Hobbies {that produce} money: Turning your hobbies into cash

Do {you understand} what’s {the most typical} reason people don’t start {their very own} business? No, it’s not {since they} don’t have the time. And it’s not {since they} don’t have the money. It’s {since they} don’t have {something} {set up} to start-and maintain-their business. {In this article} we’ll {let you know} {how exactly to} take hobbies {that produce} money and turn them into businesses.

And below {may be the} {start of} system we {i did so} {that}:

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Write down {a listing of} 10 {of the} skills. I don’t want {one to} hold back. {Jot down} ANYTHING that {involves} {your brain} and you’ll {start to see} what people {should} pay you for.

For {some individuals}, {this may} actually be {difficult to do} – and that’s okay. Just {try to} get 10 skills down.

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This {contains} me {providing them with} a course {every week} on {another} topic {such as for example} online music, videos, and {internet sites}.

Would you have ever thought {you can} turn your basic everyday skills – like {social media marketing} – {right into a} consulting gig? I wouldn’t have before I landed those gigs, but {individuals were} willing to {shell out the dough} {since they} had concrete needs. They {wished to} understand how {teenagers} {were utilizing} technologies {so that they} could remain sharp investors.

Money wasn’t {a concern}, but time was: They’d rather hire {a person who|somebody who} lived it than {make an effort to} learn themselves. Once I’d established that I was skilled at these services – {and in addition} created {a highly effective} structure for teaching the VCs – they hired me.

Lesson learned:

Practically any skill {could be} {converted into} a marketable product – but it’s {insufficient} to be simply {proficient at} something. Whether it’s freelance writing, dog walking, or graphic design, {you have to be|you should be} {in a position to} personalize your service to a specific target market.

After all, {an incredible number of} other {teenagers} knew {how exactly to} use YouTube/Facebook/Flickr {much better|greater} than {I did so}. {You need to be} {in a position to} PACKAGE your knowledge into something your clients can recognize as valuable. That involves helping them make money, save money, or save time.

Question #2: What do {friends and family} say you’re great at?

I love this question.

Not only {could it be} {a good} little ego boost – {nonetheless it} {may also be} incredibly revealing.

Some {for example}:

  • Your friends always {letting you know} that you cook {the very best} meals.
  • People {requesting} for fitness advice and gym routines.
  • Your friends constantly complimenting you {on what} great your apartment looks.
  • Everyone always commenting {on what} {you} dress.

All {of these} things {could be} {converted into} successful businesses.

Go ask {friends and family} today what they think you’re great at. I assure you that they’ll {provide you with a|offer you a} big {set of} things {immediately}.

Add {these exact things} to your big list. {Shoot for} around 3 – 5 new items.

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He says, “When you’re {looking for} {a small business} idea, {consider what} you do on a Saturday morning before {everybody else} is awake.”

So {how can you} spend that morning? {Several} pastimes {to take into account}:

  • Are you browsing fashion websites or fitness subreddits?
  • Which YouTube channels {are you currently} binge-watching?
  • Maybe there’s a project you’re devoting {you to ultimately} all day.

Alternatively, {consider}: {In the event that you} were stuck in {an area} with {an individual} for 3 hours, what {would you} talk about {using them} {the complete} time?

This {is really a} powerful {approach to} discerning your passion if you’re unsure – things you’ll {want to} share with {the planet}.

When you’re finished writing your 15-20 ideas down, you’re well {on the way} to finding {an effective} business idea. They don’t all {need to be} good – but {try to} {have them} all down {and that means you|which means you} have {an excellent} {place to begin}.

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By {the 3rd} week of Earn1K, Brian had distilled his hobby {right down to} a marketable product: high-end wedding videos. He also set two goals:

  1. Book three weddings {and also have} {one of these} be {from the} couple he didn’t know.
  2. Earn enough {to cover} {a fresh} camera (about $1,200).

“{In the beginning}, I was {just about|virtually} giving the videos away,” he recalls. “One was free. {A couple of} was $450. By {the finish} of {the initial} season, clients were paying $1,000 {for every} video. I saw that I was giving people valuable material. They weren’t paying {merely to} help me out. That meant {a whole lot}. They really wanted what I was offering.”

