Exposing The “Millionaire Lifestyle”

{Enough time} has come {for me personally} to expose what it’s {enjoy} {to become a} millionaire and living the millionaire lifestyle because there simply aren’t ANY accurate books or {blogs} {concerning this} wild lifestyle so there’s {much too} much misinformation being spread.

From {enough time} I was {a} boy {I usually} {wished to} be rich, {however now} that I’ve actually achieved my goals and gotten rich, {the truth} {to be} a multi-millionaire is FAR {not the same as} I expected…in both {bad and the good} ways.

First, {i want to} {focus on} the bad because it’s important {you realize} {everything} and it’s {likely to} surprise you. {That’s} that having six, seven, {as well as} eight figures figures in your bank accounts, stacks of cash {that you could} play with ({when i} often do) and {the capability to} buy {whatever you} want {won’t} {cause you to} happy.

Sorry to burst your bubble, {nonetheless it} won’t.

I became a millionaire over {about ten years ago} while I was still in college** and I {continued} {to start out} a hedge fund ({that i} sucked at as you might’ve read here), living the high life, while renting a ridiculous penthouse apartment with {an exclusive} pool {in the heart of} Madrid, Spain ({for anybody} whose lived in Madrid knows, nothing beats {an exclusive} pool in {the summertime}), eating at {best wishes} restaurants, drinking {best wishes} wines, partying nightly with celebrities and friends who all loved me {since i have} always {found} the bill and {do you know what}, I was bored to death because I was living a soulless, meaningless existence.

{In my own} early 20s, this realization {resulted in} a severe drinking problem…I had worked {so difficult} {to accomplish|to attain} my goals and I had actually done it {yet} I still wasn’t happy?

Everyone {really wants to} be happy {& most} people, {apart from} hippies and communists, {think that} {in case you have|for those who have|when you have|should you have} {the opportunity to} {purchase a} big house, fancy cars, clothes and jewelry, travel {the planet} {however you like}, buy and race exotic cars, sit courtside at basketball games, have luxury suites for football and hockey games, schmooze with billionaires, Hollywood stars and {the best} athletes {on the planet|on earth}, have beautiful women fawning {around} you, treat yourself {as well as your} {family members} to {whatever you} {plus they} can {imagine} that you’re {occur} life.


{Believe me}, I’ve tried.

Since my initial feat {to become} a millionaire at {this type of} young age, I’ve lived {worldwide|around the globe|across the world} in penthouses and over-the-top hotel suites, in big mansions in Miami and Beverly Hills, {I’ve} a $200,000+ Lamborghini and a $300,000+ Ferrari, I’ve traveled extensively to over 100+ countries, met and hung out with billionaires, celebrities and beautiful models, bought expensive jewelry and clothes, flown on countless private jets, helicopters, chartered several giant boats and yachts and sat courtside watching major championships being won in baseball, hockey and football from luxury private suites, {even though} it’s certainly fun, it {hasn’t} made me truly happy.

Now don’t {misunderstand me}, I’m {definately not} a billionaire and I can’t afford {to get} anything {I’d like}, just {the majority of} what {I’d like}. I show {most of} my stock trades, wins and losses, publicly here {and you may|and you will|and you could} clearly see I’ve made $4.4 million in trading profits**, not $44 million or $444 million or $4.4 billion because my {trading} strategy {is really a} niche strategy {rather than} {with the capacity of} making {vast sums} or {vast amounts of} dollars so {make an effort to} everything in perspective…

Also, remember {I really do} make several million dollars {each year} teaching {trading} to others and here’s why I trade with {this type of} small account basically “taking one for the team” by trading small and helping my students learn better…and my education business has been growing {each and every} year now {for pretty much} {ten years} now because I deliver {an excellent} educational product, with nearly 4,000 video lessons, 1,000 webinars, DVDs, commentary, watchlists and trade alerts galore…I make {a lot more} money from teaching than {I really do} from trading {nowadays} {also it} motivates me {to help keep} making my teaching products {better still} for my students…that’s my main focus {nowadays}.

