Free eMail Marketing Course – Intro – Part 2 – Blueprint to Making Money Online

Alright, are you ready to get into the good stuff? This part of the course will give you an overview of how you can make good money from email marketing.

Blueprint to Making Money Online

Below, you will find a diagram for the whole process.

As you can see, it is really not so complicated. There are a number of components to this method that all just need to be created and put into place. Once everything is in place, then the automation piece can begin.

Here are a bit more details about the process.

  1. Traffic – you can get traffic from many different sources, both paid and free.
  2. Landing Page – once you find a good source of traffic, send them to your landing page with a lead magnet.
  3. Lead Magnet – the lead magnet is a freebie that you will give your visitors in return for them signing up to your email list on your landing page.
  4. eMail List – the email list is a list of subscribers that have signed up through the landing page. You can start emailing your subscribers with your auto-responder.
  5. Providing Value – once you have subscribers, you want to send them valuable information via email. This information should contain details about a specific issue that you can solve for your subscribers. It should also be free by nature.
  6. Marketing Products – once you are able to establish authority and a relationship with your subscribers through the value pieces, you can then slowly start marketing some products to them.
  7. Making Money – through free valuable information and product promotion, you can start making money. How much money is up to you and the amount of work that you can put into this business.

The great thing about this money making system is that you can set it all up to run on auto pilot (for the most part). The auto-pilot piece is easy to setup. It all happens within your Auto-Responder. Once you setup all of the pieces, all you have to do is turn-on-the-traffic. Yep, that’s the deal. The only thing that you will really need to work on is the content piece for your website as well as some traffic upkeep (making sure that your traffic is steadily trickling in at a good ROI).

Alright then. You now have a pretty good idea on how this system works and how it will make you money. The rest of the course will focus on helping you set it all up.

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