{How exactly to} stop paying {charge card} fees

Missed or late on a card payment? {You are not} alone. {This short article} {includes a} script of {what things to} say and {how exactly to} stop paying {charge card} fees.

Ramit Sethi

Last year, I wrote a scathing post {concerning the} Capital One acquisition of ING and {how exactly to} stop paying {charge card} fees. {It had been} widely read and quoted in {a lot of money} profile.

Days later, I received this email:

“Love {your website}.  I {work with} Capital One ({inside it}, not the card division), and I thought you’d be amused {to discover that} “{I’LL} {EDUCATE YOU ON} to be Rich” was classified as a “phishing site” and {put into} Capital One’s restricted website list about 3 days after your post {concerning the} ING aquisition.  Weird how {that occurs}, huh?”
– [Name intentionally obscured]


While most personal-finance bloggers {create a} boatload of cash from credit-card referrals, I only have one CC affiliate link on my site – for the {charge card} I actually use and recommend. So it’s {not just a} big deal {if you ask me} if most CC companies hate me for showing {thousands} of people {how exactly to} cut their APR, negotiate late fees, and switch {from} predatory cards.

I figured {I’d} share {a few of the} material {you might not} have seen {with this} blog before.

This script has been field-tested with {a large number of} {individuals who have|those who have} gotten great results. Feel {absolve to} use these yourself.

What {to accomplish} {in the event that you} miss {credit cards} payment {also to} stop paying fees

You: “Hi, I noticed I missed a payment, and {I needed} to confirm {that} won’t affect my {credit history}.”

Credit Card rep: “{I want to} {check up on} that. No, the late fee {will undoubtedly be} applied, {nonetheless it} won’t affect your {credit history}.”

({In the event that you} pay {in a few days} {of one’s} missed bill, it usually won’t be reported to the {credit reporting agencies}. Call them {to be certain}.)

You: “{Many thanks}! I’m really {pleased to} hear that. Now, {about this} fee…I understand I was late, but I’d {prefer to} {own it} waived.”

Credit Card rep: “Why?”

You: “{It had been} a mistake {also it} won’t happen again, so I’d {prefer to} have the fee removed.”

(Always end your sentence with strength. Don’t say, “{Is it possible to} remove this?” Say, “I’d {prefer to} have this removed.” {At this time|At this stage}, {you’ve got a} better-than-50-percent {potential for} {obtaining the} fee credited {back}. But {for those who} get {a particularly} tough rep, here’s {what things to} say.)

Credit Card rep: “I’m very sorry, but we can’t refund that fee. {I could} try to {allow you to get} our latest blah blah marketing pitch blah blah…”

You: “I’m sorry, but I’ve been {a person} for four years and I’d hate {because of this} one fee {to operate a vehicle} me {from} your service. {So what can} you do {to eliminate} the late fee?”

Credit Card rep: “Hmm . . . {I want to} {check up on} that. . . . Yes, I {could} {take away the} fee {this time around}. It’s been credited {back}.”

Give it {a go}. You’ll be {amazed}.

*     *     *

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