{Understand that} I NEVER promise BS returns, not {many people are} {likely to} be my next student who turns $1,500 into $1 million in {three years}, and the sad {simple truth is} that {almost all} my students don’t even bother watching {most of} my video lessons and that hurts their chances for great success.

{The good thing is} even if {students} doesn’t reach $1 million, I’m teaching good, solid financial rules and risk management so it’s impossible {never to} {reap the benefits of} my videos {even though you} put in {slightly} effort.

It ALWAYS {really helps to} {study from} someone who’s seen {the nice}, bad and the ugly and that I definitely have {in the last} 2 decades of my {currency markets} journey and I wouldn’t be half the teacher {I’m} today {easily} didn’t have sizable losses {previously|during the past} ({such as this} one) {which have} helped solidify {the guidelines} I teach others.

Long story short, whether I make millions {each year} teaching or from trading ({when i} traded somewhat large in 2014 and had my best trading profits ever of nearly $1 million in profits), {the outcome} of my lifestyle {may be the} same and everything {I really do} {can be carried out|can be achieved} with {just a couple of|just a couple|a few|only a few} hundred thousand dollars {each year}.

I also must mention that I don’t always buy {all of the} places I’ve lived in, sometimes I’ve rented them {for some|for a couple} months or years, {particularly when} I’m {uncertain} I’ll {maintain} one place for {a long time} as {my entire life} is pretty crazy.

But as {when i} {discussed} at Harvard here and I told a media legend here {some time ago}, it’s fair {to state} that I’ve {proven} out early every {expensive} splurge {on the planet|on earth} and I’m here {to inform} you that while {learning to be a} millionaire {is an excellent|is a good|is a superb} goal {to possess}, mainly for the freedom {that is included with} it, {it will} never be your endgame…find {a thing that} fulfills you {and discover} love like {I’ve} {along with} {all of your} monetary goals.

The glitzy, rich life looks great from {the exterior}, but once you’re actually living it, {there are numerous|there are several|there are various|there are plenty of} surprises that await you. I’ve lost {tabs on|an eye on} {just how many} problems I’ve had with {each one of these} expensive toys and experiences, from celebrities and childhood heroes like Ken Griffey Jr. being {the largest} assholes {on the planet|on earth}, {way too many} sensors and parts breaking in both my Lamborghini and Ferrari {which have} kept them in the mechanic’s {look for} weeks {at a time}, watches, expensive clothes and jewelry issues galore, {devoid of} solid {Access to the internet} and getting ill on yachts/during my travels {regardless of} how expensive and supposedly perfect the hotel {would be to} maintenance issues galore {in my own} many apartments, houses, Jet-skis, boats that I’ve either owned or rented {through the years} and my truly least favorite experience, discovering dangerous mold in a multi-million dollar penthouse apartment I was {attempting to} buy ({even though} we gutted {the whole lot}, {that i} considered, {there might} {be} trace amounts {that could} affect my Jewish nose, so I’m sorry, {but also for} nearly $2 million, that’s a deal killer!)

Don’t {misunderstand me}, I’m so grateful {for all your} opportunities and experiences I’ve had and truly my entire journey, even my drinking problem and failures {on the way} outlined here; remember I’m {only a} small-town boy from Orange, CT so {when compared to} rest of my little town, I’ve truly been “living large” as my fiancee’s little brother says.

{However now} onto {the nice} parts {concerning the} millionaire lifestyle.

