Recently I’ve become {enthusiastic about} {preparing in advance} of time, that’s why I’ve written recent {blogs} “Here’s How I’m Playing {EACH ONE OF THESE} Hot Stocks Now” and “My {ARRANGE FOR} {ANOTHER} 10 Months” {when i} think that’s key {that you should|so that you can|that you can} become my next millionaire trading challenge student.

{Now}, {the entire} US markets are down big and earlier I warned my chatroom (get access here) of the downside potential and {for everybody} to {get into} protection mode as that’s {the main element} in this choppy market environment that’s long overdue {for a few} more pain for longs, see my new video here I made {merely to} explain {a} little more {comprehensive}:

Yes, yes, {I’m} {the only real} TRULY safety-first penny stock day trader {on the planet|on earth}, {aside from} maybe {he} {who’s} a discipline ninja {with regards to} {getting away from} trades going against him….this legendary penny stock trader cuts losses intelligently {instead of} quickly, so {allow it} be known that you {will have} a choice, {you could be|you may be|you will be} conservative or aggressive, whatever {fits you} {as well as your} personality…

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…although {I will} warn you {that whenever} you’re first beginning it’s {In an easier way} to be strict with cutting losses quickly and only {have more} aggressive {as time passes} {if you have} more experience and know how…and it’s {A lot more} difficult to be aggressive {initially} {and} get all safety-minded {down the road}.

{The very best} {section of} my several Millionaire Trading Challenge students {isn’t just} the {huge amount of money} that they’ve made, {however the} {proven fact that} they’re self-sufficient and unlike {too many} gunslingers who I’ve encountered {through the years}, they prioritize risk management and {health and safety first} as it’s NEVER {nearly} {how much cash} {you may make} on {anybody} trade, {what counts} FAR MORE {may be the} risk-reward {of this} trade i.e. never risk losing {all you} have, {as well as} anything {near} it, {to make} {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} hundred dollars {or perhaps a} few thousand dollars as there’s SO MUCH shit {that may} {fail} on any trade, {there are numerous|there are several|there are various|there are plenty of} {explanations why} NONE {of these} gunslingers still trade…as in they don’t trade AT ALL {since they} lost everything or they trade with {this type of} small account that it can’t even {be looked at} trading, {the purchase price} they {purchase} taking on {an excessive amount of} risk earlier {within their} career and losing big.**

{This is simply not} {to state} don’t trade at all in this {market}, {on the other hand}, {all of this} market downside and volatility opens up some solid trading opportunities {and you also} might know {that is} {the best} pattern of 2018 and I’m waiting patiently for {another} example.

{You need to be} alert and beware that yes, 3 out of 4 stocks do follow {the entire} market {also it} doesn’t just matter {in case a} stock is red or green on {your day}, {once the} overall markets are down {anywhere near this much} it becomes {Very hard} for any {of the} {very cheap stocks} to go truly Supernova like we saw {the other day}, {in order that} dramatically reduces the potential rewards for longs and {escalates the} risks, hence why {the entire} risk-reward ratio gets out of whack and I say trade EXTRA safely.

And {believe me}, I’m well aware that my “safety-first” mantra isn’t {extremely popular} with traders, I’ve heard {all of the} arguments against it and ye since I’ve been teaching for 10+ years now I’ve seen SO many traders come and go, SO many traders who think they’ve found new strategies {that may} {make sure they are} a millionaire quicker than my previous Millionaire Trading Challenge students and {each and every} {one of these} has {didn’t} {turn into a} millionaire {& most} {of these} have failed entirely, losing {from} 50% to 75% {as well as} 100 to 150% {of these} capital (yes {it is possible to} lose {a lot more than} you {devote} {when you are} on {the incorrect} side of {a brief} squeeze i.e. so much for thinking it’s {Very easy} to just short sell every penny stock pump and dump and you’ll {earn money} eventually {if they} all come down…NOPE!)**

But I don’t teach to be popular and I actually enjoy putting newbies {within their} place as I’ve heard {almost all their} ignorant assumptions and misconceptions before {also it} still blows my mind how cocky some newbies are and how little they respect experienced, veteran traders {who’ve been} around and seen {greater than} {they will have})

So, {I’d like} {one to} read {this website} post in its entirety {watching} that video lesson I included up above and leave a comment below {using what} you think…will you play it safe in times like these? Or {are you considering} stubborn and {choose} home runs {rather than} cut losses extra-quickly? {The decision} is entirely yours, all {I could} do is pass down rules, patterns, and lessons that I’ve learned the hard way {in the last} {2 decades}.

{You should}, {you select} what’s right {for you personally} as ALL my top Trading Challenge students {have grown to be} self-sufficient {in order that} {ought to be} your goal too…just don’t say I didn’t warn you if {so when} {the forex market} becomes uglier {and you also} ignore my warning o be extra-safe.

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