Get your credit card’s annual fee waived

Getting frustrated {together with your} credit card’s annual fees? {This short article} highlights {methods for getting} your {charge card} fees waived.

Ramit Sethi

A reader named Becky emailed me yesterday to {i want to} know she got her {charge card} fees waived {because of} {among} my email scripts:

Just {wished to} {thank you} for inspiring me {to obtain} my $95 annual {charge card} fee waived tonight. I remembered reading {among} your previous entries about asking your bank (or {charge card} company) nicely for {these kinds of} things. {I simply} got an AMEX and I asked if they’d waive my fee {the initial} year…I think for $95, the 1 minute I {allocated to} hold was {worthwhile}.

Of course, {a lot of people} shouldn’t even pay an annual fee {on the} {charge card}. But {in the event that you} spend enough to justify it, {it is possible to} often {obtain it} waived {utilizing the} same principles {I take advantage of} when negotiating my bank overdraft fees.

The average annual {charge card} fee was $149. Getting that fee waived puts that money {back} into your pocket. {That is} {among the} easiest {actions you can take} to save {several} bucks.

Use These Scripts {to obtain} {CHARGE CARD} Fees Waived

Fill out {the proper execution} below {to obtain} my {old} scripts {that will assist you|that may help you|that will help} get your {charge card} fees waived today. Leave me a comment and {i want to} {understand how} it {applies to} you.

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