I’ve met so many incredible people {worldwide|around the globe|across the world} throughout my journey, {especially} my amazing fiancee who I never would’ve met {easily} didn’t travel so much! I’m also very proud and thankful that {my children} has been with me throughout everything {once we} truly {certainly are a} family business as both {my father} and mom {work with} me {as much} of you students have talked and met them and it’s {one of the biggest} joys of {my entire life} {in order to} afford {to take care of} my parents right and surprise them with little splurges like having {my father} throw out {the initial} pitch at his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox this {the other day} to his favorite player David “Big Papi” Ortiz:

({I understand} I still {need to} post video of him actually throwing out {the initial} pitch, it’s on my {to accomplish} list, {my entire life} can get {just a little} overwhelming sometimes, I’m now getting 4,000+ emails/day so student takes priority)

I proudly share snippets of my crazy life on {social media marketing} {as you can plainly see} on my Instagram, Snapchat (username: timothysykes), Twitter, Facebook and Youtube because {I understand} how inspiring {it really is} {in assisting} my students study and work harder (remember {when i} explained {in my own} best-selling all-for-charity HTMM DVD, studies {have discovered} that having {a large} goal and visual inspiration increases {your current} performance by 15-25% so ALWAYS dream big and push {you to ultimately} actually achieve those big dreams) as what {I’ve found} that does make me truly happy is teaching, helping others and pushing {one to} {reach your} goals, {regardless of what} {they’re}.

So that’s {the method that you|the way you} should utilize pictures like this…as motivation {to raised} yourself {also to} study harder!

Obviously, {some individuals} take it {the wrong manner}, they don’t get inspired {when i} intend, some even get offended, but non-students {should never be} my concern, {in the event that you} don’t like me, simply don’t follow me…it’s hard enough {to obtain} ahead {even though} a student {is actually} dedicated so if anyone doesn’t have {the proper} attitude, seriously, please don’t waste my time or yours {when i} have ZERO {time and energy to} waste {nowadays}.

{I’ve} built my education business not on the backs of non-dedicated students, but on dedicated students so that’s my sole focus. I’m not ashamed but I’m actually proud that {social media marketing} has helped me build my education business {and discover} more dedicated students, it’s literally been {an internationally} student-hunt. Teachers must use {All of the} tools {within their} arsenal to spread their message {therefore i} continually search everywhere {and today} {I’ve} students in over 80 countries…all that’s required is {access to the internet} and {the proper} attitude.

{Lots of people} tell me {that when} I was nicer {I possibly could} have {a lot more} students, but being nice doesn’t create millionaires and {actually} it actually harms the teaching process because students are unprepared for the harsh realities of the trading world. {As possible} ask anyone who attended my 7-hour live trading webinar {a couple of days} ago, I don’t go easy on {Some of} my students as 2 disruptive guys, Omar and Vincent, learned the hard way because my business {isn’t} to be your friend, I’m here {to instruct} you and change {your daily life}, the way {my entire life} has been changed by {trading}.

{If you prefer a} friend, go {purchase a} dog.

{I understand} {way too many} gurus {that are} “nice” and {do you know what}, {they will have} ZERO millionaire students, they don’t show {Almost all their} trades publicly, {they will have} no multi-year, {aside from} multi-decade {background}, and their teachings {aren’t} only inaccurate, {they are able to} actually be harmful given their misinformation.

I’m {Not at all} the nicest guy when I’m teaching, as {just about any} single {among} my students can attest, but I’m real and bring the hammer down {only once} it’s {essential to} teach valuable lessons (or when I’m in {a negative} mood, sorry, I’m not perfect)…long story short, it’s good to be real {within an} industry {filled with} scams, I’m not {searching for} “more students”, I only want dedicated students.

Everything {I really do}, {regardless of} how crazy {it appears}, {would be to} create more millionaire students because {despite having} {all of the} negatives {connected with} {being truly a} millionaire, overall it’s {an excellent} feeling for the self-confidence alone, and I wish {more folks} could experience it.

{I really like} teaching, {I really like} having more millionaire students than {other people}, and frankly, every new successful student I create {may also} {lessen} my crazy workload {down the road} as both of my first 2 millionaire students** now help me in giving weekly trading challenge webinars ({therefore i} need more help, {nevertheless, you} {need to} prove yourself first!)

Another recent development {in my own} millionaire lifestyle journey has been my new charity foundation {which includes} brought me {a huge amount of} happiness and fulfillment that I didn’t expect.

