no clear catalyst. Like, maybe they’ll have a {news release} {the very next day}. But, I’m {attempting to} talk myself {using this}.” And {we’ve} this all on video. We’re gonna show it. My video guy, Joey, is gonna {execute a} {congrats} showing my really trying {never to} trade this. {I understand} {a lot of} you guys tried to trade. Like, {you’re} like, “Oh, here’s a trade, here’s a trade, here’s a trade.” I’m trying specifically {never to} trade this, {however the} stock kept holding $4.00, $4.05, $4.10, $4.11, $4.15, and it’s just inching up, and I’m {exactly like}, “Urgh, {i want to} {have a} small position.”

First {I purchased} it {in my own} longer-term account {in order that} {I’d} not be tempted {to market}. So my first trade {the following} was I dip-bought it in {the reduced} fours, and I said, “{You understand}, {I’d like} this thing.” Oh, {that one} {is in fact} not my long-term. {That is} my longer-term one. And I said, “My goal {would be to} sell into bigger spike, in the fives {as well as} sixes, whether it spikes on tomorrow’s demo or ideally later {if they} hype this new product {a lot more}.” {Since it} turned out, {I did so} not {await} the fives or sixes. {Also it} wasn’t even that long-term. {After all}, it {proved} {a couple of hours}. It’s {a very important thing} {whenever your} goals, or {the majority of} {your targets}, get hit {immediately}. It did {get right up} to the fives. I didn’t {have even} the patience for that. {I’ve} patience problems. {You need to} recognize your issues.

But, {as you can plainly see} here, {it had been} {increasing}, and, {you understand}, it wasn’t doing much in here. {You understand}, {I purchased} it, like, in the $4.15 area, it came up, then it came down from the $4.40s, right in here after like, {I assume} I was holding it for {as an} hour or two. {And} I dip-bought it in here because I was like, “Wow, {I could} {reunite} in in the $4.20s. I still think {that is} gonna {rise}.” {THEREFORE I} bought a short-term position here. So now {I’ve} a long-term position from here and a short-term position from here, and I’m {convinced that} {that is} gonna spike {in to the} news of {the brand new} product demo, {or possibly} they’re gonna {get yourself a} contract, {or possibly} somebody’s gonna {reveal} it. All {I understand} is {that} thing can spike $1 a share {ina moment}. So, when there’s support in {the reduced} $4.00s, {and when} you {get back to} support {last week} at $3.80ish, {you understand}, when I’m buying it at $4.15, $4.20, my risk {is actually} losing like 20 cents, 30 cents a share. But if {it could} {rise} to $1 a share {ina moment}, then my reward {ought to be} there.

{And} I actually had to leave my in-person coaching right around in here, and I kinda {allow it} fly. I had {to accomplish} a press interview. I wish I had a video {of the}. The press interview wouldn’t {i want to} have my phone {through the} press interview, but I basically yelled {to obtain} my laptop because {individuals were} like freaking me out {that} stock was {increasing} so much, and I {had a need to} {secure} profits. {It certainly} frustrates me when I’m in a trade and it’s doing what {I’d like} and I don’t have {the energy} {to obtain} out. Sometimes this happens. {You understand}, I’ve traded from {cruise lines}, I’ve traded from trains, I’ve traded from places with {hardly any} WiFi. I’m {in the center of} the press interview {because the} stock is spiking, and {I understand} that it’s spiking, and…God, I wish I had a video of me freaking out. And I’m like, “Get me my laptop.”

So, anyway, it’s spiking, and I don’t {even understand} why it spiked, frankly. I don’t know if, {you understand}, {individuals were} buying this if {it had been} a news alert or what. I’ve had a crazy, crazy day. I’m just {attempting to} recap this whole situation. All {I understand} is that {it had been} spiking late day {in to the} $4.80s and I took profits. Because frankly, {After all}, {it is a} 10%, 15% winner {for me personally} in {a couple of hours}, in very non-ideal trading circumstances. And, {you understand}, {if you have} that, you {go on it}. And {they were|we were holding} my 2 trades where I made {slightly below} $3,000 {every time}. I can’t say no {compared to that}. {You understand}, maybe it goes higher. Maybe it’ll {end up like}, “Oh, this thing will spike to $7, $10. You sold {much too} soon.” I don’t care. {I understand} that my sweet spot {in the last} 2 decades is making roughly $2,000 per trade. {I understand} {that} was a speculative trade. {This is simply not} {such as this} company just won {a fresh} contract with GE, or it just got installed at 50 airports and I’m just {looking forward to} [inaudible 00:12:50] press to cover it. It’s a speculative idea. {Etc} speculative ideas, I’m gonna give less leeway, and I’m just gonna {secure} {the gains}.

