{HOW EXACTLY TO} Trade With {A LITTLE} Account vs Big Account

Time for another expose to cut through the {too many} misconceptions and lies being spread about trading and {very cheap stocks}, as a followup {to the} and THIS {as the} market has been SO hot lately ({as you can plainly see} HERE) and {way too many} people aren’t taking proper advantage…little by little I’m {spending so much time} {to obtain the|to find the|to have the} good information {on the market}, {therefore i} REALLY appreciate when I get comments {such as this} from students:

First {i want to} {demonstrate} some recent screenshots/tweets from my students that {by far} cut through ANY negativity {connected with} {very cheap stocks} and {actually} these trades {have already been} on {the precise} pattens I’ve catalogued HERE for {days gone by} decade and personally traded and made millions with** for {days gone by} {2 decades}:

prgn sid copy

{You can observe|You can view} hundreds {newer} comments from students HERE too**…it’s really inspiring stuff!

Do I brag {an excessive amount of} about my students’ success**? Yeah probably, but {just what exactly}, I’m damn {pleased with} them.

Download this cheat sheet {to understand} {how exactly to} trade with {a little} account vs {a large} account.

And {be sure you} have {the correct} perspective about these students’ {thousands} in profits, {as well as} few million dollars in profits**…it’s ALL {Really small} time stuff on Wall Street, no Ivy Leaguer math whiz, algorithmic trader {will be} caught dead trading these stocks and {choosing} such “small” sums of money.

Wall Street {is really a} MASSIVE multi-trillion dollar industry where {All the} stuff I {discuss} is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too small and irrelevant for {the real} Masters of The Universe/BSDs and that’s fine by me {as the} competition in {very cheap stocks} is WEAK…and that’s why {anyone else} have {this} advantage….{that’s} {when you can} be {quite happy with} more modest profits, and that’s best case scenario vs. infinitely larger industries like forex and options {where one can} make millions {within an} hour or day** ({needless to say} the gift {can be} the curse as your {probability of} success up in those scalable niches are FAR worse and {your competition} is {Much larger} and give {what size} those markets {are you currently} can’t control your risk {as if you} can with {very cheap stocks}).

{This is exactly what} experience has taught me {over time}: you have better {probability of} success trading small, it’s {not just a} disadvantage, it’s {an edge} because last time I checked the upside {of earning} {several} million dollars** {inside a} {couple of years} STILL get your EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted, {letting you} live the dream life and you’re not screwed up in {the top} {just like the} billionaires I’ve met {on the} years…and it’s just easier in this niche ({once you learn} {the guidelines})

Aim small, miss small, that’s a rule {where} I trade and live.

When I closed my multi-million dollar hedge fund** and began teaching and I {returned} to my trading with my $12,415 roots in late 2007, {lots of people} had thought I’d lost everything ({in the event that you} read this, you’ll see I didn’t, that’s {the issue} with {having less} transparency in finance that continues {even today} as {way too many} allegedly successful traders don’t show their ENTIRE {background} publicly {and that means you|which means you} literally {do not know} if they’re really successful or not…many just claim to be for attention, popularity, ego and business fraud), {in the end} teachers are {those that} can’t do and in the trading and investing world all {that counts} is {how much cash} you make and ideally {it is possible to} {have a} little management % of {significant amounts of} money that you have under management, right?

{A great number of} Wall Streeters make their seven and eight figures/year income** {by firmly taking} 1-2% management fees on {vast sums} and {vast amounts of} dollars in assets, {attempting to} do the seemingly impossible, beat the S&P 500 and make 8-10%/year {normally|typically}.

{The thing is} that {for those who have} {smaller amounts} under $50,000 or God forbid under $25,000 {as well as} under $5,000, making 10% {each year} {as well as} 20%-30% per year** ({which may} {cause you to} a legend on Wall Street {in the event that you} managed {huge amounts} of money) doesn’t {can you} much good {and soon you} compound all that growth {and you also} MIGHT {turn into a} millionaire by {enough time} you’re Warren Buffett’s age!

That’s no fun, my top trading challenge students and I became millionaires {inside our} 20s and 30s**…that is fun!