My $20,000 donation here was {among the} single best experiences of {my life} and my whole family was and {most of us} broke down crying with tears of joy…this other $20,000 I gave away to random strangers, not from my charity, but {simply for} fun {1 day}, rocked too {and that means you|which means you} live {and you also} learn {why is} you happiest.

{Exactly like} successful {trading} {isn’t} exact science ({I will} also mention the $4.4 million I’ve {manufactured in} trading** {is a} rough estimate, I give real-time alerts and {make an effort to} estimate my execution prices, sometimes I’m off {by way of a} few cents/share, {usually|quite often|more often than not} I {return back} and correct them, but sometimes I forget…the reason I’m {no more} exact {is basically because} it just doesn’t matter, {you must never} {get into} learning thinking you’ll make {the precise} $4.4 million I’ve made, {actually} {a lot of} my top students do {much better than} me on many trades, {such as this} guy** whose nearly doubled the profit I had {in my own} first 4-5 years of trading, {however in} case you don’t {trust me}, I’ve also posted {a few of} my brokerage statements, {taxation statements} and audits here), neither is finding {why is} you happy in life, but {at the very least} {if you discover} financial stability, you have the freedom {to use} everything {rather than} barely getting by, {doing work for} a boss you hate at {employment} you hate while drowning {with debt} as {way too many} {individuals who} works their butts off, but {who’ve} {the incorrect} or incomplete education/improper mindset/perspective do.

{In the event that you} study my video lessons, DVD and webinars hard enough {are you currently} guaranteed to be my next millionaire student? {MAY I} guarantee profits?

No {no}, but {I really do} guarantee {I’ll} teach you {each and every} thing I’ve learned {through the years} and that knowledge {can only just} increase your {probability of} success. Because I trade with {this type of} small account and show every trade publicly, wins and losses, and make {a lot more} from teaching (again, read this to {understand why} I trade with {this type of} small account {and just why} I’ll likely never {get back to} trading big {so long as|provided that} I teach), {you understand} where my priority is, in teaching and creating {probably the most} successful students {I could}, both for my business and personal fulfillment.

When learning, it’s important {you understand} {all you} can about your teacher, including their motivation and income streams. {Way too many} “teachers” don’t share {almost all their} trades transparently, {haven’t any} millionaire students {and also} get compensated by brokers, prop firms and hedge funds {predicated on} {just how many} trades their “students” do…talk {in regards to a} conflict of interest!

{They are} {the two} 2 brokers {I take advantage of}, both {of these} hate me {since i have} encourage students {never to} trade {just as much as} they think {they ought to}, thus reducing their brokerage commissions, {so when} I explained here, {I’d} {have no} off-shore, questionable company or small startup broker accounts {when i} believe winter is coming {therefore i} {stick to} big multi-billion dollar US-based brokers {limited to} now.

{I will} also mention that despite {all of the} problems I’ve had along my millionaire lifestyle journey, {the road} that I’ve {taken up to} {reach} my current mindset has been fully worthwhile as I’ve grown tremendously as {an individual} and learned {a whole lot} about myself {with techniques} I never could’ve imagined.

I’ve worked my butt off {to obtain} here {no} matter {how lousy} {you need} it, there’s no such thing {being an} easy {way to} surefire millions and anyone who claims {there’s} is {filled with} BS. {Whatever you} can do {to get} it {on your own} and your {family members} {would be to} study and work {the sofa} off, and having a mentor whose done {everything} helps {quite a bit} so my goal {each day} now is {never to} be some soulless, superficial millionaire, but to {function as} mentor to my students that I {never really had}.

{I must} {make contact with} researching the {currency markets} now and making tonight’s watchlist for my students, because as you’ve {observed in} video lessons HERE and HERE, it’s {the very best} market environment we’ve had {in lots of} months {at this time} {therefore i} don’t {desire to} waste ANY opportunities…but I had {to create} this post to {get rid of} {a few of the} confusion {in what} the millionaire lifestyle {is really} and {isn’t}.

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