The Steady Trade podcast {is really a} new tool {to increase} your arsenal. {You have to|You should} {pay attention to} the Steady Trade Podcast! This new podcast is unlike {any} resource about {daytrading}. The podcast just wrapped up its first season and already boasts {a huge selection of} rave reviews from its fast-growing audience and, {moreover}, OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES SEASON TWO TOMORROW so {prepare yourself}!

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{In the event that you} read {this website} often, {you understand} that I’m constantly urging students of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge team to expand their horizons by learning all {they are able to} about trading and {the planet}, and {from the} {selection of} sources. The Steady Trade Podcast {may be the} most exciting new educational trading resource in {quite a while}. {Here are a few} of {why} {you have to|you should} {pay attention to} it:

1. It’s {just a little} different. {There are many} trading podcasts {on the market}. Particularly as {a fresh} trader, though, it’s {difficult to find} podcasts {which are} {befitting} you. Many podcasts either {concentrate on} trading details that you don’t yet understand or {concentrate on} the basics {within an} overly factual way.

The Steady Trade Podcast {is really a} little different. {It really is} {made to} enable and empower {the newest} day trader without overloading you with unnecessary information.

2. Differing points of view: Unlike other podcasts, Steady Trade {supplies a} broad {group of} points of view. The hosts of the podcast are Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson. Tim Bohen {could be} ({and really should} be) a familiar name {for you}: he’s {your day} trader {who’s} also {in charge of} founding Stocks to Trade {and its own} Pro division. With years of trading under his belt, he’s {defined as} the “salty veteran trader” in the podcast.

Stephen Johnson, {however}, {is really a} new trader, with {no more than} {per year} of trading experience. While he’s {a good} guy, {he could be} relatively green as a trader. He’s been documenting his experience on YouTube, and is learning as he goes. While he definitely doesn’t have {exactly the same} experience as Tim Bohen, he brings {a brand new} perspective to things. He also {originates from} {a spot} of view {that’s} thoroughly relatable to new traders and asks the questions {which have} probably been burning in the forefront {of one’s} mind! Perhaps {most of all}, Stephen has FINALLY just {turn into a} profitable trader after roughly {per year} of losses, so his turning the corner has been huge for him and listeners alike!

3. Amusing banter:  Did {the aforementioned} description {sort of} paint Tim and Stephen {because the} Odd Couple? Actually, that’s not {too much} off. {The various} points {of these} careers, different ages, {and various} cultures of the hosts clash {sometimes}, but always {within an} amiable and amusing way. {Come up with}, Tim and Stephen are funny and engaging. {This gives} {an excellent} juxtaposition to the incredible information {they} offer in the podcast-who says an education always {must} be so stone cold serious?

4. {A simple} yet thorough education. The Steady Trade Podcast really starts from ground zero and {accumulates}. Literally, in {the initial} episode they address {a subject} {that a lot of} wouldn’t but actually few understand: {what’s} {daytrading}? They {take time to} thoroughly explain {the fundamentals} and build upon them {in order that} by {the finish} {of every} episode, {you truly} {feel like} you’ve learned a lesson {that you could} grasp.

5. {A number of} sources: In the Steady Trade Podcast, Tim and Stephen offer {a lot of} anecdotal information and stories about {their very own} experiences. However, they don’t merely share {their very own} experiences. They draw {from the} {amount of} different sources {to provide} well-rounded lessons about trading. {In another of} the episodes, they incorporate an interview of mine, with Larry King, {from the} {couple of years} ago. {Despite the fact that} I was literally there for the interview, {just how} {that it’s} presented in the episode {helps it be} new even {for me personally}. {Considering} information from different angles and {from the} {amount of} different sources {is essential} to {learning to be a} good trader, and the podcast does {an excellent} job of presenting it.

6. Progressive learning. {Because the} season progresses, each episode builds on {the final}. So, by {enough time} you reach the later episodes of {the growing season}, {there are} some pretty advanced trading techniques which are taught. However, {because the} progression {is indeed} gradual, the lessons remain {clear to see} and grasp, even to the trading newbie. {That is} super important, because trading {can be hugely} intimidating {once you} face {all the} things {you will need} {to take into account} and do {every day}.

The Steady Trade Podcast does {an excellent} job of {wearing down} an incredible {level of|quantity of} information into {an easy task to} digest episodes.

7. It’s empowering. {Among the best} {reasons for having} the Steady Trade Podcast is that it’s empowering. If you’re considering {whether} {to become} trader, this podcast {will probably} {help you create} that decision.

{Once more}, {that is} largely {because of the} different points of view. On {the main one} side, you have Tim {from the} {host to} experience and {letting you know} “yes, {you are able to do|you can certainly do} this”. And {on the far side of the} coin, you {start to see the} younger trader Stephen learning things, sometimes the hard way. {It can help} listeners {feel just like} yes, {they are able to} {take action} too.

8. Actionable steps. {Not merely} {may be the} Steady Trade Podcast {clear to see} and inspiring, {but it addittionally} helps {motivate you} {to do this}. In the episodes, Tim and Stephen reveal specific things {you ought to be} doing {to begin with} as a trader. {In addition they} offer {strategies for} refining your trading techniques. Each episode closes with specific actionable {actions you can take} {to boost} your trading {and additional} your career…the {sort of} information {which has} REALLY helped my trading challenge students {through the years}!

9. Great giveaway. The Steady Trade Podcast offered {an unbelievable} giveaway {through the} first season, including (among {other activities}) a laptop, Bose headphones, and (yes) {a remarkably} large box of Tic-Tacs. Out {greater than} 3,000 entries, 11 winners were chosen. {The growing season} one giveaway has {arrived at} a close, {however the} second season is coming TOMORROW, on November 6th and {you will see|you will have} an {new} giveaway!

Hopefully you’re {in love with} the Steady Trade Podcast after {scanning this}. I truly {think that} {it is a} great podcast {that will assist|that can help} advance {your job} in trading. {Take time to} listen to {the initial} season now, {and obtain} ready for {the next} season, coming November 6th!

{Perhaps you have} {paid attention to} the Steady Trade Podcast? Leave a comment {together with your} feedback, I’d {want to} know what {you imagine}! 

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