Brian minimized his risk by proving the validity of his idea before investing {lots of money} {involved with it}. He shot his first three weddings with rented or borrowed cameras and he didn’t even {set up} {an internet site}.

By {the finish} {of this} first summer, he booked six clients – and THREE {of these} were people he didn’t know before. He eventually bought his camera and started {planning} next years’ wedding season.

Now with over two seasons under his belt, Brian {includes a} better sense of {just how many} weddings he’ll {have to} book {every year} {to create} his business sustainable. He also knows {how exactly to} turn his hobby {right into a} skill {he is able to} market.

“Nobody else {is really a} full-time wedding videographer {in my own} area,” he says. “{There are several} people doing commercial and {property} video. {But also for} now, I’m {keeping} weddings and {carrying it out} better than {other people}. My clients appreciate that, {also it} {helps it be} simpler {for me personally}.”

Lesson learned:

Brian {could} take his passion – filmmaking – and “niche” it {into} {a particular} marketable skill (i.e. high-end wedding videos).

Ultimately, he transformed it {right into a} successful side hustle that’s now earning him {thousands} in just {a couple of hours}.

See more {about how exactly} to charge what you’re worth in this talk I gave at a conference {a couple of years} back:

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Two clients in {per month} start generating {a supplementary} $500 {every month}. Since Jack cares about generating income first, and his passions second, he simply found {a straightforward} market {that could} help him {earn much more} immediately.

Example: Mary is passionate about jewelry

By contrast, Mary is passionate about jewelry. She {feels as though} she has {too much to} teach other women about accessorizing {the correct way|the proper way}. Jewelry is her passion, so she wouldn’t {desire to}, say, {take up a} freelance business helping CRM companies optimize their sales funnels.

Since she already knows she {really wants to} {earn money} in the jewelry field, she spends her time researching different services she {can provide} and create {that folks} {can pay} for. Will she help jewelry makers appear at trunk shows? Will she {function as} trusted jewelry specialist who delivers to high-end clients? Or can she {be considered a} jewelry specialist who handles return or customer-service calls?

We don’t {know very well what} {will undoubtedly be} profitable yet – but Mary {will see} out via rapid experimentation.

Remember: {Whenever you can}, start with {your targets}, then {allow} tactics (How {must i} reach customers? {Just how much} {must i} charge? What software {must i} use?) follow.

Niche down your list

So now you have your {set of} hobbies and skills. Congrats! You’re already doing more to earn a Rich Life than 99.9999% {on the market}!

Once you’re done patting yourself on {the trunk}, I want {one to} {proceed through} each item in the list and niche it down. {Actually}, with {each one of the} items {on your own} list, {consider} {ways to} {answer fully the question}, “{How do i} solve people’s {issues with} this skill or hobby?”

Maybe you have “I’m {an excellent} communicator” on the list. Great! Unfortunately, though, {nobody|no-one} is hiring for “good communicators.” They’re {recruiting people} to solve their problems. What does {an excellent} communicator mean {for you}, anyway?

Maybe {which means} you’re great at writing {pr announcements} (I’d {purchase} that).

Maybe you’re {an incredible} public speaker {and may|and will} train others {to accomplish} {exactly the same}.

Maybe {it is possible to} speak Chinese – and tutor Chinese kids since their parents will love/trust {a person who|somebody who} speaks Chinese {even though} tutoring their kids for any subject.

Remember Brian the filmmaker? He {could} take his broad passion for filmmaking and niche it {right down to} producing high-end wedding videos.

Or even me! I took my skills in personal finance and niched it {right down to} provide personal finance advice and courses through IWT.

Do that with {each one of the} items {on your own} list. Once you’re done, you’ll have {a listing of} marketable services {now you can} {become} successful freelance businesses that’ll {get you} money.

Now there’s {another thing} I want {one to} do.

You see, {I wish to|I would like to} make it {possible for} you to {learn to|figure out how to|discover ways to} turn your hobbies into successful businesses. That’s why I’m revealing some real numbers and results from my business – {alongside} case studies {along with other} premium material – to my behind-the-scenes priority list for Zero to Launch.

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