{How exactly to} *politely* decline an invitation (follow these proven scripts)

Need to decline an invitation without hurting anyone’s feelings? Don’t {constitute} a lame excuse, just follow this simple word-for-word script

Ramit Sethi

We ALL get invitations we don’t {actually want to} accept. What do we do? Usually, it’s (1) say yes, then regret it later, or (2) ignore it, hoping {it’ll} {disappear completely}, until our ignoring it actually becomes rude.

I used {with an} inbox {filled with} things {I needed} {to state} no to but didn’t. After {some time}, enough was enough, {therefore i} created 2 scripts that quickly became my go-to’s whenever I had to gently tell someone that I wasn’t interested.

Declining an Invitation {instantly}:

The wrong {solution to} decline an invitation

How {often} this month have {friends and family} ({as well as} you!) said something like…

  • “Sorry, something came up. I’ll catch you {the next time}”
  • “I don’t know {easily} {can perform} that. I’m just so swamped {at the job}, {you understand}?”
  • “I’m too busy {to achieve that} {at this time}. I’ll {reach} it later”

All {folks} – CEOs, politicians, Ph.D candidates, mothers of 2 – have {exactly the same} 24 hours {per day}. It’s OK {to identify} when “{virtually no time}” {is truly a} blanket excuse for not doing something you don’t {wish to accomplish}.

When {you’re} saying {the} phrases above, stop and evaluate why.

Maybe it’s {not just a} priority {for you personally} right now. {Perhaps you} just really don’t {wish to accomplish} it. {Both these} thoughts are perfectly fine. We’ll save everyone {lots of time|considerable time} and effort by recognizing (and {functioning on}) what’s really going on.

The {the next time} someone {gives you} an invitation, {rather than} saying “I don’t have time,” be honest {using them} and yourself.

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2 scripts to politely decline and save hurt feelings

The {facts are}, people will understand {once you} decline an invitation politely and clearly. Try {one of these brilliant} word-for-word scripts for saying “no.”

Script 1: Declining {a small business} proposal or random acquaintance


Thanks {because of this} invitation. I’m flattered! Unfortunately, I’ve got my priorities set for {the entire year} {which} just doesn’t {easily fit into}. Again, thanks for {thinking about} me.


Script 2: Declining a friend/relative


That sounds really fun and interesting, but I’m {likely to} pass {therefore i} can {concentrate on} a couple {other activities} I really {wish to accomplish} [this week, this month, insert {timeframe} here].


These {could be} more straightforward than you’re used to… but that’s {the idea}. You’ll be surprised at how well {they’re} received. People will appreciate the honesty {instead of} waffling and dragging on the conversation.

They’re simple but very powerful.

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The danger in saying “yes” to invitations

People pleasing manifests in subtle ways. {For instance}, {just how many} times {perhaps you have} said, “Sure, I’ll do that…it can’t hurt.”

And {fourteen days} later, {you need to} {head to} some dumb party/event you {focused on}, {that you} actually don’t {desire to} go to, {and you also} hate yourself. Oh well…“it can’t hurt, right?”

Actually, {it could}!! There’s nothing wrong with helping {other folks}, {however when} you start saying “yes” to {items that} are distracting and drain you of energy, you can’t make {the utmost} impact on {the planet}.

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The magic {that occurs} when you {get back} your time

You’ll be amazed how it feels to {drive out} the cobwebs of obligations {and begin} off fresh.

Learning {how exactly to} politely decline an invitation will:

  1. Make others value {your time and effort} and commitments
  2. Force {one to} be honest with yourself about what’s important
  3. Free up your mental energy to {be worried about} things {you truly} care about

The {best benefit}?

Once you {decide}, {it is possible to} live GUILT-FREE and use {your time} to {invest in} things you’ll {do}.

I’ve spent over {ten years} {searching for} little shortcuts like these scripts. Small wins can {release} time and make me {far better}.

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