So, I {keep coming back} from the press meeting, I’m locking in profits. I made roughly $6,000 on {your day}.** I’m happy. Stephanie and {a lot of} other students were trading it {by themselves} {plus they} were banking. So I’m really happy. Then, again, I’m not {seeking to} trade because what did I {tell} leave in the comments underneath this video? Patience {takes care of}. Now it’s {hanging out} here, $4.80s, $4.90s. {You understand}, it broke the $4.60 level from {last week}, {that is} cool, but, remember, after hours it got {around} like $4.90, {also it} {cannot} hold that gain. {And today} it’s {hanging out} $4.90. I don’t wanna chase this thing because, okay, maybe {they will have} a {news release} {the very next day}. Maybe, {you understand}, people do recognize this new product demo at the shareholder meeting, I don’t know. It’s a speculative idea, {which} {is an extremely} speculative stock. And I was buying it because this {is a great|is an excellent} market to be speculating. But {because} I’m speculative {will not} {imply that} I’m gonna chase.

So at $4.90, I’m doing nothing. I’m happy, {quite happy with} my roughly $6,000 profit on {your day}.** {And} {do you know what}? It {boils down} {suddenly}, in just {a couple of minutes}, and I get another opportunity. It {boils down} from $4.95 {since it} has, like, this basic double-top {at} $4.95, and {suddenly} it {boils down} to the $4.50s. And $4.50 is kinda where it broke out midday, and $4.60 is kinda where it had {issues with} {last week}. So if it holds this zone, I’m {sort of} {thinking about} dip-buying it because now I {visit a} deal. I don’t wanna chase it at $4.95, but {easily} {will get} it at 30 cents, 40 cents a share off, I’ll {go on it}, because then, theoretically, {it could} {get back to} $4.95, {and also} if it doesn’t {use} {I could} take profits. And that’s {just what} happened. It actually did {use} here, {the largest} volume bar of the afternoon here of nearly 70,000 shares. {Also it} broke {your day} high at $4.97. {We’ve} this all on video. {I am hoping} that Joey is gonna show {all of this}. {You understand}, he’s been my video guy {for some time}, so he knows what’s going on.

But this broke {your day} high, and I was, again, in this position on the dip-buy {several} thousand shares. I’m praying to my class, “{Usually do not} break out. {Usually do not} {use}. I don’t wanna be tempted to trade. I don’t wanna be tempted {to market}.” When I dip-bought it, I specifically said, “Look, my goal, re-buying it, goal {would be to} sell {right into a} gap up/morning spike, ideally in the $5 range {just as before}. Already locked in 6k profits so I’m feeling good here.” So I’m pushing it {a bit} {simply by} saying, “Hey, I’ve made $6 grand, but {I believe} {that} thing can still {make contact with} $5.” {Affirmed}, inside of {half an hour}, it does {reunite}. {Also it} didn’t {appear to be} {it had been} gonna {use}, and I was like, “Whew, don’t {use}, good. Save, {you understand}, some bullets, save some ammo for {the very next day}.” With hopefully a {news release}, the potential morning spike, maybe it {would go to} $6, maybe it {would go to} $7 in a morning spike. {You understand}, it’s already proven that {it could} spike $1 a share in a freaking minute. This late in {your day}, it’s already up 25%, 30%. It’s not gonna {rise} that {a lot more}.

And {affirmed}, it ignored my instructions {never to} {use}. It did {use} to $5.04. I was getting executed on my sell at $5.04 {as the} breakout was kinda weak. But I couldn’t even {obtain it} out at $5.04. I had {to lessen} {right down to} $5.01 and $5.00. Like, the former high was $4.97. If it’s really gonna {use}, like, {you understand}, DPW, not today, today was {a failure} for DPW. But yesterday, {you understand}, when it broke {your day} high here of $3.40, {After all}, it broke out. It went {completely} up $1 a share. So {in case a} stock is gonna {use}, especially late day, it’s really {likely to} surge.