So {for me personally} as a teacher {seeking to} create more millionaire trading challenge students ({such as this} guy who {has} gone {from the} few thousand to $3+ million in 4 years**), it’s IMPERATIVE that I show the differences of big account vs. small account trading {and just why} Wall Street’s strategies, and {a common} scalable, leverage loving niches like Forex, {ought to be} totally irrelevant to people {seeking to} grow their accounts {inside a} few years, {and much more} importantly, with {the chances} {working for you} {in the event that you} study reliable patterns like THESE for going long and THESE for going short.

{Actually}, {for me personally} it hasn’t been easy trading with {this type of} small account after you’ve made millions**, your ego doesn’t {enjoy it}, {the} doesn’t {enjoy it} (and they’ll {inform you} about their distaste often), and you’ll often question yourself why you’re working {so difficult} for such small trading profits {once you} know the strategy is solid {and may|and will} make you {a lot more} {in the event that you} only took bigger positions with {a more impressive} account.

supernova placement

{Nevertheless, you} tell yourself, you {take action} for the students, {you must} {suggest to them} what it’s {prefer to} trade with similar account sizes as them and my $12,000 account I began with {just as before} {to start out} 2016 {has} grown to $66,000** {in only} over {six months}, despite {a fairly} rough start {filled up with} small account issues {just like the} PDT Rule.

{I’ll just tell} something {at this time} {concerning the} PDT Rule, {I understand} {lots of people} like using offshore brokers {in order to avoid} it (I wouldn’t, it’s not worth {the chance} {when i} outlined here) {and folks} like free brokers {such as this} (the worst broker {on the planet} {made to} lure in cheapskates who don’t realize the firm makes its money {giving} you horrible elections and a severe {insufficient} features), but being {limited by} making just 3 day trades {weekly} (not 3 overall trades, just 3 intraday trades, biggggggggg difference if you’re {ready to} hold overnight and {concentrate on} great risk/reward patterns {such as this}) {ISN’T} {A NEGATIVE} THING {BECAUSE IT} PROTECTS YOU FROM YOURSELF.

{Understand that} 9 out of 10 traders lose {and just why} {do you consider} {that’s}? It’s almost entirely {because of} overtrading and taking trades you {haven’t any} business being in {to begin with} – boring stocks, stocks with good stories but bad price action, stocks that don’t react well to {very good news} – and the PDT Rule forces {one to} {become more} disciplined and {think about the} risk on EVERY trade {as your} trades are so precious.

Next year I’m {likely to} start my account with just $5,000 {to create} it even harder {for me personally} to overcome the PDT Rule {also to} show you {precisely how} disciplined {I could} be taking {the very best} trades…and ONLY {the very best} trades…never afraid of {passing up on} trades (FOMO), always {taking into consideration the} risk on EVERY damn trade since all {types of} trading are risky (but {at the very least} with {very cheap stocks} {it is possible to} CONTROL your risk, which goes against mainstream thinking, hence why my educational business is booming teaching EXCTLY {how exactly to} {do that} in 2-4 weekly webinars for {this business})

I’m rambling, but {this can be a} VERY personal subject {for me personally} so {for the present time}, see {a few of} my recent video lessons {to raised} understand {precisely how} great {market} environment {it really is} for buyers, {specifically for} buyers of morning spikes {regardless of} how small your account is (literally, see BGI, HMNY, MGT, TRCH, KURA, TWER, CIDM, OPTT, SPU and that’s {all of this} month!)…short sellers not-so-much ({that is} good since shorting is risky {and incredibly} tough for small accounts {to accomplish} {because so many} short sellers are successful ONLY {since they} can average {through to} their positions, {that is} impossible {for those who have} small accounts {to accomplish} and it’s pathetic how these big short sellers think their strategy {may be the} only right/ethical strategy {in every} of {very cheap stocks}

({believe me}, {I understand} how they think, I {was previously} {one particular} narrow-minded niche traders…but I’ve since evolved and adapted {to instruct} strategies {which are} more accessible {for those who have} small accounts)

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