{HOW EXACTLY TO} Dispute {CHARGE CARD} Charges {THE SIMPLE} Way (just 3 steps)

So {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} {understand how to|learn how to} dispute {charge card} charges {the simple} way…

It’s funny how your {charge card} can either be {among the} coolest {elements of} {your individual} finances

…or the absolute worst.

But {regardless of} who {you’re}, {among the best} things about {utilizing a} credit card {can be your} {capability to} dispute charges.

Having {several} {blast of} income {will help you} through tough economic times . {Learn to|Figure out how to|Discover ways to} start {making profits} {privately} with my FREE negotiated out of {an early on} cancellation fee {quite a long time} before that call. (Some {cellular phone} companies {create a} {bundle} from pulling shady moves {such as this}, hoping customers get frustrated, {quit}, and just pay.)

Secondly, {since} the same {cellular phone} company tried ripping me off {a couple of years} before, I started keeping records {of each} single phone conversation I’d had {using them} (more on that later). That came in handy {once the} {customer support} rep – though very polite – insisted she couldn’t {do} anything to erase the charge.

OH REALLY?? {Compared to that}, I pulled out the notes I had taken {the prior} year and politely read them aloud to her.

As soon {when i} read them, a miraculous thing happened: She suddenly had {the opportunity to} waive the fee. Within two minutes, my account was supposedly cleared and I was off {the telephone}.

Wow. Amazing! All I had {to accomplish} was meticulously detail our transactions {the entire year} before and {show} {the business} how they screwed up!

However, that’s not {the finish} of the story. {Despite the fact that} they {explained} {they} wouldn’t charge me, THEY STILL {ACHIEVED IT} ANYWAY.

By {this aspect}, I was so {completely fed up}, I {made a decision to} {contact} the big guns (i.e. my {charge card} company).

Many people don’t know this, but {bank cards} offer excellent consumer protection. {That is} one reason I encourage everyone {to create} big purchases {on the} {charge card}.

So I called my {charge card} company and told them {I needed} to dispute a charge. They said, “Sure, what’s your address and what’s {the total amount}?” When I told them about my experience with the {cellular phone} company, they instantly gave me a temporary credit for {the total amount} and {explained} to mail in {an application} with my complaint, {that i} did.

Two weeks later, the complaint was totally resolved {in my own} favor.

Why am I {letting you know} this? {As you} {have to know} {your} {charge card} company is {working for you} {with regards to} disputes. {Actually}, the {charge card} company fights the merchant {for you personally}.

Follow these steps {and you may|and you will|and you could} leverage {your individual} {charge card} army {to assist you} fight erroneous charges.

Having {several} {blast of} income {will help you} through tough economic times . {Learn to|Figure out how to|Discover ways to} start {making profits} {privately} with my FREE Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you have “60 days {following the} first bill with the error was mailed {for you}” to notify your {charge card} company of the charge. {If you} {desire to} see {when you can} straighten out {the problem} with the merchant, {you have to|you should} contact them {AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE} when you {start to see the} charge {on your own} statement.

Here’s {a contact} script {you may use} {to create} up the charges {using them}:

SUBJ: Erroneous charge on statement


I went over my {charge card} statement today and {found that} {I have already been} charged {a supplementary} month for my gym membership.

Could you refund my {cash back} {as quickly as possible}? {Or even}, I’ll be disputing these charges with my {charge card} company.

I {anticipate} {this example} being fixed.



Notice something {concerning this} email? It leverages your {charge card} company as a threat. Businesses HATE fighting {credit card issuers} in disputes. So you’ll often {be capable of geting} {your cash} back {predicated on} that alone.

Note: The FTC also {offers a} handy sample email {you may use} to file a complaint {together with your} merchant. {Whichever} you choose, {It is advisable to} include the {risk of} disputing {together with your} {charge card} company {in to the} message.

After you’ve sent {the e-mail}, expect the merchant {to obtain} {back} soon. {Should they} haven’t contacted and given you {a complete} refund {inside a} week of sending {the e-mail}, move on {to another} step. It’s not worth {looking forward to} them if they’re {likely to} treat {you prefer} that.

After all, disputing with the merchant isn’t always {likely to} work – especially {where}:

  • There is {charge card} fraud.
  • The merchant isn’t {giving an answer to} you.
  • You’re {coping with} a low-class, no-good, scammy {cellular phone} company that {really wants to} renege on an agreement you already had YEARS before-

…sorry {about this}. I get emotional about my finances. {In the event that you} can’t {cope with} the merchant directly, {move ahead} to {second step}:

Dispute {charge card} charges {step two} 2: Gather all relevant information to dispute the {charge card} charge

Aside {from your own} {charge card} company, your {most effective} ally in the {fight} the merchant is information.

So before you even {think about} calling your {charge card} company, gather {every} information {you may have} that is {linked to} the {ask you for} {desire to} dispute.

This includes {things such as}:

  • Receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Emails
  • Phone calls

If {you would like to|you need to|you wish to} take your game {to another} level, I’d {prefer to} suggest {something} {which can be} {your very best} weapon against businesses {attempting to} {make the most of|benefit from} you. Remember when I mentioned that I kept records {of each} single conversation I’d had with my phone company? {That you can do|That can be done} {exactly the same} with any business you patronize.

Things {will get} really heated when you’re disputing charges. {Rather than} getting mad, open a spreadsheet that details {the final} time you called, whom you spoke with, and {that which was} resolved.

Here’s {an excellent} template {it is possible to} work from.

Call dateTimeName of repRep’s ID #Comments

You can download the tracker here.

You wouldn’t believe how powerful {it really is} to refer {back again to} {the final} time you called and cite a rep’s name, date, and call notes. Most businesses will fold {just like a|such as a} lawn chair {should they} know you’re not here to {fool around}.

This information {will likely be|will probably be|will be} vital {within the next} step of {the procedure}.

Having {several} {blast of} income {will help you} through tough economic times . {Learn to|Figure out how to|Discover ways to} start {making profits} {privately} with my FREE straight from the FTC.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to dispute a billing error in {the quantity of} [ $______] on my account. {The total amount} is inaccurate because [describe the problem]. {I’m} requesting that the error be corrected, that any finance {along with other} charges {linked to} the disputed amount be credited {aswell}, and that I receive {a precise} statement.

Enclosed are copies of [use this sentence {to spell it out} any information {you’re} enclosing, like sales slips or payment records] supporting my position. Please investigate this matter and correct the billing error {as quickly as possible}.


[Your name]

REMEMBER: {You have to do|You must do} this within 60 days of the charge appearing {on your own} bill. {After they} {have the} complaint, they’re legally {necessary to} respond {for you} within 30 days. {The procedure} {will undoubtedly be} roughly {exactly like} when you {speak to} them on {the telephone} – they’ll {start} {a study}, issue you temporary credit, and either facilitate a chargeback or deny your complaint.

If your card was stolen or {you discover} {proof} fraud {on your own} card statement, your {charge card} company will cancel your {charge card} and issue you {a fresh} one {and also|along with|in addition to} credit {for just about any} fraudulent charges.

No matter what happens…congrats! {At this point you} {understand how to|learn how to} dispute your {charge card} charges.

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