PXS {is most likely} {a good} better example. Not lately, again. It’s {drop}. {It had been} a late-day breakout. Well, {I assume} it wasn’t a late-day breakout. {However the} former high {the following} was $6.50, {so when} it breaks $6.50 it blows through it and {undergoes} $11.50 {within} 30 minutes. {Which means this} is {what goes on} when you {get yourself a} big spike. PXS, DPW and ASTC {will be the} three biggest winners. In a video lesson {last week} I said what? Trade volatile stocks. {They are} the three most volatile stocks, so I’m trading them. I actually missed {from} PXS and DPW. I wasn’t pissed at myself. They just didn’t fit my patterns to a T {such as this} one did.

Anyways, {that one} did {use} {nonetheless it} was a weak-ass breakout, {therefore i} had to take my profits. {Even with} hours, it’s at $4.80. Maybe again it {would go to} $5 or the sixes, {for several} {I understand}. But, {if you have} a weak-ass breakout, and I had another roughly $3,000 in profits.** I didn’t choose. I wasn’t like, “My goal {would be to} make 3 trades with $3,000 profits in each.” Again, each situation, I was kinda forced. {Initially}, my longer-term one, because {I simply} was like, “Oh, I wanna be there. {In the event} it spikes so quickly, I wanna have {a posture}.” My second one was where it had already spiked to $4.50s, it came down {back again to} the $4.20s, {therefore i} was like, “Oh, {that is} {sort of} a deal because {I believe} this can {get back to} the 4.50s.” Then, on both {of these}, I’m {performing a} press interview, and I take profits {as the} thing {is merely} exploding.

{Then your} last one, I’m like, “Well, maybe I’ll try, {you understand}, {a different one}. Maybe three {may be the} magic number. {I want to} try it {once more}.” {I acquired} the dip, so {there is} good risk-reward. {And}, {affirmed}, we {obtain the} perfect breakout {for me personally} {to market} into. Not {an ideal}, perfect breakout. {You understand}, {I’d} have preferred like $5.10 or $5.20, but, {you understand}, beggars can’t be choosers. When you’re trading {very cheap stocks}, {in the event that you} make 30 cents, 40 cents a share on a $4 stock, a $5 stock, that’s fine. You don’t {will have} {to create} 50 cents or 60 cents. You don’t {need to} stick to {your targets} like 100%. If it gets close {then one} feels off, {escape}. That’s {the wonder} of trading {in this manner}, {what your location is} in control, {also it} really {paid}.

And {I believe}, {as soon as you} hear from the students that I was teaching in-person, {you understand}, what they said {concerning the} class {plus they} were just hugging me and thanking me {by the end} of the class. {I believe} {this is} my best in-person training. It’s taken me {several}. You know, {previously|during the past} I’ve tried to force trades because, {you understand}, it’s in-person training. Like, I’m {attempting to} show live trading. I’m {attempting to} show {heat} of {as soon as}, the action, but by not trading.

{This is} a two-day training {incidentally}, and yesterday {I did so} not trade, and I was perfectly {ready to} {get into} my second day {rather than} trade either, but because I had that mentality, I made arguably {the very best} trades of {recent} months {for me personally}. {Which is} what you {really can} learn from. {After all}, {it is possible to} learn something {out of every} trade, but {when you can} learn from {an incredible} trade, that lesson should carry forward. {You understand}, the lesson {here’s} that patience {paid}. I {had not been} {seeking to} do {these} trades. I waited {to allow them to} {arrived at} specific levels where I made a thesis, and my thesis proved true on {every one of them}.

So, anyways, congrats again {to all or any} my students, like Stephanie, who banked {with this} or DPW or PXS. {After all}, {you can find} so many plays {at this time}. {I must} go, but {an excellent} day {for me personally}. And if {you realize} this video lesson, leave a comment underneath saying, “Patience {takes care of}.” And think {just like a|such as a} retired trader. Only {emerge from} retirement {when there is} a trade {that’s} good enough. {This way}, you will {pick the best} trades. {Many thanks}. I’ll see you guys in the Chatroom!

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